"King Schelling!"

And then went to kill the enemy.
It turns out that these people in gray know Lin Yi’s identity.
Lin Yi suddenly became curious about these people in gray with the word "revenge" written on their chests.
In the face of this group of people in gray attacking chang meng quickly, he screamed and told his men to withdraw. No, he shouted and his hands also wanted to escape.
But they were entangled in these people in gray, and it was hard for them to get out at the moment.
One by one, the northern minions were killed and fell into a pool of blood.
People in gray also suffered casualties.
The man in black who made the double guns saw that the tide had run out, so he quickly withdrew and left. Two men in gray tried to intercept him and were stabbed to death by him.
Lin Yi killed several people and then took Xiaozhu to chang meng.
At the moment, Meng Chang hacked with a big axe and tried to fight his way out. His big axe chopped down a gray man, Lin Yi, and his figure stood in front of him like a phantom of the opera.
Meng Chang frightened and waved an axe to cut Lin Yi, but he was faster and faster. However, Lin Yi’s gun had stabbed the back of his hand, and it was also a hole in the back of his hand. However, Lin Yi’s gun was too strong to pierce the back of his hand, and his gun was too sharp to tear chang meng’s whole hand.
Meng Chang screamed and his axe fell to the ground.
Lin Yi’s gun flashed again and pierced his throat.
Then Lin Yi will pick out chang meng’s body from the gun body.
Chang meng died, and his hands were even more frightened, but they were haunted by those discouraged people, and it was too difficult to get away, and they were killed one by one by the other.
At this time, the haystack in the east came to two extremely tragic howls in a row.
Then panic began to ring.
"The tough god! Tough god … "
Chapter sixty-one The south king war iron magic (2)
Lin Yi was shocked when he heard these fears.
The devil, the iron-faced God, has come!
Lin Yi was very angry at the cruel killing of Shaolin monks by the iron-faced God. Now he wants to see this devil.
Lin Yi held Xiaozhu and swept a haystack.
At the moment, hundreds of people and dozens of haystacks are killing the snow, and the haystacks shuttle out and scream like a devil, and then a few growls like a devil also ring.
Like the real devil riding the snow.
Then a few creepy screams rang out.
Lin Yi, who plundered the haystack, also saw the iron-faced God.
Wearing an iron cover and animal clothes, the iron-faced king is really like a devil.
The iron-faced God came from the southwest. He entered this haystack field and saw the bloody scene of fierce fighting between the two sides. Suddenly, he became very excited.

Zhu Houzhao smell speech can’t help but eyes flashed a light way "oh east factory secret play? Is there anything wrong with Chu Da Companion? "

Said Zhu Houzhao took the East Factory Mimo, and then opened his eyes and swept the Mimo. Gradually, Zhu Houzhao was sullen like water, and his hands trembled slightly. The whole person was like a volcano that was about to erupt at any time
Pa Zhu Houzhao slapped the tea table around him and smashed the teacup into pieces and cut the palm of your hand. Blood flowed out.
"It’s just that a magistrate and garrison dare to lead an army to besiege the imperial court. Do they still have the imperial court and me in their eyes?"
Aside to serve Zhang Yong, Gu Da and several little eunuchs, one by one, they were so scared that they burst on their knees and looked at Zhu Houzhao with a face of love. "Calm down, calm down …"
"If I calm down, you tell me that I should calm down!"
Zhu Houzhao kicked Gu Da’s body and kicked Gu Da to the ground, holding the secret sound slightly hoarse. "Look at this. This is a good minister. Who gave them such courage to mobilize the military forces of the Wei Institute to surround and kill an imperial envoy!"
As soon as Gu Dagu got up, he shouted at a little eunuch, "Go and get the medicine for the wound!"
Picking up the letter valley with a quick glance suddenly shocked him. Why is Zhu Houzhao so angry? Don’t say it’s Zhu Houzhao. I’m afraid that if I were a fatuous master, I’d be furious even if I saw what the letter said.
Even the army of the guards has been deployed. It is shocking to know Chu Yi’s identity and kill Chu Yi around.
Scrambling, Zhu Houzhao dropped several vases and finally sat down with a face of anger and bandaged the wound with Gu Daban.
Taniguchi said at the moment, "isn’t it true that the pursuit of Chu Yi didn’t have an accident, but it was also a bloodbath. There are Gao Feng’s army guards in Jining’s officialdom who want to come back safely this time."
Zhu Houzhao sneered, "Chu Da Companion was assassinated several times. This time, even the guards sent them. How much do you hate Chu Da Companion or how much some people don’t want Chu Da Companion to return to Beijing alive!"
Said Zhu Houzhao eyes staring at the valley avenue "valley big partner do you want to Chu big partner back?"
Burst with a big look full of horror, he fell to the ground and said, "How can it be bad for the Chu brothers to be loyal to you?"
Zhu Houzhao’s eyes fell on Zhang Yongshen again. "Zhang Daban, do you want Chu Daban to come back?"
Zhang Yong, who was frightened, cried bitterly and said, "How dare you, old slave? You dare not give birth to such thoughts even if you give me ten thousand bravery!"
The long breath is like a serious overdraft of energy. Zhu Houzhao Li waved his hand and said, "I am emotional. Please leave me alone …"
Whether it’s Gu Da or Zhang Yong, they were really scared by Zhu Houzhao’s reaction just now. At the same time, they were deeply aware that Chu Yi was assassinated several times. After these things, Zhu Houzhao’s position in his mind has leapt beyond them. I’m afraid that when Liu Jin was the most favored, it may not be able to compete with Chu Yi’s position in Zhu Houzhao’s heart now.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Positions This is crazy?
All the waiters, including Gu Da, retired, and everyone was afraid to breathe for a day, and everyone was afraid that they would be caught in the pool if they were not careful.
Zhu Houzhao sat there alone and quietly swept the throne of Dongchang and Royal Guards one by one. Unexpectedly, the throne of Royal Guards also reported the news that Chu Yi was besieged by the army of Wei Suo in Jining and that Chu Yi was bloodied in Jining.
Although Shi Yiwen has been taken under the command of the Royal Guards, in addition to the command of the Royal Guards, there are also high-level officials of the Royal Guards, such as Tongzhi. Unless the high-level officials of the Royal Guards are wiped out, the largest intelligence agency in this great empire can still operate smoothly and continuously collect what is happening everywhere in the world.
Compared with the process of reporting Jining incident presented by the Royal Guards East Factory, Zhu Houzhao has already been in his heart.
After a long time, Zhu Houzhao’s eyes flashed a decision, "Come!"
Outside, the eunuchs, such as Gu Da and Zhang Yong, hurried into the temple and heard Zhu Houzhao yelling at Gu Da Avenue "Gu Da intends to purport!"
Slightly one leng valley Dalian busy before grinding ink pen will Zhu Houzhao will write imperial edict, listening to Zhu Houzhao’s big heart for Chu Yi to seal the valley.
The eunuch of Si Li Jian Zhang Yin and the supervisor of East Factory and the supervisor of Imperial Horse are in charge of Teng Xiang Si Wei Ying Si Li Jian Imperial Horse Supervisor, which means that Chu Yi’s potential has surpassed that of the great dynasties.
The pen in his hand couldn’t help looking up at Zhu Houzhao slightly. "I’m afraid this … this is against the rules!"
Zhu Houzhao a sullen face staring at the valley avenue "how valley partner don’t I even this life mostly gone? Or do you have any opinions? "
Gu Dalian even said, "I dare not!"
With a wave of his sleeve, Zhu Houzhao said, "According to my will!"
Soon the imperial edict was carefully examined by Zhu Houzhao, who took out the imperial seal and stamped his eyes. Zhang Yong and Gu Sophomore swept it and finally shouted at Zhang Yongdao, "Zhang Da accompanied you and went to light Teng Xiang’s four guards and one guard to welcome Chu Yi back to the DPRK with the imperial edict!"
Zhang Yongwen couldn’t help but be frightened. He didn’t expect Zhu Houzhao to be so important to Chu Yi. He knew that Teng Xiang’s four guards belonged to the imperial guards. Generally speaking, they couldn’t get out of the capital one guard. Thousands of people are now in Zhu Houzhao, so he directly led one guard to meet Chu Yi back to Beijing.
Zhang Yong listened with his own ears. It is absolutely impossible for Zhu Houzhao to say that there is no envy, jealousy and hate in the hearts of the two most prosperous departments, Sili Prison and Royal Horse Prison.
He didn’t hesitate to collude with the foreign court to get rid of Liu Jin, who was expected to become the new head of the department of rites. As a result, everything he did was not as good as Chu Yi’s making trouble everywhere
Zhang Yong, it seems that Chu Yi visited the place first to make a bloody case in Songyang Hospital, and then to kill the literati and Xungui in the south of the Yangtze River. He went back to Beijing and bloodbath Jining officialdom. This is simply a crazy murderer.

"Yes!" Incarnate thirteen arch hand turned and walked away quickly.

Since Hector even Yushu turned him from the dark guard to the guard, he knew that his identity had been exposed. Although Hector even Yushu didn’t treat him like anything for the time being, he would never be better in the future depending on this master than the emperor!
Although I regret my previous choice, there is no turning back …
"Is there any news that Charm Jiugong asked you to go out of the palace to spy on things?" Incarnate after 13 Hector even Yushu looked up at the house beam a dark somewhere light asked.
Then a paper ball fell from the beam in the dark, and even Yushu’s cold eyes narrowed and his hands stretched out, and he firmly grasped the paper ball. At first glance, his face lit up and he cheered, "Great! Mother and uncle Huangfu are finally getting married! "
Liang Mei-jiu heard his clear voice, which belongs to normal children, and couldn’t help but stir her eyebrows-
When Hector even Yushu saved them from Hector even Chengde and begged them from Hector even Chengde, Hector even Chengde secretly found them and asked them to monitor and report Hector even Yushu’s daily actions!
Whether several other people except Incarnate Thirteen have continued to handle affairs with Helianchengde, he doesn’t know that he knows that he didn’t obey Helianchengde’s orders but chose to be loyal to this precocious and distressing young master.
"Charm nine, what kind of wedding gift should the palace send to mother and uncle Huangfu?" Is absent-minded Hector even Yushu asked faint into his ears.
Incarnate nine hurriedly return to absolute being to open my mouth to answer, but I heard that Fang Xiaozhu had asked himself to answer "forget it and then supply them!" Palace now situation is actually no different from sitting in a prison, even if you are ready to send a wedding present, you can’t send it out of the palace … "Soft waxy waxy voice is full of frustration, and Nai can’t help but feel a tight heart!
"Charm nine, I want some reliable private guards who can help me send a message to my mother on weekdays. Can you find anyone?" Fang Helian Yushu looked at the note in his hand with a sad face, and his heart was full of regrets.
Mother finally found the right person, but he couldn’t be there in person, not even a word!
Sure enough, Uncle Huangfu said that there is nothing wrong. Although he is a little smarter than ordinary children, he is still a kid. It is too early to compete with his scum dad without his own power!
A dark dumb man from the beam came firmly and slowly. "Please give the charm for 96 months. After half a year, the Lord will have his own private guard!"
"good!" Lian Yushu lifted a clean and beautiful little face and looked at the charm nine hiding in the dark. "I’ll wait for you!" "
Just four words mean that his letter to the charm of nine instantly brought a pair of masters and servants closer …
It’s been four days since the wedding, and the palace has been busy for a long time, but now the deployment workers are close to the end
Because the fake queen pretended to be ill and didn’t show up, this wedding arrangement was that Huangfurui almost relied on his own hands, and even Zhang Gui was pulled to act as a temporary procurement!
"Girl TaiDian let you try on a set of hi to see if it fits." Jane Azhu and her sisters walked side by side with heavy trays and came to the only "idle person" in the East Palace, and whispered.
"… so many pieces are you sure this is a suit! ?” Sun Jin glanced up and swept their eyes, holding the tray in their hands, and suddenly they were tongue-tied.
Boy, it’s so thick! Thanks to the fact that it’s not hot now, if you wear this dress in summer, you will definitely be hot to death!
"Tai Dian has ordered her to remove a long gown or there will be more …" Ah Zhu Xiao explained.
"All right, let it go. I’ll try again later." Before Ms. Sun raised her hand and rubbed her temples, she also envied those brides who were married by auxiliary armed forces. Now it’s her turn to know how annoying and tired it is. Unfortunately, Huangfurui’s identity is there, and she can’t simplify it if she wants to!
"Girl, you’d better try it now. The embroidered ladies are still waiting to modify it for you!" Seeing that she didn’t cooperate with Jane and Azhu, she couldn’t help but look at each other and gently persuade her to debut. "Besides, it’s complicated to wear. You can’t handle it alone. Let the handmaiden wait on you!"
"Er …" Sun Jin couldn’t hide, so he compromised. "Then find out the innermost clothes first and I’ll wear them myself!" Although it’s been so long since she crossed over, she still doesn’t like being watched naked. Even when she takes a bath, no one is allowed to leave water to rub her back. What’s worse, let them help her dress! qR1
"Yes!" The sisters readily agreed and quickly found out the underwear and pants.
After taking the clothes, Sun Jin hid behind the screen.
When she came out again, Jane and Azhu instantly felt that Sun Jin’s skin was bright and white, and the clothes set off in the festive big red open collar made her look slender, white, beautiful and charming!
"Well, do you think it fits?" Sun Jin turned around and asked that there was no way to fit in the eyes of the ancients. She understood that fitting was not a concept, and she could consult the real ancients.
Because she has to speak, this suit is too big and complicated, cumbersome and doesn’t fit at all!
"Please try these on again!" Ah Zhen Ah Zhu patiently urged again to tell the truth that they are all girls’ families, and it’s the first time they’ve even seen their wedding clothes, and they don’t know where they fit!
"Well ….." Originally, I was still trying to muddle through. Someone held out his hand with a flat mouth, and the two sisters superimposed it on themselves one by one until she felt that she was wrapped like a dumpling and was about to breathe. I heard the sisters breathe a sigh of relief. "The girl is dressed!"
Chapter 23 I want to sleep with you
One second, remember ♂ update and read quickly!
Jane, the two sisters quickly carried a big bronze mirror in front of her and looked at Byakki Smoker’s expensive dress. Even Ms. Sun herself couldn’t help but marvel at "Yeah! It’ s true that people rely on clothes to make a Buddha rely on gold! "
All along, her own women’s clothes are not as good-looking as men’s, and now she knows that it’s not that her own women’s clothes are not good-looking, but that she is not wearing the right clothes!
"hmm? Are you dressed already? It seems that the palace is late! " Just as Sun Jin was looking at the mirror and gloating, a rather regretful sound came from the door of the temple.
Looking around, I saw Huangfurui striding over in a purple four-claw embroidered robe, still holding a long red lacquer wooden box in his hand.
"Why are busy people here at this time?" Sun Jinmei picked up his chest and put his hands on his abdomen consciously, posing as a lady.

When I heard this, Qin Baixue suddenly appeared again in the past.

"That can’t be done. I have to make Dong Dong like it. I like it so much that I can’t extricate myself. Then he won’t be able to stay away from me."
Looking at self-confidence, Qin Baixue Shen Xuefu is also very confident in her.
After all, these two people are as cold and cheerless as snow in winter and as warm as summer sun, and they will certainly become an enviable couple.
"Snow White, if you like it, you should chase it boldly, but remember not to hurt yourself. If Dong Dong doesn’t give you a response for a long time, you might as well air it and let him feel at arm’s length, maybe he will be unable to resist it."
Listen, Shen Xuefu told himself that Qin Baixue was obedient and nodded his head.
"Sister Chevy says that you support me?"
Of course, I won’t tell your parents, but you should remember to send them letters often to worry them.
"I love you the most when I know Sister Xuefu." Qin Baixue kissed Shen Xuefu with a "yum" bite.
"Okay, okay, girl, be dignified."
It happened that Shen Xuefu saw holding a big stack of things in the past and stopped.
"In however you hold what is that? Let me see. "
In fear and trembling, I held those accounts to Shen Xuefu and prayed that she couldn’t see them at all.
"Back to the League Leader, these are some accounts in the League recently. I’m going to sort them out. Why haven’t you rested?"
"I’ll take care of something and I’ll be ready to go back soon."
Said Shen Xuefu, picking up the account and looking through a few pages, I found something was wrong, but it didn’t show it.
"Come on, it’s not so hard every day. Hurry up and tidy up your things and go to rest. You always stay up late."
In respectfully back to didn’t see Shen Xuefu cold face.
After watching people go, Shen Xuefu said to the page around him, "Go and secretly call Wang Quan for me."
Chapter 257 Brother’s heart
Soon Wang Quan was called over.
"Is there anything serious?"
According to Wang Quan’s understanding of Shen Xuefu, it’s late at night and personal opinion. It must be a big thing
Wang Quan even came running without finishing his clothes.
"Let me show you something!"
Shen Xuefu waved Wang Quan not to be nervous
At the same time, a blue leather account was pushed to Wang Quan’s eyes and gently spread.
"This is … the night alliance account"
Wang Quan recognized it quickly.
"Well, look at the accounts carefully."
Shen Xuefu nodded and drew a finger gently in the account.
"This … how did this happen?"
Wang Quan was confused at first.
But the more I watched it, the more I felt something was wrong. My face turned livid and my fingers kept turning pages.
You can’t pretend to be shocked.
"I’m sure you’ve seen the problem, haven’t you? The accounts are very unclear and there are even a few inexplicable accounts."
"I think this account is even deliberately created by a willing heart."
Shen Xuefu looked at the doors and windows and found no suspicious figure. This just lowered their voices.
"Do you have any doubts about this intentional person?"
Wang Quan followed down tone is quite serious.
"Not yet."
"So I need your help"
Shen Xuefu shook his head slowly and made a nice sound.
"If there’s anything I can do, just tell me and I’ll do my best."

It’s like a whale in To Hoai. She got it back.

This semi-permanent frame should be engraved on Zhou Shiyu’s face. He is the best match.
Of course, it’s more charming when you don’t wear it. You can’t let others see that
"I don’t like to be compared." Zhou Shiyu raised her eyes and locked her eyes.
She swam her hand to Taba and lifted his jaw. "Well, I won’t have this chance after that."
Zhou Shiyu leaned over. "Moving that day?"
"You can talk late if you want," Fu Jingyun said to him.
Zhou Shiyu nodded "OK, move now"
"Well, you have to work tomorrow. Don’t be too tired. People have already moved in. Don’t worry about those things." Fu Jingyun hugged him
Too many emotions take a long time to calm down.
It is the truest thing to feel the big boy in your arms.
He gave her all that alternative sense of security.
She didn’t worry, but he was ready when she turned around.
Zhou Shiyu gave her a hug and went to the bathroom. "Take a shower first and I’ll get you a set of my pajamas."
Fu Jingyun’s eyes are swollen. She just cried and hurt. She can see clearly in the mirror, but there is a room full of things she is familiar with. She doesn’t have to worry about it.
As Zhou Shiyu said, toothpaste is the toothbrush she often uses, and the one she bought is a couple’s model. She bought it for Zhou Shiyu before, and she also likes shower gel and shampoo brand makeup remover. He simply copied the things in her flat floor.
She couldn’t help laughing. "What a sweet brother."
Although she had a fight with her family, she felt more comfortable than ever. From today, she is her own Fu Jingyun, not Zhou Shiyu Fu Jingyun. She didn’t want to take it off.
This night is cool and mixed with warmth.
Fu Jingxiao came home from my old house and Xu Jinyan was still waiting for him in the living room.
"Haven’t you slept yet?" Fu Jingxiao asked her
Xu Jin inkstone pointed to the packing box on the table. "Well, I’m waiting for someone to eat supper."
"You didn’t eat?" It’s a while before dinner now, and she packed it in a hurry and came back. After all, no one ate it.
"Waiting for you," Xu Jinyan called him to come over. "I went to the microwave to heat it up. I also ordered sugar water just together."
Fu Jingxiao sat down on the sofa with some difficulty, and he was depressed because Fu Jingyun and his way back, and he had been thinking about it all the time.
He can insist on his own opinion and want to be so happy with her, but for her, she hopes that everyone should bless him, but his family parents insist on their own opinions, which is very difficult.
"What’s wrong with your frown?" Xu Jin inkstone put the hot packing box on the tea table, and was busy holding his earlobe to prevent himself from being scalded.
Fu Jingxiao just swayed and came over to put the packing box with her. "I have kept you waiting for too long."
"I have eaten in the store soon," Xu Jinyan explained when he saw him blaming himself. "By the way, is Sister Jing Yun okay?"
Fu Jingxiao shook his head "Nothing has been solved"
"That’s good." In fact, Xu Jinyan doesn’t know what it is. He doesn’t say anything about their family, and she doesn’t ask, just like herself.
Give each other enough.
She sat on the floor with a meat crab pot and began to eat
Fu Jingxiao smiled from the sofa to accompany her to sit on the carpet.
"My sister and Lao Zhou were found at home, and they didn’t agree." Fu Jingxiao said to Xu Jinyan while eating.
He wanted to tell her something and let her not have so much pressure.
"Then I have a balance in my heart. You see, even such an excellent person as Dr. Zhou will be disagreed and we will become natural." Xu Jinyan laughed and broke the silence.
She tried to make him feel better in her own way.
Because you are familiar and aware enough, you will want to get what the other person thinks.
"Who says you are better than Lao Zhou? My girlfriend is so powerful. What’s not so good?" Fu Jingxiao smiled and wanted to touch her face.
As a result, she hid in disgust. "Your paws are all soy sauce and you want to touch me. It’s so dirty. What’s the principle of cleanliness, General Fu?"
"Anyway, it’s in your face, not mine." His trick failed, so he took it back and continued to eat crabs.
Xu Jinyan snorted "you big bad guy"
Chapter seven hundred Are you inseparable?
"What shall we do?" Xu Jinyan returned to the topic, "They won’t be forced to break up, will they?"
Fu Jingxiao said, "If they force you to break up with me, do you care?"
"Does that depend on the conditions? Generally speaking, it depends on how much money is given to the drama festival. If you are in this position, you may have to attach several suites. If you have a house and give money in an inch of land, you say that you can support several generations, at least three generations?" Xu Jin’s inkstone mouth was still stained with crab broth, and her dark eyes kept wandering around as if she could see her hugging a calculator and pressing numbers on the surface.
After all, she is studying science, and she is very sensitive to numbers.
He said, "I’m not that valuable. You don’t want to."
"It’s not very cost-effective. If we can buy out Qian Shengqian at one time, I can get some interest at most. It’s not cost-effective." Xu Jinyan sucked a crab’s foot. "Crabs are delicious."
Fu Jingxiao has no choice but to take her.
She won’t just let him feel relieved in this way. "Then how much will it cost to give Dr. Zhou?"
"Lao Zhou is not a financial fan," Fu Jingxiao emphasized.
"How can Dr. Zhou be moved by money when he is so upright and upright?" Xu Jinyan’s admiration for Zhou Shiyu is really blind.
Is it an idol after all?

He walked to the door. Outside the door, he was amazed that he had not seen Bai Xiaoran for a long time.

She saw Xiao Zhendong with a fruit basket and politely greeted him with "Hello, Uncle Xiao"
Chapter 643 You can’t compete with me
I haven’t seen Bai Xiaoran for a long time, and she has become a lot more collected. She is weak and easily gives people a sense of harm.
Xiao Zhendong has a little impression on her. The second time this girl appeared, Xiao Yin was out of control and entered the emergency room.
As the saying goes, Xiao Zhendong, who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile, couldn’t say too much to a girl.
Bai Xiaoran saw that Xiao Zhendong didn’t talk and added, "My uncle met in a hurry and I didn’t introduce myself well. My name is Bai Xiaoran, and I’m a teaching assistant at S University."
Xiao Zhendong reluctantly replied, "What can I do for you?"
"I’m here to apologize," she said apologetically. "I didn’t know Xiao Yin was ill at that time. I should have come and apologized at that time. I hope uncle and Xiao Yin don’t mind."
Xiao Zhendong’s face softened. "It’s all over, and Yinyin didn’t take it to heart. You didn’t come specially."
Bai Xiaoran smiled shyly and said, "How is Xiao Yin? Is her body better? I heard Jing Huan say that she had an operation the other day and wanted to take this opportunity to visit her. Is she okay?"
The fact that Xiao Zhendong’s face was a little stiff and the operation failed was that they didn’t want to face Bai Xiaoran’s words, which touched his nerve.
Xiao Yin heard the conversation at the door clearly in the ward. She pursed her lips and suddenly said, "Dad, let Miss Bai come in."
Wen Yan Xiao Zhendong paused for a while before letting Bai Xiao Ran in.
When the door opened, Xiao Yin saw Bai Xiaoran clearly.
She is wearing a clean white shirt and a long-legged pink skirt. Her long hair is neatly tied behind her head and looks gentle and demure. Men probably like this lady-like woman.
On the other hand, Xiao Yin
Now it is impossible to make makeup on his deathbed, and his face is slightly swollen due to chemotherapy. His eyes have long lost their former style, and Bai Xiaoran was stunned for several seconds when he saw it.
Xiao Yin was not surprised by her reaction when she knew what she was now, but looked up at Xiao Zhendong and said, "Dad, I want to drink millet porridge. Please help me buy one."
How could Xiao Zhendong not know that Xiao Yin supported him on purpose? He hesitated for a moment and finally went out.
Xiao Yin has strong self-esteem. Even now, she doesn’t want them to look after her like a basket case.
There are only two of them behind the ward door.
Xiao Yin raised her eyelids and looked at her faintly. "What are you doing here?"
Bai Xiaoran smiled. "I didn’t say I’d come and see you and apologize."
Xiao Yin sneered at "Is there an outsider here now? I look sick if you don’t shed crocodile tears."
Bai Xiaoran was stiff for a second and simply stopped pretending.
She went to the chair next to her and sat down to look up at Xiao Yin with a slight smile. "I really came to see you. I heard that your operation failed. I still have false news. It should be true to see you today."
Xiao Yin pressed on the face slowly clenched by her hand without a half expression, but asked, "I heard who you heard?"
"I know someone who can know your news accurately. Who else do you think?"
Bai Xiaoran said it was obscure but straight Su Jinghuan.
But to her surprise, Xiao Yin didn’t react much or be calm after listening.
Bai Xiaoran was slightly disappointed when she didn’t see the expected reaction, but this didn’t affect her good mood today.
"That’s why you came here today. Just tell me how close Su Jinghuan is to you and tell you everything?"
"This is the truth?"
Xiao Yin laughed coldly. "Can you tell me something when you lie? Su Jinghuan has been here almost every day since the day of discharge. Do you think he sometimes has the energy to pester you again? Do you just say two words and I will believe it? You can’t compete with singing before, but you can’t compete with me now. You don’t know Su Jinghuan at all. He’s soft-hearted and nostalgic. I’ve been with him for so many years, and now he’s sick. He will never abandon me. If I want to be in poor health at this time, you and he won’t be able to have that day. "
Bai xiaoran was poked, and finally some people couldn’t stay.
"I’m right. If you are ill, he can’t look at me again, but now it’s different." Bai Xiaoran sneered. "You have failed in surgery, and there are not many days to live. I will argue with a dying man so much. I can’t compete with you if you are alive, but what if you die?"
Xiao Yin face finally changed.
What if she dies?
She’s dead. Su Jinghuan has been with her.
She suddenly remembered what Zhou Jinheng said before. She had to live to have a future with Su Jinghuan, so that he could love her. If she died, there would be nothing.
Obviously, Bai Xiaoran knows this better than she does, so she can’t wait to come here and demonstrate with her.
"You don’t even have a healthy body to argue with me."
Bai Xiaoran got up. "Don’t forget what Mr. Tang left with you because you are sick. If you are healthy, will he look at you more?"
"I can’t compete with singing. I admit it, but you? It doesn’t mean that you will lose me by any means, waiting for this day to come. "
"Get out!"
Xiao Yin pointed at the door with a cold face. "Get out of here!"
Bai Xiaoran got up and pulled the skirt, arranged a shirt fold and raised his eyes. "Xiao Yin, do you remember when we first met and you talked to me?"
Xiao Yin looked at her and said nothing.
She met Bai Xiaoran for the first time because she helped Su Jinghuan apply for several fresh graduates. Su Jinghuan thanked her and invited her to dinner. She knew that this woman was a singer’s best friend and went with her.
"You said that people are divided into three, six, nine, etc. It is best not to have something that Xiang Xiao does not belong to his identity. I am very angry with this sentence. I have always used this sentence to motivate myself to become a person. Your so-called everyone singing has inspired my fighting spirit, and you have made me today. I should thank you."
"Get out!"
Xiao Yinyin’s fingers were shaking gently as she grabbed the sheets sharply.
Bai Xiao ran hook lip angle that turned and walked towards the door.
Just bumped into MuYunZe pulling a high song outside the door.
Her face has not disappeared yet, and it seems a little weird at this time.
Chapter 644 Betrayed by best friend
But soon she packed up her face and showed a close smile that could be said to be very harmful. "Little Song Mu always came."
See Bai Xiaoran singing here eyebrows slightly twist twist sipping lips didn’t speak.
Is MuYunZe looked at her some kind of indifference, "miss white here to do I remember you and xiao seems to have no friendship"
Bai Xiaoran’s face was slightly embarrassed. "I had some contradictions with Xiao Yin before. I heard that she had just come to visit after surgery recently. By the way, I didn’t understand before and apologized to her."

Since selling bags to the Qin family, six people have made a lot of money without day or night, but they are also very tired. Qin Lan’s heart looks haggard, and her family, especially her family, is still struggling with Han’s decision not to continue doing this, otherwise the tiredness will outweigh the gains.

Qin Lanxin directly asked Qin Lanbing to temporarily close the restaurant as soon as the bag was sold out in the morning. Han and Qin Lanyue were going to dig wild vegetables, which also stopped Qin Lanxin.
"Big girl, what can I do for you? How to put the restaurant? " Qin Xiangzheng and asaps looked at her puzzled.
Qin Lanxin gathered all her family in the courtyard, and it was cool when the plane tree was blowing with the river wind and in the shade.
"Parents are too tired to sell bags these days. Everyone has a good rest today! The body is a revolution, money can’t be earned, and even the body doesn’t care about the day. Make some bags less, or we’ll hire someone to help make bags. "Qin family has no strong labor, Qin Lan’s strength is strong, and there are eleven-year-old women who are weak and small. It’s no big deal.
"It’s too expensive to hire people, or we’ll do less. You’re all too young to go like this," Han said, looking at the children anxiously
"I can’t make money this day. I can’t make fun of my body, big girl. What do you think? Let me talk about dad and listen to you first!" Qin Xiangzheng looked up at his eldest daughter in a wheelchair. He didn’t help this father. Now this family is supported by Qin Lan’s heart.
"Elder sister, I also listen to you!" Qin Lanyue sitting beside asaps smiled and said
"I also listen!" Qin Lanbing and Qin Lanrui said with the same mouth.
Han also looked at her, smiled and nodded, and her daughter did things with discretion. It must be right to listen to her.
Qin Lan thought for a moment and said, "I think Aunt Deng, Aunt Yu and Sister Miao have been free for a long time, and our three families are close. Why don’t we hire them to help us sell bags?"
"Isn’t it a bit much to hire three big sisters?" Qin Lanyue didn’t think it was necessary to hire so many people to sell bags. It was just a while ago!
Qin Lanxin shook her head and said little. Then she told her family that since making bags at home is so popular, she can go to the dock and sell them by boat or fish lane, so that the demand for bags will become natural and she needs help to make more bags.
However, she also said that this is a temporary idea of her own. In a couple of days, she can go to the dock, boat and fishing lane to try to sell a bag. If there are many buyers, she should hire more people to make more bags.
It was the Qin family who never dreamed that Qin Lan would go out at noon to try to sell bags in the fishing lane. As the evening approached, the shopkeeper Zheng of Li Ji Qianzhuang and the shopkeeper Lin of Li Ji Restaurant personally went to the door with gifts.
After exchanging pleasantries and chatting with each other, the two shopkeepers got down to business with Qin Xiangzheng.
"Brother Qin, let me get this straight. I want to talk about business with your family this time. My old lady likes to eat your Sam Sun Bao very much. I wonder if Brother Qin would like to sell your bag in Li Ji Restaurant?" Li Ji bank Zheng shopkeeper is naturally invited rehmannia looked at Qin Xiangzheng asked.
"Yes, Qin shopkeeper, I have eaten your bag, too. If you sell it in a restaurant, it must be very popular with the guests." Lin shopkeeper has been working in Li Ji restaurant for nearly twenty years, and he knows best about the tastes of the guests.
Qin Xiangzheng was flattered and overwhelmed by the arrival of Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper. Although he was not long at Baishi Wharf, he also knew the Li family’s position in Fujiangkou, and he knew from He Laosi that these two were important people in the fishing lane.
His family didn’t even have a steady heel in this white stone pier, so he let these two "big shots" come to talk business with them with gifts. That’s why people often say that "a big pie fell from the sky" and then it happened to fall into his house.
Zheng shopkeeper found that after he and Lin shopkeeper put the words out, Qin Xiangzheng and asaps were pleasantly surprised. The three children at the door were a little surprised by the girl beside Qin Xiangzheng, and then they were lost in thought, and their brows were slightly wrinkled.
Before coming, the old lady specially told them that it was not Qin Xiangzheng’s husband and wife but their eldest daughter, Qin Lanxin, who really cared about the Qin family. I’m afraid it was only the twelve-year-old Qin parents who finally made up their minds.
"This is your daughter qin girl? I’ve heard your name for a long time. You’re a great girl. Hehe, Miss Qin, would you like to sell this bag to Li Ji Restaurant? " Zheng shopkeeper walked over to see Qin Lan’s heart and asked, but the inquiry and refinement in his eyes made Qin Lan’s heart see clearly.
Supposedly, the Li family is really kind to the Qin family. Now, the two shopkeepers of the Li family are looking for the door and the Qin family is afraid that they also have the intention to help.
However, there are some things that can’t be confused at will, especially if there are too many personal feelings in business, and the two sides can’t be long-term together.
Qin Lan heart smiled and walked leisurely from Qin Xiangzheng to Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper, and then looked up at them with a deep blessing and said gently, "Lan Xin thanked the two shopkeepers for patronizing the Qin family to me, and also thanked the old lady Li’s kindness and kindness, which is my family’s weakness. Xiao Liji Restaurant sends guests to the party every morning and evening. Even this package should not be used, and coarse wild vegetables should not be on the table, but it will pollute the name of Li Ji restaurant."
"Girl, do you disagree?" The shopkeeper Lin was shocked at the bottom of his heart. Qin Lan’s words and deeds really don’t look like a poor woman, and there are some people who can’t figure it out outside the words.
"That’s not such a good thing, but it’s really difficult to catch it if there is a ten thousandth chance. Don’t say that even this wild vegetable should not be used in my family. It is also rare in winter when the fish in the lake is hard to catch. If you buy food and meat to make other stuffing bags, you can’t afford to go according to the present situation of my family." Qin Lan told the truth
She has enough money in her hand to turn around her own restaurant. If she takes over the business roots of Li Ji restaurant, it won’t last for a few days. People’s big restaurants will never give their guests a stuffing or coarse bread!
Hear Qin Lan heart explain Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper heart is a loose to her willing to and Li Jiahe.
Lin shopkeeper suddenly looked at Zheng shopkeeper Zheng nodded knowingly at him and then smiled and said to Qin Lanxin, "Miss Qin, I have a legal one here, don’t you think?"
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Chapter 20 Hiring people to help
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"Please say it!" Qin Lan’s attitude is always the same, and there is a slight alienation in gentle respect. This is what experienced and sophisticated businessmen will do. It really shouldn’t appear in a girl who is only twelve years old.
Zheng shopkeeper looked at Qin Lan’s heart and his eyes were more focused, just like in the face of a man who didn’t know all the details and didn’t know that the other party would be like a master of action. Although he was relaxed and pleased, his heart was more cautious.
At the moment, he regards Qin Lanxin as a real businessman, an object he needs to negotiate with.
"What Miss Qin is worried about is that she doesn’t have any revolving silver in her hand. Li Ji Bank can lend you a sum of silver for the time being. Of course, the condition is that your family wants white flour as a package and the stuffing should be mixed with vegetarian food. What do you think of three different stuffing packages for Li Ji Restaurant every day?" The shopkeeper Zheng thinks that Mrs. Li is really prescient, and this method is good for both Qin and Li, and by the way, he sold a favor to the Qin family
"But my family has nothing to mortgage!" Zheng shopkeeper’s proposal is really exciting, but Qin Lan has always believed that "there is no free lunch". The Li family has been doing business for generations, but they are all child prodigies. She doesn’t like to owe more and more.
"Just pay back your land deed and land deed!" Qin’s family has nothing of value, and Zheng’s shopkeeper has asked the old lady Gu for instructions before she came.
"My land title deed is worth twenty taels. This time, I’ll take the secret recipe as collateral. Let’s get an estimate from the shopkeeper Zheng!" Qin Lan heart said with a smile
"Miss Qin, this … I’m not sure!" Zheng shopkeeper dozen careless said
This Qin Lan’s heart is really exquisite. Once the situation turns around, she can’t show the "human" value of the Li family by mortgaging her secret recipe.
If this package doesn’t sell well in Li Ji restaurant, people will not only say that Li family is confused, but also say that Li family is greedy for the secret recipe of Qin family package. After all, this Qin family package is famous in Baishi Wharf, but it is impossible to change places.
If it sells well, others will say that the Li family is stained with Qin Jiaguang and the influence of the Li family restaurant is sure to get louder and louder.
Zheng shopkeeper was vaguely aware that one day, in the eyes of outsiders, Li Jiahe and Qin Jiahe owed Qin family favors instead.
No, maybe all this is just a fantasy. With Qin Lan’s intelligence, she wouldn’t have thought of it. It should be a coincidence, right? !
No matter what Zheng shopkeeper thinks in his heart, the two packages of Li Qin will be closed, and Qin Lan’s heart also quickly estimated the cash flow of a white flour package in his heart.
Next, Qin Lan’s heart came forward and the shopkeeper Zheng and Lin finally finalized the concrete agreement between the two sides, but Qin Lan’s heart came up with the agreement in a short time, which made the two shopkeepers of the Li family marvel at the brevity, clarity and responsibility of the text. It was the first time they heard about it and signed it for the first time.
Zheng shopkeeper gave Qin Lanxin one hundred and twenty pieces of silver on the spot after the signing of the mortgage loan document and the joint document.
The Qin family officially gave Li Ji Restaurant a package seven days later. Before that, Qin Lan wanted to get all the white flour, vegetables, meat, spices, etc. ready, and to rebuild the small kitchen next to the East Room at home. In addition, he had to hire someone to help.
After seeing off the shopkeeper Zheng and the shopkeeper Lin, Qin Lan put Wen Du away and asked Qin Lanbing and Qin Lanyue to invite the Zhang family and Yu’s mother to say that they would all have dinner at Qin’s house tonight.
Qin Lanxin decided to make fried noodles with wild vegetables in the big pot of the restaurant because the restaurant had been waiting for a long time and the cold noodles prepared today were not sold out, and she dug up a lot of wild vegetables in the afternoon.
When Zhang Shuier, Xiang and john young heard that Qin Lan wanted them to go to the Qin family for dinner, they fled to the Qin family, which helped to light the fire and which helped to wash the vegetables, and stared at the Qin family cauldron greedily.
"You children are really shameless and know to come to your sister’s house to eat and drink!" When Deng’s and Yu’s walked in the door, they looked at Zhang Shuier and john young and criticised them.
"Sister Lan Xin said that I have food to eat when I am working, and I help with my work!" Zhang Shuier, hey hey, smile. She’s famous and cheeky.
"Sister-in-law Hong Lian and Sister Yue, please sit in the house when you come. Why haven’t you seen Zhang Dage and Miao Er?" Asaps quickly walked out to meet two people into the house.
Deng’s motioning with his hand found a stool in the courtyard and said with a smile, "Don’t go inside. This courtyard is cooler than the house. Tonight, the moonlight is better. Let’s talk in this courtyard. The child’s father went out to catch fish with Uncle He all day long. He was too tired to get a few money. Miao Er won’t come back until midnight."
"Xiu Yuansao, what do you want us to do?" Yu Shi was washing clothes at home, so Qin Lanbing ran over and called her, saying that Han Shi had something to find her.
Han asked them not to worry about saying that they were inarticulate, and let Qin Lan say to them after dinner.
Just now, when the Qin family went to call someone, Deng’s and Yu’s were still polite when the two children said that eating was polite. I didn’t expect Qin Lanxin to really cook a big pot of fried noodles for two families. They were all very embarrassed.
After the dinner, all three families gathered in the Qin courtyard to enjoy the cool air. Qin Lanxin also told Deng’s, Yu’s and Zhang Miaoer about hiring their bags.
"Aunt, aunt, sister Miao, I really want to ask you to come and help my family. Maybe I can’t give you too much money, but I promise that if the business is good, I will definitely give you a raise. If you are really too busy, are there any honest people who will introduce me to two restaurants in Li Ji? My family is really short of hands." Qin Lan sincerely said to several people.
Yu’s eyes immediately turned red, and some eagerly said, "Lan Xin’s great aunt is willing to work in your home, and it’s not easy for you to make a bag. Just give her 500 pence a month, not one or two."
"Aunt Lan Xin and your sister Miao Er are also willing to pay. Just do what your aunt said and work as a coolie for an old man. It takes 700 pence a month. You tell one or two aunts that you are doing what we do. Your kindness is appreciated. You can invite your aunt and your sister Miao Er to work. This feeling will not be forgotten by the whole family!" It is rare for Deng’s family to speak solemnly and seriously, and the sincerity in his words touched Qin Lan’s heart.
"Red-violet sister-in-law, Xiu Yuanmei, who is in love with you? Let’s not be polite. This salary is what it should be!"
Qin Lan-hsin discussed the matter of wages with asaps and Qin Xiangzheng early in the morning. Now, the Qin family can sell six or seven hundred bags early every day, and some people can sell more than one thousand bags when they are scheduled later. In this way, just packing a month will make a profit.

Listening to Hong Sheng’s words, Ling Tian’s face became a little weird.

How is this … so familiar?
Should I leave no remains? Did the warrior learn the Taigu Xuanjing as well as he did?
Chapter 92 Must go to the ruins to find out.
Taigu Xuanjing was definitely given to him by the old man.
There should be no one else to own this pulse except them.
You can hear what Hongsheng said, but you have to let him and Taikoo Xuan Jing definitely connect.
Maybe the fighters who left this relic came from the outside world?
Then I thought that there might be a clue to Qin Hao in the ruins, and an idea gradually came to my mind
"Should this Qin Hao be my master?"
"He left that relic?"
Ling day can’t help but think
If so, what Yu Qin Hao said before makes sense.
Even if the general fighters are more severe, it is already very good to cross one or two small realms against the enemy.
But Qin Hao turned almost the world upside down.
Until now, there are still some families who are afraid of new people and can’t get rid of them quickly.
Can this be said in two words: genius?
But if Qin Hao learned Taigu Xuanjing’s practice achievement method and was as creative as him, then there would be no problem.
"The ruins must go to the ruins to find out!"
Ling Tian made up his mind
He had previously agreed with Hong Sheng to go to the ruins together.
Now it seems that this is a better decision than the right one. Maybe we can really find some clues.
"There are probably things left by ancestors in that relic, and that’s what our goal is."
Hong Sheng continued.
He didn’t find anything strange in Lingtian, so it’s better to say it if he continues to hide it.
After all, there’s a Xinghai Pavilion on the side.
Really want to Xinghai Pavilion people rely solely on their Hong family may not be able to get good.
Ling Tian has no idea about this for the time being.
Regardless, it is not certain whether the remains are left by Qin Hao, even whether Qin Hao is their master.
Even if both of them are affirmative answers, there must be an ancient metaphysical decision in the ruins.
At best, he tried to rob.
If you can’t get it back, forget it
What he is most concerned about now is whether there is a way to stay in the ruins and return to the outside world.
After all, it is said that Qin Hao will disappear from time to time.
Instead of going back to the outside world, where did the world go?
"Master Hong, what are you going to do now?"
"Xinghai Pavilion abandoned the ruins at the expense of the monster beast to attack the city, saying that they were all for the ruins."
"Your Hong family alone is bound to suffer."
Ling day don’t have other ideas is to want to know Hong Sheng plan.
Hong Sheng wry smile way
"Can it be as good as that?"
"Wait for the old man Jiang to come back and discuss with him."
There is absolute strength before eating alone.
But for Xinghai Pavilion, don’t say it’s their Hong family. Even if they join the Jiang family, there is not much chance of winning.
The best way is to publicize the location of the ruins.
The more people go to the ruins, the greater their advantage.
Ling day nodded and asked again
"What do you think of them saying that there is a key to the ruins in Xiongcheng?"
"It shouldn’t be possible"
That’s the way it is. Hong Sheng’s tone is not sure.
"Kai ruins really need a key, but we have the key in Hong’s hand."
"There can’t be a second key"
Ling Tian noticed that Hong Sheng said it was not a piece but a piece.
Obviously, this key should be something.
Now the bear city crisis is not over. In the past, they didn’t talk much, and they planned to wait until Master Jiang came back.
Then take Zhong Yunxiao back to Xiongcheng.
Hong Sheng went to several other gates to solve the trouble caused by Xinghai Pavilion.
Ling Tianze went back to Jiang’s house with Hu Wenshu.
After returning home, Ling Tian immediately found Jiang Lan and asked her about the ruins.
"I really don’t know much about …"
"I know there is a lot to say about the remains, but no one has ever really found them."
"If you want to know, you might as well ask Jiang Yu."
Jiang Yu?
Ling Tian looked at Jiang Lan doubtfully. She didn’t even know Jiang Yu. How could she know?

"eldest brother, why hasn’t this little bitch woken up yet?" It was that girly man who spoke, and he rubbed his nose.

She flung herself at the man’s forehead as if she were dying, and suddenly she felt that she was seeing stars
The man was caught off guard by her, and there was a sharp pain in his forehead. He shook his head and reacted.
See Joe CenZheng side to hand a hook to her whole person with heavy plate is coming.
Qiao Cen back sharp stone to a positive contact, suddenly some twisted with pain.
Before I could react, I saw the man slap a slap in the face. "Bitch, don’t make a toast. If you don’t cooperate with me today, I’ll kill you!"
Joe Cen looked at him without talking and stared at him intensely!
The man tore the tape off her mouth. "I always like to hear you women scream at me!" "
Qiao Cen slapped him in the face and was slapped hard!
Section 56
Luo Jun in the apartment looked at the wall clock at 12: 29.
The horse will be at half past twelve, and the party is not over yet?
It was agreed that Qiao Cen would call her when the party was over, but now … It’s not that Xiao Ni was happy and forgot for a while, is it?
Thinking about Luo Jun’s words that hit Qiao Cen, I thought for a long time but no one answered.
I’ve played several times in a row.
Luo Jun suddenly panicked and thought that nothing would happen. But she quickly denied what she was saying!
Luo Jun didn’t trust him and called Qiao Mubei. Qiao Mubei also waited for a long time to answer the phone.
"Hey, what’s the matter?" Qiao Mu’s northern voice is a little hoarse from fatigue. It sounds strange that he should still be awake.
Luo Yundang couldn’t control so much and asked, "Did you go to the White House today?"
"You know?" Qiao Mubei was a little surprised. Did Qiao Cen tell her?
Yes, he didn’t deny it.
"What about Cencen? Did she go back?"
"I went back after nine o’clock. Why?" Qiao Mubei sat up straight and listened to Luo Jun’s tone. It seems that something is wrong.
"I told her to call me when the party was over. I haven’t received a call until now. Many people haven’t answered you. Are you sure she has gone back?"
Qiao Mubei didn’t speak for a moment before saying, "She’s fine. It shouldn’t be convenient to answer the phone now. Go to sleep first and call me if you have anything."
It’s not good for Luo Jun to be pregnant now, even if Joe Cen really has something to hide from her first.
"Well, then don’t forget."
Two people hung up the words Qiao Mubei dialed HuoYanMing words.
"Hello" soon Huo Yanming sounded faint.
"Did Qiao Cen go back?" Qiao Mu north talk some blunt but also can’t cover up the worry.
In the car, Huo Yanming frowned slightly, holding his mobile phone hand tightly. "What happened when I just got back from a business trip?"
"You are quick to call home and ask her if she has gone back."
Qiao Mubei has hung up before Huo Yanming can speak.
Huo Yanming seems to have a bad feeling in his heart. He just held his horses and called Meng Qing to get the answer, but Joe Cengen didn’t go back
He remembered that today was Miss Bai’s birthday party, and it was precisely because of this five-day business trip that he squeezed into two days, but he still didn’t have time to accompany her to the birthday party.
Qiao Mubei gave Fu Jiang a message again. Fu Jiang was obviously asleep and was awakened by Qiao Mubei. He smelled something "Qiao Cen? She didn’t go back? There was an accident on the road, and her bag stayed up all night. I found the bag and came back to see that she was gone. I was the one who couldn’t wait to go back first … "
Fu Jiang from some remorse, he didn’t expect such a big night Qiao Mubei will make a phone call to ask her about Qiao Cen.
Qiao Mubei’s tone was a little blunt. "I told you to take her home!"
Black Spyker galloped on the highway for half an hour and arrived at Qiao Mubei’s residence.
At that time, Qiao Mubei was watching the White House monitor and saw Huo Yanming turn to look at him.
"I have sent someone to look for it, and there is no news so far."
Huo Yanming nodded and loosened the tie in his neck to watch with him.
There are several policemen in Qiao Mubei’s residence besides himself. No, he didn’t tell Qiao Qiyuan and Shao Ruijun either.
One of the policemen explained, "We have collected the peripheral surveillance of the White House Villa Department. This is when Miss Qiao came out of the White House at 9: 42. It can be seen from the video that Miss Qiao did come out with Mr. Fu, but there was a blind spot without a camera after they came out."
"At 10: 05, Mr. Fu’s car left Baijia Villa, and no one came in and out."
He went on to say, "We surveyed the whole terrain of the White House Villa and found that there are three gates in the White House Villa. Generally, guests come out from the south gate and their location is the north gate, where there are fewer people leaving."
"If Miss Qiao didn’t come out from the north gate, it must have come out from the other two doors, but because the White House has a party today, many people want to find out who Miss Qiao went out from …"
The police didn’t go on, but Qiao Mubei and Huo Yanming knew it.
According to Qiao Cen’s nature, she would never suddenly disappear without warning, so she should have been taken away by someone else!

A series of collisions

Every time you collide, the girl in Xin ‘an will turn pale.
Fixed sea roll ripple type
Ripples are as delicate as water, and once they are displayed, they will continue to attack until.
Knife light flashing again
The sword in the heart nunnery’s hand was wiped with a big open blade on her chest.
Lotus flower flash
The nun in Xin ‘an staggered back in pain, and a bloody wound appeared on her chest, bleeding profusely.
Fortunately, she would have crushed a protective charm, otherwise this knife could directly cut her in two!
Another tianjiao faded out.
The sharp sword broke and it was chilly.
Su Mo’s backhand chop stabbed the flying sword blade with a heavy blow, which instantly covered it with frost.
At the same time, the snow valley people started to sound.
The wind was biting as if a basin of ice water had fallen from the sky and poured on Su Mo.
Many eyes watched Su Mo’s body condense into a thick layer of ice at a speed visible to the naked eye, and spread rapidly all over the body from his head.
Blinking, Su Mo remained motionless, and his face froze into an ice sculpture, lifelike.
Seeing this, some tianjiao breathed a sigh of relief.
Su Mo’s explosive strength is too horrible and powerful, and three tianjiao have already broken into his hands.
Many tianjiao are still real people, and they are absolutely sure that they can suppress them.
"Ling Han’s friendly means are worthy of being a snow valley person."
"The powerful skill of freezing directly seals the people of Shenhuang Island!"
Several tianjiao praised in succession.
Ji goblin’s heart sank, and his eyes surged with all his worries not to get rid of the body cold and shivering, so he had to rescue Su Mo before.
"It’s too late."
Ling Han, a native of Piaoxue Valley, fluttered in white and looked cold and fell proudly from the sky. "This is my blood and spirit that will be cut off by the frozen ten breathing vitality!"
A strange sound suddenly sounded on the battlefield
Chapter four hundred and forty-four The sword fight
Everyone can hear clearly that this sound is actually derived from the ice sculpture!
Kaka, Kaka!
With a burst of cracks, ice sculptures emerge, and cracks are getting bigger and bigger all over the body.
Snow Valley Ling Han’s face changed and his eyes showed incredible color.
A loud noise
In full view, the ice sculpture burst to reveal a tall and massive figure.
This human body gives off waves of surging tides, which makes people shudder!
"Blood is like the tide!"
Someone low shout a.
This change caused many wars to kill Tianjiao, so they stopped for a while and looked askance.