I just knocked on the door and said, "I don’t think you are my friend."

Mark ha ha a smile!
But she led Debbie into the room without diagnosis.
The layout of Jonas House is exactly the same as that of Mark House, and it is a pattern of two rooms and one living room.
Not long!
Sitting on the sofa with a bad face, Jonas glanced at the wine cabinet in the main room and picked and picked Mark’s face was even darker. "Damn it, isn’t there any wine in your room?"
Mark said without looking back, "Let’s get rid of the wine in my room now. I’m afraid I’ll leave the name of the director in charge of New York State as an alcoholic."
"Just come!" Jonas was angry. "Once you went to my house, two cases of Evelyn were missing from my wine cellar to buy me a wave of wine."
Mark found out that the appearance and color of a bottle were all selected by Bo and smiled slightly. "Evelyn gave it to me. You can’t blame me!" "
"Damn it, I should have taken out my shotgun!"
"But you didn’t!"
Mark laughed and took two glasses and sat down on the sofa. "It’s not a good habit for old friends to always miss the past when they meet. We should watch them first!" "
"… hehe!" Jonas laughs but not laughs!
But in ten minutes!
Drunk Jonas hooked Mark’s shoulder and took out his cell phone to order a photo. He said proudly to Mark, "Look at Evelyn and my granddaughter who was just born last year!"
Mark took a sip of the wave and looked at the photo without paying attention to the blonde next to him. The mother and daughter smiled and said, "It’s beautiful!" "
"I think so!" Jonas said!
Mark glanced at his face and turned red, just like a monkey’s ass, Jonas.
Not a sigh!
When I first met Jonas, Mark drank Jonas directly and lay on the lawn for the night.
I have made great progress for so many years.
Who knows …
Jonas’s blonde eyes are eating people. Mark and Debbie are out of the room, lying on the sofa and sleeping soundly.
"rude!" Mark turned his head and glanced at the door and left the pie mouth.
It’s even more right to let Debbie next to you directly!
Good half-day!
As she walked towards the stairway, Debbie asked curiously, "Just come to Jonas and get him drunk?"
Mark laughed and took out his mobile phone and handed it to Debbie. It seemed that he had thought of something interesting, so he said, "Guess how much I can get from Jonas with this video."
Debbie looked puzzled at the video playing inside and asked, "We didn’t see you take out your mobile phone."
Mark picked up the phone, took the first button of his shirt and threw it to Debbie. He simply said, "The latest CIA technology, the Bluetooth button camera, damaged the high-definition picture …"
With a look of shock, Debbie Mark walked straight into the elevator!
When I stepped on the stairs, Mark said, "I’m going out for a walk. People come to me and say no!"
Debbie "…"
In an hour!
Mark was generous enough to give Franklin a taxi and put away his wallet.
My eyes fell on the signboard of a restaurant across the street!
Dolome’s restaurant!
Mark couldn’t help laughing when his eyes fell on someone sitting on a bar stool and eating something!
When that hospitable taxi drive heard Mark’s destination when he first came here.
Just look frightened and full of sincerity and tell Mark never to order the unique tuna sandwich in this restaurant!
Eating it will doubt life!
Just as Mark was crossing the street, Yu Guang suddenly saw a muscle car circling around the restaurant door, and some guys were pointing at Brian in the restaurant!
Then a few people surrounded and went in!
Thought for a moment!
Mark simply lit himself a cigarette by leaning against a big tree next to him.
Meimei drew up!
When a cigarette is about to run out
A swearing sound came instantly!
A man staring at the head of a chicken coop just glanced at Brian and said, "Try a hamburger with double cheese and French fries from heaven, you faggot!" "
"I like tuna sandwich here!" Brian turned around and said directly!
"Who are you kidding?" Jiwo man quickened his pace and chased him and said, "No one likes tuna sandwich here!"
"I like it!" Brian said so!
One second!
Mark saw Brian directly given a suppressed red pickup truck by the henhouse man!
Mark can’t help but look at his eyebrows and turn around directly. Brian, a crisp left fist with a heavy swing in the henhouse, faces.
Mark didn’t applaud.
Mark couldn’t bear to close his eyes directly!

In the second quarter, O ‘Brien forced Li Cheng to the bench, and the gap between the pedestrians was getting bigger and bigger. O ‘Brien was not in a hurry.

Li Cheng was in a hurry, but he also understood O ‘Brien.
Li Cheng, a China native, is very familiar with the story of horse racing in Tian Ji. He knows that there is a huge gap between his powerful opponents, and he must choose between these seven races.
Today’s game is not only at the opponent’s home, but also the Celtics will not relax after their new defeat. It is obviously inappropriate to go all out in this game.
And a game back to Indiana is the most desperate thing for the Pacers. After all, now that they have won an away game, it means that they have won the home court advantage. The safest and best result is that the Pacers can keep the home court and then eliminate the Celtics.
At half-time, O ‘Brien also deliberately controlled Li Chengchang. When he deliberately adjusted all the people’s fields, he was ready to return to the home game.
At half-time, Ray Allen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Cheng appeared less and didn’t work as hard as before. Ray Allen finally got tired of Li Cheng’s inexplicable movement.
In the end, the Pacers lost to the Celtics in the away game, and the score was finally fixed at 4-96.
Li Cheng was a little unhappy when he lost the game, and it was also his first defeat in the playoffs in his career, so he humbled himself and sent his blood out. Li Cheng was really unhappy in his heart.
And a game back to Indiana is the most desperate thing for the Pacers. After all, now that they have won an away game, it means that they have won the home court advantage. The safest and best result is that the Pacers can keep the home court and then eliminate the Celtics.
At half-time, O ‘Brien also deliberately controlled Li Chengchang. When he deliberately adjusted all the people’s fields, he was ready to return to the home game.
At half-time, Ray Allen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Cheng appeared less and didn’t work as hard as before. Ray Allen finally got tired of Li Cheng’s inexplicable movement.
In the end, the Pacers lost to the Celtics in the away game, and the score was finally fixed at 4-96.
Li Cheng felt a little unhappy when he lost the game, and it was also his first defeat in the playoffs, so he humbled himself and sent his blood out. Li Cheng was really unhappy in his heart.
Chapter DiYiJiu A big gift
Indiana Pacers lost the second game of Boston Celtics almost without suspense, but now everyone is speculating whether the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on blow when they return home.
Now most of the media are divided into two factions. One side thinks that the defeat in the second game is the defeat of the Pacers, while the other side thinks that the second game of the Pacers is just a temporary concession, and they will give their opponents a head-on blow at home.
People who believe that the Pacers will continue to be defeated simply because the strength gap between the two teams is there. In their view, the Pacers’ first win is just a "stolen" victory.
However, I think that the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on beating at home because they believe in Li Cheng and their potential. "How do you know that this little meeting will not suddenly break out?"
When a team has a player who can change the game, the final result of a game will seem a bit confusing.
In addition, this school believes that the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on beating at home, and there is another reason to support their theory, that is, the Pacers’ tactics have emerged one after another in the playoffs
When they were short of Granger, they put Li Cheng in the first position and Tinsley in the shooting guard position. They gave up the height advantage of the backcourt, and Tinsley and Daniels forced the Cavaliers to compress their defense, connecting the teams together through Li Cheng sitting on the periphery.
After the return of Granger in the last two games, they beat the Cavaliers through the tacit cooperation between Li Cheng and Granger.
Then in the first game against the Celtics, the Pacers came up with a "run-and-bang" tactic that surprised everyone. This tactic has no specific core personnel, and all of them are connected in series through an anger and madness. This can be said to be a pioneering work, which may be a new tactical idea for today’s basketball.
Maybe this tactic can’t be a general conventional tactic, but it can work wonders in some specific games.
All day on the 22nd, reporters and the media have been arguing about this issue, and everyone is arguing endlessly. However, if we argue now, there will be no result, because no matter which way you look at it, everyone is very reasonable.
On the evening of 22nd, Li Cheng was lying in the hotel bed and texting Jenny. Neither of them seemed to like talking. It seemed that texting would have a very good feeling.
"God, you must win your home game!"
"Don’t worry! I’ve prepared a big gift for the Celtics, and I think Ray Allen will like it very much. "Li Cheng sent the text message and his face was filled with insidious smile.
Ray Allen inexplicably felt a cold wind blowing at this moment.
"No! Why is it suddenly so cold! " Ray Allen shivered in the hotel room.
O’ Brien took great pains to win this game. He really did as those media said. He won this game again and changed the tactics of the Pacers.
O ‘Brien has changed his team’s three ways of playing in a round of playoffs. At this time, he also has to sigh that Li Cheng is a real treasure. He looks like a veteran who has fought in the league for more than ten years instead of a rookie.
After discussing this game with Hart, O ‘Brien made a tactical retro. He brought the Pacers back to Miller’s era. He pulled the ball by a shooter and pulled the team back, and then gave the team some opportunities.
However, O ‘Brien made some changes to this tactic. He tried to maximize Li Cheng’s personal offensive firepower while letting Li Cheng’s team pull.

Even the five-vein foundation can’t stop Su Mo’s knife!

Throughout the process, Su Mo’s eyes eventually fell on Guo Yishen.
This is the only six-vein foundation in the battlefield
When this man dies, the rest will collapse without a fight!
There are a few monks in the summer who have some strange movements. Su Mo glanced at it lightly and ignored the knife to continue to kill Guo Yi.
At the same time, Guo Yi also felt Su Mo’s killing heart.
Guo Yi knows in his heart that he is definitely no match for Su Mo.
But he is not without a chance to win!
The only chance is to have a female body in the middle stage of the foundation in that realm of cultivation in the camp of the Zhou Dynasty!
If this woman is in distress, this Su Mo is bound to be disturbed and exposed, and it is easy for him to sneak in and slay her on the spot.
If we can capture this woman alive, the situation will become simpler.
On this Guo Yi took a deep breath and calmed his mind’s eyes with a decision.
See who moves faster!
If Su Mo kills him first, he can talk.
However, if the female practitioner in the middle period of Tsukiji falls into their hands first, Su Mo will die and the Zhou Dynasty will be defeated!
The woman in Guo Yi’s sight is already a caged bird.
Brother Zhou around her has been attracted away, and there is a monster beast that looks like a wolf and is black all over.
"Come on!"
Guo Yi’s heart will no longer avoid pulling out a protective charm from the bag and crushing it on the spot.
At the same time, Guo Yi offered a shiny glass frame on the top of his head.
The blood quenching knife was cut head-on without any fancy and cleanliness.
Guo Yi looked dignified, and his fingertips stirred up a series of rich spiritual forces and injected them into the glass mirror.
The rapid expansion of the glass mirror is like a dazzling golden sky over Guo Yi’s head.
The blood quenching knife cuts the glass mirror and sends out a tremor, which sounds like ringing the clock of the ancient temple.
Although Guo Yi temporarily blocked this knife with the glass mirror.
But his body is still shaking violently around the protective symbol, and this power shocks and collapses on the spot!
Until now, Guo Yicai really realized that Su Mo’s knife broke out into terrorist forces!
Before Guo Yi can catch his breath, the second knife comes.
A blood mans arrival almost tore the sky above his head!
At a glance, Guo Yi noticed the ecstasy in the eyes of another battlefield scene.
Do it!
Those five monks have already made moves!
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, sumo, look back. Your sister’s horse is going to die!"
Guo Yi laughed and facial features have been distorted.
Then Guo Yixiao stopped abruptly and his heart sank.
Sue ink blood quenching knife didn’t pause.
Sue ink look calm in those deep eyes Guo Yi can’t see the slightest panic worry!
Even Su Mo didn’t look back.
How come…
What’s wrong?
Guo Yi consciously looked at another battlefield.

"Well," Huang Wudie finally stopped dissuading him.

Li She nodded, "You also go to bed early."
Li She walked quickly and got a panoramic view of the cabin. It was dark in the cabin. Bian Niang should be fast asleep, Li She thought.
Li She felt very kind when she saw the cabin. Is this the witness of Li She’s wedding or the fence around the cabin? Because it is late autumn, the peach tree and Ye Er have long since disappeared. The only thing that remains unchanged may be the wooden table and stool.
Now Li’s feelings in her heart are very complicated, three points excited, three points ecstatic, three points excited and one point sad.
Before Li She walked slowly, she was about to knock at the door. She never thought about it. Li She thought, Is Bian Niang not here? It’s impossible to see the butterfly dance performance should be there!
Gently pushed the door and turned around, slowly walked to the place where the door was, and slowly walked in. It was blurred that there was a person lying on the bed. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Bian Shi?
Li She wanted to wake Bian Shi, but she didn’t want to wake the beautiful woman, so she undressed and slept.
I don’t know how to make Li She feel hot and dry all over since she was lying in bed. She comforted herself in her heart and was probably too excited to go home.
But this hot feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Li She glanced at Bian Shi lying beside her and hugged Bian Shi uncontrollably. On second thought, I haven’t slept with Bian Niang for a long time. I really miss this feeling!
Bian Shi is sleeping sideways with Li She behind his back, so Bian Shi’s hips are quite high, which makes Li She feel very uncomfortable, so she reacts stiffly with her hips up.
Hip strange immediately woke up Bian Shi violent struggle was about to shout loudly Li She hurriedly said "Bian Niang! Bian Niang! It’s me! Li is involved in Li Lang! "
"ah! Li Lang! " Bian Shi immediately quiet.
Li’s heart has long been covered by flames, and even Bian Shi didn’t hear the strange tone and said hastily, "I want it!"
"What do you want?" Bian Shi said.
"Don’t be stupid," Li said with a lewd smile, and then a big hand covered the fullness and immediately surprised. "Why is it so big? I can’t cover it with one hand! " Then he said, "Am I right? Eat papaya with long breasts."
Bian Shi is like a lamb. He was stripped naked by Li She for a moment, but he still turned his back on Li She.
Li Shexiao said, "I wanted to play this position. I like it! Hey! " Slowly explore the forbidden area in Bian Shi.
In the dark, there was a woman dragging her tired body towards the cabin. When Huang Wudie saw it, she immediately visited.
"Butterfly dancing, you haven’t rested yet. Let someone else do this kind of thing," said the woman gently.
"It’s not time for me to rest," Huang Wudie shook her head and then said, "The mistress is back!"
The woman seems to be stunned. "Really?"
Huang Wudie said, "I saw the master go in … to rest …"
"That’s great! Li Lang is finally back! " The woman was very happy as if she thought of something. "Did you just say that Li Lang went in to have a rest?"
"Well" yellow dancing butterfly nodded his head.
"This is terrible," the woman said urgently. "No, I have to hurry there."
"Is the mistress jealous?" Yellow dancing butterfly laughed
"After all, it’s not nice to go out without going through the door," the woman said
Huang Wudie said, "I think so, too, but the master said that it was his wife anyway and there was nothing wrong with it. I thought about it and the master said it made sense."
Li she once said this, which was completely understood by Huang Wudie with her own ideas.
"Li Langzhen said this?" The woman said thoughtfully.
"Indeed," Huang Wudie replied.
"Since Li Lang said so, what did my wife say? I’d better take care of the mother." The woman nodded and left.
The woman walked quickly to the front of the people, and there was a faint candlelight inside, and she pushed the door and went in. There was a pale woman lying in bed, which was a rue.
Mother saw the woman come in and got up and said, "Sister Bian, why are you back again? It’s already so late at night. Go and rest. "
"Lie down quickly." Bian Shi immediately helped the mother to cover her up. "I also want to go back to rest, but my place has been occupied by others so that I can sleep here for a night."

"Your Sect’s natural acting power is really amazing, and I haven’t seen any keys today," I love to say.

"There is nothing wonderful about mastering people’s hearts back to back," Lin Chong said. "This world seems to be a battle between terrans and aquatic animals, but the real point is that whoever can unite with the majority will win this war."
"It’s not difficult to win, but it’s rare to find the root fruit that conforms to the fortune of the root fruit and helps to manifest it in the process of winning. This is what we monty don’t understand." Love can’t help but feel that she said softly, "Even if I participated in this battle, it would be powerless to let me reproduce this process in other circles."
"This is the wisdom behind me," Lin Chong said seriously. "Every decision you see is a personal decision that I am not old."
"Humility is a gift, but excessive humility is actually a traitor." I love to catch a glimpse of Lin Chong. "I’d rather have your clan form a Covenant … before the engagement? Why don’t you think about it again? "
"I am a staunch celibate" Lin Chong flatly denied.
"Oh ~ Don’t be too busy to refuse, maybe you will change your mind later ~ My dowry can be very rich." I love to chuckle and step up barefoot with that handle antivir into the world like a landscape, rain and ink swamp.
Lin Chong looked at her back and thought that her rich dowry was a hundred times less than other world coordinates, and she couldn’t help but swallow her mouth and spit. It was really a bit exciting.
The more you look, the more you can see. There are already two boundaries, the Shenzhou boundary and the Kai boundary, but both are uneasy.
There is a falling Jin Xian in the void of Shenzhou boundary. Once he enters the boundary, it is very likely that Shenzhou boundary will be broken. Of course, the furnace keeper will also fall off the roots and fruit, and even die.
Jin Xian’s respect for entering the world is like a pot of water pouring into an oil pan, which will fry the water and boil it not deep enough, so everyone will enter the world when both sides lose.
For example, at the moment, there is a big black Buddha hanging in the fog.
The Kai Jie crisis is even closer, and it is like a BUG hidden in the history, and it has led a bloody world to smash Kai Jie.
After judging that after upgrading the boundary, the firmness of the boundary should be greater than that of the ordinary dust boundary, and the extreme love should not be crazy enough to bombard the boundary with the Moloton Roots boundary, but … there are two or three bugs that are not cleared up, and the boundary will eventually be uneasy.
And the misty world
The misty world is even less likely to be owned by Yue Luotian.
The battle between Monty, Dragon and Kunlun for the misty world may become an eternal battlefield.
For example, dealing with the fog is really a big problem.
Lin Chong sighed lightly.
Another five years.
Through the calendar for 13 years
Five years ago, God loved it so much that he could see that the roots of Heaven would unite the Terran. Five years later, this sign was already visible to all.
First of all, the Terran adherents appeared the first nine-robbery true fairy queen, and the fate of heaven and earth gathered all kinds of ancient achievements due to strange opportunities, or they were able to keep coming out with excellent qualifications.
Because the immortal Sect of Kunlun didn’t bring it into the world, it just didn’t put the Kunlun root method into the fog world, which is normal. After all, it is afraid of revealing the only fruit force.
The realm of the adherents rises by rediscovering the ancestral legacy.
More and more titles of Great Sages have joined the coalition camp, and ancient Great Sages from all over the world have mushroomed to make the coalition powerful.
You can even fight positional warfare with the aquarium for a big city.
However, although the Shui people have ruled this world for tens of thousands of years, there are also many strong people left in the misty world. With the emergency of the situation, some ancient ancestors of the Shui people have been awakened, and the Coalition forces have constantly seen what the ancestors of the Millennium shrimp and the 10,000-year-old turtle are.
The two sides are escalating the scale of the war just like revealing the cards to each other.
But on the whole, Lin Chong is still in control. If the aquarium commanders knew that two gods had entered the world to fight for the ownership of this world, they might have long thought of mutual destruction, instead of always thinking that they had a chance to win, but they fell off the chain at the crucial moment.
Honestly, this state is the most terrible.
Like a frog boiled to death by warm water, you are ripe before you know it.
It’s probably the first time I’ve stayed out of it like this, and I’m comfortable with it. She’s been hanging out with the Coalition forces all day
In particular, the girl who trained her Lin Chong to pick up was called the girl after the rain.
I am eleven years old after the rain.
Lin Chong and his great love grew up around him since childhood, probably because of the care of two gods and the beauty of heaven and earth. Their love is not only extremely beautiful, but also outstanding in bone quality. After ten years of practicing the ancestral legacy, they have achieved the position of scattered immortals, which is a first-class talent in the Coalition forces
Proud as a sorghum flower at ordinary times.
But Lin Chong and Ji Ai are very fond of coquetry.
"Brother! Sister! "
Lin Chong is writing a one-step work plan for the immortals transferred from 74 to Kunlun at the moment, and he loves it very much, while watching the scene of tea holding a lamp and adding fragrance, which is quite loving and like a fairy couple.
It sounded like a bell outside and then rushed in after the rain.
Eleven-year-old misty world is considered to be an adult. The best thing is that her skin is white, which is like a cold jade. Her long hair is tied into a high ponytail, and her four swings are full of youth.
"After a light rain ~" loves to hug her in her arms after the rain and bury her head in her chest after the rain.
"Come back" Lin looked up and smiled, but he kept writing.
"Brother ~ is writing a work plan again?" After the rain, I leaned over and looked as white as jade, with a wonderful and attractive fragrance of blue pattern. Lin Chong always suspected that this breath loved Monty very much.
"Well," Lin Chong nodded and continued to write. He didn’t shy away from it, and he couldn’t understand it after the rain because Lin Chong was a simplified Chinese character.
Knowing that this’ brother’ is indifferent and impatient after the rain doesn’t mean that he is excited to say, "I’ll tell you good news!"
Two people look at the rain.
"I joined the Coalition’ first’!" Proud expression after rain
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Three clans collegiate bench

"Yu Xiang, you promised that it would never be difficult for us again!" Gan Lin is retreating to the middle avenue.

"Don’t worry, I’ll never be difficult again, and I won’t tell anyone about this."
Once again, they got a positive answer. Rocky and Gan Lin turned and walked away, then disappeared from the back of the canyon.
"In that case, you three will die here!"
Yu Xiang’s words were finished, and ten people behind him turned out to be hands flashing a piece of operator paper to course at the corner of their eyes.
All the runes of the mysterious green Se entered their eyes, and everyone’s eyes were bright and a lot of divine light was faint!
"Two of you can do your best to protect yourself and you can fight back to me." Xiao asked Shen, saying that although the sound was not imposing, it soared in the words, adding a lot of heroism to that speech!
"Bitter! !”
Yu Xiang suddenly became cold and then waved a hand forward, and a red Se symbol was sacrificed by him to turn into a blazing flame, and Xiao Wen, Yan Ning and Ouyang Yue were drowned in it!
At the same time, the ten people behind Yu Xiang also started work at the same time!
"Yu Xiang! ! !”
Suddenly there was a binge drinking in the flame, and then Xiao Wen rushed out of the flame with a clear door, which startled Yu Xiang.
Yu Xiang is too close to Xiao Wen. At this time, their numbers are dominant. Naturally, he won’t foolishly ask Xiao Wen’s one-on-one to rise immediately.
However, at this moment, a clear door suddenly disappeared, and Xiao asked his right hand to hold a purple thing directly in a wave of his hand.
Yuxiang want to also don’t want to is a defensive symbol offering a moment then see his head suddenly appeared a purple black Se hammer shadow hammer face with a foot Fiona Fang directly smashed up at him!
After amplification, the fairy instrument is not aura, but it lacks texture. However, the purple-black hammer on Yu Xiang’s head is just the opposite. It has a heavy aura and a solid feeling. It seems that it is not a few small pieces of fairy mineral refining, but it is made of ten thousand kilograms of steel!
The hammer face instantly hit the Yuxiang defense mask. At that moment, Yuxiang’s heart was stunned and consciously took out the second defense symbol.
In an instant, seeing the purple-black hammer face is like pressing on the bubble and pressing the defensive cover without any effort, almost reaching the head of Yuxiang!
The second defensive symbol in Yu Xiang’s hand has another mask top, but the purple-black hammer still presses the second defensive mask without any force!
At this time, the hammer face has reached the head of Yuxiang, and Yuxiang has been unable to finish anything. He can successfully lift his left arm and block it on his head!
I really don’t know how powerful the hammer surface is, but it directly broke Yu Xiang’s arm and pressed Yu Xiang to the ground!
They were flying at a height of three or four feet, and when they saw it, they were about to be hit by a sledgehammer. Suddenly, the green light lit up at Yu Xiang’s feet and spread rapidly.
Earth escape symbol!
But the green light has just spread to Yuxiang’s knee position, and the hammer has been smashed to the ground!
"boom! ! !”
The sledgehammer disappeared, and the door reappeared. Xiao Wen blocked all attacks.
Look at a deep pit in Fiona Fang, where Yu Xiang’s legs are immersed in earth and stone, and part of it has become a meat pie! ! !
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Die
It’s shocking that Xiao Wen smashed Yu Xiang with a hammer, but it’s strange that Yu Xiang is too arrogant, and how amazing the Ziji Sect is. It’s so close to Xiao Wen that Yu Xiang is dead, but there are ten people left, but the attack is even more fierce!
Then listen to "choke, choke, bang, bang" like rain behind a clear door. Xiao Wen has been shaken to the left and right and will soon lose his balance!
At the moment, the ten men turned out to be the root. Ning and Ouyang Yue poured out all the attacks to Xiao Q!
Green frost sword again stable also has brought two people at this time head Xiao Wen even block all attack green frost sword is really some don’t stay up.
"Get ready to pick up the sword!"
Xiao Wen said quickly, and then he followed those impacts to make the blue frost sword fall back a few feet. After that, he actually jumped out of the blue frost sword with a clear door and said, "Stay away!"
Nan Yunqing didn’t drag her feet at all, so she flew away. Xiao asked that because she jumped forward, she still blocked all the attacks.
"Pa" to a ring Xiao asked is already fell to the ground feet black smoke at first, his whole person "sou" to a shot to the right side of the cliff! The vanishing speed is faster than the green frost sword. Now Xiao Wen doesn’t have to take Nan Yunqing with him, which is twice as fast?
It is this kind of speed change that disrupts the attack rhythm of Bai Mo and others. Ten of them are not J: ng to cooperate with this person and block the line of sight of that person. That person blocks the angle of this person’s pushing, and the formation is chaotic.
When Xiao Wen heard that the impact of Qingmen was rapidly decreasing, there was nothing left, and then he suddenly closed it one by one. When Qingmen saw the battlefield situation, he did not hesitate to run to the cliff.
The cliff on the left side of the canyon where they are located is almost vertical, so it is impossible to climb, but there is a little slope on the right side. Although the slope is not too big, the ability of the shadow boots to run on the surface is no problem!
"Sou" to a ring Xiao Wen has just ran off the cliff speed didn’t slow much!
Until Xiao Wen ran a few steps on the cliff, Bai Mo and other talents finally adjusted their attack methods and bombarded Xiao Wen again!

Knock, knock, knock …

A series of flips waved double hammer overlord armor on the rampage and smashed it. In front of it, the imperial mecha chased twelve duke armor.
Also blocked by the imperial mecha, the short-term roots can’t soar the speed, and the dukes can watch the overlord armor getting closer and closer to them.
Tungsten, steel, gold, war hammer, a duke’s armor head, and a tungsten-steel alloy-made mecha head were instantly smashed and flattened.
"I already told Li Yuanba not to use such violent weapons. He just wouldn’t listen to you. Look at how hard it is to repair his head."
Xingyue Ji Xinghe complained in her ear. Does it sound like she smashed it herself?
And she continued to chase and wave two hammers, either smashing or chopping.
"Master, why don’t I change my weapons? These Duke armour weapons are not bad, so it’s easy to repair them if they cause damage."
Xingyue’s careful calculation was rejected by Ji Xinghe.
"Duke A is of great value, but Li Yuanba’s participation in the war at this time is more valuable."
"I know all the truth," said the moon and the moon. "But the problem is that it won’t be long before the empire can determine that Li Yuanba can’t go to war, and it’s very likely that we might as well get more Duke armor while we are now, and I’ll kill them by myself."
"That’s why they should suspect that the information they get is false, otherwise they will definitely jam the communication device."
The question of the moon and the stars disappears
If she is strong, she must establish communication and keep the foundation. Whether it is Ji Xinghe, Li Yuanba’s division, or what she said, one man makes an army and wants the empire to make communication jamming devices useless.
Charge is equivalent to Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba’s combat power.
Although this is already strong, it is not really strong for the moon and the stars.
Duke Jia successfully broke away from the dogfight with many mecha and chose to flee in different directions.
Four Duke armour, three Marquis armour and eleven Earl armour, the moon and the moon have been smashed, but they have not given up and pursued the nearest Duke armour.
She doesn’t need to care about the independent regiment. Without the pressure brought by these dukes, Qin Tong and others will be liberated.
Moreover, it’s not just the remnants of Duke Jia who choose to escape. They each bring Marquis Jia and Earl Jia who also choose to escape.
Really stick to the order to fight against the Milky Way Corps, the Marquis A and Earl A, and prevent the Milky Way Independent Regiment from directly choosing to retreat from the empire. When arranging troops, in addition to being in hiding, twelve Duke A chose to be evenly matched with the Milky Way Independent Regiment.
Now …
"Didn’t you say that Li Yuanba would never go to war?"
Zhenbei Wang angered and questioned
His anger is understandable because he has been smashed, and four Duke armour are all his hands.
"How can Li Yuanba participate in the war?" Imperial too was shocked and puzzled.
"Not how could Li Yuanba break my four … five Duke armour in such a short time?"
If overlord armour just appeared, both Wang and Taitai in Zhenbei were lucky enough to think that it was his federal mecha who drove overlord armour.
Then there is no doubt now.
Can’t in addition to the horse Milky Way, Li Yuanba and the third Milky Way mecha?
Or in addition to Su Chuanyun, Li Han, Norwich, Mingshi and Jackson, the Federation has the sixth Star River-class mecha?
This level of mecha can’t be jumped out of the cracks in the stone, and there is no battlefield to break one after another to develop experience. Even if there is no talent to drive the mecha, it is impossible to fight so fiercely, violently and efficiently.
"It’s definitely not Li Yuanba. Father can’t lie to me."
Too much panic. Today, the loss has been more than five Duke armour. For the Milky Way Independence Group, 230 Earl armour and 20 Marquis armour are now wiped out.
Although the number of marquis armour of the anti-Galaxy Mecha Corps has reached one thousand, the number of earl armour has reached three thousand, but it can’t hold such a rapid wreck.
You can also capture these mecha after you win the game by middle-clicking.
The empire can’t stand the change.
"What if you give your father news that human beings lied to your father?" Zhenbei Wang Leng said, "How can human beings be credulous?"
Yeah, humans can lie to us
The empire suddenly realized that its face was a little flustered and soon replaced by anger.
"Li Yuanba can go to war? What about another federal mecha as strong as Ji Xinghe? Send more troops to me. Even if the Milky Way Independent Regiment can win today, they don’t want to take away even half of my mecha. "
The order to send more troops is coming.
Zhenbei Wang is also very available and said, "I can hold Li Yuanba off with my hand."
Li Yuanba is after you, okay?
Too did not debunk Zhenbei Wang’s high emotional quotient statement and expressed his approval. "If we can stall Li Yuanba, we won’t lose money today because we just drove the mecha. We can get compensation for how many deaths we have."
Three hundred earl armour and sixty marquis armour led directly to the battlefield of the Independent Regiment.
In the face of such forces, even the independent regiment has occupied an absolute advantage, and there is no reason to continue to fight.
Unless …
"Master, I let Xingyue A start the Ares mode."
"Well, go."
The battle between Xingyue and Ji Xinghe is over. Xingyue Jia and God punish Jia to retreat.

Look at the fading sky and think about the distance between the college and here. Rosfer is so resigned that he will follow the night feather into the wall door.

Pass the invitation to Ye Yu and Luo Sifu, and see a building in front of them. The building outside is like a church and a castle, surrounded by various flower beds and grass walls. The tower at the top of the auditorium is also inlaid with a huge golden bell. If you don’t talk, no one will think that such a solemn place will be a dirty slave market.
There are several winding and staggered corridors in the entrance. After seeing the top crystal bank card of Night Feather, the beautiful waitress led them to an eastern corridor. They were not surprised at what they were wearing. They knew clearly that a person’s wealth could not be judged by his clothes.
After all the way through the art corridor decorated with various famous paintings and sculptures, Rosfer was full of stars and night feathers in his eyes, and they were arranged to sit in the luxury box in Building No.5.
Inside the building, there is indeed an auditorium, the ceiling is hung, and the luxurious magic crystal chandelier is lined with curved seats around the semi-circular auction platform, while the building is a variety of boxes. However, it is more appropriate to say that it is an auditorium than a theater. Night Feather found that their box is right in front of the auction platform, but it is best to have farsighted magic in one direction. It is not a matter of distance to see all the seats. There are snacks and fruits on the left-hand side of the platform. Night Feather and Rose naturally eat like a pig while there are waiters and waitresses waiting in the dark. On the right hand side, there is a long square black box with a slender screen and a number button to confirm and cancel. A thin line extends from the surface to the ground to bring them here. The waitress explained that that is the number pressed by the auctioneer, which is the price you paid when you auctioned. If you confirm that the number displayed on the screen is correct, you can press the confirm button to bid, otherwise you can press the cancel button to cancel these. Only people in luxury boxes can bid in a unified way.
As the host walked, the noise around the auction table suddenly became quiet.
After a chat, the auction was official.
An auction is not just some elixir, magic nucleus, etc. Although Rosfer looks at the saliva and his eyes glow at night, he is short of interest. Who makes his uncles love to collect all kinds of curiosities? He has been very afraid to be interested in these ordinary people since he was a child ~
Then the slaves were auctioned off, but they were all very ordinary male slaves and female slaves. Some of them were still sallow and emaciated. The first batch was not a good thing. They stayed in the slave dungeon for the night, but they didn’t move at all. They watched the stage being driven away and flogged. Although he was a slave, he never bowed down, but he just lost his self-esteem and went with the flow without any resistance. The creature has long been numb to the world. It is a luxury and superfluous feeling for these roots to fight for biological sympathy.
It is very unwise to look for a person in the auditorium full of people, and there are luxury boxes for the night feather root method to find Peter. Although it can be locked by telepathy, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be discovered by this slave market. It is impossible for such a huge slave market to be discovered by a master wizard and a samurai. Let’s just consider him lucky and let you go for a while, Peter!
At this time, the last quivering figure in the slave team attracted his attention. His slave’s different clothes were tattered to the point where they could be covered slightly. His body was covered with whip marks, and there was hardly a trace of intact skin. His manager whipped him and staggered step by step, but a whip fell behind him with an unstable center of gravity. But he immediately pulled at him without stopping. Although he was in pain, he clenched his teeth without saying a word. His face flashed and then he struggled to get back to the team as if he were resigned. All night long, the slave watched him with an unyielding but resigned expression. He frowned around the night feather in front of his eyes.
The slave’s body was injured and dirty to death, and his worn-out body trembled like a horse was dying. No one wanted the slave owner to try it, so that the night feather at his desk could be photographed as soon as it was twice as hard as the reserve price. He could not go to collect the goods before the auction was over. The night feather was for Rosfer to take care of the slave himself, and he still stayed in the box. Rosfer felt as if he had become a night feather servant, and he was ordered to look at it with a sad smile. Innocent night feather, he also went.
Taiwan has changed from one slave to another, and the ornaments and looks of slaves have gradually improved. Most of them are brothel owners, and many nobles buy some to go back to be maids or vent pipes. Some of them become crazy when they see good-looking male slaves. The ladies are shouting high prices, and some slaves with abnormal looks are almost taken away by people in luxury boxes.
"When it is a special thing!" The host immediately cheered up with such a shout, and he would like to see what the so-called special things are.
Two cages were pushed to the stage, and Ye Yu was a little glad that Rosfer had to take care of the man first, because the cages in front of him were full of-half elves!
"As you can see, these are semi-elves. They have a beautiful figure and are unspeakable. It is an indispensable spice bed in life!" The host introduced the half elves in the cage and cried and trembled together.
Half-elves shouldn’t be said to be rejected by humans and elves. Half-blood hybrids are not proud of the world. Elves don’t like the smell of human beings. Half-elves covet their beauty and strength. They always like to catch them as pets or slaves. They often live in groups, avoiding elves and guarding against human beings. Similarly, half-blood hybrids are also secretly living. Of course, some people can’t see that half-blood hybrids live. Heather is an example among human beings. Like Rose, she organizes everyone and has certain strength not to be bullied.
It should be their neck rings that seal their magic. Night Feather pondered that even if they are so smart and half-elf, it is really hard to grasp the stage. There are only two half-fairies and one half-fairies. The two half-fairies seem to be twins with the same beautiful face, while the half-fairies bow their heads and can’t see their looks, so they can’t be much worse.
Auction is sister flowers first, and they are sold together. People in Taiwan are crazy about bidding for night feathers, but they are not interested. He knows it’s just a stomach dish, but he wants to return to it. Why don’t he press the auction button to give Rothfer more help to increase the new force? There are now more than five people in Rosfer’s organization, and they will be asked to do more than intelligence work themselves.
The host looked at the rising price of 1 gold coin and laughed. It’s great that he has 1/10% of everything he finished! At this time, the machine around me showed the auction price of No.5 luxury box! The host trembled and couldn’t restrain his excitement and screamed, "1 crystal coin 1 crystal coin!"
Suddenly there was silence. A crystal coin bought two slaves? ! That can buy the whole brothel and renovate it several times! Even aristocrats are not willing to spend this big price to buy two female slaves. They can buy better through other channels.
How? The bid is too high? Night feather doubts scratched his head. He doesn’t want to bid any more. And although he knows all kinds of prices very well, he has completely inherited his uncle’s business skills, but it’s his first contact with buyers and sellers.
Although it was regrettable that no one paid a high price, the host announced that the female half-elf owned it
Then there are men and half elves. Some experience night feather paid a gold coin price directly. I didn’t expect the table to be silent again. You know, the price of men and women slaves has to drop by 1 time, but if you can say it, you can’t take back the night feather or auction the man and half elves at a gold coin price.
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Chapter 14
Slave auctions are going on. There are even aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs in the medical instruments made by magic and alchemy … Taiwanese people are bidding fiercely, especially some elderly people are throwing caution to the wind and constantly shouting prices. Seeing these, Night Feather suddenly realized that the aphrodisiacs are so good to sell. Why didn’t he expect to sell them? And those magic tools, he tried to take out one at random, which is better than before. It seems that there will be no worries about the lack of funds in the future ~ ~ ~
Another cage was carried off the stage.
"oh! ! Oh! ! ! Oh! ! ! !” Taiwanese people screamed.
That cage turned out to be a beautiful mermaid! Glossy sea blue long hair hangs straight down to the feet to cover the shining fishtail hair. The cover is looming, white and almost penetrating the skin, which more lures men’s animal desires. The exquisite and beautiful face is now full of horror, long eyelashes are trembling, and drops of crystal tears are falling from the green eyes. But such a lovely expression is even more humiliating!

Chilling to the bone, Sumo shivered uncontrollably.

His face was pale, his lips were purple and blue, and he staggered forward, not to mention his posture. Even walking became difficult.
"I’m afraid I’ll be in the grave today."
Sue ink eyelid heavy line of sight has become a bit fuzzy in the heart a sigh.
His cards are on the verge of desperation, and now even the town jail tripod can’t save him.
Chapter two hundred and ten Soul lamp!
The old man in black robe laughed again. "Stop struggling, even if I don’t do it, you’re dead!"
"I made a face, and the curse of the tomb of the Emperor has penetrated into the bone marrow of your viscera. You are already a dead man!"
The old man in black realized that Su Mo was a caged bird, but he was no longer in a hurry. He followed Su Mo closely behind him, smelling the fresh soul and intoxicated.
Su Mo nibbled at the tip of her tongue and tried to stay awake.
Normally, their cultivation realm is very low, and when they enter the tomb of the emperor, the curse will not penetrate into the body, so that they have a chance to drive away and save their lives.
Once the curse of the tomb penetrates into the flesh and blood, it will be dangerous
Not to mention infiltrating into the bone marrow of viscera!
The old man in black was half right.
The cursing power of the Emperor’s Tomb did penetrate into Su Mo’s flesh and blood and stained the viscera and bones, but it seemed to be blocked by some force and did not go further.
Su Mo still hasn’t given up biting his teeth and moved on.
But the old man in black has become impatient.
"Hum, I want to see how long you can last!"
The black-robed old man sneered at a black robe and shook it. Hundreds of faces fell off and flew towards Su Mo. It will be submerged in an instant!
These grimaces open their mouths and show their sharp teeth to bite Su Mo.
Every bite of Violet Yuan Shen is dim!
You don’t have to wait for the black-robed old man to make moves. Just these hungry faces can make Su Mo eat clean.
Just then Sue ink heart movement suddenly remind of something.
He took out a jade charm from the bag and held it in his palm.
This jade symbol exudes a brilliance that envelops him.
"ah! Ah! Ah! "
The original Su Moshen gnawed at a face as if she had suffered great pain. She let go and screamed and turned around and fled.
In an instant, these faces flew out of the range of jade Fuguanghua.
These grimaces braved the smoke and became much weaker.
Su Mo got a rare respite and couldn’t help but open his eyes and look at the old man in black.
The black-robed old man looks gloomy.
He saw that the jade charm exuded brilliance, but he didn’t stop and said slowly, "You can stop me with this thing?"

"Hey, hey, now I’m practicing this evil corpse mountain range for a month, and this base has a harvest every day." Muttered Han Chen looked at the more than 100 animal cores, large and small, and smiled nai.

But at this time, suddenly Han Chen also found that a rather horrible breath was coming towards this side.
"hmm? What’s the matter? " Eyebrows puckered slightly Han Chen quickly got up and looked at a black shadow piercing the sky and immediately appeared Han Chen’s hill.
"Human? Did you kill my black corpse general? " A new breath appeared in front of Han Chen, and a pair of lux eyes stared at Han Chen like two bells.
"So what?" Corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen looked at the sudden appearance of the shadow in front of him and saw that this figure was filled with black gas and armor, filled with earth breath.
Concentrate on the soul
"Since you killed my black corpse, I will kill you and refine it into a black corpse. My black corpse, General Wang Xin, is a black corpse." The black shadow looked at Han Chen but it seemed that Han Chen would be eaten.
"Ha ha, if you want to kill me, just come" shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen smiled thoughtfully. If you put it before, this black corpse king still has some threats to Han Chen, but now it is a threat.
"Die" seems to have been angered by Han Chen’s words. Generally, Han Chen’s face also has a ponder smile. When his body flashes quickly and hits the black corpse king. Chapter 347 War Black corpse king [seeking gold medal]
Body flashing black body flashing is the appearance of the black corpse king’s front hand suddenly grasping and going to the earth offensive to set off a strong breeze crashing.
"I didn’t expect that you, a mere human being, should cultivate such strength." I felt that Han Chen’s offensive was of the earth, and the black corpse king was also a little surprised. He quickly spread out his palm, filar silk, black vitality and fierce breath, which was taken to the former.
Bang …
Black breath Han Chen slams together. Han Chen’s face hasn’t changed. It’s an attempt to stop the black corpse king from attacking.
"Hum" cold hum a Han Chen horror in my heart. The surface strength of this black corpse king is really severe, and it can suppress Han Chen briefly against this day and place.
"Today, I’ll suck the essence of your blood, and then I’ll let you make a mummy. You can’t beg for death for survival." Han Chen felt queasy because of the foul smell in the mouth of the black corpse king.
"Ha ha, it seems that I can kill you completely today, except for the future trouble." The light sound slowly came to Han Chen’s face, but it was quite a ponder look.
"Drink" lightly, a smile on Han Chen’s face slowly converges and takes its place as a fanatical look.
Bang …
The whole body’s vitality instantly explodes, and Han Chen’s body’s lux vitality is mixed with golden thunder, which gives people a mysterious feeling. The right hand quickly spreads its vitality and gathers to form an illusory lux dragon. The lux dragon roared and slammed into the black corpse king.
"Hum" cold hum that black corpse king also seems to know Han Chen’s fierce dragon palm. Generally, his whole body is also quickly covered up by a touch of painted black corpse gas.
"Black corpse blows" The new sound came from the mouth of the black corpse king, and soon he saw the black smell all over him. Soon a huge mouth with evil corpses appeared on his head, and two new fangs flashed with new cold light.
Looking at the whole body wrapped in black gas, the illusory evil corpse Han Chen’s face is also a gathering of vitality in one hand, and soon he quickly put his fingers together.
Nowadays, Han Chen’s display of a finger can be described as handy. Therefore, in a short moment, a thick and vigorous finger appeared in front of Han Chen, and the frightening breath of his finger suddenly spread to make people feel afraid.
Bang …
The corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen’s mind, and the energetic fingers were carrying harsh sounds and screaming at the illusory evil resin.
Snoop …
The imaginary noise of the imaginary evil corpse collided with the finger, but it didn’t ring. At this time, the moonlight enveloped an imaginary finger not far away, and the stalemate in the imaginary evil corpse was also a corrosive sound.
"Huh?" His face changed slightly. Han Chen knew that it was his own attack and was corroded by resin gas. The unreal black resin was formed by resin gas.
"It seems that this guy is not so easy to deal with." He shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen’s face was worried. Of course, he is now fighting capacity. If he seriously deals with this black corpse king, he can also make a quick decision. But at this time, he is to hone his fighting will and give up the idea of a quick decision.
"Three Thousand Dragon Thunder Boxing of Wushu" whispers a Han Chen in my heart, and it is also to see that his Linxi refers to being blasted inch by inch by an unreal black corpse. The horror ratio is that the unreal evil corpse is slammed against Han Chen, but when the unreal evil corpse is about to appear in front of Han Chen, Han Chen’s body suddenly moves narrowly to avoid the attack of the unreal evil corpse, and he also quickly leans out of his right hand. A dragon with a red breath flashes all over his hand, and a golden thunder appears in his palm. Like earthworms, it keeps drilling into the dragon body to shock people’s energy fluctuations.
Bang …
The dragon slammed into the illusory evil resin, and the evil resin was as fast as porcelain.
"Hum" to see the illusory evil resin disappear Han Chen is also a cool smile. When the mind moves, the dragon is once again screaming at the black resin king.
"Knowing that children are unappreciative" feels that Han Chen’s recruit is of the earth, but the black corpse king is cold and cold, but suddenly he drinks it. Suddenly, his whole body is polluted by thick black sticky substances, and the rancid smell is constantly spreading out, and soon one by one, the ferocious black corpse is forming.
"What is this? Black corpse? " Han Chen’s face remains the same, but it has a bit of shock. These black corpses are more than a dozen, and each force is equivalent to the five realms of soul-condensing.
"Well, in that case, I’ll have fun with you." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and his face suddenly turned cold. A black figure roared out in front of him and appeared on the ground with deep footprints at a steady pace.
Corpse puppet
"In that case, I also don’t mention it. Go to the resin puppet." With a faint smile, Han Chen’s heart is also suddenly fuelling the resin puppet. His face smile is also full of pondering.