"Yes!" Incarnate thirteen arch hand turned and walked away quickly.

Since Hector even Yushu turned him from the dark guard to the guard, he knew that his identity had been exposed. Although Hector even Yushu didn’t treat him like anything for the time being, he would never be better in the future depending on this master than the emperor!
Although I regret my previous choice, there is no turning back …
"Is there any news that Charm Jiugong asked you to go out of the palace to spy on things?" Incarnate after 13 Hector even Yushu looked up at the house beam a dark somewhere light asked.
Then a paper ball fell from the beam in the dark, and even Yushu’s cold eyes narrowed and his hands stretched out, and he firmly grasped the paper ball. At first glance, his face lit up and he cheered, "Great! Mother and uncle Huangfu are finally getting married! "
Liang Mei-jiu heard his clear voice, which belongs to normal children, and couldn’t help but stir her eyebrows-
When Hector even Yushu saved them from Hector even Chengde and begged them from Hector even Chengde, Hector even Chengde secretly found them and asked them to monitor and report Hector even Yushu’s daily actions!
Whether several other people except Incarnate Thirteen have continued to handle affairs with Helianchengde, he doesn’t know that he knows that he didn’t obey Helianchengde’s orders but chose to be loyal to this precocious and distressing young master.
"Charm nine, what kind of wedding gift should the palace send to mother and uncle Huangfu?" Is absent-minded Hector even Yushu asked faint into his ears.
Incarnate nine hurriedly return to absolute being to open my mouth to answer, but I heard that Fang Xiaozhu had asked himself to answer "forget it and then supply them!" Palace now situation is actually no different from sitting in a prison, even if you are ready to send a wedding present, you can’t send it out of the palace … "Soft waxy waxy voice is full of frustration, and Nai can’t help but feel a tight heart!
"Charm nine, I want some reliable private guards who can help me send a message to my mother on weekdays. Can you find anyone?" Fang Helian Yushu looked at the note in his hand with a sad face, and his heart was full of regrets.
Mother finally found the right person, but he couldn’t be there in person, not even a word!
Sure enough, Uncle Huangfu said that there is nothing wrong. Although he is a little smarter than ordinary children, he is still a kid. It is too early to compete with his scum dad without his own power!
A dark dumb man from the beam came firmly and slowly. "Please give the charm for 96 months. After half a year, the Lord will have his own private guard!"
"good!" Lian Yushu lifted a clean and beautiful little face and looked at the charm nine hiding in the dark. "I’ll wait for you!" "
Just four words mean that his letter to the charm of nine instantly brought a pair of masters and servants closer …
It’s been four days since the wedding, and the palace has been busy for a long time, but now the deployment workers are close to the end
Because the fake queen pretended to be ill and didn’t show up, this wedding arrangement was that Huangfurui almost relied on his own hands, and even Zhang Gui was pulled to act as a temporary procurement!
"Girl TaiDian let you try on a set of hi to see if it fits." Jane Azhu and her sisters walked side by side with heavy trays and came to the only "idle person" in the East Palace, and whispered.
"… so many pieces are you sure this is a suit! ?” Sun Jin glanced up and swept their eyes, holding the tray in their hands, and suddenly they were tongue-tied.
Boy, it’s so thick! Thanks to the fact that it’s not hot now, if you wear this dress in summer, you will definitely be hot to death!
"Tai Dian has ordered her to remove a long gown or there will be more …" Ah Zhu Xiao explained.
"All right, let it go. I’ll try again later." Before Ms. Sun raised her hand and rubbed her temples, she also envied those brides who were married by auxiliary armed forces. Now it’s her turn to know how annoying and tired it is. Unfortunately, Huangfurui’s identity is there, and she can’t simplify it if she wants to!
"Girl, you’d better try it now. The embroidered ladies are still waiting to modify it for you!" Seeing that she didn’t cooperate with Jane and Azhu, she couldn’t help but look at each other and gently persuade her to debut. "Besides, it’s complicated to wear. You can’t handle it alone. Let the handmaiden wait on you!"
"Er …" Sun Jin couldn’t hide, so he compromised. "Then find out the innermost clothes first and I’ll wear them myself!" Although it’s been so long since she crossed over, she still doesn’t like being watched naked. Even when she takes a bath, no one is allowed to leave water to rub her back. What’s worse, let them help her dress! qR1
"Yes!" The sisters readily agreed and quickly found out the underwear and pants.
After taking the clothes, Sun Jin hid behind the screen.
When she came out again, Jane and Azhu instantly felt that Sun Jin’s skin was bright and white, and the clothes set off in the festive big red open collar made her look slender, white, beautiful and charming!
"Well, do you think it fits?" Sun Jin turned around and asked that there was no way to fit in the eyes of the ancients. She understood that fitting was not a concept, and she could consult the real ancients.
Because she has to speak, this suit is too big and complicated, cumbersome and doesn’t fit at all!
"Please try these on again!" Ah Zhen Ah Zhu patiently urged again to tell the truth that they are all girls’ families, and it’s the first time they’ve even seen their wedding clothes, and they don’t know where they fit!
"Well ….." Originally, I was still trying to muddle through. Someone held out his hand with a flat mouth, and the two sisters superimposed it on themselves one by one until she felt that she was wrapped like a dumpling and was about to breathe. I heard the sisters breathe a sigh of relief. "The girl is dressed!"
Chapter 23 I want to sleep with you
One second, remember ♂ update and read quickly!
Jane, the two sisters quickly carried a big bronze mirror in front of her and looked at Byakki Smoker’s expensive dress. Even Ms. Sun herself couldn’t help but marvel at "Yeah! It’ s true that people rely on clothes to make a Buddha rely on gold! "
All along, her own women’s clothes are not as good-looking as men’s, and now she knows that it’s not that her own women’s clothes are not good-looking, but that she is not wearing the right clothes!
"hmm? Are you dressed already? It seems that the palace is late! " Just as Sun Jin was looking at the mirror and gloating, a rather regretful sound came from the door of the temple.
Looking around, I saw Huangfurui striding over in a purple four-claw embroidered robe, still holding a long red lacquer wooden box in his hand.
"Why are busy people here at this time?" Sun Jinmei picked up his chest and put his hands on his abdomen consciously, posing as a lady.

Listening to Hong Sheng’s words, Ling Tian’s face became a little weird.

How is this … so familiar?
Should I leave no remains? Did the warrior learn the Taigu Xuanjing as well as he did?
Chapter 92 Must go to the ruins to find out.
Taigu Xuanjing was definitely given to him by the old man.
There should be no one else to own this pulse except them.
You can hear what Hongsheng said, but you have to let him and Taikoo Xuan Jing definitely connect.
Maybe the fighters who left this relic came from the outside world?
Then I thought that there might be a clue to Qin Hao in the ruins, and an idea gradually came to my mind
"Should this Qin Hao be my master?"
"He left that relic?"
Ling day can’t help but think
If so, what Yu Qin Hao said before makes sense.
Even if the general fighters are more severe, it is already very good to cross one or two small realms against the enemy.
But Qin Hao turned almost the world upside down.
Until now, there are still some families who are afraid of new people and can’t get rid of them quickly.
Can this be said in two words: genius?
But if Qin Hao learned Taigu Xuanjing’s practice achievement method and was as creative as him, then there would be no problem.
"The ruins must go to the ruins to find out!"
Ling Tian made up his mind
He had previously agreed with Hong Sheng to go to the ruins together.
Now it seems that this is a better decision than the right one. Maybe we can really find some clues.
"There are probably things left by ancestors in that relic, and that’s what our goal is."
Hong Sheng continued.
He didn’t find anything strange in Lingtian, so it’s better to say it if he continues to hide it.
After all, there’s a Xinghai Pavilion on the side.
Really want to Xinghai Pavilion people rely solely on their Hong family may not be able to get good.
Ling Tian has no idea about this for the time being.
Regardless, it is not certain whether the remains are left by Qin Hao, even whether Qin Hao is their master.
Even if both of them are affirmative answers, there must be an ancient metaphysical decision in the ruins.
At best, he tried to rob.
If you can’t get it back, forget it
What he is most concerned about now is whether there is a way to stay in the ruins and return to the outside world.
After all, it is said that Qin Hao will disappear from time to time.
Instead of going back to the outside world, where did the world go?
"Master Hong, what are you going to do now?"
"Xinghai Pavilion abandoned the ruins at the expense of the monster beast to attack the city, saying that they were all for the ruins."
"Your Hong family alone is bound to suffer."
Ling day don’t have other ideas is to want to know Hong Sheng plan.
Hong Sheng wry smile way
"Can it be as good as that?"
"Wait for the old man Jiang to come back and discuss with him."
There is absolute strength before eating alone.
But for Xinghai Pavilion, don’t say it’s their Hong family. Even if they join the Jiang family, there is not much chance of winning.
The best way is to publicize the location of the ruins.
The more people go to the ruins, the greater their advantage.
Ling day nodded and asked again
"What do you think of them saying that there is a key to the ruins in Xiongcheng?"
"It shouldn’t be possible"
That’s the way it is. Hong Sheng’s tone is not sure.
"Kai ruins really need a key, but we have the key in Hong’s hand."
"There can’t be a second key"
Ling Tian noticed that Hong Sheng said it was not a piece but a piece.
Obviously, this key should be something.
Now the bear city crisis is not over. In the past, they didn’t talk much, and they planned to wait until Master Jiang came back.
Then take Zhong Yunxiao back to Xiongcheng.
Hong Sheng went to several other gates to solve the trouble caused by Xinghai Pavilion.
Ling Tianze went back to Jiang’s house with Hu Wenshu.
After returning home, Ling Tian immediately found Jiang Lan and asked her about the ruins.
"I really don’t know much about …"
"I know there is a lot to say about the remains, but no one has ever really found them."
"If you want to know, you might as well ask Jiang Yu."
Jiang Yu?
Ling Tian looked at Jiang Lan doubtfully. She didn’t even know Jiang Yu. How could she know?


"…" Qi Yu corners of the mouth take a smoke "just clothes look good? Where are people? "
"People are good-looking, too." Yun Qiaoqiao replied casually. Two people come to be friends and get along easily.
Yun Xian Hui was shocked by the sound of "Jojo, you are too frivolous and lose our face in the cloud. When I go back, I will tell my uncle that I am your sister to teach you a thing or two first. Although you are young, you should also understand that men and women should not be alone, even fathers and brothers should keep their distance …"
Chapter 16 Different seats for men and women
"Have to eat? I’m hungry. "Yunqiaoqiao’s sweet voice rang fiercely and interrupted Yunxian Huiyizheng’s words teaching.
Yun Xianhui’s face is red and she is about to drip blood, which is embarrassing to the extreme.
Jiyugen didn’t take a second look at Yun Xianhui.
"Then go in and let the imperial secretary give you a snack."
He doesn’t like such a prude girl. Yes, she is a prude.
Look dignified and generous, but ambitious in your bones
Yun Qiaoqiao immediately stepped on the steps and smiled sweetly. "You are still smart. I want to eat chestnut cake and glutinous rice chicken."
Qi Yu walked side by side with her and said with a smile, "Let’s eat glutinous rice at night without digesting it."
"But I really want to eat." Yunqiaoqiao is a freewheeling person.
Qi Yu is particularly longitudinal to her heart.
"Then order. I’ll accompany you for a walk after eating."
"Good!" Yun Qiaoqiao laughed heartily.
The two talked and laughed and looked very close together.
Both of them are different people who don’t care about other people’s eyes and chat by themselves.
No one dares to provoke them. One is that the knife falls on Leng Qing, and the other is that he is reckless and happy
Who has nothing to mess with? Unless you are tired of living.
Go into the hall and see it all together.
Jojo looked at everyone with strange eyes and chose a seat that was neither in front nor in the back.
At the first time, I called the ladies-in-waiting for snacks and looked relaxed as if I were in charge here.
Qi Yu naturally takes a seat beside her and seems to be born this way.
Their behavior is too calm, but it makes everyone think that this is normal.
Everyone present is divided into male and female guests!
Yunxian leaned in and smiled skillfully. "Don’t you introduce Sister Jojo?"
O, she kept drifting towards Qi Yushen.
Yunqiaoqiao picked his eyebrows. Is this to see the beauty of others?
But she didn’t make fun of Yun’s delicate love for beauty.
She also likes to see beautiful people, both men and women.
"The second young lady of Jiyang Yunjia Yunxian Yongjiabo is the first beautiful man in Qi Yu"
She mind being casual but not embarrassing.
Qi Yu fumed at the corner of his mouth and asked, "Did I become the first handsome man in Beijing?"
Yun Qiaoqiao blinked wittily. "I just sealed it."
If Yun Hao, a handsome man, and Hou, a former Anqing, are both rare, handsome and outstanding, and they are both famous handsome men in Beijing.
But for her when she is old, she prefers a handsome and young man like Qi Yu.
Qi Yu was amused by her act of not leaving her name. "Ha ha ha, thank you, little girl."
Yun Qiaoqiao likes his looks very much, which are dull, abstinent and heroic.
"You’re welcome. Just remember to continue to be beautiful."
It’s a good thing my face can still enter your eyes, so I can still sit beside her and joke.
Yun Qiaoqiao understood that his eyes narrowed into a crack. "Hee hee, this is a world of looking at faces."

"According to the data of major banks, Li Jin has a head with 66,231 yuan, and Li Fugui has no bank account." Song Yu probably has detailed information and the data is very accurate.

"Oh, I know, thank you." I thanked Song Yu. Lao Li’s income was still normal. I had given him 100 thousand before. He should have spent some money on building a house for a rich wife.
"While investigating them, we also found another strange situation," Song Yu added.
"What’s the situation?" I hurried to ask
"Li Jin’s spouse has more than 10 million yuan in cash," Song Yu said.
"When do you turn around?" My nose is shaking slightly. It seems that Lao Li really took Lin Yicheng’s money.
"Since 1997, one million transfers have been made every year by Lin Yicheng, president of Beijing Hongyu Group." Song Yu paused slightly, "but the money has never been taken."
"What’s the name of Li Jin’s spouse?" I frown and ask questions.
"Lin Mengchen!"
Chapter 223 Many implements
"Lin Mengchen?" After Song Yu said this name, I immediately thought of this person, Lin Yicheng, whose surname is Lin, which should not be a coincidence.
"Song Kechang, please help me check if this Lin Mengchen has any relatives with Lin Yicheng." I rushed Song Yu and said.
"yes!" Song Yu answered simply and neatly. It seems that she did a lot of work during the period when the plane returned. "Lin Mengchen is Lin Yicheng’s aunt. Lin Yicheng’s father has two brothers and one sister. The eldest brother is Lin Mengxuan and the second brother is Lin Mengtian. He ranks third and Lin Mengfan’s only sister is Li Jin’s wife Lin Mengchen."
"Where is Lin Yicheng’s father now?" I asked.
"Lin Mengfan and his two brothers Lin Yicheng disappeared soon after they were born, but now they are gone." Song Yu quickly answered.
"Missing?" I am puzzled to repeat that Lin Yicheng said in Shaanxi, but my father shows that his father is still missing.
"The section chief Lin Yicheng, you’d better not investigate him. He has a good face." Song Yu kindly woke me up.
"Thank you, wait for me to invite you to dinner." I thanked Song Yu.
"Xiao Sun, please go to my office and get the document yesterday afternoon." People around Song Yuchong said that because the headquarters is a microphone, I can hear it clearly from this end.
"In the section chief, you and Niu Jingang have too much money to transfer for a month, and the headquarters will conduct a thorough investigation on the integrity of all the workers," Song Yuqiang said.
"Turn your head and help me spend some money." I made a joke at Song Yu, and I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for her behavior.
"Yes, turn around." Song Yuxiao ended the call.
I was suspicious that Lao Li was employed by Lin Yicheng, and I never thought about them or relatives. Lin Yicheng has been sending money to his aunt for many years, saying that they are still moving, but Lao Li didn’t move the money, which means that the two houses are not good, otherwise Lao Li wouldn’t be so poor that it doesn’t seem that there is something fishy about them.
"What are you looking at me for?" Very not easy to return to absolute being, I found that the driving position King Kong cannon was looking at me with an ambiguous face.
"You finished Song Yu to see you" King Kong cannon hey hey smiled.
"The teacher elder sister Lao Niu saw a big-ass female officer outside, and they stayed together for three days …" I rehearsed the whistle-blowing lines.
"The grass is afraid of you." King Kong cannon started the car and left the airport.
"When Lao Li comes back, let’s go back and interrogate him." King Kong cannon called Mu Zhuifeng and learned that Lao Li had returned to the mountain.
"Don’t tell him anything, I’ll ask him." I shook my head and said that what Lao Li did didn’t prevent us from making a big fuss, which was not appropriate.
"I didn’t expect this guy or Lin Yicheng’s uncle Lin Yicheng to give them so much money that they didn’t spend anything?" King Kong cannon took the highway and handed out the pass card. My car is a local license plate, but the highway is not.
"These two families may not be good for me to ask him when I go back." I don’t want to make a guess too early, and the answer will be revealed naturally when I get back to the mountain.
"Can you tell me that this old thing is quite hidden?" King Kong cannon pie mouth expressed doubt.
"If he doesn’t say anything, I’ll fill his tiger stool with Chili water!" I made a joke, and I’m absolutely sure I can tell Lao Li the truth. First, King Kong Gun and I are very kind to him. Second, after all, he took part in the grave robbery. The most important thing is that Wen Qingyi and I will intercede with Ma Qianli on his behalf when necessary to see if we can get him back to the Maoshan Sect. People his age are very persistent in the concept of sects. If we can help him go back to the mountain gate, he will certainly know nothing.
It was early when I returned to Ziyang view. Lao Li and Er Fugui were cleaning the mountain road.
"Two real people are early." Lao Li came to say hello when he saw us making out. He always called us real people, and I didn’t bother to correct him.
"Lao Li is back. How is his hometown?" I asked casually. It was clear that he had not returned to his hometown.
"It’s okay, it’s okay," Lao Li replied vaguely
"Car those multiplier you and riches and honour help me move to GuanQiXuan have eyes to pick one" I took out my car keys and handed it over.
"No, no, thank you to the real person. I’ll go." Lao Li took the key and turned around with wealth.
"Why are you so generous?" King Kong Bao frowned and scolded me. "Why do you let him choose the instrument?"
"He has a conscience and doesn’t want to lie to us." Lao Li didn’t tell us the truth, but he didn’t make it up. Besides, when he answered my question, his hands creaked with a broom, which means he was ambivalent and didn’t want to lie to us.
Back to Guanqixuan, I’ve been waiting for a long time. King Kong cannon paid a lot of money to hire a nanny and let her run away. Now it’s Mrs. Ram Column who serves their mother. Fortunately, it’s polite to treat the people in the door with Mu Zhuifeng, otherwise there will be no one to serve the washers.
After listening to me and King Kong Gun’s narration, I was both surprised and happy to admire the pursuit of the wind. The mirror of Sansheng finally got a legal approval by disappearing and being happy.
"Recruit younger brothers to establish a Sect!" Mu Zhuifeng got excited.
"Opponents" King Kong cannons followed suit.
"I’m too lazy to choose my younger brother. I’ll talk about these things later. I want to go to Qingqiu to see what happened to the seven senior brothers." I don’t agree with the idea of chasing the wind and king kong cannons
"I’ll pick" King Kong Cannon is very happy "instead of picking my own brother."
"Let’s talk about it later." I work hard for sects.

Yuan Zong shocked, "Julu Hou Zhaomu colluded with the horse thief to seize Choi? He Shibi is a valuable treasure. Can you change fifteen cities? Isn’t Zhao Mu afraid that the prince of Zhao will destroy him? "

Xiang Shaolong was very interested in Choi, and said, "If only I could meet this Choi."
What Shan Rou thinks is how much can Choi and Choi sell?
Chen Yan said, "If you want to see Choi, there will be a chance that these horse thieves will die soon. Is Choi and Choi worthy of being a horse thief?" It’s sad that the horse thieves robbed Choi and defiled Mei-yu and they didn’t know it when death came. "
After Chen Yan’s state of mind reached enlightenment, his wisdom increased greatly. He couldn’t tell fortune, but at the first sight of the horse thief, he knew that the man had a bad face and would not live for three days.
Enough mood and virtue. "Avatar" comes naturally.
Now, if Chen Yan goes to tell others’ fortune, it is one hundred times more accurate than what "linen fortune teller" is.
Chapter 373 Test the actual situation Wu Jia beauty battle
The next afternoon, Liu found Chen Yan and they asked them to attend the celebration.
Xiang Shaolong asked, "Is there any happy event in your cottage?"
Six o ha ha a smile and said, "We robbed the Wu caravan and made a windfall. Of course, it was a big happy event. Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Chen. You’d better hurry over. Later, the beauty of the Wu family will also have a celebration dinner."
A windfall is not rich.
The horse thieves robbed the goods of the Wu family and made a windfall, which was a heavy loss for the Wu family, but it was a happy event for the horse thieves.
To make matters worse, they tied up the beauty Wu Tingfang.
As the saying goes, people are happy when they are happy.
Ah Liu’s face has always been red, but they all don’t know that the flank will die soon.
Know that in a sense, tasting is not a kind of happiness
Chen Yanxiao said, "You go first, we will come soon."
Six o nodded. "Well, Mr. Chen, you must hurry up."
After Liu left,
Yuan Zong just said, "The horse thief must be uneasy and kind to invite us to dinner."
Chen Yan can guess what the horse thief wants to do. He said, "They want to test me, the first strong man in Zhao. If I can subdue them, we will be Ann. If I am the first strong man in Zhao, I won’t be able to fight a fight."
Yuan Zong said anxiously, "Brother Chen, are you sure?"
Yuan Zong is a master of kendo, and his martial arts and swordsmanship are stronger than Yanping’s. Unfortunately, he is lucky to be alive after being seriously injured and poisoned.
Now Yuan Zong can’t even beat a strong man.
Ulrich is inscrutable, but his injury is heavier than Yuan Zong’s and his poisoning is deeper than Yuan Zong’s. Even if he is in a high mood, how much fighting power can he have?
It’s a little lethal for a good and gentle swordsman to fly a sword, but her sword wound is equally worrying. If you shoot again, the wound will definitely crack and you’ll be in trouble.
Xiang Shaolong knows some fighting skills. Is he a master? His fighting power comes from that pistol with five bullets.
Four people are trapped in a den of thieves. Yuan Zong is really worried
Chen Yanxiao said, "I can’t fight with people, but it’s no problem to shine."
Yuan Zong said, "That’s good, but Chen Xiong, you should be careful."
Wu Tingfang was brought out after the celebration dinner. She was covered with hair, pale and frightened in her eyes.
Horse head to Chen Yanjing drank a glass of wine and laughed. "Mr. Chen, you are the first strong man in Zhao, can you shine?" Let’s have a look. Let’s see the first strong demeanor of Zhao. If Mr. Chen is willing to show a martial arts beauty, it is you, otherwise she will be sent to my room tonight. "
Chen Yanxiao said, "This beauty is Miss Wujiabao? Aren’t you afraid of Wu’s revenge? If the Wu caravan is robbed, it will be robbed, but if it hurts the daughter of the Wubao master, it will be in great trouble. "
Six o said, "What are we afraid of? After this, we will leave Zhao … "
Before he finished his words, the horse thief shouted, "Shut up, Six."
Six o was startled and suddenly kept silent. He saw the murderous look in his eyes.
Of course, Wu Tingfang has heard of Chen Yan’s name.
Her heart is in despair, and the strongest in Zhao is mixed with horse thieves. Where can there be any hope for her life?
Chen Yan drank a glass of wine and got up and said, "If I don’t shine today, I can’t even say it."
Good soft hesitated to return the flying sword in his hand to Yan Yan.
Arihiko shook his head and walked into the middle of the hall without a sword.
"Sword and eye, we’d better stop with our bare hands." Arihiko looked around and pointed to the horse thieves and said, "You are all together."
The horse thief laughed. "Mr. Chen is really courageous and has the style of the first strong man in Zhao, so we can be welcome, brothers!"
Six o took the horse thief department in the hall and rushed to Ulrich.
Xiang Shaolong anxiously asked, "Can Mr. Chen, a good and gentle girl from Yuan Zong, cope with her serious injury?"
Shan Rou shook the hilt, and when Chen Yanyou was in danger, she would make moves.
Yuan Zong’s expression is relatively calm and said, "I believe that Chen Xiong has a coping style, otherwise he won’t be so confident. We will just watch."
It’s not impossible to defeat these horse thieves without killing Chen Yan.
Chen Yan decided that Tai Ji Chuan should meet the enemy.
Tai Ji Chuan is a passive fist to defend the enemy and can defeat the opponent with the least strength.
When the first horse thief rushed to the front and punched Chen Yan
Sun Yan gently patted the biceps brachii of the horse thief’s arm to make him feel weak, and then conveniently threw the horse thief’s body into the middle and flew several meters away with strong inertia.
The horse thief fell to the ground and was stunned.
Chen Yanwan took advantage of the trend and used the power of the horse thief. He himself made little effort to leverage the principle to throw the horse thief out.
But others don’t know. They all think Chen Yan’s martial arts are amazing.
Xiang Shaolong was shocked. "Is it really Tai Ji Chuan?"
Then, if the horse thieves were thrown out when they attacked Yan Yan crazily, those who attacked the horse thieves tentatively would be fine. After all, Yan Yan borrowed their strength.
Of course, if you are weak, you will be fine. If you are strong, you will fall harder.
Chen Yan’s body and physical strength are much better than when he played Yanping, and he is different from ordinary people.
Chen Yan’s toxin is excreted every day, and his body also recovers and becomes stronger every day.
The realm of harmony between man and nature has enabled Chen Yan to reach the pinnacle of environmental transportation and control. The siege of hundreds of horse thieves just did not touch Chen Yan’s skirts
Another horse thief was thrown and knocked unconscious.

After a while, this guy came out panting. "All right, let’s go."

"You change clothes, what’s wrong with you? Wear camouflage?" This guy came out wearing a training camouflage
"I don’t have casual clothes in winter …"
It seems that King Kong Gun Day is not as good as I expected. I won’t smoke for five dollars when I come back from my hometown. Besides a casual suit in summer, I also have training and camouflage.
"Ok, make do with it. Take off your epaulettes." I told him as I walked, "Don’t talk when you go. Look at my eyes."
"All right, listen to you." King Kong cannon nodded his head as he unloaded his epaulettes.
When I got there, I said that the BMW had stopped there and saw the two of us coming over. A young man came to the door. I saw that it was the man who sent the mobile phone into the private room that night. It seems that it should be the driver of Yang Zong.
"Yang Zong asked me to pick you up …" The young man came up to me with a smile and held out his hand to shake hands. I wanted to listen to the driver’s meaning. Yang Zong even didn’t expect King Kong cannon to go here. How embarrassing it would be if he didn’t have a seat.
Thinking about the car, the car turned three times and two times, which made me dizzy. Only then did the driver stop at the door of a hotel and the car helped us to open the door. This hotel is more luxurious and magnificent than the one we went to last time. Four huge gilded neon lights are particularly dazzling. I have heard that it is the only five-star foreign-related hotel in this city.
Accompanied by the driver, Yang Zong was already waiting for us in the hall. Yang Zong was in a red face and in a good state of mind. He greeted me warmly. After a greeting, General Yang led us into the ladder. Behind me and King Kong Gun Yang Zong, I looked at the left and right of King Kong Gun. Finally, I furtively pointed to Yang Zong’s head and showed me that I looked up. Yang Zong’s bald head actually grew a lot of fine hair.
The ladder stopped on the sixteenth floor, pushed the door and entered a private room. I saw a big revolving wine table, and there was already a 60-year-old man with a big belly. There was no such thing as the beautiful figure named Li. It was estimated that it was not convenient to go out when she was pregnant. I secretly guessed.
Seeing us come in, the old man got up politely and looked at me and King Kong Gun with an expression on his face.
I turned to Yang with inquiring eyes.
"Let me introduce you first. This is Mr. Wang." Yang always pointed to the old man.
"These are the two superfine product I told you about." Yang Zong pointed to me and King Kong Gun again. "By the way, little brother, I still don’t know your names?" Yang Zongshun then asked 1.
"My name is Niu Jingang!" King Kong Gun or King Kong Gun spell practice can’t change his IQ. As soon as people ask questions, the horse comes to the bamboo tube to pour beans.
I looked at the king kong cannon and turned around and said with a smile, "My name is Yu. Call me less than good."
The host and the guest were in place with the same set of strange dishes. I couldn’t even name the only one who knew a kind of vermicelli to make soup. Later, I found that I had mistaken him for shark’s fin.
Today, the banquet was not as good as it was once. Both King Kong Bao and I were in the mood to eat, and the big-bellied old man made a long face all night as if we owed him a lot of money, but strangely, Yang Zong seemed to be very respectful to the old man.
The king kong cannon touched me gently. "There is a dark blue gas next to the old man’s life. What is that?" Although King Kong Gun has been practicing the method, he doesn’t know how to live and learn. It’s a habit to ask me if he doesn’t know how to live.
I took the cup and pretended to drink water. "That’s auxiliary gas!"
King Kong Bao also wanted to ask questions. My eyes stopped him. The so-called auxiliary gas is the popular bureaucratic gas. If I am not mistaken, this unremarkable old man should be a big official.
As far as I’m concerned, Yang Zong took the lead when I asked Yang Zong if he could help arrange a job at King Kong Gun. "I’m not an outsider. I have something I want to ask you for help. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and you can help me without taking the liberty." Yang Zong laughed.
Because I want something from others, although my heart is very impatient, I still said, "Yang Zong, what is it? You say first, I’ll see if I can help you. Don’t take it personally if I can’t. "
"Well, a distant cousin of mine got a strange disease some time ago. She is usually like a good person, but she always goes out alone at night."
"If a woman runs out in the middle of the night, she is ill and needs beating." I muttered to myself, "Where is she going?" I asked, if this bitch runs to hotels, hotels and dance halls, no one can cure this disease.
"I ran to a primary school at the foot of Qinglong Mountain for the first time without my family looking for it everywhere. It was not easy to find it there. Later, when no one was there, I went to the primary school to find it." Yang Zong stopped drinking.
Hearing Qinglong Mountain, I couldn’t help looking at King Kong Gun. "What did she do there?" King kong cannon could not help but ask 1.
"That primary school was abandoned more than ten years ago. She went and did nothing but sit at the door of a classroom."
"Will she come back with you after finding her?" I want to get the details straight.
Yang Zong didn’t speak this time and turned to look at the pot-bellied old man.
"When others get close to her, they make great efforts. It is surprising that she didn’t come back until her father went." After a night of silence, Wang Lao-tou coughed, which made me more convinced of my observation.
Speaking of which, I already know in my heart. I smoked and stared at the old man for a long time. I turned to General Yang and said, "Yang Zong people don’t doubt people. Since you want to ask me for help, you shouldn’t hide something from me." I didn’t "please" but "beg" in my heart.
"Little brother, what am I hiding from you?" Yang Zong also gave me a careless eye.
"The woman you mentioned is not your cousin," I said, getting up rudely and pointing to Wang Laotou, "but your daughter."
As soon as I said this, I was immediately stunned.
….. For a long time or if you head first mouth "brother, don’t be angry, sit and listen to me first"
Oh, my god, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. If you don’t talk, my legs will be numb, so I’ll sit back in the cushioned chair.
"Little brother, why do you say that?" Wang looked into my eyes and asked questions. Generally speaking, both sides will look at each other’s lips politely during social conversation. It is very impolite to look into each other’s eyes. Wang’s gaze makes me feel very unhappy.
"You go first, don’t you?" I didn’t answer his question, but I asked, "No matter how important you are, what do I care about? The fact is that you want something from me, and I know the situation very well."

In the second quarter, O ‘Brien forced Li Cheng to the bench, and the gap between the pedestrians was getting bigger and bigger. O ‘Brien was not in a hurry.

Li Cheng was in a hurry, but he also understood O ‘Brien.
Li Cheng, a China native, is very familiar with the story of horse racing in Tian Ji. He knows that there is a huge gap between his powerful opponents, and he must choose between these seven races.
Today’s game is not only at the opponent’s home, but also the Celtics will not relax after their new defeat. It is obviously inappropriate to go all out in this game.
And a game back to Indiana is the most desperate thing for the Pacers. After all, now that they have won an away game, it means that they have won the home court advantage. The safest and best result is that the Pacers can keep the home court and then eliminate the Celtics.
At half-time, O ‘Brien also deliberately controlled Li Chengchang. When he deliberately adjusted all the people’s fields, he was ready to return to the home game.
At half-time, Ray Allen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Cheng appeared less and didn’t work as hard as before. Ray Allen finally got tired of Li Cheng’s inexplicable movement.
In the end, the Pacers lost to the Celtics in the away game, and the score was finally fixed at 4-96.
Li Cheng was a little unhappy when he lost the game, and it was also his first defeat in the playoffs in his career, so he humbled himself and sent his blood out. Li Cheng was really unhappy in his heart.
And a game back to Indiana is the most desperate thing for the Pacers. After all, now that they have won an away game, it means that they have won the home court advantage. The safest and best result is that the Pacers can keep the home court and then eliminate the Celtics.
At half-time, O ‘Brien also deliberately controlled Li Chengchang. When he deliberately adjusted all the people’s fields, he was ready to return to the home game.
At half-time, Ray Allen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Cheng appeared less and didn’t work as hard as before. Ray Allen finally got tired of Li Cheng’s inexplicable movement.
In the end, the Pacers lost to the Celtics in the away game, and the score was finally fixed at 4-96.
Li Cheng felt a little unhappy when he lost the game, and it was also his first defeat in the playoffs, so he humbled himself and sent his blood out. Li Cheng was really unhappy in his heart.
Chapter DiYiJiu A big gift
Indiana Pacers lost the second game of Boston Celtics almost without suspense, but now everyone is speculating whether the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on blow when they return home.
Now most of the media are divided into two factions. One side thinks that the defeat in the second game is the defeat of the Pacers, while the other side thinks that the second game of the Pacers is just a temporary concession, and they will give their opponents a head-on blow at home.
People who believe that the Pacers will continue to be defeated simply because the strength gap between the two teams is there. In their view, the Pacers’ first win is just a "stolen" victory.
However, I think that the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on beating at home because they believe in Li Cheng and their potential. "How do you know that this little meeting will not suddenly break out?"
When a team has a player who can change the game, the final result of a game will seem a bit confusing.
In addition, this school believes that the Pacers will give the Celtics a head-on beating at home, and there is another reason to support their theory, that is, the Pacers’ tactics have emerged one after another in the playoffs
When they were short of Granger, they put Li Cheng in the first position and Tinsley in the shooting guard position. They gave up the height advantage of the backcourt, and Tinsley and Daniels forced the Cavaliers to compress their defense, connecting the teams together through Li Cheng sitting on the periphery.
After the return of Granger in the last two games, they beat the Cavaliers through the tacit cooperation between Li Cheng and Granger.
Then in the first game against the Celtics, the Pacers came up with a "run-and-bang" tactic that surprised everyone. This tactic has no specific core personnel, and all of them are connected in series through an anger and madness. This can be said to be a pioneering work, which may be a new tactical idea for today’s basketball.
Maybe this tactic can’t be a general conventional tactic, but it can work wonders in some specific games.
All day on the 22nd, reporters and the media have been arguing about this issue, and everyone is arguing endlessly. However, if we argue now, there will be no result, because no matter which way you look at it, everyone is very reasonable.
On the evening of 22nd, Li Cheng was lying in the hotel bed and texting Jenny. Neither of them seemed to like talking. It seemed that texting would have a very good feeling.
"God, you must win your home game!"
"Don’t worry! I’ve prepared a big gift for the Celtics, and I think Ray Allen will like it very much. "Li Cheng sent the text message and his face was filled with insidious smile.
Ray Allen inexplicably felt a cold wind blowing at this moment.
"No! Why is it suddenly so cold! " Ray Allen shivered in the hotel room.
O’ Brien took great pains to win this game. He really did as those media said. He won this game again and changed the tactics of the Pacers.
O ‘Brien has changed his team’s three ways of playing in a round of playoffs. At this time, he also has to sigh that Li Cheng is a real treasure. He looks like a veteran who has fought in the league for more than ten years instead of a rookie.
After discussing this game with Hart, O ‘Brien made a tactical retro. He brought the Pacers back to Miller’s era. He pulled the ball by a shooter and pulled the team back, and then gave the team some opportunities.
However, O ‘Brien made some changes to this tactic. He tried to maximize Li Cheng’s personal offensive firepower while letting Li Cheng’s team pull.

Knock, knock, knock …

A series of flips waved double hammer overlord armor on the rampage and smashed it. In front of it, the imperial mecha chased twelve duke armor.
Also blocked by the imperial mecha, the short-term roots can’t soar the speed, and the dukes can watch the overlord armor getting closer and closer to them.
Tungsten, steel, gold, war hammer, a duke’s armor head, and a tungsten-steel alloy-made mecha head were instantly smashed and flattened.
"I already told Li Yuanba not to use such violent weapons. He just wouldn’t listen to you. Look at how hard it is to repair his head."
Xingyue Ji Xinghe complained in her ear. Does it sound like she smashed it herself?
And she continued to chase and wave two hammers, either smashing or chopping.
"Master, why don’t I change my weapons? These Duke armour weapons are not bad, so it’s easy to repair them if they cause damage."
Xingyue’s careful calculation was rejected by Ji Xinghe.
"Duke A is of great value, but Li Yuanba’s participation in the war at this time is more valuable."
"I know all the truth," said the moon and the moon. "But the problem is that it won’t be long before the empire can determine that Li Yuanba can’t go to war, and it’s very likely that we might as well get more Duke armor while we are now, and I’ll kill them by myself."
"That’s why they should suspect that the information they get is false, otherwise they will definitely jam the communication device."
The question of the moon and the stars disappears
If she is strong, she must establish communication and keep the foundation. Whether it is Ji Xinghe, Li Yuanba’s division, or what she said, one man makes an army and wants the empire to make communication jamming devices useless.
Charge is equivalent to Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba’s combat power.
Although this is already strong, it is not really strong for the moon and the stars.
Duke Jia successfully broke away from the dogfight with many mecha and chose to flee in different directions.
Four Duke armour, three Marquis armour and eleven Earl armour, the moon and the moon have been smashed, but they have not given up and pursued the nearest Duke armour.
She doesn’t need to care about the independent regiment. Without the pressure brought by these dukes, Qin Tong and others will be liberated.
Moreover, it’s not just the remnants of Duke Jia who choose to escape. They each bring Marquis Jia and Earl Jia who also choose to escape.
Really stick to the order to fight against the Milky Way Corps, the Marquis A and Earl A, and prevent the Milky Way Independent Regiment from directly choosing to retreat from the empire. When arranging troops, in addition to being in hiding, twelve Duke A chose to be evenly matched with the Milky Way Independent Regiment.
Now …
"Didn’t you say that Li Yuanba would never go to war?"
Zhenbei Wang angered and questioned
His anger is understandable because he has been smashed, and four Duke armour are all his hands.
"How can Li Yuanba participate in the war?" Imperial too was shocked and puzzled.
"Not how could Li Yuanba break my four … five Duke armour in such a short time?"
If overlord armour just appeared, both Wang and Taitai in Zhenbei were lucky enough to think that it was his federal mecha who drove overlord armour.
Then there is no doubt now.
Can’t in addition to the horse Milky Way, Li Yuanba and the third Milky Way mecha?
Or in addition to Su Chuanyun, Li Han, Norwich, Mingshi and Jackson, the Federation has the sixth Star River-class mecha?
This level of mecha can’t be jumped out of the cracks in the stone, and there is no battlefield to break one after another to develop experience. Even if there is no talent to drive the mecha, it is impossible to fight so fiercely, violently and efficiently.
"It’s definitely not Li Yuanba. Father can’t lie to me."
Too much panic. Today, the loss has been more than five Duke armour. For the Milky Way Independence Group, 230 Earl armour and 20 Marquis armour are now wiped out.
Although the number of marquis armour of the anti-Galaxy Mecha Corps has reached one thousand, the number of earl armour has reached three thousand, but it can’t hold such a rapid wreck.
You can also capture these mecha after you win the game by middle-clicking.
The empire can’t stand the change.
"What if you give your father news that human beings lied to your father?" Zhenbei Wang Leng said, "How can human beings be credulous?"
Yeah, humans can lie to us
The empire suddenly realized that its face was a little flustered and soon replaced by anger.
"Li Yuanba can go to war? What about another federal mecha as strong as Ji Xinghe? Send more troops to me. Even if the Milky Way Independent Regiment can win today, they don’t want to take away even half of my mecha. "
The order to send more troops is coming.
Zhenbei Wang is also very available and said, "I can hold Li Yuanba off with my hand."
Li Yuanba is after you, okay?
Too did not debunk Zhenbei Wang’s high emotional quotient statement and expressed his approval. "If we can stall Li Yuanba, we won’t lose money today because we just drove the mecha. We can get compensation for how many deaths we have."
Three hundred earl armour and sixty marquis armour led directly to the battlefield of the Independent Regiment.
In the face of such forces, even the independent regiment has occupied an absolute advantage, and there is no reason to continue to fight.
Unless …
"Master, I let Xingyue A start the Ares mode."
"Well, go."
The battle between Xingyue and Ji Xinghe is over. Xingyue Jia and God punish Jia to retreat.

Many monks can also see the scene clearly.

Sumegan is not dead!
I don’t know when he has taken out a brand-new blue shirt from his bag and put it on again.
The right hand burned by the flint hides the wide robe sleeve.
People can’t see that this palm bone breeds a series of bright green vitality and is madly repairing wounds!
Calm returned to the depths of the volcano.
Su Mo’s black hair and blue hair are still the same. The stone in front of him has disappeared.
"Not dead?"
Xie Qingcheng, Dean Lao, Yuanzuo County King, White Sea Fairy and many other fairy strong people are stunned and incredible.
Even the true fairy Schelling stood on the spot and didn’t know what had just happened.
"Look at the change in the first heavy day!"
Someone exclaimed
On the first heavy day, the Central Plains is preventing many fairies from wantonly killing lava giants, like the fire finches, which have been hit by something, and their eyes are dim and they are falling apart!
The huge body of the lava giant burst into thick, boiling magma and spilled it on the ground.
The fire finches also dissipated into red clouds floating in the sky like sunset clouds.
"This is … fluorite was suppressed?"
True fairy Xie Ling blinked and whispered.
There is only one possibility to explain the present scene!
That is to say, this Sumo will put fluorite into the sea of knowledge, but it will be suppressed!
Schelling guessed about the same.
The sparkling stone was stuffed into the sea of knowledge by Su Mo and directly swallowed up by the town prison tripod.
Not only suppressed, but also being refined by the town prison tripod!
You can’t use magic weapons in cloud nine.
However, it is not illegal for the town prison tripod to complete all this in the sea, and even the rules of ascended the heavens and the earth have not moved and acquiesced in his actions.
"This this …"
The king of Yuanzuo County was stunned for a long time and gradually reacted to say something, but his brain was a little confused and he consciously said, "This is not good, is it?"
Baihai Tianxian unfolded a folding fan and sank, "The sparkling stone in Xieling Hall is the foundation of the ninth heaven. How can you let it be taken away casually?"
"This …"
Schelling thoughtfully remained silent.
Next to a sneer at.
Yun Ting pie mouth. "In my opinion, the rules of cloud nine are just talk. You can’t just take what’s inside or someone will feel distressed."
Yun Ting’s words are ironic to Xie Ling and Yan Yangxian.
The true fairy Xie Lingshen took a deep breath and didn’t get angry. He suddenly smiled and laughed. "I have a rich foundation in the country of the sun, and it’s not a big deal that I can afford it back."
Saying this sentence means that the matter can’t be pursued again.
Yuanzuo County King and Baihai Fairy can sit back again.
The king of Yuanzuo County sneered, "Even if you get the fluorite stone, what can you do? That battle just now consumed a lot of cards and ruined a palm. I want to see how he can compete for the land list!"
At this time, Sumo returned to the crater from the depths of the volcano through heavy magma.
He took out the token in the bag and took a look.
He was the first party to delay this for a while, and now he has fallen behind to 200 thousand!
Su Mo looks as usual.
These are all within his control.
This time, the Nine Heavenly Keys is to get this fluorite stone, which can make the town prison tripod be supplemented.
The strength of the fluorite stone coincides with the creatures on one side of the tripod wall
Almost swallowed the fluorite stone and suppressed it. At the moment, the grain of Suzaku’s holy spirit on the tripod wall flashed red!

Star Romain is going to climb a small mountain peak in front of the cave, that is, to return to Star Romain Haikui and go to the cave where the door owner is located first.

The master didn’t close the door. Hai Kui shouted "Master, I’m back" outside the door.
"who?" Door Lord asked strangely.
"It’s me. I’m Ye Sheng!"
The door owner walked out of the cave and saw Haikui suspicious. "You’re not dead?"
Haikui said, "What? The master wants me dead? "
The door owner frowned and looked at Haikui and outside. "Let’s talk inside!"
The door owner substituted Haikui into the cave and covered the cave door. He asked, "Those who entered the Dragon Temple and finally came out alive were taken away by the Liuyun Sect of the Five Clans. What didn’t you take away?"
"On the day of returning to the door, today, the cave in front of the Dragon Temple was guarded by Xianbing Xianbao to check whether the seal of the cave array was in a state of play. When I was ranked last that day and the remaining people were close to 300, Xianbao lit up. Those of us who were less than 300 were not allowed to enter!"
The door owner looked at Haikui suspiciously. "Then why don’t you go back to Xingluomen first?"
"I have no face to come back without entering the Dragon Hall!"
[starting from the first time! ]
Chapter 552 dumb luck
Haikui continued, "On that day, I didn’t enter the Dragon Hall and many people who didn’t enter the Dragon Hall were very angry and wanted to wait for the opportunity to enter the Dragon Hall again. Who knows that it will be such a long time until the cloud Sect people come out of the Dragon Hall. I don’t think there is a chance to enter the Dragon Hall again, so I will come back. After all, Ye Sheng has a negative commitment."
The door owner’s face softened. "Let’s forget it. My star Solomon is scarce. If we lose two more people, it will be a heavy blow. Su Lan has also come out of the Dragon Hall this time. I am very pleased!"
"The door owner Yemou wants to ask one."
The door owner motioned for Haikui to sit down. "What do you want to ask?"
"Those senior clansmen will allow the lower clansmen to be there?"
The Lord of the door sneered at "for example, there is more than one floating cloud clan in the five-level clan. It is naturally impossible for all the low-level clan clan to be annexed by the high-level clan."
Haikui nodded and got it.
"It’s just that it’s our turn when you come back in two days. We have two places for the patrol of Xianbing. The place to get Xianbing Xianbao is in Xiandi Tiangong. Everyone wants to see the Xiandi Tiangong. We will draw lots to decide who will go to Sulan for a short time, so we will draw lots early in the morning and you will also participate." The door owner said to Haikui.
Haikui’s heart moved to the fairy emperor’s palace to get the fairy treasure.
So you have a chance to see the Xiandi courtyard, and the phoenix can see it at nine o’clock? Then you will have a chance to see the nine crimson clouds.
I was worried a moment ago, but I didn’t expect to see it so soon. It’s really another village with mountains and rivers and doubts.
Haikui left the main cave of the gate and waited for the next day’s draw.
Although there is a chance, it is not for him to decide the lottery. I hope that my luck will not be too bad.
When I went back to my assigned cave and waited for a day, Long Lin and centipede, the things I got from the Dragon Palace, could not be taken out immediately to refine the extra branches.
On the second day, when it was just dawn, I heard a crisp sound like a bell ringing, but not like a bell ringing. When Hai Kui walked out of the cave, he saw that the master was holding something similar to an animal bone in his hand, and he made a crisp sound with a flick of his finger.
Although the sound is not big, it has spread all over the star Solomon.
There are nine people in Jiahaikui, who came from the department of Xing Luomen and Di.
Haikui and seven others came to the door.
The door master looked at the crowd and said, "This time, it’s our turn to send someone to be the patrol fairy soldier. This is also an opportunity for our star Luo Man to be established for more than 40 years. This is the second time that our star Luo Man has been established, and now it has grown to ten people. This time, you can successfully attract a few new people to our star Luo Man. When he grows up, he will have the opportunity to upgrade the second-level clan!"
The door master talked about it in a long way, that is, let the immortals who were drawn to patrol have a good plan!
The door owner continued, "We are unwilling to be with others, you are unwilling, and I am unwilling. If you are now in other clan doors such as Grade 4 and Grade 5, I am afraid you will not have this comfort. I think you are more humble in those clan doors, and at least you are free in our Star Romain."
Everyone Bai haikui is also white.
Don’t be wordy. Draw lots to decide who will be a patrol fairy soldier.
Adopt the most democratic method to draw lots to write two immortals and the remaining white characters in front of the door owner, and all the papers that are the highest in Luomen are described by runes, and the lower ones are seen through.
And instead of letting them catch in a sealed box or jar, a younger brother arranged all the lots in order and divided them into one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and nine.
"All right, you choose one of the nine paper balls."
The door owner said that he would wait for them to choose.
Haikui, see if it’s better to choose six or nine.
He thought it was a good choice to choose nine, saying that there are nine poles, and he wanted to choose nine for all nine 95 places.
But before he could reach out, someone had pinched nine.
Haikui turned to get five nine five nine five nine five. Naturally, he had to get five, but he was also stretched out his hand and took it.
Haikui Nai didn’t even look up and see who took the 952 lot. He immediately reached for the 666 Dashun, hoping it would be smooth and smooth, but there was nothing left to catch at once.
Haikui didn’t mind looking up to see who took six turns and immediately went to the specialty. Just after putting it in Fang, it was copied away.
Five, six, nine, these good numbers have all been taken away. Look at the rest of Haikui and shake his head slightly. Just take any one. Who knows which number has a fairy word? Maybe it’s in 123.
But it was a moment of hesitation that lost two, three and seven.
There is only one four left on the stone stage. It seems that there is no choice. Haikui’s pie pie is said to be unlucky. Although he has no special feeling, he feels strange when he hears too much.
Haikui swept all the people, but they couldn’t tell from their expressions who had got the note with the immortal words written on it, and they couldn’t tell whether Yu Si had seen their expressions.
Haikui reached for four dozen.
Suddenly, the whole person feels a little goose bumps, and feels that he is too lucky. Actually, he has got this fairy word for himself.
Stupid luck. Sure enough, I still have some stupid luck
Haikui actually has a little secret joy.
When the door owner saw that all the notes had been selected, he asked, "Come with me when you get the immortal word."
Haikui and another man followed the main door and headed for the main cave.