Zhu Houzhao smell speech can’t help but eyes flashed a light way "oh east factory secret play? Is there anything wrong with Chu Da Companion? "

Said Zhu Houzhao took the East Factory Mimo, and then opened his eyes and swept the Mimo. Gradually, Zhu Houzhao was sullen like water, and his hands trembled slightly. The whole person was like a volcano that was about to erupt at any time
Pa Zhu Houzhao slapped the tea table around him and smashed the teacup into pieces and cut the palm of your hand. Blood flowed out.
"It’s just that a magistrate and garrison dare to lead an army to besiege the imperial court. Do they still have the imperial court and me in their eyes?"
Aside to serve Zhang Yong, Gu Da and several little eunuchs, one by one, they were so scared that they burst on their knees and looked at Zhu Houzhao with a face of love. "Calm down, calm down …"
"If I calm down, you tell me that I should calm down!"
Zhu Houzhao kicked Gu Da’s body and kicked Gu Da to the ground, holding the secret sound slightly hoarse. "Look at this. This is a good minister. Who gave them such courage to mobilize the military forces of the Wei Institute to surround and kill an imperial envoy!"
As soon as Gu Dagu got up, he shouted at a little eunuch, "Go and get the medicine for the wound!"
Picking up the letter valley with a quick glance suddenly shocked him. Why is Zhu Houzhao so angry? Don’t say it’s Zhu Houzhao. I’m afraid that if I were a fatuous master, I’d be furious even if I saw what the letter said.
Even the army of the guards has been deployed. It is shocking to know Chu Yi’s identity and kill Chu Yi around.
Scrambling, Zhu Houzhao dropped several vases and finally sat down with a face of anger and bandaged the wound with Gu Daban.
Taniguchi said at the moment, "isn’t it true that the pursuit of Chu Yi didn’t have an accident, but it was also a bloodbath. There are Gao Feng’s army guards in Jining’s officialdom who want to come back safely this time."
Zhu Houzhao sneered, "Chu Da Companion was assassinated several times. This time, even the guards sent them. How much do you hate Chu Da Companion or how much some people don’t want Chu Da Companion to return to Beijing alive!"
Said Zhu Houzhao eyes staring at the valley avenue "valley big partner do you want to Chu big partner back?"
Burst with a big look full of horror, he fell to the ground and said, "How can it be bad for the Chu brothers to be loyal to you?"
Zhu Houzhao’s eyes fell on Zhang Yongshen again. "Zhang Daban, do you want Chu Daban to come back?"
Zhang Yong, who was frightened, cried bitterly and said, "How dare you, old slave? You dare not give birth to such thoughts even if you give me ten thousand bravery!"
The long breath is like a serious overdraft of energy. Zhu Houzhao Li waved his hand and said, "I am emotional. Please leave me alone …"
Whether it’s Gu Da or Zhang Yong, they were really scared by Zhu Houzhao’s reaction just now. At the same time, they were deeply aware that Chu Yi was assassinated several times. After these things, Zhu Houzhao’s position in his mind has leapt beyond them. I’m afraid that when Liu Jin was the most favored, it may not be able to compete with Chu Yi’s position in Zhu Houzhao’s heart now.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Positions This is crazy?
All the waiters, including Gu Da, retired, and everyone was afraid to breathe for a day, and everyone was afraid that they would be caught in the pool if they were not careful.
Zhu Houzhao sat there alone and quietly swept the throne of Dongchang and Royal Guards one by one. Unexpectedly, the throne of Royal Guards also reported the news that Chu Yi was besieged by the army of Wei Suo in Jining and that Chu Yi was bloodied in Jining.
Although Shi Yiwen has been taken under the command of the Royal Guards, in addition to the command of the Royal Guards, there are also high-level officials of the Royal Guards, such as Tongzhi. Unless the high-level officials of the Royal Guards are wiped out, the largest intelligence agency in this great empire can still operate smoothly and continuously collect what is happening everywhere in the world.
Compared with the process of reporting Jining incident presented by the Royal Guards East Factory, Zhu Houzhao has already been in his heart.
After a long time, Zhu Houzhao’s eyes flashed a decision, "Come!"
Outside, the eunuchs, such as Gu Da and Zhang Yong, hurried into the temple and heard Zhu Houzhao yelling at Gu Da Avenue "Gu Da intends to purport!"
Slightly one leng valley Dalian busy before grinding ink pen will Zhu Houzhao will write imperial edict, listening to Zhu Houzhao’s big heart for Chu Yi to seal the valley.
The eunuch of Si Li Jian Zhang Yin and the supervisor of East Factory and the supervisor of Imperial Horse are in charge of Teng Xiang Si Wei Ying Si Li Jian Imperial Horse Supervisor, which means that Chu Yi’s potential has surpassed that of the great dynasties.
The pen in his hand couldn’t help looking up at Zhu Houzhao slightly. "I’m afraid this … this is against the rules!"
Zhu Houzhao a sullen face staring at the valley avenue "how valley partner don’t I even this life mostly gone? Or do you have any opinions? "
Gu Dalian even said, "I dare not!"
With a wave of his sleeve, Zhu Houzhao said, "According to my will!"
Soon the imperial edict was carefully examined by Zhu Houzhao, who took out the imperial seal and stamped his eyes. Zhang Yong and Gu Sophomore swept it and finally shouted at Zhang Yongdao, "Zhang Da accompanied you and went to light Teng Xiang’s four guards and one guard to welcome Chu Yi back to the DPRK with the imperial edict!"
Zhang Yongwen couldn’t help but be frightened. He didn’t expect Zhu Houzhao to be so important to Chu Yi. He knew that Teng Xiang’s four guards belonged to the imperial guards. Generally speaking, they couldn’t get out of the capital one guard. Thousands of people are now in Zhu Houzhao, so he directly led one guard to meet Chu Yi back to Beijing.
Zhang Yong listened with his own ears. It is absolutely impossible for Zhu Houzhao to say that there is no envy, jealousy and hate in the hearts of the two most prosperous departments, Sili Prison and Royal Horse Prison.
He didn’t hesitate to collude with the foreign court to get rid of Liu Jin, who was expected to become the new head of the department of rites. As a result, everything he did was not as good as Chu Yi’s making trouble everywhere
Zhang Yong, it seems that Chu Yi visited the place first to make a bloody case in Songyang Hospital, and then to kill the literati and Xungui in the south of the Yangtze River. He went back to Beijing and bloodbath Jining officialdom. This is simply a crazy murderer.

He walked to the door. Outside the door, he was amazed that he had not seen Bai Xiaoran for a long time.

She saw Xiao Zhendong with a fruit basket and politely greeted him with "Hello, Uncle Xiao"
Chapter 643 You can’t compete with me
I haven’t seen Bai Xiaoran for a long time, and she has become a lot more collected. She is weak and easily gives people a sense of harm.
Xiao Zhendong has a little impression on her. The second time this girl appeared, Xiao Yin was out of control and entered the emergency room.
As the saying goes, Xiao Zhendong, who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile, couldn’t say too much to a girl.
Bai Xiaoran saw that Xiao Zhendong didn’t talk and added, "My uncle met in a hurry and I didn’t introduce myself well. My name is Bai Xiaoran, and I’m a teaching assistant at S University."
Xiao Zhendong reluctantly replied, "What can I do for you?"
"I’m here to apologize," she said apologetically. "I didn’t know Xiao Yin was ill at that time. I should have come and apologized at that time. I hope uncle and Xiao Yin don’t mind."
Xiao Zhendong’s face softened. "It’s all over, and Yinyin didn’t take it to heart. You didn’t come specially."
Bai Xiaoran smiled shyly and said, "How is Xiao Yin? Is her body better? I heard Jing Huan say that she had an operation the other day and wanted to take this opportunity to visit her. Is she okay?"
The fact that Xiao Zhendong’s face was a little stiff and the operation failed was that they didn’t want to face Bai Xiaoran’s words, which touched his nerve.
Xiao Yin heard the conversation at the door clearly in the ward. She pursed her lips and suddenly said, "Dad, let Miss Bai come in."
Wen Yan Xiao Zhendong paused for a while before letting Bai Xiao Ran in.
When the door opened, Xiao Yin saw Bai Xiaoran clearly.
She is wearing a clean white shirt and a long-legged pink skirt. Her long hair is neatly tied behind her head and looks gentle and demure. Men probably like this lady-like woman.
On the other hand, Xiao Yin
Now it is impossible to make makeup on his deathbed, and his face is slightly swollen due to chemotherapy. His eyes have long lost their former style, and Bai Xiaoran was stunned for several seconds when he saw it.
Xiao Yin was not surprised by her reaction when she knew what she was now, but looked up at Xiao Zhendong and said, "Dad, I want to drink millet porridge. Please help me buy one."
How could Xiao Zhendong not know that Xiao Yin supported him on purpose? He hesitated for a moment and finally went out.
Xiao Yin has strong self-esteem. Even now, she doesn’t want them to look after her like a basket case.
There are only two of them behind the ward door.
Xiao Yin raised her eyelids and looked at her faintly. "What are you doing here?"
Bai Xiaoran smiled. "I didn’t say I’d come and see you and apologize."
Xiao Yin sneered at "Is there an outsider here now? I look sick if you don’t shed crocodile tears."
Bai Xiaoran was stiff for a second and simply stopped pretending.
She went to the chair next to her and sat down to look up at Xiao Yin with a slight smile. "I really came to see you. I heard that your operation failed. I still have false news. It should be true to see you today."
Xiao Yin pressed on the face slowly clenched by her hand without a half expression, but asked, "I heard who you heard?"
"I know someone who can know your news accurately. Who else do you think?"
Bai Xiaoran said it was obscure but straight Su Jinghuan.
But to her surprise, Xiao Yin didn’t react much or be calm after listening.
Bai Xiaoran was slightly disappointed when she didn’t see the expected reaction, but this didn’t affect her good mood today.
"That’s why you came here today. Just tell me how close Su Jinghuan is to you and tell you everything?"
"This is the truth?"
Xiao Yin laughed coldly. "Can you tell me something when you lie? Su Jinghuan has been here almost every day since the day of discharge. Do you think he sometimes has the energy to pester you again? Do you just say two words and I will believe it? You can’t compete with singing before, but you can’t compete with me now. You don’t know Su Jinghuan at all. He’s soft-hearted and nostalgic. I’ve been with him for so many years, and now he’s sick. He will never abandon me. If I want to be in poor health at this time, you and he won’t be able to have that day. "
Bai xiaoran was poked, and finally some people couldn’t stay.
"I’m right. If you are ill, he can’t look at me again, but now it’s different." Bai Xiaoran sneered. "You have failed in surgery, and there are not many days to live. I will argue with a dying man so much. I can’t compete with you if you are alive, but what if you die?"
Xiao Yin face finally changed.
What if she dies?
She’s dead. Su Jinghuan has been with her.
She suddenly remembered what Zhou Jinheng said before. She had to live to have a future with Su Jinghuan, so that he could love her. If she died, there would be nothing.
Obviously, Bai Xiaoran knows this better than she does, so she can’t wait to come here and demonstrate with her.
"You don’t even have a healthy body to argue with me."
Bai Xiaoran got up. "Don’t forget what Mr. Tang left with you because you are sick. If you are healthy, will he look at you more?"
"I can’t compete with singing. I admit it, but you? It doesn’t mean that you will lose me by any means, waiting for this day to come. "
"Get out!"
Xiao Yin pointed at the door with a cold face. "Get out of here!"
Bai Xiaoran got up and pulled the skirt, arranged a shirt fold and raised his eyes. "Xiao Yin, do you remember when we first met and you talked to me?"
Xiao Yin looked at her and said nothing.
She met Bai Xiaoran for the first time because she helped Su Jinghuan apply for several fresh graduates. Su Jinghuan thanked her and invited her to dinner. She knew that this woman was a singer’s best friend and went with her.
"You said that people are divided into three, six, nine, etc. It is best not to have something that Xiang Xiao does not belong to his identity. I am very angry with this sentence. I have always used this sentence to motivate myself to become a person. Your so-called everyone singing has inspired my fighting spirit, and you have made me today. I should thank you."
"Get out!"
Xiao Yinyin’s fingers were shaking gently as she grabbed the sheets sharply.
Bai Xiao ran hook lip angle that turned and walked towards the door.
Just bumped into MuYunZe pulling a high song outside the door.
Her face has not disappeared yet, and it seems a little weird at this time.
Chapter 644 Betrayed by best friend
But soon she packed up her face and showed a close smile that could be said to be very harmful. "Little Song Mu always came."
See Bai Xiaoran singing here eyebrows slightly twist twist sipping lips didn’t speak.
Is MuYunZe looked at her some kind of indifference, "miss white here to do I remember you and xiao seems to have no friendship"
Bai Xiaoran’s face was slightly embarrassed. "I had some contradictions with Xiao Yin before. I heard that she had just come to visit after surgery recently. By the way, I didn’t understand before and apologized to her."

It’s his turn again. He tried his best not to scream "Gastrodia elata".

Pinellia ternata
Every time Ji Yue is quick and good, answering the correct answer has caused great pressure on the emperor.
He is getting paler and paler, and his answer is getting longer and longer, and his forehead is dripping with cold sweat.
On the other hand, Ji Yue seems to be coming to a party, especially relaxed and smiling.
"Big emperor, why don’t you talk? Don’t wave us. "
The emperor was so angry that he angrily drank a "shut up"
He picked up the medicine and smelled it again and again, making up his mind for a moment.
Ji Yue impatiently urged, "Hurry up, I’m hungry again."
The big emperor’s brain is spinning fast and getting more and more chaotic. "It’s Danshen."
"No" purple clothes Hou Yin is particularly loud.
The emperor’s face turned white. "You can’t be mistaken. Let the doctor come and let him talk."
Ji month a word pierced his mind "doctor is not your teacher? This is not good. "
"Shut up," the emperor became angry from embarrassment. "Doctor, are you saying something?"
"This ….." Doctor is hesitating.
"I want to hear the truth," said the emperor coldly. He will be interesting to see who dares to tamper with his eyelids.
The doctor closed his eyes and killed him. He didn’t dare to tell the emperor, "This is not Danshen."
The emperor lost color in his face and was surprised and angry.
The queen reacted very quickly and shouted, "That makes Mu Jiyue guess that it is not a loss now."
Ji Yue squeezed the medicinal materials and sniffed the ourtenant to tell the answer "Dangshen".
Although there is a word difference, there is a big difference
The wrong medicine will kill people.
"Yes" purple clothes Hou firmly sounded like an alarm bell in the queen’s ear "Huei-fang, you win"
The doctors looked at each other and had to admire this little girl. Every word was right.
The emperor also has a famous teacher to give advice, but what about her? Shit, what is it?
The emperor completely freaked out by pulling the white gauze. "No way, I can’t be wrong."
He screamed out of control, and there was no more emperor Yong.
He can’t lose!
Purple clothes Hou looked at him piteously, and his cards were smashed.
Heart for heaven goes to hell.
"Big emperor, you really lost."
The emperor couldn’t stand the cruel fact and was furious. "You’ve been helping Mu Jiyue. What’s your shame with her?"
Purple clothes Hou’s face sank a little angry and angry. "Big Emperor, you disappoint me. Losing is the most shameful thing."
At this time of the big emperor, he couldn’t hear a bad word. "Shut up, I’m Jun. What are you?" Purple clothes Hou? Hehe, that’s bullshit. Are you really a noble duke? No matter what, you are also a minister. You have to listen to everything I say. "
He tried to suppress it as an emperor, but is it possible? So many people are watching.
Ji Yue is cool and spits, "Tai is just a half-gentleman, and you haven’t mixed up yet."
As soon as the big emperor’s heart cooled, he had a bad feeling that he had not waited for him to react. Purple clothes Hou earnestly advised, "Don’t start again if the big emperor doesn’t know shit."
He looks so loyal after the end of the emperor, but it is a great irony to fall in front of the emperor
"Is the fact that don’t let a person? Which dynasty and which generation have such titles? Playing with you? "
He became angry from embarrassment and said nothing.
Purple clothes Hou’s face is ugly, and others’ faces are also ugly, including the queen, including big princess. Well, the ugliest one is the emperor!
Can you talk nonsense like this? Does the imperial seal count? Then who will seal it? Big emperor?
Ji Yue, you’re welcome, stabbed a knife. "Your son called you nonsense, saying that your words are fart and not worth listening to."
Hard, accurate and fast, the emperor’s face is black as charcoal, and his eyes are full of disappointment.
Chapter 791 Losers crazy
For example, a pot of cold water poured from the top of the head scared the emperor and woke up the whole person. "I didn’t mean it. Father, they hurt me. Mu Jiyue deliberately cheated me."
Ji Yue is not happy. He is stupid, okay?
"Who cheated you? Bullshit. You didn’t say that? Big emperor, you are fourteen years old this year, not four years old. It can be seen that you usually don’t respect the emperor and don’t take him seriously. "
Every word is poisoned with poison, stabbing the emperor to the heart.
If you lose once, enough is enough. He doesn’t have to make a noise than the second time.
Is this satisfactory?
It’s embarrassing. Hehe, you can’t close the show. What a suck!
Give face to shameless guy!
The emperor’s eyes were bloodshot, afraid and full of hatred, and he vented to Ji Yuetou. "Shut up and believe it or not, I will kill you?"
The emperor’s face changed and turned cold. He always relied on big son.
Teaching him in every way is still so unsatisfactory.
After what happened, I didn’t want to make up for it, but threatened to kill someone.
This is his way? No waste!
He is very capable of being so cruel in front of his parents. How dare he hand over the throne to him?
Such a person can’t keep all his women.
His heart changed unconsciously. Although he is not a loving father, he doesn’t want all his grandchildren to die.
Ji Yue is not afraid of him. Barking dogs don’t bite, biting dogs don’t bark.
More worrying than the second emperor.
It’s not the second emperor smiling and not interrupting, but his eyes are shining with excitement.
"Believe what you dare not do? You don’t even care about the emperor, which makes me worse. "
Let’s talk about it after we shoot one dead first.
Hum angered her. She turned everyone over and became a female emperor.
Big emperor bloodthirsty eyes flashing particularly scary "you …"

Jiang’s teeth are a little low.

Jiang Ya spat out one mouthful blood, and he was subjected to deduction. He turned pale and depressed.
Ginger teeth watched in horror as doing and asked, "Who are you, the unfathomable elder?" To tease and amuse me, Jiang Shang? "
No wonder Huang Tianwu’s fate can’t be calculated.
Jiang Ya finally knew the reason. It turned out to be because of the master Chen Yan. Otherwise, even if Huang Tianwu was a red-hearted Jiang Ya, he could deduce a score of 56 points.
The other side is too strong to calculate.
Chen Yan got up before putting a bag of money on the stand and turned away from his head and said, "Don’t get me wrong, Chen Yan Jiang Shang, I didn’t come here to amuse you. Thank you at last."
Huang Tianwu left behind with Ulrich.
Thank you?
Jiang Ya wondered why he should say thank you to himself.
Chen Yan saw a lot of things in Jiang Ya’s body, but the cultivation is to explain the teaching methods. From the teaching methods, Chen Yan can visit and explain some ideas, which are the most important for Chen Yan, because the idea is a saint foundation, which is called "Tao"
You should say thank you when you get something from others.
Ginger teeth, muttered to himself, "he is the heart door master doing? Really unfathomable. I didn’t expect there to be such a tough figure in Chaoge City. I have to be more careful when I act. "
Back in the yard, Chen Yan taught Huang Tianwu a set of boxing and said, "You should practice this boxing well and close it for a few days. If you don’t understand anything, remember it and I’ll explain it later."
Huang Tianwu nodded, "It’s Master."
Huang Tianwu already has a pure heart, and he is no longer worried that he will be lazy and practice martial arts. Is it Huang Tianwu’s dream to ask him to neglect?
Chen Yan went back to his room. "When I predicted it, my soul turned into an immortal level. Just these two days."
Jiang Tooth saw that explaining the "idea" touched Chen Yan greatly, and Confucian ideas absorbed some ideas, and Chen Yan’s "Tao" was finally perfected.
The soul has reached the moment of transformation.
One day later
Chen Yan’s soul has a mysterious fluctuation, which is immortal. Most people don’t notice it, but only those who are powerful can feel it.
This fluctuation comes and goes quickly, and many mighty men know that a golden fairy is born in Chaoge City, but who is it? No one found out
Chen Yan’s soul successfully reached the immortal level.
Until now, Chen Yancai has some real self-protection ability and doesn’t worry about the cannon fodder field.
Chapter 654 Wealth is not easy to enjoy.
When Di Xin came back from Loi Wo Temple, she became a little moody. Ten concubines, Di Xin, were definitely not satisfied. Zhong, a villain, took the opportunity to suggest that Su Daji, the daughter of Hou Su in Jizhou, was a beautiful woman.
Su Daji was young a few years ago, but now she is sixteen and can be included in the palace.
Di Xin immediately to the interest.
Decide to accept Princess Su Daji.
Jiang Niang learned that Di Xin wanted Su Hu’s daughter to enter the palace, and she was a little reluctant. She and Princess Jing had better come to the King Hall to discuss with King Jing.
Jiang Niang said to Jing, "Sister Jing is going to take a concubine again. What do you think we should do?"
Scene a face of calm and said, "Sister Jiang, the king’s princess is still natural. We’d better not interfere too much with the present king’s personal will … too strong to listen to others’ advice."
Di Xin even Huang Feihu, Bigan, Shang, Jing and others are not listening.
Jing and Di Xin have husband and wife names, wives and concubines.
There is no opinion on how many women Di Xin wants to accept into the palace. There is a hunch that if Su Hu’s daughter enters the palace, there will be a constant storm.
Scene heart andao "Su Hu daughter into the palace things or to discuss a let him get ready".
Jiang Ya has been worshipping the Yuan Buddha’s Gate in Kunlun Mountain since he was a child. Unfortunately, his qualifications are limited, and he has never become an immortal. Only when his hair and beard are all white did Master tell him that he did not become an immortal, but he could enjoy wealth.
After the mountain, Jiang Ya came to Chaoge City, but he can be a big official and enjoy wealth immediately. Unfortunately, Chaoge City is not easy to mix. If a good friend hadn’t taken Jiang Ya in, he wouldn’t even have a place to stay.
Profitable deduction fortune-telling
Jiang Ya is not an old master, but a living. He makes a living by explaining what he has learned, but it is very smooth until he meets Chen Yan Jiang Ya and finds that his deduction of skills is somewhat inaccurate.
Jiang Ya, a good friend, stayed at home for half a month and decided to visit Chen Yan. Although he is not a first-class sect in Chaoge City, he still has some influence. If Chen Yan is willing to help Jiang Ya, he feels that it will be much smoother for him to enter the court.
It is necessary to enjoy the wealth of people and be an official. Otherwise, how can you enjoy the wealth of people?
This is Jiang Ya’s understanding
Ginger tooth came to the right heart gate one leng didn’t expect the famous right heart gate to be a small courtyard.
It’s incredible.
Just-minded people can visit, come in and out at will, or disturb Chen Yan’s lectures to the students. Just-minded people are very different among the many sects in Chaoge City.
Jiang Ya walked into the yard and saw a middle-aged man who was sullen and said to Ulrich, "When you left my face in the yellow house, you said loudly that I could call at any time. Today I came to Ulrich."
Huang Tianwu said in the previous step, "Yu Hong Tianxian, are you really going to give up on a little thing?"
Yu Hong sneered, "You’re a junior. You don’t have the right to talk."
Sun Yan said to Huang Tianwu, "Tianwu, please retire."
Huang Tianwu went back.
Yu Hong asked, "Don’t blame me for picking your right door when you spoke."

Caratu "…"

Chapter 92 Edge in this mountain
One word
I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain.
The success of the protoss is also due to the love and failure of the cosmic source.
What is the cosmic source?
If the universe is compared to a program, then the source of the universe is the core code of the program. It is okay to say that he is unconscious, but it is also right to say that he is conscious.
Cosmic Source fell asleep after getting rid of Nemesis, so he is now in a state of consciousness.
There is a unique planet in every universe.
This is the earth.
Otherwise, there are so many species living in a broken ball, why not explode?
What didn’t the universe notice?
This is also a good question.
It has been said before that the earth is in the backcountry of the universe. As the saying goes, birds don’t shit when they fly over.
At least before today, not many cosmic creatures paid much attention to this remote and broken ball, especially this ball is still in the nine realms of Odin Shenting.
So what day did the protoss not pay attention?
The cosmic source is the key. Generally speaking, it is because the earth is influenced by the cosmic source consciousness that it is also noticed by the celestial protoss law, and what is it called? Because of the repulsion of the same kind, the protoss will unconsciously filter to this planet
This is also the main reason why the God of Mao Language has not deduced a hair for thousands of years.
Mark stopped at the door of the Chinese restaurant.
After a while
Mark turned to Caratu, the judge, and said, "By the way, your dog is very naughty. There’s no reason for you to stop the underworld from destroying them. It’s better to go back to the underworld, don’t you think?"
Caratu expression finally had a change.
Mark laughed. "It’s a pity that you showed up in 423. The universe is busy observing whether that person has the ability to overthrow the underworld. Do you dare to come back now?"
Mark glanced at Caratu’s face expression and directly asked himself and shook his head. "No, you can’t choose between Hyperion and the pioneers, but look at the expression. You have already made a decision. Hyperion is obviously more valuable than the pioneers, but you protoss seem to have forgotten one thing. I am a high god. What is the eternal remnant of the universe? A god? No, even a god doesn’t rely on such a thing. You want me to overthrow me in the underworld? You protoss is more live more down in the past. "
Mark finished with a sarcastic expression on his face.
Don’t say you’re not a god. Even if you are a god, there are hundreds of different ways to rub and abuse each other during Max’s reign.
A mere god is not a remnant?
I just think too much.
Just then.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Debbie looked at the flashing alarm and tried to come this way. Groups of police cars and armored vehicles
"Boss" Debbie looks at Mark.
Mark smiled and looked behind Caratu and said, "Someone has come to see you. I hope you are worried here. Oh, by the way, judge, the gods didn’t judge that the planet was going to be destroyed, so you can’t go back."
Caratu didn’t speak but quietly looked out of the window.
One second
The gate of the Chinese restaurant was hit, and two rows of soldiers and deputy armed men filed in.
Ross came in with a smile on his face.

Many Taojun retreated again with horror!

Two laws of heaven and earth constantly collide, and the tall figure is like two gods roaring endlessly, almost to conan the destroyer!
This is the power of Faxiang Daojun!
Nangong Ling and others all show yearning and envy in their eyes.
It is worthwhile to master this power to practice in this life!
The killing of the two laws of heaven and earth has reached a fever pitch!
Fairy Sword Dao Jun Tian Di Fa condensed a huge sword with both hands and severely cut off an arm of the naked dharma body!
The arm burning with flame fell like a thick stone pillar, and the whole ground trembled!
The method of heaven and earth is a virtual shadow condensed by those who fix the truth.
But this arm is cut off like a substance!
Even a broken arm is enough to kill the strength of the general method!
Although the red dharma body has one arm left, it punches through the chest of the raw sword body!
This time, the fight seems to lose both sides.
But xianjian daojun looks pale.
The red dharma fist pierces the raw sword body’s chest wound, and generate produces a series of crimson flames that are dazzling!
Flame big sheng from raw sword chest generate swept from the outside!
If this kind of flame comes from the outside, the raw sword body can also be cut out with the sharp shock wave.
And now this flame comes from the sword body generate!
The immortal sword Dao Jun gave a growl, and his body trembled. The Yuan God urged him to the limit, and the magic was constantly injected into the middle of the world, and the heaven and earth method also burst into a painful roar with the flames!
"Burn it for me!"
Extreme fire Dao Jun drinks with one heart and mind.
Open your mouth and spit out a crimson hot magma before stepping forward!
The shock wave of the raw sword body is instantly extinguished by this horrible magma!
The raw sword body struggled and roared, and the eyes, ears, nose and mouth were full of flames and smoke!
The external flame will completely incinerate the raw sword body!
Seeing this scene, many Taojun were dumbfounded, and it was hard to hide the shock in their eyes.
Xianjian Daojun lost!
The first place in the contemporary law list was lost to the top five thousand years ago and entered the first place in the old age law list!
Although the red dharma body has broken an arm, the dharma body is still in flames and can still erupt into terrorist forces!
And the raw sword body has been completely burned into emptiness!
Brokeback naked body roars, burning with flame before a stride, and the huge soles of your feet step on the immortal sword Dao Jun hard!
This one carrying coercion is like crushing an ant!
Xianjian Daojun turned pale, swallowed a handful of Dan medicine, and forced Yuan Shen’s hand-kneading tactic to condense out a huge sword and stabbed it at the foot of his head!
Qiang Qiang!
The sword screeched against the sole of your foot!
Xianjian Daojun’s figure was greatly shocked.
Followed by several eyes staring at this huge sword handle was instantly burned red almost through!
Sword fracture

"Well," Huang Wudie finally stopped dissuading him.

Li She nodded, "You also go to bed early."
Li She walked quickly and got a panoramic view of the cabin. It was dark in the cabin. Bian Niang should be fast asleep, Li She thought.
Li She felt very kind when she saw the cabin. Is this the witness of Li She’s wedding or the fence around the cabin? Because it is late autumn, the peach tree and Ye Er have long since disappeared. The only thing that remains unchanged may be the wooden table and stool.
Now Li’s feelings in her heart are very complicated, three points excited, three points ecstatic, three points excited and one point sad.
Before Li She walked slowly, she was about to knock at the door. She never thought about it. Li She thought, Is Bian Niang not here? It’s impossible to see the butterfly dance performance should be there!
Gently pushed the door and turned around, slowly walked to the place where the door was, and slowly walked in. It was blurred that there was a person lying on the bed. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Bian Shi?
Li She wanted to wake Bian Shi, but she didn’t want to wake the beautiful woman, so she undressed and slept.
I don’t know how to make Li She feel hot and dry all over since she was lying in bed. She comforted herself in her heart and was probably too excited to go home.
But this hot feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Li She glanced at Bian Shi lying beside her and hugged Bian Shi uncontrollably. On second thought, I haven’t slept with Bian Niang for a long time. I really miss this feeling!
Bian Shi is sleeping sideways with Li She behind his back, so Bian Shi’s hips are quite high, which makes Li She feel very uncomfortable, so she reacts stiffly with her hips up.
Hip strange immediately woke up Bian Shi violent struggle was about to shout loudly Li She hurriedly said "Bian Niang! Bian Niang! It’s me! Li is involved in Li Lang! "
"ah! Li Lang! " Bian Shi immediately quiet.
Li’s heart has long been covered by flames, and even Bian Shi didn’t hear the strange tone and said hastily, "I want it!"
"What do you want?" Bian Shi said.
"Don’t be stupid," Li said with a lewd smile, and then a big hand covered the fullness and immediately surprised. "Why is it so big? I can’t cover it with one hand! " Then he said, "Am I right? Eat papaya with long breasts."
Bian Shi is like a lamb. He was stripped naked by Li She for a moment, but he still turned his back on Li She.
Li Shexiao said, "I wanted to play this position. I like it! Hey! " Slowly explore the forbidden area in Bian Shi.
In the dark, there was a woman dragging her tired body towards the cabin. When Huang Wudie saw it, she immediately visited.
"Butterfly dancing, you haven’t rested yet. Let someone else do this kind of thing," said the woman gently.
"It’s not time for me to rest," Huang Wudie shook her head and then said, "The mistress is back!"
The woman seems to be stunned. "Really?"
Huang Wudie said, "I saw the master go in … to rest …"
"That’s great! Li Lang is finally back! " The woman was very happy as if she thought of something. "Did you just say that Li Lang went in to have a rest?"
"Well" yellow dancing butterfly nodded his head.
"This is terrible," the woman said urgently. "No, I have to hurry there."
"Is the mistress jealous?" Yellow dancing butterfly laughed
"After all, it’s not nice to go out without going through the door," the woman said
Huang Wudie said, "I think so, too, but the master said that it was his wife anyway and there was nothing wrong with it. I thought about it and the master said it made sense."
Li she once said this, which was completely understood by Huang Wudie with her own ideas.
"Li Langzhen said this?" The woman said thoughtfully.
"Indeed," Huang Wudie replied.
"Since Li Lang said so, what did my wife say? I’d better take care of the mother." The woman nodded and left.
The woman walked quickly to the front of the people, and there was a faint candlelight inside, and she pushed the door and went in. There was a pale woman lying in bed, which was a rue.
Mother saw the woman come in and got up and said, "Sister Bian, why are you back again? It’s already so late at night. Go and rest. "
"Lie down quickly." Bian Shi immediately helped the mother to cover her up. "I also want to go back to rest, but my place has been occupied by others so that I can sleep here for a night."

"Your Sect’s natural acting power is really amazing, and I haven’t seen any keys today," I love to say.

"There is nothing wonderful about mastering people’s hearts back to back," Lin Chong said. "This world seems to be a battle between terrans and aquatic animals, but the real point is that whoever can unite with the majority will win this war."
"It’s not difficult to win, but it’s rare to find the root fruit that conforms to the fortune of the root fruit and helps to manifest it in the process of winning. This is what we monty don’t understand." Love can’t help but feel that she said softly, "Even if I participated in this battle, it would be powerless to let me reproduce this process in other circles."
"This is the wisdom behind me," Lin Chong said seriously. "Every decision you see is a personal decision that I am not old."
"Humility is a gift, but excessive humility is actually a traitor." I love to catch a glimpse of Lin Chong. "I’d rather have your clan form a Covenant … before the engagement? Why don’t you think about it again? "
"I am a staunch celibate" Lin Chong flatly denied.
"Oh ~ Don’t be too busy to refuse, maybe you will change your mind later ~ My dowry can be very rich." I love to chuckle and step up barefoot with that handle antivir into the world like a landscape, rain and ink swamp.
Lin Chong looked at her back and thought that her rich dowry was a hundred times less than other world coordinates, and she couldn’t help but swallow her mouth and spit. It was really a bit exciting.
The more you look, the more you can see. There are already two boundaries, the Shenzhou boundary and the Kai boundary, but both are uneasy.
There is a falling Jin Xian in the void of Shenzhou boundary. Once he enters the boundary, it is very likely that Shenzhou boundary will be broken. Of course, the furnace keeper will also fall off the roots and fruit, and even die.
Jin Xian’s respect for entering the world is like a pot of water pouring into an oil pan, which will fry the water and boil it not deep enough, so everyone will enter the world when both sides lose.
For example, at the moment, there is a big black Buddha hanging in the fog.
The Kai Jie crisis is even closer, and it is like a BUG hidden in the history, and it has led a bloody world to smash Kai Jie.
After judging that after upgrading the boundary, the firmness of the boundary should be greater than that of the ordinary dust boundary, and the extreme love should not be crazy enough to bombard the boundary with the Moloton Roots boundary, but … there are two or three bugs that are not cleared up, and the boundary will eventually be uneasy.
And the misty world
The misty world is even less likely to be owned by Yue Luotian.
The battle between Monty, Dragon and Kunlun for the misty world may become an eternal battlefield.
For example, dealing with the fog is really a big problem.
Lin Chong sighed lightly.
Another five years.
Through the calendar for 13 years
Five years ago, God loved it so much that he could see that the roots of Heaven would unite the Terran. Five years later, this sign was already visible to all.
First of all, the Terran adherents appeared the first nine-robbery true fairy queen, and the fate of heaven and earth gathered all kinds of ancient achievements due to strange opportunities, or they were able to keep coming out with excellent qualifications.
Because the immortal Sect of Kunlun didn’t bring it into the world, it just didn’t put the Kunlun root method into the fog world, which is normal. After all, it is afraid of revealing the only fruit force.
The realm of the adherents rises by rediscovering the ancestral legacy.
More and more titles of Great Sages have joined the coalition camp, and ancient Great Sages from all over the world have mushroomed to make the coalition powerful.
You can even fight positional warfare with the aquarium for a big city.
However, although the Shui people have ruled this world for tens of thousands of years, there are also many strong people left in the misty world. With the emergency of the situation, some ancient ancestors of the Shui people have been awakened, and the Coalition forces have constantly seen what the ancestors of the Millennium shrimp and the 10,000-year-old turtle are.
The two sides are escalating the scale of the war just like revealing the cards to each other.
But on the whole, Lin Chong is still in control. If the aquarium commanders knew that two gods had entered the world to fight for the ownership of this world, they might have long thought of mutual destruction, instead of always thinking that they had a chance to win, but they fell off the chain at the crucial moment.
Honestly, this state is the most terrible.
Like a frog boiled to death by warm water, you are ripe before you know it.
It’s probably the first time I’ve stayed out of it like this, and I’m comfortable with it. She’s been hanging out with the Coalition forces all day
In particular, the girl who trained her Lin Chong to pick up was called the girl after the rain.
I am eleven years old after the rain.
Lin Chong and his great love grew up around him since childhood, probably because of the care of two gods and the beauty of heaven and earth. Their love is not only extremely beautiful, but also outstanding in bone quality. After ten years of practicing the ancestral legacy, they have achieved the position of scattered immortals, which is a first-class talent in the Coalition forces
Proud as a sorghum flower at ordinary times.
But Lin Chong and Ji Ai are very fond of coquetry.
"Brother! Sister! "
Lin Chong is writing a one-step work plan for the immortals transferred from 74 to Kunlun at the moment, and he loves it very much, while watching the scene of tea holding a lamp and adding fragrance, which is quite loving and like a fairy couple.
It sounded like a bell outside and then rushed in after the rain.
Eleven-year-old misty world is considered to be an adult. The best thing is that her skin is white, which is like a cold jade. Her long hair is tied into a high ponytail, and her four swings are full of youth.
"After a light rain ~" loves to hug her in her arms after the rain and bury her head in her chest after the rain.
"Come back" Lin looked up and smiled, but he kept writing.
"Brother ~ is writing a work plan again?" After the rain, I leaned over and looked as white as jade, with a wonderful and attractive fragrance of blue pattern. Lin Chong always suspected that this breath loved Monty very much.
"Well," Lin Chong nodded and continued to write. He didn’t shy away from it, and he couldn’t understand it after the rain because Lin Chong was a simplified Chinese character.
Knowing that this’ brother’ is indifferent and impatient after the rain doesn’t mean that he is excited to say, "I’ll tell you good news!"
Two people look at the rain.
"I joined the Coalition’ first’!" Proud expression after rain
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Three clans collegiate bench

Uneasy and expecting

He also remembers the second Champions League final.
All his attention was on the weather during that game.
He doesn’t know if it will rain, because it may mean that fate has changed.
At that time, he didn’t care about anything else, so he had to compete with God and fate.
Finally, he won.
Then there’s the third scene.
Unlike the previous two games, he appeared calm in this final.
He is not nervous and excited, nor does he care about other external things.
But this calm also made him a little worried.
Because he is not excited at all.
This is the Champions League final!
Even if you’re not nervous, you should be a little excited, right
After all, it is the highest honor in European football …
He wondered if he had taken victory and championship for granted.
This is his biggest worry.
In the dressing room of Lazio, the training base of Vermelot, there is such a sentence.
"Victory is addictive, guys."
This is what Chang Sheng once said to Lazio when he just taught them.
This sentence is also the creed of Lazio team in recent years.
One victory after another and one champion after another will make people addicted and willing to continue to enjoy this feeling and work hard.
All the people left, but more people stayed.
Because they are really addicted.
They are all victory addicts.
However, if the leader of the winning team has lost the feeling of winning, how can he lead the team and the team to continue their struggle for victory if their hearts are no longer full of those wonderful moments and crazy jumps in football matches?
What qualifications does he have to ask his players to work hard in training and play hard on the court?
Why should the phrase "victory is addiction" continue to hang on the locker room wall?
He’s worried
Very worried about this.
If the victory is gone for him, he will lose the motivation to move on.
When work and competition become routine every day-he feels very broken to think that this day will last for decades.
This will make him go from liking football to hating it.
Maybe I feel sick at the sight of football.
Just like batistuta retired and never watched a football game again.
He is worried that he will become like this.
Because he really likes football.
This is his job, but it is also his hobby.
How many people can always do what they like for decades?
If it comes to that, he may have to announce his retirement himself.
After winning all the champions before the age of 40, he suddenly felt that the sport was boring for him and announced his retirement … If he did, it would be the most sensational news in world football …
But he doesn’t want to be such a news person.
Of course, he doesn’t have any actual evidence now. He just thinks it’s too quiet. Will it be a problem?
People get a little suspicious in middle age …

"Not good!"

Chai Tianrong was suddenly frightened, and when the tunnel was not good, he quickly stepped back and made a decision. The People’s Congress shouted, "Withdraw quickly!"
Now two of the ten tigers have died. Although the large array can continue to spread, it is much less powerful, so it will definitely not be the other opponent. This plan has to be withdrawn first!
Retreat to the black fog as soon as you enter here!
Those weapons are very strange, which can make a person’s strength soar after inhalation. Although I know that this situation definitely has a very big sequela, it is very likely that people who inhale the fog will die before long, but now there are still ten tigers left to absorb the fog.
You have to absorb the fog to fight with each other.
Chang Sheng saw Chai Tianrong with a brave and ten tigers left, and ran to catch up with him immediately.
Look, if you can’t beat yourself, you want to run. There is no such thing. None of them want to run today!
Often with a sledgehammer, he quickly chased after the last ten tigers and hit them with a hammer.
Without the help of appearance, ten tigers were smashed by a hammer and their brains split and died instantly.
Chai Tianrong ran frantically in front of the ten tigers, and Chang Sheng behind him attacked them while chasing them.
Finally, when Chai Tianrong and the others ran to the black fog station, there were only six tigers left in the heroic ten tigers.
"Quickly absorbed the fog and killed him!"
Chai Tianrong shouted that there are still six tigers left to form a remnant array, but if they absorb the fog and get stronger quickly, they can still fight each other, but he can’t absorb the fog. For example, they should keep a person awake normally.
Otherwise, in the end, kill each other. Who will take the treasure to Ying Wuhou?
Six people heard Chai Tianrong’s words without hesitation and quickly withdrew from the soldiers who had been wrapped around their bodies.
Instantly thick black fog drifted away.
"Depend! I thought these guys were trying to run! After a long time, I turned out to be here to suck black fog! "
Chang Sheng chased after the six people from the rear and saw that their faces changed greatly. This black fog is really strange. It turns out that there are congenital people who have absorbed the black fog and those who practice it have gone against the sky.
These six people have absorbed the black fog and how can they go against the sky!
It’s so-called if it’s normal to go against the sky, but the problem is that these six people are all brave and one of the ten tigers is not a genius.
Six geniuses go against the sky, and they can also be deployed, and there is a super genius behind them to practice! This is in big trouble! We can’t let them just suck the black fog!
Chang Sheng instantly killed the past and hit one person with a heavy hammer while absorbing the black fog.
As the sledgehammer fell, suddenly thick black fog came from nearby and wrapped the sledgehammer.
"poop-poop …"
Chang Sheng hit the black fog with a hammer and felt that his hammer was like hitting cotton, and the person who absorbed the black fog was even more unscathed with the fog package!
"Depend! This abnormal fog is not allowed to attack when others absorb it! " Changsheng dark scold a show feel the realm of six people rising rapidly.
"Practice gas layer … nine layers … ten layers … half a step against the sky!"
In a moment, six people’s black fog suddenly disappeared, and six people turned to Changsheng with scarlet eyes at the same time.
"Cloth remnant knife array killed him!"
Before Chai Tianrong’s mouth, one of the six people suddenly fell with his words, and six people quickly dispersed around Changsheng to see that their bodies were as fast as ghosts. Obviously, their strength was many times higher than before!
Six tigers shouted at the same time that one or six people attacked Changsheng from six different directions at the same time. Cold knife awns emerged from their long knives, which was different from the former silver knife awns. At this time, their knife awns turned deep black.
Knife mans throughput, it seems, are still devouring everything around.
In a moment, six knife lights flashed from six different directions at an amazing speed.
Chang Sheng’s heart is frightened by six knife mans attacking from different places. It is impossible for him to avoid it. At most, he can avoid one or two of several knife mans!
But for myself, there seems to be little difference between one or two heels. Anyway, my body is strong enough and I have a broken limb to regenerate! At the beginning, the rebirth of the broken limb would have made the transformation of the ancient monty successful. Now the rebirth of the broken limb can have been achieved as long as the head is not smashed like a strong man, so he will never die!
In this case, what are you avoiding?
Changsheng will fuel the body’s soldiers to the extreme, and a more condensed soldier’s gas will pour out from Changsheng. It seems that even the surrounding black fog has retreated!
"Crazy Devil Strikes Five!"
Chang Sheng raised his hammer and smashed it with a tiger directly opposite him. Although the Mad Devil’s Five Strikes is a martial art in the Mad Devil’s Stick Technique, now holding it is a heavy weapon like a hammer and a stick, and its style is somewhat similar.
At that time, the scream blared from the hole, and the cold strong breeze suddenly blew, and the black fog rolled to the other side. The hammer in Changsheng’s hand evaded the other side and drew a huge black virtual shadow with a knife!
The black hammer fell to the ground and shook the earth!
At this moment, the whole cave shook, and a huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground, but everything was one!
Just as Chang Sheng’s first hammer fell at the same time, six black knife mans cut off and cut off.
"Poof …"
Two knife mans crossed the sharp knife mans from Changsheng’s chest and directly tore his chest muscles to reveal a white bone.
A sharp knife went straight through Chang Sheng’s leg.
Almost instantly, six knives and awns crossed Chang Sheng’s thighs, chest, abdomen and arms from different parts …
Chang Sheng ignored his attack and fought back the pain, waving the sledgehammer in his hand crazily.
One hammer falls, the second hammer and the third hammer start one after another. Each hammer is faster than the previous one, and each hammer is heavier than the previous one!