"King Schelling!"

And then went to kill the enemy.
It turns out that these people in gray know Lin Yi’s identity.
Lin Yi suddenly became curious about these people in gray with the word "revenge" written on their chests.
In the face of this group of people in gray attacking chang meng quickly, he screamed and told his men to withdraw. No, he shouted and his hands also wanted to escape.
But they were entangled in these people in gray, and it was hard for them to get out at the moment.
One by one, the northern minions were killed and fell into a pool of blood.
People in gray also suffered casualties.
The man in black who made the double guns saw that the tide had run out, so he quickly withdrew and left. Two men in gray tried to intercept him and were stabbed to death by him.
Lin Yi killed several people and then took Xiaozhu to chang meng.
At the moment, Meng Chang hacked with a big axe and tried to fight his way out. His big axe chopped down a gray man, Lin Yi, and his figure stood in front of him like a phantom of the opera.
Meng Chang frightened and waved an axe to cut Lin Yi, but he was faster and faster. However, Lin Yi’s gun had stabbed the back of his hand, and it was also a hole in the back of his hand. However, Lin Yi’s gun was too strong to pierce the back of his hand, and his gun was too sharp to tear chang meng’s whole hand.
Meng Chang screamed and his axe fell to the ground.
Lin Yi’s gun flashed again and pierced his throat.
Then Lin Yi will pick out chang meng’s body from the gun body.
Chang meng died, and his hands were even more frightened, but they were haunted by those discouraged people, and it was too difficult to get away, and they were killed one by one by the other.
At this time, the haystack in the east came to two extremely tragic howls in a row.
Then panic began to ring.
"The tough god! Tough god … "
Chapter sixty-one The south king war iron magic (2)
Lin Yi was shocked when he heard these fears.
The devil, the iron-faced God, has come!
Lin Yi was very angry at the cruel killing of Shaolin monks by the iron-faced God. Now he wants to see this devil.
Lin Yi held Xiaozhu and swept a haystack.
At the moment, hundreds of people and dozens of haystacks are killing the snow, and the haystacks shuttle out and scream like a devil, and then a few growls like a devil also ring.
Like the real devil riding the snow.
Then a few creepy screams rang out.
Lin Yi, who plundered the haystack, also saw the iron-faced God.
Wearing an iron cover and animal clothes, the iron-faced king is really like a devil.
The iron-faced God came from the southwest. He entered this haystack field and saw the bloody scene of fierce fighting between the two sides. Suddenly, he became very excited.

It’s like a whale in To Hoai. She got it back.

This semi-permanent frame should be engraved on Zhou Shiyu’s face. He is the best match.
Of course, it’s more charming when you don’t wear it. You can’t let others see that
"I don’t like to be compared." Zhou Shiyu raised her eyes and locked her eyes.
She swam her hand to Taba and lifted his jaw. "Well, I won’t have this chance after that."
Zhou Shiyu leaned over. "Moving that day?"
"You can talk late if you want," Fu Jingyun said to him.
Zhou Shiyu nodded "OK, move now"
"Well, you have to work tomorrow. Don’t be too tired. People have already moved in. Don’t worry about those things." Fu Jingyun hugged him
Too many emotions take a long time to calm down.
It is the truest thing to feel the big boy in your arms.
He gave her all that alternative sense of security.
She didn’t worry, but he was ready when she turned around.
Zhou Shiyu gave her a hug and went to the bathroom. "Take a shower first and I’ll get you a set of my pajamas."
Fu Jingyun’s eyes are swollen. She just cried and hurt. She can see clearly in the mirror, but there is a room full of things she is familiar with. She doesn’t have to worry about it.
As Zhou Shiyu said, toothpaste is the toothbrush she often uses, and the one she bought is a couple’s model. She bought it for Zhou Shiyu before, and she also likes shower gel and shampoo brand makeup remover. He simply copied the things in her flat floor.
She couldn’t help laughing. "What a sweet brother."
Although she had a fight with her family, she felt more comfortable than ever. From today, she is her own Fu Jingyun, not Zhou Shiyu Fu Jingyun. She didn’t want to take it off.
This night is cool and mixed with warmth.
Fu Jingxiao came home from my old house and Xu Jinyan was still waiting for him in the living room.
"Haven’t you slept yet?" Fu Jingxiao asked her
Xu Jin inkstone pointed to the packing box on the table. "Well, I’m waiting for someone to eat supper."
"You didn’t eat?" It’s a while before dinner now, and she packed it in a hurry and came back. After all, no one ate it.
"Waiting for you," Xu Jinyan called him to come over. "I went to the microwave to heat it up. I also ordered sugar water just together."
Fu Jingxiao sat down on the sofa with some difficulty, and he was depressed because Fu Jingyun and his way back, and he had been thinking about it all the time.
He can insist on his own opinion and want to be so happy with her, but for her, she hopes that everyone should bless him, but his family parents insist on their own opinions, which is very difficult.
"What’s wrong with your frown?" Xu Jin inkstone put the hot packing box on the tea table, and was busy holding his earlobe to prevent himself from being scalded.
Fu Jingxiao just swayed and came over to put the packing box with her. "I have kept you waiting for too long."
"I have eaten in the store soon," Xu Jinyan explained when he saw him blaming himself. "By the way, is Sister Jing Yun okay?"
Fu Jingxiao shook his head "Nothing has been solved"
"That’s good." In fact, Xu Jinyan doesn’t know what it is. He doesn’t say anything about their family, and she doesn’t ask, just like herself.
Give each other enough.
She sat on the floor with a meat crab pot and began to eat
Fu Jingxiao smiled from the sofa to accompany her to sit on the carpet.
"My sister and Lao Zhou were found at home, and they didn’t agree." Fu Jingxiao said to Xu Jinyan while eating.
He wanted to tell her something and let her not have so much pressure.
"Then I have a balance in my heart. You see, even such an excellent person as Dr. Zhou will be disagreed and we will become natural." Xu Jinyan laughed and broke the silence.
She tried to make him feel better in her own way.
Because you are familiar and aware enough, you will want to get what the other person thinks.
"Who says you are better than Lao Zhou? My girlfriend is so powerful. What’s not so good?" Fu Jingxiao smiled and wanted to touch her face.
As a result, she hid in disgust. "Your paws are all soy sauce and you want to touch me. It’s so dirty. What’s the principle of cleanliness, General Fu?"
"Anyway, it’s in your face, not mine." His trick failed, so he took it back and continued to eat crabs.
Xu Jinyan snorted "you big bad guy"
Chapter seven hundred Are you inseparable?
"What shall we do?" Xu Jinyan returned to the topic, "They won’t be forced to break up, will they?"
Fu Jingxiao said, "If they force you to break up with me, do you care?"
"Does that depend on the conditions? Generally speaking, it depends on how much money is given to the drama festival. If you are in this position, you may have to attach several suites. If you have a house and give money in an inch of land, you say that you can support several generations, at least three generations?" Xu Jin’s inkstone mouth was still stained with crab broth, and her dark eyes kept wandering around as if she could see her hugging a calculator and pressing numbers on the surface.
After all, she is studying science, and she is very sensitive to numbers.
He said, "I’m not that valuable. You don’t want to."
"It’s not very cost-effective. If we can buy out Qian Shengqian at one time, I can get some interest at most. It’s not cost-effective." Xu Jinyan sucked a crab’s foot. "Crabs are delicious."
Fu Jingxiao has no choice but to take her.
She won’t just let him feel relieved in this way. "Then how much will it cost to give Dr. Zhou?"
"Lao Zhou is not a financial fan," Fu Jingxiao emphasized.
"How can Dr. Zhou be moved by money when he is so upright and upright?" Xu Jinyan’s admiration for Zhou Shiyu is really blind.
Is it an idol after all?

He scanned four people and one beast. "Have you followed me for so long? What do you want to do? "

"Lu Xiaoyou misunderstood that we were not good anecdotes all the way. I want to meet Xia Guoxin’s rising young hero."
Her life changed the name of young Yingjie with a smile and added the word "Xia Guo" before a word.
This move made Wu Wanggu Jiang Dali very dissatisfied. "I said that the old man Ji wanted to face the face and laid the foundation. Is it your Xia nationality?"
Wuwanggu does not accept the jurisdiction of Daxia State, but that area has always been the actual field of their autonomy, and it is not a problem for all families to be able to rival Daxia State and subvert this country.
Because Xia Guo, despite occupying a large territory, has no other forces, has a deep foundation and is far from training talents. Even ordinary people can always produce some good seedlings in a vast territory.
"Brother Wu Wanggu said that Duke Lu was not a human being, and he had to decide for himself where he wanted to go."
Ye Linger smiled and looked charming at Lu Chen. "To put it bluntly, we all want to attract Liu Gong Xueyue Summit, which is a good choice. I believe that the LU Association likes us there."
Before Lu Chen could answer the dragon, he said, "Although the seat is not terran, it is not appropriate to recognize the snowy moon peak. After all, most of your female brothers’ secret skills are sent by female terrans."
Ye Linger face smile disappeared for a moment and looked at the dragon "oh? Then what can the Gulong Cave bring him? And black dumpling king, didn’t you just say you came to see it? "
Black dumpling Wang lung must tremble and finally retreat three zhangs without saying a word.
It’s hard for them to compete with the Terrans, but they retreat not because they are afraid of this woman, but because they are forced to retreat by the eyes of Wushen Mountain.
"Needless to say, Liu Chen will come back with me."
Tian-nan lu light way seems to be the root will field four people look at him.
"Lu Tiannan, have you passed?"
Her life looked gloomy. "This is our young people born and raised in Xia Guo, and we have the priority to talents according to the previous agreement."
Ye Linger also chuckled, "Can you really hit our department?"
Wu Wanggu Jiang Dali scratched his head "just to see what Lu Gong said."
Lu Tiannan didn’t look at him. Several influential people looked at Lu Chen. "Believe me, the mighty mountain is where you should go, or you won’t live for 200 years."
Lu Chenrao looked at this scene with interest and smiled at the corners of his mouth. "You guys are robbing goods here?"
He budo eye scanning four people black dumpling king has withdrawn from this day, obviously, Gu Long Cave really came to the theatre without any hope.
Lu Chen grinned with a white tooth. "I’m curious now. Shouldn’t I be a strong man to show my strength?"
When regicide appeared in his hands, the mysterious blood boiled, and the clouds in the sky were violent.
Lu Chen tilted his head. "Are you … too weak?"
A few people did not show anger because of Lu Chen’s words, and they all looked calm.
Her life felt a flash of shock in Liu Chen’s eyes. "I think the royal family has enough sincerity to believe that the old Ji family will give you the greatest resource inclination."
"There is always something you like in Xueyuefeng, and the sisters will take good care of you."
Leaf shine laughed
Liu Chen didn’t wait for Jiang Dali and Lu Tiannan to "be sincere?" You mean you’ve been stalking me and observing me? I think you will come to me fair and square to talk about why you are afraid that the quality of the goods is not good and you want to inspect the goods beforehand? "
With that, Emperor Wudi roared like a thunderbolt through the running body, and cut it out in all directions.
Except Lu Tiannan, the three men were frightened and hurriedly used the achievement method or hermetic technique to resist, but they were still repelled and their clothes were damaged thousands of miles away.
Lu Chen looked at the field with only one person left. Lu Tiannan moved back three feet with a deep red pike.
"What’s the reason for your accomplishment?"
Lu Tiannan stood with a gun and asked
"Can’t you create it yourself?"
Lu Chen’s explanation of the source of the method of covering the sky is of course, and he can also feel that the differences in the methods practiced by newcomers today are similar in strength.
Lu Tiannan is obviously better, otherwise he will not easily block himself.
"It turns out that Wushan Mountain is more sincere. I’m not here for inspection. I’m ordered to take you back. I just arrived."
Lu Tiannan light way
"Was ordered? By whom? "
Liu Chen wondered that when he talked with Chuhang before, he had probably learned about the level of combat power in this era. Although his current strength is strong, it is only the middle level, but it is by no means the top strong.
At this level, he thinks that there are few ten thousand people in such forces as Wushan Mountain who rarely walk around the world. I’m afraid the real big man has reached the order field and should not be so concerned about an atavist.
It is said that the atavism is just a mysterious blood lineage at the beginning, but even the later SHEN WOO Empire has a secret medicine that can continuously strengthen the secret blood warrior lineage. It is impossible for Wushen Mountain to have no corresponding means
He has a vague understanding of the so-called atavistes in Wushen Mountain, but many atavistes represent a high starting point, which does not mean that he can become a very strong person in this world.
"Elder, he wants to meet you and ask you something."
Lu Tiannan sounded dull and the three people in the distance did not return after adjusting their breath.
When they recede, they can also feel that their own forces invited the wrong people and should not let them come.
Lu Chen is much better than expected, not an atavist with blood power, but a master who has already practiced the body-building method.
As Lu Chen said, they should come to show their strength, but what is there to talk about when they are forced to retreat by a young man?
"Why doesn’t he come in person?"

Zhuang Qingqing was shocked by the drama, and his heart hung up again. He cried sharply, "Don’t mistake your husband for trouble."

Her wedding day was supposed to be the happiest, but it turned out to be a joke.
Full of beautiful things without looking at her, approaching Duguye step by step, blocking the front, Zhuang didn’t want to retreat, but her imposing manner was terrible. After that, she killed all those who stood in the way.
Zhuang involuntarily retreated, but soon realized that something was wrong and froze.
Who the hell is this woman? A momentum is stronger than him.
Full of beautiful roots ignored his eyes and stared at Duguye greedily.
For three years, I spent several times in my thoughts every day, day and night, praying to heaven for him to come back, and she was willing to exchange her life.
He is the most beloved person in her life, her spiritual pillar and the source of love.
There are a thousand words to say and a few thoughts to talk about, but when I saw him red and happy, his face sank. "What are you doing here?"
It’s hateful not to go home and fool around outside!
Duguye looks dull. She’s so beautiful, and her eyes are so beautiful.
"What did you say?"
Full of beautiful things, full of grievances, slap in the past and pat him on the chest "pa"
Duguye can flash, but I don’t know how to avoid seeing her wronged expression.
She has no strength, but it doesn’t really hurt, but she feels hot when she touches the place, and he is uncomfortable all over.
He didn’t dial her hand, and they stared at each other very closely.
There is resentment, anger and sadness in her eyes, but more is her heart.
His eyes are vacant, uneasy and confused.
His reflection is faintly visible in her bright eyes!
His heart thumped and jumped wildly, jumping wildly and jumping in the wrong direction
Look at each other in pairs, but forget the people around you.
There is a strange atmosphere in the air, which seems blurred and ambiguous.
However, no population has broken the current maze. Handsome men and beautiful women look at each other affectionately. The picture is too beautiful, as if they were born so close.
Zhuang Qingqing endured it and couldn’t help it any longer. She lifted the red veil to reveal her gorgeous face.
When she saw this scene, she was jealous and went crazy.
"Are you crazy? Why do you hit people? Come and get rid of her. "
Her distorted voice is sharp, high-pitched and particularly harsh.
Anyone who sees his fiance having an affair with another woman can’t stand it.
Before the banker obeyed, he was stopped by the guards around him.
Lin Linggen ignored others, and she couldn’t get enough of Du Guye.
He has lost weight, his brow is a little more depressed, his eyes are much colder, but he is still the man she loves deeply.
"You promised me that I would never have second thoughts in my life, but now you want to marry another woman? Are you worthy of me? "
Du Guye violently tried to explain and defend in his heart, but his mouth changed. "I don’t know you."
Zhuang Qingqing’s eyes lit up. "If you hear that you don’t know you, you can go to the small hall but don’t pester my husband."
Full of beautiful eyes a cold made a gesture, someone immediately start work "snapped".
Zhuang Qingqing slapped two people on the spot, and the whole people were forced.
She is the only heiress of Snow Mountain Villa, and she is used to being held high.

Chapter one thousand seven hundred and thirty Protoss invasion

Su Mo and Long Huang ran all the way towards the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor to kill the past.
The two emperors of the Ghost Witch originally galloped in one direction, but when they fled to the northern border, the two emperors split into two directions and fled separately!
The ghost witch emperor’s eyes flashed with malice and madness and galloped all the way towards Zhongzhou witch habitat.
At the same time, the ghost witch emperor pulled out a symbol from the bag and tore it directly!
It’s done. He has no choice.
We must inform the witch family to prepare to sacrifice the last card of the witch family!
And the shadow emperor did not flee to his ancestral land.
He hesitated a little, but turned around and ran away towards the Kunlun market in the west!
Shadow Emperor’s idea is simple.
If he fled to the ancestral land, he will inevitably lead the wild arms to those Luo Cha families who will keep their ancestors then!
And he chose to flee to Kunlun market to fight for his life with wild weapons!
There is an avatar forbidden zone in Kunlun market. If you die, you will die together!
Su Mo saw that the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor were divided into two directions. He hesitated a little and decided to let Long Huang go after the ghost witch emperor.
The direction of the ghost witch emperor is obviously the ancestral land of the witch family.
The ghost witch emperor returned to his ancestral land and didn’t know what else to do and kill him.
Wuzu specializes in Yuanshen.
However, the dragon and phoenix have a blazing ball of light to protect the witch clan, and it is difficult to do any harm to the dragon and phoenix!
Violet is relatively weak in this respect.
On the other hand, the two identities are also divided into their own pursuit of the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor
Su Mo releases all the mysterious methods of escaping, flying behind him, taking a long walk, and the explosion speed of the golden wind and thunder temple reaches its extreme, and the whole person becomes an inch of instant Wan Li!
But even so, he managed to shorten the distance between the emperor and the shadow.
There is a violent vibration in the extreme west!
The whole Kunlun Ruins generate has a series of blazing golden lights that seem to break the sky!
This force fluctuated more and more violently and spread to the whole wild continent, four domains, three seas and one continent, all of which were induced!
The three oceans set off heavy waves!
Killing and fighting in the northern border, all kinds of creatures are also surprised and indecisive.
There are some strong protoss looking thoughtfully at the golden light in the far west.
Some protoss emperors seem to have thought of something, and their eyes are full of excitement!
Su Mo stopped and looked at the extreme west and looked dignified.
There was an accident!
If what he expected is good, the movement from the west should come from that colorful cave!
Protoss invasion!
I didn’t expect the protoss to invade the wild mainland with this critical head!
Normally, the Kunlun market has an avatar forbidden area, even if the protoss invades the most, that is, it is a threat to Sumo today.

Friar’s flesh and blood contaminated by this colorful glow will instantly condense into crystals, just like ice.

A light touch will blow it to pieces!
Most horoscopes will break on the spot if they are shrouded in colorful glow.
It’s hard to be lucky to be extremely clever!
Weigh that divine light proves the pow of this ancient vision!
Great power and mighty ghosts and gods change things!
Normally, even pure blood fierce beasts can’t resist the glass divine war!
But Su Mo’s cultivation is the secret code of the Wild Lich King.
This is the root that Butterfly Moon left for him in the future and the cornerstone for him to step into the field!
It is precisely because of this demon code that Su Mo was able to push many Tianjiao war seals across the Ren Huang Temple and finally entered the Ren Huang Temple.
Su Mo has just condensed out Dan, but the secret place of the Wild Lich King has already been revealed.
These seven ancient great demons are surrounded by crimson demon spirit, and they are surging and rolling with great intensity.
There is a contact and collision between the demon spirit and the glazed divine light.
Hey, hey!
There was a penetrating noise in the center of the battlefield.
Two completely different forces are eroding each other!
Spread in the virtual, waves of terrorist forces fluctuate.
TaBaFeng, Mu Shuang and others look big and hurriedly pull back.
There are some monks who can’t dodge, and they are burst by these two forces, and the flesh bursts on the spot and disappears!
The center of the battlefield is in a forbidden area because of the struggle between two ubers!
The roar of the seven ancient great demons was deafening.
A little closer to the monk was directly stunned on the spot.
There’s a ferocious roll, and there’s a monstrous seven ancient monsters, with their jaws open and their teeth dripping with sticky saliva, devouring the past towards Xiya!
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Qicai Xiaguang generate
Xiya’s body is like glass, and the body is transparent. Being in the sun is like the scorching sun!
The glowing rays are as sharp as a sword.
Ten thousand swords penetrate many monsters and cut the seven ancient monsters black and blue!
Su Mo was surrounded by a lot of weak spirits.
After all, the struggle between the two ubers is that Xiya has occupied the wind!
Anyway, Xiya is then dzogchen.
Su Mo is Dan Chucheng.
The first real person in the northern region felt this subtle change in the situation, and Xi Yagen would not miss such an opportunity.
Xiya drinks a lot, and the momentum is even stronger. The hands of the glazed gods slowly condense to form a crystal clear long knife!
"Give me a chop!"
Accompanied by Xiya’s fierce drinking of coloured glaze, the long knife cut Su Mo’s front, and there was a surge of need to directly chop the head of the wild ox demon king!
There’s a point in the darkness.
"Cut again!"
Xi ya drinks heavily and is imposing.
Stone bear lich king’s body was directly cut into two pieces and dissipated.
There is a gloom again.

I just knocked on the door and said, "I don’t think you are my friend."

Mark ha ha a smile!
But she led Debbie into the room without diagnosis.
The layout of Jonas House is exactly the same as that of Mark House, and it is a pattern of two rooms and one living room.
Not long!
Sitting on the sofa with a bad face, Jonas glanced at the wine cabinet in the main room and picked and picked Mark’s face was even darker. "Damn it, isn’t there any wine in your room?"
Mark said without looking back, "Let’s get rid of the wine in my room now. I’m afraid I’ll leave the name of the director in charge of New York State as an alcoholic."
"Just come!" Jonas was angry. "Once you went to my house, two cases of Evelyn were missing from my wine cellar to buy me a wave of wine."
Mark found out that the appearance and color of a bottle were all selected by Bo and smiled slightly. "Evelyn gave it to me. You can’t blame me!" "
"Damn it, I should have taken out my shotgun!"
"But you didn’t!"
Mark laughed and took two glasses and sat down on the sofa. "It’s not a good habit for old friends to always miss the past when they meet. We should watch them first!" "
"… hehe!" Jonas laughs but not laughs!
But in ten minutes!
Drunk Jonas hooked Mark’s shoulder and took out his cell phone to order a photo. He said proudly to Mark, "Look at Evelyn and my granddaughter who was just born last year!"
Mark took a sip of the wave and looked at the photo without paying attention to the blonde next to him. The mother and daughter smiled and said, "It’s beautiful!" "
"I think so!" Jonas said!
Mark glanced at his face and turned red, just like a monkey’s ass, Jonas.
Not a sigh!
When I first met Jonas, Mark drank Jonas directly and lay on the lawn for the night.
I have made great progress for so many years.
Who knows …
Jonas’s blonde eyes are eating people. Mark and Debbie are out of the room, lying on the sofa and sleeping soundly.
"rude!" Mark turned his head and glanced at the door and left the pie mouth.
It’s even more right to let Debbie next to you directly!
Good half-day!
As she walked towards the stairway, Debbie asked curiously, "Just come to Jonas and get him drunk?"
Mark laughed and took out his mobile phone and handed it to Debbie. It seemed that he had thought of something interesting, so he said, "Guess how much I can get from Jonas with this video."
Debbie looked puzzled at the video playing inside and asked, "We didn’t see you take out your mobile phone."
Mark picked up the phone, took the first button of his shirt and threw it to Debbie. He simply said, "The latest CIA technology, the Bluetooth button camera, damaged the high-definition picture …"
With a look of shock, Debbie Mark walked straight into the elevator!
When I stepped on the stairs, Mark said, "I’m going out for a walk. People come to me and say no!"
Debbie "…"
In an hour!
Mark was generous enough to give Franklin a taxi and put away his wallet.
My eyes fell on the signboard of a restaurant across the street!
Dolome’s restaurant!
Mark couldn’t help laughing when his eyes fell on someone sitting on a bar stool and eating something!
When that hospitable taxi drive heard Mark’s destination when he first came here.
Just look frightened and full of sincerity and tell Mark never to order the unique tuna sandwich in this restaurant!
Eating it will doubt life!
Just as Mark was crossing the street, Yu Guang suddenly saw a muscle car circling around the restaurant door, and some guys were pointing at Brian in the restaurant!
Then a few people surrounded and went in!
Thought for a moment!
Mark simply lit himself a cigarette by leaning against a big tree next to him.
Meimei drew up!
When a cigarette is about to run out
A swearing sound came instantly!
A man staring at the head of a chicken coop just glanced at Brian and said, "Try a hamburger with double cheese and French fries from heaven, you faggot!" "
"I like tuna sandwich here!" Brian turned around and said directly!
"Who are you kidding?" Jiwo man quickened his pace and chased him and said, "No one likes tuna sandwich here!"
"I like it!" Brian said so!
One second!
Mark saw Brian directly given a suppressed red pickup truck by the henhouse man!
Mark can’t help but look at his eyebrows and turn around directly. Brian, a crisp left fist with a heavy swing in the henhouse, faces.
Mark didn’t applaud.
Mark couldn’t bear to close his eyes directly!

"Hey, hey, now I’m practicing this evil corpse mountain range for a month, and this base has a harvest every day." Muttered Han Chen looked at the more than 100 animal cores, large and small, and smiled nai.

But at this time, suddenly Han Chen also found that a rather horrible breath was coming towards this side.
"hmm? What’s the matter? " Eyebrows puckered slightly Han Chen quickly got up and looked at a black shadow piercing the sky and immediately appeared Han Chen’s hill.
"Human? Did you kill my black corpse general? " A new breath appeared in front of Han Chen, and a pair of lux eyes stared at Han Chen like two bells.
"So what?" Corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen looked at the sudden appearance of the shadow in front of him and saw that this figure was filled with black gas and armor, filled with earth breath.
Concentrate on the soul
"Since you killed my black corpse, I will kill you and refine it into a black corpse. My black corpse, General Wang Xin, is a black corpse." The black shadow looked at Han Chen but it seemed that Han Chen would be eaten.
"Ha ha, if you want to kill me, just come" shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen smiled thoughtfully. If you put it before, this black corpse king still has some threats to Han Chen, but now it is a threat.
"Die" seems to have been angered by Han Chen’s words. Generally, Han Chen’s face also has a ponder smile. When his body flashes quickly and hits the black corpse king. Chapter 347 War Black corpse king [seeking gold medal]
Body flashing black body flashing is the appearance of the black corpse king’s front hand suddenly grasping and going to the earth offensive to set off a strong breeze crashing.
"I didn’t expect that you, a mere human being, should cultivate such strength." I felt that Han Chen’s offensive was of the earth, and the black corpse king was also a little surprised. He quickly spread out his palm, filar silk, black vitality and fierce breath, which was taken to the former.
Bang …
Black breath Han Chen slams together. Han Chen’s face hasn’t changed. It’s an attempt to stop the black corpse king from attacking.
"Hum" cold hum a Han Chen horror in my heart. The surface strength of this black corpse king is really severe, and it can suppress Han Chen briefly against this day and place.
"Today, I’ll suck the essence of your blood, and then I’ll let you make a mummy. You can’t beg for death for survival." Han Chen felt queasy because of the foul smell in the mouth of the black corpse king.
"Ha ha, it seems that I can kill you completely today, except for the future trouble." The light sound slowly came to Han Chen’s face, but it was quite a ponder look.
"Drink" lightly, a smile on Han Chen’s face slowly converges and takes its place as a fanatical look.
Bang …
The whole body’s vitality instantly explodes, and Han Chen’s body’s lux vitality is mixed with golden thunder, which gives people a mysterious feeling. The right hand quickly spreads its vitality and gathers to form an illusory lux dragon. The lux dragon roared and slammed into the black corpse king.
"Hum" cold hum that black corpse king also seems to know Han Chen’s fierce dragon palm. Generally, his whole body is also quickly covered up by a touch of painted black corpse gas.
"Black corpse blows" The new sound came from the mouth of the black corpse king, and soon he saw the black smell all over him. Soon a huge mouth with evil corpses appeared on his head, and two new fangs flashed with new cold light.
Looking at the whole body wrapped in black gas, the illusory evil corpse Han Chen’s face is also a gathering of vitality in one hand, and soon he quickly put his fingers together.
Nowadays, Han Chen’s display of a finger can be described as handy. Therefore, in a short moment, a thick and vigorous finger appeared in front of Han Chen, and the frightening breath of his finger suddenly spread to make people feel afraid.
Bang …
The corners of the mouth slightly lifted Han Chen’s mind, and the energetic fingers were carrying harsh sounds and screaming at the illusory evil resin.
Snoop …
The imaginary noise of the imaginary evil corpse collided with the finger, but it didn’t ring. At this time, the moonlight enveloped an imaginary finger not far away, and the stalemate in the imaginary evil corpse was also a corrosive sound.
"Huh?" His face changed slightly. Han Chen knew that it was his own attack and was corroded by resin gas. The unreal black resin was formed by resin gas.
"It seems that this guy is not so easy to deal with." He shrugged his shoulders, but Han Chen’s face was worried. Of course, he is now fighting capacity. If he seriously deals with this black corpse king, he can also make a quick decision. But at this time, he is to hone his fighting will and give up the idea of a quick decision.
"Three Thousand Dragon Thunder Boxing of Wushu" whispers a Han Chen in my heart, and it is also to see that his Linxi refers to being blasted inch by inch by an unreal black corpse. The horror ratio is that the unreal evil corpse is slammed against Han Chen, but when the unreal evil corpse is about to appear in front of Han Chen, Han Chen’s body suddenly moves narrowly to avoid the attack of the unreal evil corpse, and he also quickly leans out of his right hand. A dragon with a red breath flashes all over his hand, and a golden thunder appears in his palm. Like earthworms, it keeps drilling into the dragon body to shock people’s energy fluctuations.
Bang …
The dragon slammed into the illusory evil resin, and the evil resin was as fast as porcelain.
"Hum" to see the illusory evil resin disappear Han Chen is also a cool smile. When the mind moves, the dragon is once again screaming at the black resin king.
"Knowing that children are unappreciative" feels that Han Chen’s recruit is of the earth, but the black corpse king is cold and cold, but suddenly he drinks it. Suddenly, his whole body is polluted by thick black sticky substances, and the rancid smell is constantly spreading out, and soon one by one, the ferocious black corpse is forming.
"What is this? Black corpse? " Han Chen’s face remains the same, but it has a bit of shock. These black corpses are more than a dozen, and each force is equivalent to the five realms of soul-condensing.
"Well, in that case, I’ll have fun with you." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and his face suddenly turned cold. A black figure roared out in front of him and appeared on the ground with deep footprints at a steady pace.
Corpse puppet
"In that case, I also don’t mention it. Go to the resin puppet." With a faint smile, Han Chen’s heart is also suddenly fuelling the resin puppet. His face smile is also full of pondering.


meet force with force
The solid ring was half collapsed by powerful forces.
Neither King Jinlun nor Guo Jing retreated.
End of power test
The two are neck and neck.
The first chapter with integrity to diabolical
Guo Jing and King Jinlun both belong to powerful fighters. When they fight, Park Su-hua makes great efforts to sink their fists until the meat makes people feel excited.
The solid challenge ring was completely collapsed after being bombarded several times by Guo Jing and King Jinlun.
The spectators of all the major factions are frightened. It is good to have Guo Daxia in the Great Song Dynasty. Otherwise, if they meet this Mongolian Golden Wheel Buddhist, even if they are together, they may not be rivals.
It seems that Guo Daxia’s "the first day" is indeed a real name.
The people sitting on the high platform are very nervous except the two great masters Chen Yan and Siba, even Li Zhe is no exception.
Li Zhe heart andao "The Golden Wheel French King is really fierce. He was not so strong in those days. Now the odds of me and the Golden Wheel French King fighting alone are less than four achievements. It is very difficult for Guo Daxia to win. The whole Song Wulin can stabilize the Golden Wheel French King. Maybe there is a gentleman."
Huang Rong looked a little worried. She was worried that Guo Jing would be injured in Guo Jing, and it didn’t matter if he could win Huang Rong in the end.
Anyway, in the Wulin of the Great Song Dynasty, there is Yan Yan who can’t stand the sky.
True brothers have the most complicated expressions.
You know, true religion is the first family in the world, and its prestige and power are even better than Shaolin Temple and Beggars’ Sect.
But that was before.
After Wang Zhongyang died, Shinrikyo went uphill.
Now really teach the real strong to have a Zhou Botong.
Zhou Botong knows how to play.
It’s a master in the true seven rivers and lakes, but compared with Guo Jing Jinlun French King, the gap is not a packet.
The little dragon girl went out of the tomb for the first time, and this time she came to attend the Wulin Congress to gain a little knowledge. Yang Guo gave her health care guidance very early.
Xiao Long’s female sexual purity and lack of desire are unusually calm, and Gu Jing is very suitable for practicing Chen Yan’s health guidance.
Her skill is better than that of Li Mochou in those days. Many little dragon girls have taken health promotion as their major achievement method. She thinks this achievement method is even more powerful than the Jade Girl Heart Sutra.
Yang Guo stared intently at Guo Jing’s contest with King Jinlun.
The little dragon girl said, "If you practice hard in the future, you will definitely reach the level of your uncle Guo."
Yang Guo nodded. "Aunt said that we don’t lack achievement methods. When we have enough, we can definitely be as strong as Guo Bobo and them."
Guo Jing and King Jinlun once again slapped each other.
Two people back a few steps at the same time.
King Jinlun said, "Guo Daxia’s fierce and overbearing reputation is worthy of the name, but it is a bit impossible to beat the Buddhist."
Guo Jing said seriously, "Guo Mopei, the martial arts master, although I can’t win the national master, the national master can’t win me either. Why don’t we call this game a draw?"
It must be a lose-lose result to keep calling.
Guo Jing didn’t expect such a result. He would win, but he didn’t expect to underestimate the Golden Wheel French King.
King Jinlun said with a smile, "Guo Daxia joked that there is always a winner to win a contest. Can he give up because his opponent’s skill is equal to his own? That’s not really Mushatokoro. "

Nalan Yin Ying also knows the characteristics of the grass mud horse. At first, riding on the back of Situhao’s magic grass mud horse still felt more surprised. However, the more she went forward, the more she felt that something was wrong, the hotter and hotter her body became, the heavier her face became, and the blush became more and more intense. After more than ten days, Situhao’s husband and wife’s life had made her know this knowledge very well. After walking forward for less than two miles, Cheng Nalan Yin Ying could not bear it.

Hao, come back to me quickly. I really want Nalan Yin to jump from the back of the grass mud horse and gasped and shouted.
Situhao almost didn’t refuse to such a request. He immediately turned himself back. He immediately turned himself back. Instantly Nalan Yin couldn’t resist his impulse and directly slammed Situhao to the ground. Chapter 7 was exhausted and 1 was more.
This time, Nalan’s marriage has been completely aroused by the special smell of grass mud horse. Compared with Situhao, she is even more urgent. She directly took the initiative after pressing Situhao to the ground.
She pulled out Situhao’s pants as quickly as possible, and then took off her pants, so Xiao Hao directly found her sister and arranged herself. Sitting in Situhao’s body, rubbing her chest with her hands, the body was constantly crazy, which made Situhao crazy, and the two young people went crazy in the jungle.
Mom is worthy of the name of the grass mud horse beast. How long did it take? The peculiar smell of the grass mud horse body made this Xiao Ni completely crazy. I don’t know how many times I am more comfortable than I am stimulating her. It seems that if I meet my favorite beauty, I will directly turn into a grass mud horse beast and stay around her for a while, even if I am indifferent, I am afraid I will become a slut, so the release of my own human impulses will become more thorough.
Situhao thought while enjoying the violent impact of Nalan’s marriage on himself.
And at this time, he also abandoned his desire for another kind of power of grass mud horse beast.
There is also a kind of god beast called Crazy Grass Mud Horse, which is a sixth-order god beast. This kind of god beast does not have strong attack power, and his body is still full of the same breath as Grass Mud Horse, but relatively speaking, Crazy Grass Mud Horse has a stronger breath than Grass Mud Horse and can stimulate biological impulses.
However, this kind of god beast is too strange, even if the willpower is strong, people can’t defend against the breath they breathe, but they can stimulate biological impulses in an instant. Some Weiduofu are extremely disdainful of crazy grass mud horses, and finally they have gathered powerful forces to extinct them, and finally they have become extinct in the fairy land.
What would be the situation if Stuart could turn into this kind of god beast? Thinking about it can make Stuart excited.
Compared with saying that if many martial arts are besieging him, he Li’s impulse will turn into crazy grass mud, and Ma Wu’s impulse will be instantly stimulated to besiege him. There is a uniform match between men and women in Wudang, and the most violent impulse may be released from each other. However, if there is a mismatch between men and women, I am afraid that men will be gay on the spot. If there are many women, they may be grinding bean curd on the spot.
Situhao thought of this, and he couldn’t help but see an evil smile on his face.
Ah, Hao, um, what do you think, huh?
He see SiTuHao face dew than evil smile while SiTuHao body crazy movement and gasped and asked.
No, it’s nothing, honey. Don’t stop
Nalan Yin Ying was attacked by the special smell of grass mud horse. At this time, she was completely immersed in the wonderful feeling. Although she was crazy, she looked very dissolute, but she didn’t feel half tired. Instead, she moved more and more, and her spirit moved more and more. The mental stimulation was more and more cool.
Situhao so quietly lying on the ground, his eyes blurred to see that he was crazy about Nalan’s marriage. This kind of unearned comfort made him completely sink.
This fierce battle lasted for fifty minutes, and it ended with the bursting of Situhao.
Na Lan’s crazy sprint in marriage was rewarded instantly, and she realized that she had worked hard to lie down on Situhao’s body in a fragrant sweat.
Smelling the smell of Nalan’s sweet sweat, Xiao Hao actually grew up magically again. Situ Hao looked at Nalan’s softness in his arms and said, Dear, do you want me to come again?
The grass-mud horse was too strong to stab. Nalan Yin Lan was exhausted at this time, but she was budding in Situ Haoyi’s heart and immediately promised him.
In the light response, due to the expectation in my heart, Situhao sprinted to Nalan, and his eyes were blurred because he was lying on his side, so he looked at Situhao full of expectations.
Situhao, who could stand such stimulation, flung himself on Nalan’s face and suffered a violent impact.
This war lasted for more than an hour before it ended. Even though Situ Hao was wearing a special physique, he was exhausted and lying on his side beside Nalan Yin.
Too much sex is not a good thing.
So they lay down in the jungle. Situhao recovered quickly, but Nalan’s recovery was much slower. She lay down for four or five hours before she got up and got dressed.
At this time, the sun will set in half an hour at most, and the two of them couldn’t help smiling at each other.
Two people wry smile at one another that meaning is quite obvious is that they want to go this jungle again, it is impossible for ten days and a half months.
Do you want to stay here or get this dense forest quickly?
I’m not staying here these days, eating those game. I’m tired of it. It’s your fault that we delayed another day.
SiTuHao slightly one leng bad asked with a smile because of Hao how do you say this?
Well, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid we would have eaten delicious food outside by now.
But I remember you tackled me first.
If you don’t agree, won’t it be all right
If I don’t agree, I’m afraid I’ll be eaten by you
It’s your fault that you’re not good. Xiao Hao always grows up.
Situhao heard that Xiao Ni actually pushed the blame to Xiao Hao, and I couldn’t help itching again. Xiao Ni, don’t stimulate me with words, otherwise I will try again.
Come on, come on, I’m afraid of you. I still have backache. It’s my fault. It’s my fault, right?
Hey, hey, actually, I hope you are often bad and often wrong, so that my little Hao will be happy.
Go to hell.
Let’s go. I’ll get you out of here now. Do you want me to continue to turn into a grass mud horse and a beast to carry you?