Since selling bags to the Qin family, six people have made a lot of money without day or night, but they are also very tired. Qin Lan’s heart looks haggard, and her family, especially her family, is still struggling with Han’s decision not to continue doing this, otherwise the tiredness will outweigh the gains.

Qin Lanxin directly asked Qin Lanbing to temporarily close the restaurant as soon as the bag was sold out in the morning. Han and Qin Lanyue were going to dig wild vegetables, which also stopped Qin Lanxin.
"Big girl, what can I do for you? How to put the restaurant? " Qin Xiangzheng and asaps looked at her puzzled.
Qin Lanxin gathered all her family in the courtyard, and it was cool when the plane tree was blowing with the river wind and in the shade.
"Parents are too tired to sell bags these days. Everyone has a good rest today! The body is a revolution, money can’t be earned, and even the body doesn’t care about the day. Make some bags less, or we’ll hire someone to help make bags. "Qin family has no strong labor, Qin Lan’s strength is strong, and there are eleven-year-old women who are weak and small. It’s no big deal.
"It’s too expensive to hire people, or we’ll do less. You’re all too young to go like this," Han said, looking at the children anxiously
"I can’t make money this day. I can’t make fun of my body, big girl. What do you think? Let me talk about dad and listen to you first!" Qin Xiangzheng looked up at his eldest daughter in a wheelchair. He didn’t help this father. Now this family is supported by Qin Lan’s heart.
"Elder sister, I also listen to you!" Qin Lanyue sitting beside asaps smiled and said
"I also listen!" Qin Lanbing and Qin Lanrui said with the same mouth.
Han also looked at her, smiled and nodded, and her daughter did things with discretion. It must be right to listen to her.
Qin Lan thought for a moment and said, "I think Aunt Deng, Aunt Yu and Sister Miao have been free for a long time, and our three families are close. Why don’t we hire them to help us sell bags?"
"Isn’t it a bit much to hire three big sisters?" Qin Lanyue didn’t think it was necessary to hire so many people to sell bags. It was just a while ago!
Qin Lanxin shook her head and said little. Then she told her family that since making bags at home is so popular, she can go to the dock and sell them by boat or fish lane, so that the demand for bags will become natural and she needs help to make more bags.
However, she also said that this is a temporary idea of her own. In a couple of days, she can go to the dock, boat and fishing lane to try to sell a bag. If there are many buyers, she should hire more people to make more bags.
It was the Qin family who never dreamed that Qin Lan would go out at noon to try to sell bags in the fishing lane. As the evening approached, the shopkeeper Zheng of Li Ji Qianzhuang and the shopkeeper Lin of Li Ji Restaurant personally went to the door with gifts.
After exchanging pleasantries and chatting with each other, the two shopkeepers got down to business with Qin Xiangzheng.
"Brother Qin, let me get this straight. I want to talk about business with your family this time. My old lady likes to eat your Sam Sun Bao very much. I wonder if Brother Qin would like to sell your bag in Li Ji Restaurant?" Li Ji bank Zheng shopkeeper is naturally invited rehmannia looked at Qin Xiangzheng asked.
"Yes, Qin shopkeeper, I have eaten your bag, too. If you sell it in a restaurant, it must be very popular with the guests." Lin shopkeeper has been working in Li Ji restaurant for nearly twenty years, and he knows best about the tastes of the guests.
Qin Xiangzheng was flattered and overwhelmed by the arrival of Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper. Although he was not long at Baishi Wharf, he also knew the Li family’s position in Fujiangkou, and he knew from He Laosi that these two were important people in the fishing lane.
His family didn’t even have a steady heel in this white stone pier, so he let these two "big shots" come to talk business with them with gifts. That’s why people often say that "a big pie fell from the sky" and then it happened to fall into his house.
Zheng shopkeeper found that after he and Lin shopkeeper put the words out, Qin Xiangzheng and asaps were pleasantly surprised. The three children at the door were a little surprised by the girl beside Qin Xiangzheng, and then they were lost in thought, and their brows were slightly wrinkled.
Before coming, the old lady specially told them that it was not Qin Xiangzheng’s husband and wife but their eldest daughter, Qin Lanxin, who really cared about the Qin family. I’m afraid it was only the twelve-year-old Qin parents who finally made up their minds.
"This is your daughter qin girl? I’ve heard your name for a long time. You’re a great girl. Hehe, Miss Qin, would you like to sell this bag to Li Ji Restaurant? " Zheng shopkeeper walked over to see Qin Lan’s heart and asked, but the inquiry and refinement in his eyes made Qin Lan’s heart see clearly.
Supposedly, the Li family is really kind to the Qin family. Now, the two shopkeepers of the Li family are looking for the door and the Qin family is afraid that they also have the intention to help.
However, there are some things that can’t be confused at will, especially if there are too many personal feelings in business, and the two sides can’t be long-term together.
Qin Lan heart smiled and walked leisurely from Qin Xiangzheng to Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper, and then looked up at them with a deep blessing and said gently, "Lan Xin thanked the two shopkeepers for patronizing the Qin family to me, and also thanked the old lady Li’s kindness and kindness, which is my family’s weakness. Xiao Liji Restaurant sends guests to the party every morning and evening. Even this package should not be used, and coarse wild vegetables should not be on the table, but it will pollute the name of Li Ji restaurant."
"Girl, do you disagree?" The shopkeeper Lin was shocked at the bottom of his heart. Qin Lan’s words and deeds really don’t look like a poor woman, and there are some people who can’t figure it out outside the words.
"That’s not such a good thing, but it’s really difficult to catch it if there is a ten thousandth chance. Don’t say that even this wild vegetable should not be used in my family. It is also rare in winter when the fish in the lake is hard to catch. If you buy food and meat to make other stuffing bags, you can’t afford to go according to the present situation of my family." Qin Lan told the truth
She has enough money in her hand to turn around her own restaurant. If she takes over the business roots of Li Ji restaurant, it won’t last for a few days. People’s big restaurants will never give their guests a stuffing or coarse bread!
Hear Qin Lan heart explain Zheng shopkeeper and Lin shopkeeper heart is a loose to her willing to and Li Jiahe.
Lin shopkeeper suddenly looked at Zheng shopkeeper Zheng nodded knowingly at him and then smiled and said to Qin Lanxin, "Miss Qin, I have a legal one here, don’t you think?"
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Chapter 20 Hiring people to help
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"Please say it!" Qin Lan’s attitude is always the same, and there is a slight alienation in gentle respect. This is what experienced and sophisticated businessmen will do. It really shouldn’t appear in a girl who is only twelve years old.
Zheng shopkeeper looked at Qin Lan’s heart and his eyes were more focused, just like in the face of a man who didn’t know all the details and didn’t know that the other party would be like a master of action. Although he was relaxed and pleased, his heart was more cautious.
At the moment, he regards Qin Lanxin as a real businessman, an object he needs to negotiate with.
"What Miss Qin is worried about is that she doesn’t have any revolving silver in her hand. Li Ji Bank can lend you a sum of silver for the time being. Of course, the condition is that your family wants white flour as a package and the stuffing should be mixed with vegetarian food. What do you think of three different stuffing packages for Li Ji Restaurant every day?" The shopkeeper Zheng thinks that Mrs. Li is really prescient, and this method is good for both Qin and Li, and by the way, he sold a favor to the Qin family
"But my family has nothing to mortgage!" Zheng shopkeeper’s proposal is really exciting, but Qin Lan has always believed that "there is no free lunch". The Li family has been doing business for generations, but they are all child prodigies. She doesn’t like to owe more and more.
"Just pay back your land deed and land deed!" Qin’s family has nothing of value, and Zheng’s shopkeeper has asked the old lady Gu for instructions before she came.
"My land title deed is worth twenty taels. This time, I’ll take the secret recipe as collateral. Let’s get an estimate from the shopkeeper Zheng!" Qin Lan heart said with a smile
"Miss Qin, this … I’m not sure!" Zheng shopkeeper dozen careless said
This Qin Lan’s heart is really exquisite. Once the situation turns around, she can’t show the "human" value of the Li family by mortgaging her secret recipe.
If this package doesn’t sell well in Li Ji restaurant, people will not only say that Li family is confused, but also say that Li family is greedy for the secret recipe of Qin family package. After all, this Qin family package is famous in Baishi Wharf, but it is impossible to change places.
If it sells well, others will say that the Li family is stained with Qin Jiaguang and the influence of the Li family restaurant is sure to get louder and louder.
Zheng shopkeeper was vaguely aware that one day, in the eyes of outsiders, Li Jiahe and Qin Jiahe owed Qin family favors instead.
No, maybe all this is just a fantasy. With Qin Lan’s intelligence, she wouldn’t have thought of it. It should be a coincidence, right? !
No matter what Zheng shopkeeper thinks in his heart, the two packages of Li Qin will be closed, and Qin Lan’s heart also quickly estimated the cash flow of a white flour package in his heart.
Next, Qin Lan’s heart came forward and the shopkeeper Zheng and Lin finally finalized the concrete agreement between the two sides, but Qin Lan’s heart came up with the agreement in a short time, which made the two shopkeepers of the Li family marvel at the brevity, clarity and responsibility of the text. It was the first time they heard about it and signed it for the first time.
Zheng shopkeeper gave Qin Lanxin one hundred and twenty pieces of silver on the spot after the signing of the mortgage loan document and the joint document.
The Qin family officially gave Li Ji Restaurant a package seven days later. Before that, Qin Lan wanted to get all the white flour, vegetables, meat, spices, etc. ready, and to rebuild the small kitchen next to the East Room at home. In addition, he had to hire someone to help.
After seeing off the shopkeeper Zheng and the shopkeeper Lin, Qin Lan put Wen Du away and asked Qin Lanbing and Qin Lanyue to invite the Zhang family and Yu’s mother to say that they would all have dinner at Qin’s house tonight.
Qin Lanxin decided to make fried noodles with wild vegetables in the big pot of the restaurant because the restaurant had been waiting for a long time and the cold noodles prepared today were not sold out, and she dug up a lot of wild vegetables in the afternoon.
When Zhang Shuier, Xiang and john young heard that Qin Lan wanted them to go to the Qin family for dinner, they fled to the Qin family, which helped to light the fire and which helped to wash the vegetables, and stared at the Qin family cauldron greedily.
"You children are really shameless and know to come to your sister’s house to eat and drink!" When Deng’s and Yu’s walked in the door, they looked at Zhang Shuier and john young and criticised them.
"Sister Lan Xin said that I have food to eat when I am working, and I help with my work!" Zhang Shuier, hey hey, smile. She’s famous and cheeky.
"Sister-in-law Hong Lian and Sister Yue, please sit in the house when you come. Why haven’t you seen Zhang Dage and Miao Er?" Asaps quickly walked out to meet two people into the house.
Deng’s motioning with his hand found a stool in the courtyard and said with a smile, "Don’t go inside. This courtyard is cooler than the house. Tonight, the moonlight is better. Let’s talk in this courtyard. The child’s father went out to catch fish with Uncle He all day long. He was too tired to get a few money. Miao Er won’t come back until midnight."
"Xiu Yuansao, what do you want us to do?" Yu Shi was washing clothes at home, so Qin Lanbing ran over and called her, saying that Han Shi had something to find her.
Han asked them not to worry about saying that they were inarticulate, and let Qin Lan say to them after dinner.
Just now, when the Qin family went to call someone, Deng’s and Yu’s were still polite when the two children said that eating was polite. I didn’t expect Qin Lanxin to really cook a big pot of fried noodles for two families. They were all very embarrassed.
After the dinner, all three families gathered in the Qin courtyard to enjoy the cool air. Qin Lanxin also told Deng’s, Yu’s and Zhang Miaoer about hiring their bags.
"Aunt, aunt, sister Miao, I really want to ask you to come and help my family. Maybe I can’t give you too much money, but I promise that if the business is good, I will definitely give you a raise. If you are really too busy, are there any honest people who will introduce me to two restaurants in Li Ji? My family is really short of hands." Qin Lan sincerely said to several people.
Yu’s eyes immediately turned red, and some eagerly said, "Lan Xin’s great aunt is willing to work in your home, and it’s not easy for you to make a bag. Just give her 500 pence a month, not one or two."
"Aunt Lan Xin and your sister Miao Er are also willing to pay. Just do what your aunt said and work as a coolie for an old man. It takes 700 pence a month. You tell one or two aunts that you are doing what we do. Your kindness is appreciated. You can invite your aunt and your sister Miao Er to work. This feeling will not be forgotten by the whole family!" It is rare for Deng’s family to speak solemnly and seriously, and the sincerity in his words touched Qin Lan’s heart.
"Red-violet sister-in-law, Xiu Yuanmei, who is in love with you? Let’s not be polite. This salary is what it should be!"
Qin Lan-hsin discussed the matter of wages with asaps and Qin Xiangzheng early in the morning. Now, the Qin family can sell six or seven hundred bags early every day, and some people can sell more than one thousand bags when they are scheduled later. In this way, just packing a month will make a profit.

"eldest brother, why hasn’t this little bitch woken up yet?" It was that girly man who spoke, and he rubbed his nose.

She flung herself at the man’s forehead as if she were dying, and suddenly she felt that she was seeing stars
The man was caught off guard by her, and there was a sharp pain in his forehead. He shook his head and reacted.
See Joe CenZheng side to hand a hook to her whole person with heavy plate is coming.
Qiao Cen back sharp stone to a positive contact, suddenly some twisted with pain.
Before I could react, I saw the man slap a slap in the face. "Bitch, don’t make a toast. If you don’t cooperate with me today, I’ll kill you!"
Joe Cen looked at him without talking and stared at him intensely!
The man tore the tape off her mouth. "I always like to hear you women scream at me!" "
Qiao Cen slapped him in the face and was slapped hard!
Section 56
Luo Jun in the apartment looked at the wall clock at 12: 29.
The horse will be at half past twelve, and the party is not over yet?
It was agreed that Qiao Cen would call her when the party was over, but now … It’s not that Xiao Ni was happy and forgot for a while, is it?
Thinking about Luo Jun’s words that hit Qiao Cen, I thought for a long time but no one answered.
I’ve played several times in a row.
Luo Jun suddenly panicked and thought that nothing would happen. But she quickly denied what she was saying!
Luo Jun didn’t trust him and called Qiao Mubei. Qiao Mubei also waited for a long time to answer the phone.
"Hey, what’s the matter?" Qiao Mu’s northern voice is a little hoarse from fatigue. It sounds strange that he should still be awake.
Luo Yundang couldn’t control so much and asked, "Did you go to the White House today?"
"You know?" Qiao Mubei was a little surprised. Did Qiao Cen tell her?
Yes, he didn’t deny it.
"What about Cencen? Did she go back?"
"I went back after nine o’clock. Why?" Qiao Mubei sat up straight and listened to Luo Jun’s tone. It seems that something is wrong.
"I told her to call me when the party was over. I haven’t received a call until now. Many people haven’t answered you. Are you sure she has gone back?"
Qiao Mubei didn’t speak for a moment before saying, "She’s fine. It shouldn’t be convenient to answer the phone now. Go to sleep first and call me if you have anything."
It’s not good for Luo Jun to be pregnant now, even if Joe Cen really has something to hide from her first.
"Well, then don’t forget."
Two people hung up the words Qiao Mubei dialed HuoYanMing words.
"Hello" soon Huo Yanming sounded faint.
"Did Qiao Cen go back?" Qiao Mu north talk some blunt but also can’t cover up the worry.
In the car, Huo Yanming frowned slightly, holding his mobile phone hand tightly. "What happened when I just got back from a business trip?"
"You are quick to call home and ask her if she has gone back."
Qiao Mubei has hung up before Huo Yanming can speak.
Huo Yanming seems to have a bad feeling in his heart. He just held his horses and called Meng Qing to get the answer, but Joe Cengen didn’t go back
He remembered that today was Miss Bai’s birthday party, and it was precisely because of this five-day business trip that he squeezed into two days, but he still didn’t have time to accompany her to the birthday party.
Qiao Mubei gave Fu Jiang a message again. Fu Jiang was obviously asleep and was awakened by Qiao Mubei. He smelled something "Qiao Cen? She didn’t go back? There was an accident on the road, and her bag stayed up all night. I found the bag and came back to see that she was gone. I was the one who couldn’t wait to go back first … "
Fu Jiang from some remorse, he didn’t expect such a big night Qiao Mubei will make a phone call to ask her about Qiao Cen.
Qiao Mubei’s tone was a little blunt. "I told you to take her home!"
Black Spyker galloped on the highway for half an hour and arrived at Qiao Mubei’s residence.
At that time, Qiao Mubei was watching the White House monitor and saw Huo Yanming turn to look at him.
"I have sent someone to look for it, and there is no news so far."
Huo Yanming nodded and loosened the tie in his neck to watch with him.
There are several policemen in Qiao Mubei’s residence besides himself. No, he didn’t tell Qiao Qiyuan and Shao Ruijun either.
One of the policemen explained, "We have collected the peripheral surveillance of the White House Villa Department. This is when Miss Qiao came out of the White House at 9: 42. It can be seen from the video that Miss Qiao did come out with Mr. Fu, but there was a blind spot without a camera after they came out."
"At 10: 05, Mr. Fu’s car left Baijia Villa, and no one came in and out."
He went on to say, "We surveyed the whole terrain of the White House Villa and found that there are three gates in the White House Villa. Generally, guests come out from the south gate and their location is the north gate, where there are fewer people leaving."
"If Miss Qiao didn’t come out from the north gate, it must have come out from the other two doors, but because the White House has a party today, many people want to find out who Miss Qiao went out from …"
The police didn’t go on, but Qiao Mubei and Huo Yanming knew it.
According to Qiao Cen’s nature, she would never suddenly disappear without warning, so she should have been taken away by someone else!

Wenyi was joking with Bin Chen for a while. I felt my body energy. Peng Pai’s injury recovered strangely. According to his thigh, Lin said thoughtfully, "Although I feel poor in charm, you don’t touch my thigh, so cool, do you? Why don’t you put your hand there? "

Fang Lin’s law of meditation, if you know him well about this exam, you can say that the earth people can surpass him. He comes from the experience of creating the beast White Dragon. Under normal circumstances, Wen Yi and Bin Chen here bring energy back to the earth, but Fang Lin has a faint understanding and feels that it can be tested.
Wen Yi was joking, but the body seemed to have been stabbed through a small hole, and an energy gurgled into it and exclaimed, "Yeah! Fang Lin, what are you doing? "
Fang Lin got up and said with satisfaction, "It’s nothing but helping you double your skill, and you can take it with you when you go back!" "
Wen Yiwen jumped up with five fingers, and sure enough, he found that the magic power of the flame greatly increased, and the pillar of fire in his palm was seven meters high, like fireworks in the first month.
Bin Chen see envy than was about to speak Fang Lin reached out and said to Bin Chen, "Wen Yi likes to relax and hate work, so you don’t have to learn from him and exercise yourself to be valuable."
Looking at Bin Chen a face of wry smile face Fang Lin heart laughed.
At this time, the other E-soil locust has got the trace of Ye Lisha and Lin Yu, and Fang Lin casually released the three-headed one-horned dragon to greet Wenyi and them to ride.
Wenyi was still very happy to finally have his own mount, so he immediately picked a tallest ride.
Fang Lin saw that Bin Chen was still unhappy and comforted and said, "There are many ways to improve strength, but one way to improve the realm is to realize that Wen Yi, a lazy guy, doesn’t want to practice to a higher realm, but it is not a good thing that you still have the opportunity to benefit from external forces to increase aura!"
Bin Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I mean, being angry is worse than being a fat boy like Wen Yi!"
Wen Yi was furious when he heard this, but he didn’t give him the chance to jump. Another one-horned dragon drove the rush to Fang Lin, followed by Wen Yi, who was unwilling to lag behind and also prompted the one-horned dragon.
Finally joined Fang Lin Wenyi and Bin Chen to complete their own assessment, and each friend’s strength has improved, and he is no longer afraid of Warcraft here.
After three people rode in a one-horned dragon, a Qing Juan boy quietly looked at the grass that had just been destroyed by Fang Lin’s landing. The eyes of Dinahus broke out with unprecedented light.
"It’s amazing that the guy can raise his strength to such a high level in such a short time. I must tell him the difference!"
Dinahus stepped off his feet, and soon after he passed by, he suddenly burst into hot golden flames, claiming to be the most outstanding genius of the Yanshi family for thousands of years, and he has also recovered his golden flame power.
The first fatalistic challenge in the seventh century
The first fatalistic challenge in the seventh century
The first fatalistic challenge
Whew! A small animal with six tails was caught by a green light to help it struggle, but it also managed to turn its fate around.
Three-headed one-horned dragon rushes past, and the rider is triumphant Fang Lin. He has arrested four Warcraft head 46 magic-tailed foxes and can apply for the exam.
Wenyi and Bin Chen watched with envy as Fang Lin shot that green light and manipulated the one-horned dragon to move closer to Fang Lin.
"Fang Lin! Don’t forget your brother if you are proud of yourself! We haven’t finished yet! You won’t help either? "
Fang Lingen ignored Wen Yi and complained that "I didn’t bring you a deed! I’ll give each of you a seal. You didn’t take less Warcraft along the way, did you? How can you blame me for your bad luck and not meeting your own Warcraft? "
Wen Yi grumbled and said, "You can seal fifteen heads of Warcraft, many powerful Warcraft, and I can’t accept it. I’m very upset about leaving it for Warcraft. If only you could send me two more."
Bin Chen said nothing as usual. At this moment, another magic-tailed fox appeared. He casually lifted a yellow phosgene and rolled it up. The magic-tailed fox was wrapped away from his wrist. An odd bracelet immediately added a golden fox totem. In addition to this fox totem bracelet, seven images of Warcraft loomed.
"Magic-tailed fox, I also started. In addition to this Warcraft, I’m still short of green rhinoceros Wenyi. Did you catch two heads of Warcraft? You have to work hard! "
"You really piss me off!"
Driving a one-horned dragon all the way, Wen Yi took the lead and became angry.
Fang Lin with Wenyi Bin Chen turned a circle after hunting Warcraft has contacted her to find the magic insect leaves pear sand. The two of them are not very far away. Lin called Wenyi and Bin Chen to join them.
Although there is no Fang Lin around, Ye Lisha and Lin Yu have been helped by Bailong. At this time, several heads of Warcraft have been arrested, but they are worried because Bailong is no longer from Fang Lin.
Fang Lin didn’t command the magic worm to do anything strange, so the two girls didn’t know that Fang Lin had returned. After a few days of tracking, Lin Yu found a reptile nest with a thousand feet lurking outside. Two people were chatting about what happened in recent days.
"Recently, it seems that the number of missing candidates has increased, and many people have suddenly disappeared. Do you think it is Warcraft?"
Lin Yu’s question Ye Lisha hesitated to think before saying, "I don’t think Warcraft is too powerful, but some candidates have great problems. I’m afraid it’s not an accident that we saw the two candidates duel!" I heard that every year there will be some unexplained missing persons in the exam. I am worried that some candidates may not have such a simple purpose! "
Lin Yu’s novel says, "Will they attack each other again?"
Ye Lisha some certainly said, "I think it should be Fang Lin also don’t know what happened? There is no news from Wenyi and Bin Chen. If we could unite together, the situation would be much better. "
Lin Yu’s small nose wrinkled and scoffed. "Wen Yi’s smelly temper is really amazing. Our Kunlun Xiandao disciples are much stronger than them, but we haven’t seen anyone so smelly!"
Ye Lisha couldn’t help but poof bursts into a smile and said, "Wenyi, that guy is really fun. I heard that they got hooked up with Fang Lin, but there are too many differences in ability."
Lin Yu was about to ask about the problem of hooking up with the sky. A rustling sound made the two girls have a tacit understanding and shut up.
A strange creature with a head like an longicorn, a length like a centipede and a length of several meters like a train climbed out of a huge pit on the ground.
"It’s no wonder that the thousand-legged reptile is so huge that it can be rated as level 50 Warcraft."
Lin Yu and Ye Lisha have been lying in ambush on the ground for a long time. They looked at each other together and drank a few black shadow ropes and jumped out of the ground. They firmly tied up the thousand-legged reptile Ye Lisha’s strength to support the magic of Qian Yinshan. Lin Yuze drank a high drink and pumped his right foot hard.
Lin Yu’s nine yuan gong xiu is enough to reach the realm of flesh as steel. Even the rocks with the same volume can break out a gap. Although the crustacean with a thousand feet can’t withstand a deep depression for Lin Yu’s head.
However, such a blow is not enough to make the thousand-legged reptile lose its combat effectiveness. It hurts for a while, and the thousand-legged reptile roars at the sky with its head held high, and its long body swings wildly trying to break free from the shackles of the thousand-yin network.
Ye Lisha’s mana rose to the limit. The forehead has already seen the sweat. Lin Yu saw that he failed to let the millipede lose his resistance. Long and powerful long legs kicked out girls’ natural fear of insects again. Even Lin Yu was no exception. She dared to kick the millipede and let her hand hit it. It was impossible. This also led to Lin Yu’s shrinking hands and binding feet. Some miraculous moves made it impossible to attack.

Huashan Xiaohe Bieyuan

When Sun Zhongshou heard that Yan Li and Liu Fangliang were coming, he said, "I didn’t expect these two to come. I’d better meet them myself. I can’t lose our’ Shan Zong’ statecraft."
Sun Zhongshou and Darren E. Scott and others set up the "Shan Zong" in order to avenge Yuan Chonghuan’s wrongs, but the actual leaders were Sun Zhongshou and Darren E. Scott in Shan Zong and Yuan Chengzhi.
Sun Zhongshou asked Wang Yue after leaving Yuan Chengzhi, "Uncle Wang, Yan Li and Liu Fangliang are really so good?"
Although Yuan Chengzhi’s martial arts are high, his vision is not high. He is a little nervous when he hears Yan Li and Liu Fangliang’s position. After all, they are senior officials in the army of King Chuang, and they are even more popular in front of King Chuang Li Zicheng.
Wang Yue took a look at Yuan Chengzhi and took a sip of tea. In his heart, he still had a high skill in making tea. He felt that making tea by himself didn’t taste right.
"What’s so great about it?" Wang Yue smiled. "Yan Li still has a little culture. He is a scholar. I am not very clear about Liu Fangliang. Chengzhi, Yan Li and Liu Fangliang should come here this time to find you. You should take the initiative not to be sold and help the people."
Yuan Chengzhi is the younger generation of Wang Yue, and Yuan Chonghuan has saved Wang Yue’s life. Wang Yue feels that he should wake up at this time.
Sun Zhong Shou came in with two young people.
Wang Yue, the young man in the robe of the scribes, guessed that it should be Yan Li and the other one was Liu Fangliang.
"young master"
Sun Zhongshou said, "These two are Yan Li’s strategist and General Liu Fangliang, and this is our young master Yuan Chengzhi."
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang fuels.
"Yan Li met Shan Zong Shaozhu"
"Liu Fangliang met Shan Zong Shaozhu"
Yuan Chengzhi also said happily, "Yuan Chengzhi has seen Li Junshi and General Liu, but Cheng Zhi admires them."
Wang Yue shook his head secretly. Yuan Chengzhi is still too immature. Just now, I told him that Yan Li and Liu Fangliang are nothing, but now I am still so excited to see these two people.
Darren E. Scott asked, "I don’t know if you two have any insights this time."
Yan Li fuels, saying, "Did you dare to know for a long time that the seclusion and cultivation of Huashan, the young master of Shan Zong, was caused by Master Mu’s refusal to let us bother you?"
Yuan Chengzhi laughed. "It’s very kind of you, Li Junshi."
Yan Li took out a pair of couplets and said, "You laughed at the rough writing and ink."
Playing couplets, Yan Li read, "Huanglong has not smashed Wu Mu, and Han Zuo is waiting for Zhuge Xing to fall."
Wang Yue secretly nodded not to say that couplet is a good word. This Yan Li is not the kui who has won a jury, and he is also very good at flattering. No wonder he can get along well in the Li Zicheng army
Sure enough, Yuan Chengzhi and others were very excited to see this couplet.
Sun Zhongshou said happily, "Well, this is to compare our DuShi to Yue Fei and Zhuge Liang."
Yan Li laughed. "Yuan Dushi is the most admired person. He can compete with Mu Zhuge, but the treacherous court official of the bad king Wu was in power. This made Yuan Dushi wronged and killed Emperor Chongzhen. This is a self-destruction of the Great Wall. I have always wanted to go to Yuan Dushi’s grave to worship, but I failed to do so. I wrote this couplet and gave it to the young master. It is also a long-cherished wish."
Yuan Chengzhi took the elegiac couplet and thanked him, "Li Junshi, you are really my father’s bosom friend."
Wang Yue sighed and said, "Okay, okay, let’s get down to business. Don’t be so sour. It’s all nonsense."
In the clause, Wang Yue was sitting alone, but everyone else got up to meet Yan Li and Liu Fangliang.
Yan Li now noticed Wang Yue sitting behind Yuan Chengzhi.
"I wonder who this is?" Yan Li doubt way
Yuan Chengzhi laughed. "Oh, this is my uncle Wang Yue."
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang exclaimed "Ah".
This young man is the king who wants to recruit "imperial doctors"?
Wang Yue’s reputation as an "imperial doctor" shocked the world, but not many people have seen Wang Yue. It is easy for Wang Yue to go out to treat those landlords and rich people.
The average person’s consciousness is that the imperial doctors are all sage like type and white-haired. Wang Yue, a teenager, and the "imperial doctor" are too out of touch.
Now Yan Li and Liu Fangliang saw Wang Yue’s natural surprise ratio.
"seen the imperial doctor"
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang quickly salute fuels.
Wang Yue waved his hand and said, "Don’t bother offering imperial doctors? You flatter me too much. I just know some medical skills. Hehe, sit down and don’t do it. "
Although Wang Yue is an "imperial doctor", he still knows how to be modest.
Everyone sat down and Yan Li said, "You should know that the army of King Chuang is now defeated by the army in Shaanxi area, and tens of thousands of them will be wiped out cleanly. King Chuang will soon head east for the capital. Wouldn’t it be even more powerful if you could get help from Shan Zong? You can’t worry about big things. "
Yan Li also said to Wang Yue, "I hope that the imperial doctor can go to Shaanxi to treat the king and the army. Yan Li is grateful."
When Yuan Chengzhi heard that King Chuang was injured, he was anxious and said, "Uncle Wang, you promised."
"Huh?" Wang Yue stared at Yuan Chengzhi.
"Li Junshi, I Wang Yue, who is not from Shan Zong, is not qualified to ask you." Wang Yue looked at Yan Li and said faintly, "But after all, my Wang Yue’s life was saved by Inspector Yuan, and now I am an uncle in Yuan Chengzhi. Can I ask you a few questions?"
Yan Li nods "imperial doctor, please".
Wang Yue asked with a smile, "Shan Zong can help King Chuang take the capital, and when the time comes, you will be God. When you go overseas, Jin Dalai will look after the Central Plains, and you will be like the enemy?"
"Rebellion throughout the ages is all in the name of saving the people from heaven and saving the people from heaven. So is Chen Sheng and Wu Guang. So is the opening angle."

"I didn’t mean that." I quickly explained that King Kong Gun was in a rage at the moment and I shouldn’t have stimulated him.

King Kong Gun gave me a bad look and turned around and walked into the card. I frowned and hesitated for a moment, but I decided to follow him. Although King Kong Gun could observe the breath of the red macaque, he had to go through a period of time when he was extremely vulnerable to attack. I can’t let him be in danger.
"Xiao Jiu, I’ll go and see him." Mu Zhuifeng naturally doesn’t trust reckless King Kong cannons.
"I’d better go. You and Ye Aofeng wait outside. It will teleport spells. It doesn’t necessarily come out from the door. When we come out, we will speak first." I stretched out my hand and grabbed Mu Zhuifeng and turned to go in.
When I entered the card, I found that the King Kong cannon was rushing across the mountain peak. He was the first to enter the card. At this moment, I should have found the location of the red macaque.
Running Reiki quickly followed the King Kong cannon to the pool opposite the mountain peak and found that the two bottles of white wine at the pool had disappeared. There was still a little fresh blood left in the place where the white wine was previously placed, which means that the red macaque headed for the white wine.
This scene makes me angry and anxious. It obviously scorns and teases us. It means eating human brains and drinking white wine. What is urgent is that it is good at teleportation and change. If we do this, it will kill us one by one sooner or later.
When King Kong Bao saw me coming in, his face suddenly showed signs of unhappiness, so he ignored me. Instead, he shouted loudly and let the monkey come out and fight with him.
"Are you crazy enough?" I watched the king kong cannon.
"Just now, if it weren’t for my flash, they would have killed me. Isn’t it right to kill the two mercenaries? What did you say when I quarreled with Ye Aofeng? " King Kong cannon hysterically shouted at me.
The words of King Kong Gun immediately made me say that it was his subconscious reaction to kill those two mercenaries who shot at him earlier. When Ye Aofeng satirized him, I didn’t say anything to help him, and I also blamed him for such an excessive move.
"We need him at the moment" I shook my head and sighed.
"Have you forgotten what you said in Li Zicheng’s tomb?" King Kong Cannon twitched his face. "Look at his tone of voice and tone of voice all the way. Let’s go out and kill him. I’ll die if I’ve lived enough anyway. I won’t break into this tomb."
"What the fuck is wrong with me?" I reached out angrily and grabbed the hair of King Kong cannon and pressed his head into the pool. At the moment, I feel aggrieved and dying. It’s you, King Kong, not me. Who am I fighting to the death?
King Kong Gun never thought that I would make a hasty move, and thump, thump, thump and choke two pools. When I saw it, I was afraid that this sunny pool had not been seen for thousands of years, and I quickly pulled him out.
After I dragged the King Kong cannon out, it was not angry but frightened and confused. After looking at me for a moment, it actually reached out and grabbed my hair.
"What do you want?" I glared at the king kong cannon. This guy dared to fight back after a long time.
"Not you look at the water there is something …"
Chapter 5 is costly
"What is it?" I frowned and asked
"Three dragons!" The king kong cannon was frightened.
"Don’t bullshit the horse to find the location of the red macaque." I’m dissatisfied with the fact that this pool is the size of a house and the water depth is less than one meter, not to mention three dragons, but none of them can curl up.
"Look at that," said King Kong Bao, reaching out to pull my hair.
"You want to get back at me?" I’m even more angry. At this time, the situation is quite critical. King Kong Gun is still in the mood to do this.
At this time, two screams came again at the door. I quickly skimmed the king kong cannon and swept it to the door. Sooner or later, these mercenaries would have to die at the hands of this red monkey.
After the scream, there was an urgent gun. Don’t ask, don’t know, everyone has fought back, but the counterattack has not achieved the effect, because I have seen two weak ghosts appear on the left side of the Kari peak, which means that the macaque has killed two mercenaries and escaped back safely.
With two ghosts as reference objects, I immediately turned around to track the head, and the ghost will dissipate quickly after leaving the body, so when I swept near, I was able to judge the specific position of the macaque according to the ghost, but I was glad that although the ghost dissipated, I clearly saw two drops of blood. The head was suspended three feet from the ground, and the two heads were separated by about two feet, so I judged that the macaque should hold the two heads with both hands at this moment.
When the golden opportunity came, I quickly took out my pistol and fired at the center of the two skulls. I chose the position where the two skulls were one foot away. The gun was to hit the macaque’s chest and abdomen as much as possible, and it was very unlikely to hit the macaque’s head. If I could hit its chest and abdomen, it would have achieved the expected goal.
After three shots, the screech came, and at the same time, the macaques with two heads landing disappeared.
"What’s up?" King Kong cannon followed me, turned around and turned my back.
"I hit it." I turned around and said that although I didn’t see its blood, I heard its sound. The red macaque was angry and called for pain. From this, I can be sure that my previous attack has achieved certain results, but I am also more worried about the red macaque’s revenge. If I hurt it, it will definitely take crazy revenge on me, but it will also make it go out to kill those mercenaries who have been frightened.
"Old in the water, there are really three little dragons. They look like small fish on the surface of the water. You can see dragons when you put your head into the water." King Kong Bao shouted at me with an extremely anxious face, saying that he really hoped I could believe him.
"Be careful, it’s around us." I didn’t pick up the words of King Kong cannon and turned to warn him. Although I couldn’t observe the breath of the red macaque, my keen intuition could feel a strong chill around me, which means that the red macaque is hiding around me at the moment and waiting for an opportunity.
"Believe me when you are older!" The king kong cannon kept biting the urgent question.
"I believe you, please find out its location quickly." When I said to King Kong Gun, I was convinced that King Kong Gun was telling the truth at this moment, because this Kari peak came from a pool on the top of a lonely peak in a deep valley, and there should be no swimming fish. Besides, even if there were fish, it would be impossible to live in a dark environment for more than 2,000 years. But I am determined that the first thing to do now is to try my best to kill this red macaque beside the spy.
After watching it for a while, the King Kong cannon suddenly screamed, "Be careful and go out again!"
"Go to the pool!" I didn’t wait for the King Kong cannon to shout, so I jumped at the water pool and swept over. The red macaque came and went to take pictures. Will we go to Shimen for rescue or not? Besides, I doubt that this move is to take us for a walk as a dog, so that we can get tired and wait for an opportunity. Its main goal should be that everything I do is to expose my flaws, so I just don’t take it seriously.
Besides, I was swept away by the water pool because of the king kong cannon. If there are really three little dragons in my water pool, it is natural for the red macaque to guard it here. I will destroy the water pool and rescue Zhao by besieging the state of Wei, forcing it to turn around and stop it.
In the process of forward-grazing, I used the magic trick of resisting air continuously to prevent the red macaque from finding my action track. After several times of flicker, the killer finally came to the pool. At this moment, there was no gun and a tragic cry outside the card. Mu Zhuifeng shouted "Evil animals are presumptuous!" It can be confirmed that the macaque is playing a trick on me. Its target is no longer the harassment of those mercenaries outside, but it distracts my mind so that it can seek revenge.
Backward, quickly draw out the sword, rotate and wave, and make sure that the red macaque is not in front of me. Immediately, the sword is put into the sheath, and the right hand is stretched forward to move the mountain. The waterbending technique is quickly applied to remove the water part in the pool. Who knows, only after the agent finds out that the pool in the pool is far more shallow than it looks, the mountain-moving tactic has removed one half of the pool.
With the decrease of the pool, the situation of the pool changed immediately. The pool that seemed plain before was no longer the scene that the rocks at the bottom of the pool disappeared, but it was replaced by a large piece of green jade. In the previous swimming, several small fish had become three and a half feet long golden baby dragons with four claws on their bellies, but it turned out to be three golden dragon larvae that had not yet reached the five claws.
At this moment, I finally understand what’s going on with this card. The location of the Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum is positive. The isolated solitary peak in this valley does not mean that the mountains border on each other, which makes the aura condense but not leak around. The mountain peak breeds a large area of aura, jade and leisure jade, which is the essence of the land. The rain of the solitary peak is the blood of heaven, and the nourishment of earthworm makes the jade pond pregnant with three golden dragon larvae. This red macaque is waiting for the three golden dragon larvae to be swallowed when the five claws are together, which should rob a golden dragon.
"What are you going to do?" King kong gun swept up and asked.
"These are three golden dragons with five claws, but they died when they were young!" I frown and say
"What’s wrong with dying?" The king kong gun detective grabbed a golden dragon and threw it into the gravel by the pool.
As I said, Jinlong was very fragile in his childhood. Without Yuchi, the root water quickly withered and shriveled into shape.
"Old four, go out and help." Just then, Mu Zhuifeng rushed from a distance and shouted at me.
"Monkeys have become Ye Ao’s style, and I can distinguish them." Mu Zhuifeng said anxiously to us.
"His mama" king kong cannon curses a turn and sweeps away at the card.
"Sister Liu, look at the golden dragon with five claws." I reached out and caught another baby dragon. These golden dragon seedlings have done nothing to us human monks before killing them with five claws.
"Old in this is the golden dragon with five claws?" Mu Zhuifeng flicker quickly moved over.
Mu Zhuifeng’s words instantly made me frown, so the king kong cannon called me Mu Zhuifeng, which has always made Xiao Jiu the nickname to call me. How could she call me Lao Yu?
Mu Zhuifeng swept to me from the opposite side of the pool. In an instant, I quickly thought about three things. First, I carefully observed her clothes and breath, and found that although her breath was abnormal, her left abdomen faintly revealed a trace of focus and illness. In addition, she held in her left hand three swords of Yu Shen and a quiet spirit, so I quickly determined that this mu Zhuifeng was false. Second, she called me by mistake, and her abdomen was sick. Third, the quiet spirit was the last one of the three swords of Yu Shen, which was unusual and did not drive it away. It’s her habit to make the dagger think of the previous sentence "Evil animals are licentious" when she makes the ghost shine. I can be sure that this red macaque robbed her weapon outside to trick me.
After confirming that this pursuit of the wind is a change of the red macaque, I considered the second thing, that is, it is very difficult to carry out the plan, because it knows that the King Kong cannon will find its plot when it returns to Shimen, so it must do it at once, and its most likely way is to stab me with this ghost. If I want to take the opportunity to fight back, I must make the right method and grasp the right time. The pistol is the first choice. There is no doubt, but I must grasp the gun time early, and it will make the teleport method escape late again. The dagger will stab me, and it’s hard to grasp this opportunity. Finally, I made a decision. When it gets close, I grabbed it with my left hand, and then the gun asked me to catch it, so it would make teleport die.
The last thing I consider is to plan the consequences. At this moment, my left hand came by with a dagger, and it happened to face me face to face. I am usually used to the right hand gun being able to grasp its right hand with my left hand after face to face, which led to a very serious situation, that is, both of us are armed, and the other hand is free, which may lead to the consequences of both sides. Even so, I decided to take a chance, because this red macaque teleportation is really hard to prevent. If I miss this opportunity, I will never have such a good opportunity again.
After what happened, I expected the change of the red macaque to chase the wind and immediately stabbed the dagger into my abdomen. At the same time, I reached out my left hand and grabbed its right arm and right hand, quickly pulled out my waist pistol and pulled the trigger at its head.
Some things can be expected, but some things are beyond my control. The red macaque needs a prick, and I need to grab my hand, pull out my gun and shoot. When I left, I missed the opportunity. I didn’t expect that the bullet was delayed for half a second after pulling the trigger. At this time, the ghost had been plunged into my right abdomen, and then the bullet smashed its head completely, splashing its brains and blood all over my face.
Abdominal pain didn’t confuse my mind, but it became very clear. At this moment, I remembered that the bullet would be delayed and have an explosion effect because the fourth bullet in my magazine was an ivory bullet unloaded from a Meizhu pistol, which she used to deal with Ye Aofeng.
Chapter 59 Blood escort
"Old in the pursuit of the wind is false." At this time, the super loud voice of King Kong cannon came from outside Shimen.
I didn’t answer the king kong cannon, but quickly loosened the red macaque’s left arm, gritted its teeth, pulled out the abdominal dagger, cut the clothes and bandaged the wound.

Even the five-vein foundation can’t stop Su Mo’s knife!

Throughout the process, Su Mo’s eyes eventually fell on Guo Yishen.
This is the only six-vein foundation in the battlefield
When this man dies, the rest will collapse without a fight!
There are a few monks in the summer who have some strange movements. Su Mo glanced at it lightly and ignored the knife to continue to kill Guo Yi.
At the same time, Guo Yi also felt Su Mo’s killing heart.
Guo Yi knows in his heart that he is definitely no match for Su Mo.
But he is not without a chance to win!
The only chance is to have a female body in the middle stage of the foundation in that realm of cultivation in the camp of the Zhou Dynasty!
If this woman is in distress, this Su Mo is bound to be disturbed and exposed, and it is easy for him to sneak in and slay her on the spot.
If we can capture this woman alive, the situation will become simpler.
On this Guo Yi took a deep breath and calmed his mind’s eyes with a decision.
See who moves faster!
If Su Mo kills him first, he can talk.
However, if the female practitioner in the middle period of Tsukiji falls into their hands first, Su Mo will die and the Zhou Dynasty will be defeated!
The woman in Guo Yi’s sight is already a caged bird.
Brother Zhou around her has been attracted away, and there is a monster beast that looks like a wolf and is black all over.
"Come on!"
Guo Yi’s heart will no longer avoid pulling out a protective charm from the bag and crushing it on the spot.
At the same time, Guo Yi offered a shiny glass frame on the top of his head.
The blood quenching knife was cut head-on without any fancy and cleanliness.
Guo Yi looked dignified, and his fingertips stirred up a series of rich spiritual forces and injected them into the glass mirror.
The rapid expansion of the glass mirror is like a dazzling golden sky over Guo Yi’s head.
The blood quenching knife cuts the glass mirror and sends out a tremor, which sounds like ringing the clock of the ancient temple.
Although Guo Yi temporarily blocked this knife with the glass mirror.
But his body is still shaking violently around the protective symbol, and this power shocks and collapses on the spot!
Until now, Guo Yicai really realized that Su Mo’s knife broke out into terrorist forces!
Before Guo Yi can catch his breath, the second knife comes.
A blood mans arrival almost tore the sky above his head!
At a glance, Guo Yi noticed the ecstasy in the eyes of another battlefield scene.
Do it!
Those five monks have already made moves!
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, sumo, look back. Your sister’s horse is going to die!"
Guo Yi laughed and facial features have been distorted.
Then Guo Yixiao stopped abruptly and his heart sank.
Sue ink blood quenching knife didn’t pause.
Sue ink look calm in those deep eyes Guo Yi can’t see the slightest panic worry!
Even Su Mo didn’t look back.
How come…
What’s wrong?
Guo Yi consciously looked at another battlefield.

Look at the fading sky and think about the distance between the college and here. Rosfer is so resigned that he will follow the night feather into the wall door.

Pass the invitation to Ye Yu and Luo Sifu, and see a building in front of them. The building outside is like a church and a castle, surrounded by various flower beds and grass walls. The tower at the top of the auditorium is also inlaid with a huge golden bell. If you don’t talk, no one will think that such a solemn place will be a dirty slave market.
There are several winding and staggered corridors in the entrance. After seeing the top crystal bank card of Night Feather, the beautiful waitress led them to an eastern corridor. They were not surprised at what they were wearing. They knew clearly that a person’s wealth could not be judged by his clothes.
After all the way through the art corridor decorated with various famous paintings and sculptures, Rosfer was full of stars and night feathers in his eyes, and they were arranged to sit in the luxury box in Building No.5.
Inside the building, there is indeed an auditorium, the ceiling is hung, and the luxurious magic crystal chandelier is lined with curved seats around the semi-circular auction platform, while the building is a variety of boxes. However, it is more appropriate to say that it is an auditorium than a theater. Night Feather found that their box is right in front of the auction platform, but it is best to have farsighted magic in one direction. It is not a matter of distance to see all the seats. There are snacks and fruits on the left-hand side of the platform. Night Feather and Rose naturally eat like a pig while there are waiters and waitresses waiting in the dark. On the right hand side, there is a long square black box with a slender screen and a number button to confirm and cancel. A thin line extends from the surface to the ground to bring them here. The waitress explained that that is the number pressed by the auctioneer, which is the price you paid when you auctioned. If you confirm that the number displayed on the screen is correct, you can press the confirm button to bid, otherwise you can press the cancel button to cancel these. Only people in luxury boxes can bid in a unified way.
As the host walked, the noise around the auction table suddenly became quiet.
After a chat, the auction was official.
An auction is not just some elixir, magic nucleus, etc. Although Rosfer looks at the saliva and his eyes glow at night, he is short of interest. Who makes his uncles love to collect all kinds of curiosities? He has been very afraid to be interested in these ordinary people since he was a child ~
Then the slaves were auctioned off, but they were all very ordinary male slaves and female slaves. Some of them were still sallow and emaciated. The first batch was not a good thing. They stayed in the slave dungeon for the night, but they didn’t move at all. They watched the stage being driven away and flogged. Although he was a slave, he never bowed down, but he just lost his self-esteem and went with the flow without any resistance. The creature has long been numb to the world. It is a luxury and superfluous feeling for these roots to fight for biological sympathy.
It is very unwise to look for a person in the auditorium full of people, and there are luxury boxes for the night feather root method to find Peter. Although it can be locked by telepathy, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be discovered by this slave market. It is impossible for such a huge slave market to be discovered by a master wizard and a samurai. Let’s just consider him lucky and let you go for a while, Peter!
At this time, the last quivering figure in the slave team attracted his attention. His slave’s different clothes were tattered to the point where they could be covered slightly. His body was covered with whip marks, and there was hardly a trace of intact skin. His manager whipped him and staggered step by step, but a whip fell behind him with an unstable center of gravity. But he immediately pulled at him without stopping. Although he was in pain, he clenched his teeth without saying a word. His face flashed and then he struggled to get back to the team as if he were resigned. All night long, the slave watched him with an unyielding but resigned expression. He frowned around the night feather in front of his eyes.
The slave’s body was injured and dirty to death, and his worn-out body trembled like a horse was dying. No one wanted the slave owner to try it, so that the night feather at his desk could be photographed as soon as it was twice as hard as the reserve price. He could not go to collect the goods before the auction was over. The night feather was for Rosfer to take care of the slave himself, and he still stayed in the box. Rosfer felt as if he had become a night feather servant, and he was ordered to look at it with a sad smile. Innocent night feather, he also went.
Taiwan has changed from one slave to another, and the ornaments and looks of slaves have gradually improved. Most of them are brothel owners, and many nobles buy some to go back to be maids or vent pipes. Some of them become crazy when they see good-looking male slaves. The ladies are shouting high prices, and some slaves with abnormal looks are almost taken away by people in luxury boxes.
"When it is a special thing!" The host immediately cheered up with such a shout, and he would like to see what the so-called special things are.
Two cages were pushed to the stage, and Ye Yu was a little glad that Rosfer had to take care of the man first, because the cages in front of him were full of-half elves!
"As you can see, these are semi-elves. They have a beautiful figure and are unspeakable. It is an indispensable spice bed in life!" The host introduced the half elves in the cage and cried and trembled together.
Half-elves shouldn’t be said to be rejected by humans and elves. Half-blood hybrids are not proud of the world. Elves don’t like the smell of human beings. Half-elves covet their beauty and strength. They always like to catch them as pets or slaves. They often live in groups, avoiding elves and guarding against human beings. Similarly, half-blood hybrids are also secretly living. Of course, some people can’t see that half-blood hybrids live. Heather is an example among human beings. Like Rose, she organizes everyone and has certain strength not to be bullied.
It should be their neck rings that seal their magic. Night Feather pondered that even if they are so smart and half-elf, it is really hard to grasp the stage. There are only two half-fairies and one half-fairies. The two half-fairies seem to be twins with the same beautiful face, while the half-fairies bow their heads and can’t see their looks, so they can’t be much worse.
Auction is sister flowers first, and they are sold together. People in Taiwan are crazy about bidding for night feathers, but they are not interested. He knows it’s just a stomach dish, but he wants to return to it. Why don’t he press the auction button to give Rothfer more help to increase the new force? There are now more than five people in Rosfer’s organization, and they will be asked to do more than intelligence work themselves.
The host looked at the rising price of 1 gold coin and laughed. It’s great that he has 1/10% of everything he finished! At this time, the machine around me showed the auction price of No.5 luxury box! The host trembled and couldn’t restrain his excitement and screamed, "1 crystal coin 1 crystal coin!"
Suddenly there was silence. A crystal coin bought two slaves? ! That can buy the whole brothel and renovate it several times! Even aristocrats are not willing to spend this big price to buy two female slaves. They can buy better through other channels.
How? The bid is too high? Night feather doubts scratched his head. He doesn’t want to bid any more. And although he knows all kinds of prices very well, he has completely inherited his uncle’s business skills, but it’s his first contact with buyers and sellers.
Although it was regrettable that no one paid a high price, the host announced that the female half-elf owned it
Then there are men and half elves. Some experience night feather paid a gold coin price directly. I didn’t expect the table to be silent again. You know, the price of men and women slaves has to drop by 1 time, but if you can say it, you can’t take back the night feather or auction the man and half elves at a gold coin price.
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Chapter 14
Slave auctions are going on. There are even aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs in the medical instruments made by magic and alchemy … Taiwanese people are bidding fiercely, especially some elderly people are throwing caution to the wind and constantly shouting prices. Seeing these, Night Feather suddenly realized that the aphrodisiacs are so good to sell. Why didn’t he expect to sell them? And those magic tools, he tried to take out one at random, which is better than before. It seems that there will be no worries about the lack of funds in the future ~ ~ ~
Another cage was carried off the stage.
"oh! ! Oh! ! ! Oh! ! ! !” Taiwanese people screamed.
That cage turned out to be a beautiful mermaid! Glossy sea blue long hair hangs straight down to the feet to cover the shining fishtail hair. The cover is looming, white and almost penetrating the skin, which more lures men’s animal desires. The exquisite and beautiful face is now full of horror, long eyelashes are trembling, and drops of crystal tears are falling from the green eyes. But such a lovely expression is even more humiliating!

The power gap is too big, and the guards are thousands of pounds strong, and the roots are not enough in front of the master fighters.

Small round eyes with resentment sword to liguan.
Liguan sneered, "You are a good swordsman, but your speed is too slow and your strength is too weak to pose a threat to the seat structure."
Xiao Yuan’s swordsmanship is good, but her cultivation is first-class. Li Guangen didn’t look at her.
"Ding …"
The sword stabbed liguan, and a huge force came from the tip of the sword, and the small round arm was numb.
Li Guan caught a claw at Xiaoyuan. If he was caught by this claw, he would die.
Small round eyes with despair guru fighters really can’t compete.
Just then …
A clear sword sounded and liguan’s hair exploded and his back was numb.
"It’s the danger of firm but gentle"
Liguan felt great danger and could take back his paw and hit a palm behind him.
Shock wave collided with paw print, and the outbreak of innate qi caused a storm.
The guards’ guns were scattered by the true innate qi, and Xiaoyuan was also saved.
Liguan looked at the snow-white figure and was shocked by "innate fighters!"
People fencing is very high, but firm but gentle is also influenced by innate qi. This person is suspected to be an innate fighter.
Xiaoyuan shouted "Big Miss" when she saw the beautiful white image not far away.
It was Wang Qing who saved Xiaoyuan.
Wang Qing’s most critical moment has finally arrived.
Wang Qing glanced at the escort who was killed by liguan and said to Xiaoyuan with Shaqi in his eyes, "Xiaoyuan, you take people to kill those blood drops. Don’t leave liguan this old thing. I’ll deal with it."
Xiao Yuan nods, "It’s Miss Big."
Xiaoyuan also wants to help Wang Qing, but her martial arts are first-class, and the roots in front of the master fighters are not enough. Now I hope that all the departments will fall to Wang Qing.
His escort were also very excited when they saw Wang Qing coming.
"The eldest young lady is a master, and she will surely defeat the old thief."
All the escorts are convinced that Wang Qing will win.
Xiaoyuan said to the escorts, "Don’t let go of all those blood drops if you can still fight with me."
There are more than 30 armed guards who can fight. He can’t make any mistakes by forming a gun array, and then he can kill more than a dozen blood drops.
"Yes," the escorts attacked the master of blood drops with pike.
They were humbled just now, and now it’s time to counterattack.
Li Guan secretly hated that Wang Qing would arrive at this time and she became a master fighter.
It’s only six years ago, Wang Qing didn’t know any martial arts, but now he has become a master. It’s terrible to cultivate talent like this.
"Wang Qing, you remnants of the power are really tough. It’s really not easy to kill you." liguan sneered. "Six years ago, your brother Wang Yue was like this, and now you are like this. I didn’t expect that in just a few short years, you became a master. If I had known that, I would kill you no matter how much I spent that year."
And the court has been a menace to the master.
The Manchu court controlled the whole day, but there were only two master fighters in the palace
Wang Qing’s sword pointed at liguan and said with a smile, "If everyone can predict the latter, wouldn’t this world be so interesting? Six years ago, my brother killed the master of blood drops and you fled. I wonder if you and my sword can retreat safely today?"
Liguan was livid and defeated by Wang Yue six years ago. He always thought it was a great shame for him. You know, Wang Yue was still a half-step master at that time.
"What a big breath," Li Guan roared. "I don’t believe that your fencing can reach your brother’s level."

So luky is also a little worried, and needs to confirm whether there is anyone here in Blue buff, and mantis is also nearby, because he must be nearby when it comes to refreshing buff.

"Oh, L Casadin seems to be preparing for gank when he is on his way, and the emperor is also heading in the same direction. It seems that the road has been suppressed for too long, which has caused L note." The black live broadcast situation.
Doudou said, "Yes, and the buff will be refreshed at this time. If Casadin and Huang return from work, they will probably attack our blue buff."
"Well, this route selection is very reasonable. When there is no wave, there is a great chance. I wonder if the lpl team can notice it."
"they’re ss. pay attention to buff road."
Luky hurried to the road and woke up in a hurry, facing Zhang Hao and Yan Liang.
It seems a little late to be informed that Panson and Jinks quickly retreated, but Cassadine and Huang both raided from behind the tower through displacement.
And behind Nami is directly the big move to stay in front of the guys.
"Hold on, I’m coming."
Seeing Cassadine and Huang appear, luky said in a dark voice, it’s not good. The guy opposite really got to the road.
"Howl, howl"
A bright light is lit up, which is the emergency support of Dao Mei in the fierce battle of Lu Dao Mei Road, and Rambo is also the two sides of the road. A melee of 5v5 will be exhibited here.
Cheer again for more than 12 minutes. After just over 10 seconds, a 5v5 team battle suddenly broke out, which is also fascinating.
Nami’s big move trapped Persson and Jinks. Fortunately, Yan Liang is experienced and placed a row of bombs on the opposite ad and auxiliary road, which slightly slowed their progress.
It is this little gap that makes Nami control fail to take the opportunity to free Zhang Hao from the huge wave effect at the first time. The first time, he received the W-skill holy shield attack to prevent the emperor from attacking Jinkesi.
When there are no waves in my spare time, Jinx flashes and escapes to the tower, otherwise it will be cool if I am provoked by the emperor eq a little slower.
"Ah, it’s a little awkward. Fortunately, it’s not a murder case." Adzuki breathed a sigh of relief, and Jinksy was lucky to escape perfectly.
However, Zhang Haoke is not so lucky. Pan Sen saved Jinkesi, and there is no extra ability to provoke the subsequent arrival from the royalist eq. Nami controls and decisively surrenders Pan Sen to be bounced by a bubble to make L a fat meal.
"Zhang Hao, you hang in there. We’ve got a horse."
Luky is a little anxious. He has reached the road now, and the consumption of Jinkesi has already made Quinn in a bad state. At this moment, the sudden attack of Zhang Hao immediately made Quinn panic.
A set of explosions easily took away and refreshed the skills at the same time, but there was a little trouble when trying to jump away. Rambo’s deceleration effect hung on the mantis, and then the enemy swarmed to harvest the mantis
"Ah, this is a fierce team battle. At present, it is a balance of power between the two sides, but the situation is slightly more passive."
"They lost ad and fielding, while lpl lost an auxiliary and fielding pair, and the core output is still there."
"Take buff and get the blue first."
Yan Liang is directing the ball girl. There is a defensive tower across the road at the moment. I dare not expect anything. After all, the defensive tower is still very deterrent after only 12 minutes.
"It seems that the ball girl is going to get the blue, but L seems to know the ball girl’s movements."
Adzuki looked at the situation and was not optimistic. At the moment, Nami, Casadin and Rambo are all going to Blue buff.
That is to say, they have an idea about this buff
"Now both sides are not playing wild."
Black look at the situation is also white. It seems that the opposite side is going to die with lpl. After all, without the interference of wild disciplinary skills, the buff competition will be more intense.
Chapter 416 Recall the past and suddenly look back
"Be careful not to rush."
There are a few people awake in Yan Liang, and now the main force of lpl is still there. There is no need to spell out a life-and-death situation, and lad has been killed. This is good news, which is more beneficial to lpl and also takes the initiative in the battle.
It should be L to worry at this time.
"Both sides are testing each other’s situation, and it can be said that it is explosive to see who can seize the opportunity." Adzuki eyes looked at the screen motionless for fear of missing a little detail.
"Now it’s 3v3 with ad, single and wild lpl. I think it’s a battle force, so don’t be too cautious."
Black also looks at the screen and is definitely 100% supportive of his national team and has a strong sense of honor for lpl Black.
The two teams are constantly testing and approaching skills, harassing and the smell of gunpowder is getting stronger and stronger. Several people’s status has been adjusted, and the big move D has been completed. At the same time, the health and mana are quietly recovering. Everything is looking for opportunities in the war.
"Be careful. Keep moving. Code him."
Yan Liang continued to command, and now Rambo took the lead in making a big move. When this letter was sent to the road before leaving, there was no good chance to make a big move. Now Rambo is also making a move in this narrow terrain.
"Lying in the trough is awesome."
"Sharp and big move"
"Giving strength is doing"
The barrage flew out of the screen and commented on Rambo in real time. This big move was very strong. It was just right for the battlefield division. Dao Mei and Jinks Syndra behind him were separated, and Casadin cut in and went straight to Dao Mei.
Rambo followed by Q skills arson feast, so lpl had to choose to retreat first.

Gotze’s threat to Inter Milan’s defence is naturally much greater than that of Bican and Draiwa.

He is making Inter Milan defenders afraid to press easily.
In this way, Inter Milan’s attack is naturally subject to this and cannot do its best.
If you don’t try your best, it’s not easy to score goals in the face of Lazio’s defense …
Winning this substitution proves his effectiveness. When Inter Milan want to attack again, Gotze’s active performance in the frontcourt will make Inter Milan players weigh it carefully …
It is always impossible to watch his attack until Mourinho gnashes his teeth on the sidelines.
But who told him that his team was behind?
If he is in the lead now, he will always win …
Lazio ended Mourinho’s entanglements and troubles in the 77th minute.
After a series of dazzling ball moves, Gotze sent the football to the restricted area. This time, cavani was not offside. He directly ejected the football and flew into the Inter Milan goal for the second time!
"beautiful! How beautiful! " CCTV commentator shouted excitedly, "This is Lazio’s best way to score goals! Continuous ball propulsion! And not that kind of back and forth! Lazio has been moving forward all the time, without retreating or stagnating! In this way, the team’s promotion can really take shape! "
"It’s true that Lazio fully demonstrated their ball skills and running skills in this continuous ball. Every player will continue to run forward after the ball is finished, and will not choose to stop, so that Lazio’s attack can continue to move forward without getting into trouble … so that when they reach the front of the restricted area, they can go directly to the most dangerous place because there are enough receiving points, just like the position of Gotze and cavani just now …" The commentator told the audience how wonderful the ball was just now.
Lazio fans in the stands jumped up and shouted.
They don’t care how wonderful the goal was tactically, they need to know that Lazio are two goals ahead of Inter Milan now, that’s enough!
Ten minutes before the horse, Lazio led Inter Milan by two goals!
This means that Inter Milan has no hope of coming.
Don’t say it’s a reversal, even it’s difficult to tie the score.
Mourinho was most worried about something.
The shadow of defeat hangs over every Inter Milan player.
When the game was resumed again, it could be seen that their performance was not as good as before
It is obvious that they realize that no matter how hard they try, they can’t beat Lazio.
This reality is depressing. In that case, what’s the point?
Then Chang Sheng continued to replace him. modric replaced Motta ledesma and meireles.
This is a counterpoint substitution. The purpose is to continue to maintain control over the midfield, even to strengthen control over the midfield.
As a result, it will be very difficult for Inter Milan to get back the score.
The commentator of CCTV also boasted that Chang Sheng’s substitution was "how targeted", "how timely and famous" and "how uncomfortable Mourinho was …"
Finally, coming behind leads to a bad mood. Inter Milan fans can’t bear to watch it, even if there are ten minutes before the end of the game, they don’t want to watch it again.
Besides, in their minds, Inter Milan is doomed to lose …
These Inter fans made the right choice.
Because Inter Milan failed to break Lazio’s goal in the end, Lazio finally beat Inter Milan 2-0 at the Bird’s Nest Stadium.
Won the sixth Italian Super Cup in the history of the club.
It surpassed AC Milan and became the team that won the Italian Super Cup the most times in history!
At the award ceremony, the old captain Rocchi held the trophy high on behalf of Lazio, and the Lazio fans cheered.
Changsheng is clapping with a gold medal around his neck.
He has a faint smile on his face.
Whether winning the Italian Super Cup or beating Mourinho and Inter Milan is nothing new to him.
Lazio has become the team that has won the Italian Super Cup the most times in history, and it doesn’t matter if it always wins.
The Italian Super Cup is a make-up champion.
He doesn’t think that he won the Italian Super Cup and will definitely be the champion in the new season.
Although he is confident that he can win the championship, he still needs to work hard to win these championships.
And this season’s effort is no less than other seasons.
He also knows very well that Mourinho will not be knocked down by this Italian Super Cup failure.
Mourinho also lost the Super Bowl when he was familiar with it. As a result, he finally became the triple crown in the new season!
Mourinho and his Inter Milan are very tenacious, and this person has a team that does not lose.
Later, he turned to coach Real Madrid and encountered the same situation. Barcelona’s first national derby was swept away by Barcelona 5. As a result, he was not discouraged and finally broke Barcelona’s monopoly on La Liga.