And one level higher than Zhai Ling is one to one. The life of a wicked person can be exchanged for a fruit, but one type of fruit.

Two fruits are born in the upper two grades, and one type of fruit is also one to one.
And so on
But once it is lower than Zhai Lingxiu’s wicked, it is possible to give birth to a fruit unless Zhai Ling kills a hundred wicked people.
For example, the former Zhai Ling’s ability to kill vipers was six levels higher than that of Zhai Ling. It should have produced six fruits of the same type, but in fact it produced two fruits of different types.
On the one hand, it was because the crystal evolved into Maha at that time and absorbed that essence.
On the other hand, it is because for the Maha smallpox treasure tree, the number of other types of fruits will be halved.
The viper brought the divine fruit and the soul fruit to Zhai Ling, because six of the two fruits dropped three, but the essence needed for the production of one fruit was absorbed by Maha, leaving two.
But now only three of the wicked people killed by Zhai Ling tonight have reached the base of the building.
Two wicked people in the first floor of the construction period brought a divine fruit to Zhai Ling.
Ximenlie’s strength reached the fourth floor of the foundation period, which brought Zhai Ling two fruits, one divine fruit and the other soul fruit, but that soul fruit only produced a thumb-sized fruit seed.
Zhai Ling put his hand in Ximenlie’s hand, which brought a message to the soul.
"The unformed essence of the soul fruit is not enough. Please pick it up immediately after simulating the existing environment warning, or it will dissipate automatically after ten minutes."
"According to the restriction mentioned above, Ximenlie brought me two kinds of fruits. Because they are two types of fruits, the theory should be one point five fruits. That can also be said that this soul fruit will be introduced as unformed." It is a pity that Zhai Ling looked at the precious tree and showed that little white spot.
Then Zhai Ling looked at the four fruits he got yesterday and reached over at the same time.
"It will take 94 hours for the divine fruit (immature) (two) to mature, and increase the strength of ten cows to warn that the harvest will automatically disappear before it is ripe."
"Well, these four fruits need less than four days, and it takes five days to get the fruit today, which means that it takes five days for the baby tree to give birth to a fruit at this stage." Zhai Ling secretly murmured that many laws of the baby tree also need Zhai Ling’s own understanding, and the information left for him is not over.
On this side, Zhai Ling immersed himself in Maha, while on the other side, at the moment, the whole [Magic Capital] geosphere was all nervous.
More than a dozen powerful leaders meet in one place | Bank.
"Who knows what it is to help the old and strong?" Black axe gang Wang let go of the big cigarette rod and asked several people around him.
"Yes, what happened in the end? It wasn’t someone who wanted to touch us, was it?" Shan Qing gang Wang is a tall and thin man, and his eyes always flash a little bit. At this moment, he seems to be anxious to chime in.
"Old you say you are not close to Ximenlie? Do you know what scene? " Suddenly a stout middle-aged man on one side of the west corner said to a black man on the other side
Immediately surrounded by an echo have looked at the black strong man.
"Put your mother shit! When will you get along with Ximenlie? Don’t give the old gossiping. Be careful to turn against people. You also know that I’m really going crazy. None of you want to be better. "Black Trinity said when he heard someone say that he and Ximenlie were good."
This is an extraordinary period. Who knows if those people who help the Qing Dynasty will aim at what they are doing? They quickly deny it, but they also look at some people who want to pick a fight with awe.
"All right, let’s cut the crap. I asked everyone to come tonight just to hope that everyone wouldn’t be in a mess, and there was something to announce at the same time." An old man with a bridled eyebrow scanned his eyes and everyone said faintly.
"Yes, yes, Lord Kuiye", the connection between Lord Kuiye and [Imperial Capital] Tianlibong, also makes people respect Lord Kuiye very much.
"The sea told us the information we got." Master Kui looked at a young man beside him and said lightly.
"It’s Kui Ye". The young man nodded and went to the folder in his hand. He looked around calmly and then said.
"According to the intelligence, Zhou Jia ‘anshan sent Zhou Jinggan to Xianxu Pavilion at 3: 20 in the afternoon and found Ximenlie. Then Zhou Jinggan followed Ximenlie to Ziluojin Mansion at about 5: 10, and never went out again. However, in 30 minutes, there were 20 killers in the Qingxu gang. At 9: 40 in the evening, it was clear that the virtual killers appeared to clear the road and recover the road, and Ximenlie let these killers do is to assassinate three people."
"Bullshit! Send a killer is not the assassination is flirting "suddenly, black three sneer at a appear very impatient.
However, the young people around Kuiye said lightly, "The targets of these killers are only three new students in the dusty courtyard. At about 10: 10, the whole assassination department ended. Twenty killers in Ximenlie were killed, but the three students went to Madison Hospital."
"Psst-"Suddenly everyone gasped, especially the black throat seemed to choke something and made a "ho ho" sound.
Twenty elite killers went to assassinate three freshmen and the army was wiped out? !
Rao is the common killing bosses, and it is also a chilling feeling.
Are the backgrounds of the three freshmen sky-high? !
The young man ignored everyone’s surprise and said calmly, "And this villa of Zhoujia gentleman Zhou Hai was assassinated half an hour later and was seriously injured and unconscious. The villa was also in ruins. At that time, Anshan and a group of Zhoujia elite guards were on the scene, but only Anshan came with Zhouhai. It was also five minutes later that the Qing Xu gang was completely destroyed. Well, the latest news is that Zhoujia Zhou Xuanhai has been involved in this matter, but we have not investigated the killers and the specific attack process of Zhoujia gentleman, and we are also investigating the background of those three freshmen."
After the young man reported the information, he quietly closed the folder and returned to Kuiye.
And the station was silent …
54, encounter (for collection and recommendation)
The news just now is really too shocking.

Previously, the other party was the warden of the French prison and a young and decent person. I didn’t expect the other party to use such vicious means to kill people without blinking an eye, which is even worse than the devil.

Being stabbed in the heart is equivalent to his own life being pinched by him. It is easy to say in his hand that it is better to die than to live in prison. It is better to deal with it today and then say such thoughts. A group of prisoners suddenly became active.
"You don’t have a burden in your heart. You should follow my mind and do things in a down-to-earth manner, and you won’t be mistreated." Yi Dao
"Now that things have been like this, our lives are in your hands. You can do what you say." Previously, the big fellow’s eyes flashed and the rest of the people also spoke insincerely.
Yi looked at him a few times, but it was him who spoke out. It seems that there are leaders in this group who raised their heads at him and said, "Please report your name."
"Yue Biao" answered briefly.
"After this, these people belong to you and you will be the leader." Yi took out a stack of small books and threw them in the past. "After a while, count your situation clearly, and record the spells that your respective sects have learned, and so on. Write me in detail. If I find out that there is a trace of concealment, don’t blame me."
Yue Biao picked it up and rubbed his belly. "Do you write about your experience?"
"Will you change your appearance?" Yi glanced at him and didn’t respond to the crowd and asked himself.
"I will" in a thin Han way
"Common name and surname" Yi Dao
"Song Yan" Yan Songdao
"Learn this thing, and I’ll come back tomorrow." When I changed hands, a piece of folded white paper appeared for him to take over, then turned and stepped out of the law and disappeared.
Said Song Yan took the folded white paper and opened it to look at his face. First, his face lit up, then his face shrank and he stretched out his trembling right hand and touched his face. This expression made the people around him look stunned and hurried around. After reading it, his face changed, his teeth were gnashing and he was trembling. This is * * * to change his face.
The third volume Three flowers gather at the top Chapter 50 About the dharma.
After a day, Yi came to the crowd again and pulled out a lot of things, and then forced them to do something tough. After that, this small room was full of sounds like killing pigs and crying ghosts, from high to hoarse and finally to inaudible, but Yi deliberately didn’t use anesthetic to make them firmly remember this unforgettable experience.
To put it bluntly, changing one’s appearance means that technical work is just like secular whole, and changing one’s face is of course much more advanced than secular.
Skin-taking, skin-cutting, bone-shaping, etc. all have spells, and then the treatment of facial skin and flesh with ethyl wood aura will leave no scars at all, and there will be no damage to the bones inside
Yi’s original intention was to get these people out of prison and raise mountains at any time, but after careful consideration, it was unrealistic.
These people can be said to be fierce people, and they have been detained in prison for so long. Once outside, it’s a tiger coming out. Although there is a piercing needle to control people’s complicated thoughts, no one can expect any unexpected changes. Let’s stay with them and set them up.
However, the jailers are talkative, and the prisoners in front of them were discovered. That’s a big deal. Change their appearance and arrange a proper identity so as to gain a foothold in the prison.
It happened that the prisoners in the prison rioted and the prison guards suffered heavy casualties, and the construction workers in the prison lost their chance and never came again, so that they could be arranged in unnoticed.
It’s easy to think that Lai Changyi’s position as deputy warden has been dealt with, and Pan Qianli and Minister Ye are afraid of another dark battle to place people, so it is better to take the initiative.
It’s easy to think about it and then start the ancient tea idea. Anyway, both of them are a little ambiguous and a little interesting to themselves, and darling daughter, a family of Qin Province, has some background and so on.
Then I called and asked Gu Ming to talk about the benefits, and the other party was quite convinced that it was a joint family to see if I could make some effort.
Yi talked to Nianyou Lin again and suggested putting all kinds of interests in plain English and waiting for the Ministry’s decision.
In the past ten days, Yi also arranged for the thirteen prisoners to serve as guards of the warden, just as the prison building was completed and many newly transferred colleagues returned to normal.
I was very satisfied with the inspection in Yi prison. Although the prisoner was forced to do it, there was really no place to steal and cheat. After all, it would be uncomfortable to cover and detain their cell if they didn’t try their best to live there.
The whole prison has taken on a new look, and the old house has also been reopened, and small foreign buildings have stood up. If the prison guards and wall slogans have not walked back and forth, they would have really arrived at the small villa area.
Looking far away, the fog is everywhere, and the air is filled with paint. It is easy to feel excited. The cause has just started and controlled twelve hands. It can be said that it has slowly entered the track foundation and has spread a thin layer of sand.
Suddenly easy to stop with a frown andao "these two old guys seem to be unable to hold back for so many days and finally want to lead themselves in the past. I saw Nian Youlin coming and didn’t even see him, but I was careful enough."
Easy leisurely came to the west of the prison where two people lived. Seeing that there was no law around, they directly revealed the two houses side by side, but in ancient times, there was no smell of fireworks. Before the hospital, two people sat in bamboo chairs, and there was a chair next to them, which was really elegant.
"Turned out to be a prison captain, please sit down." Zhai old ghost walked over and pointed to the bamboo chair next to him.
Yi Qianfuquan said, "I have long heard that there are two predecessors in prison who have cultivated Yuan God, but it is a pity that fate happened to meet today. It is a great honor for the prisoners in the prison to riot that day, and I would like to thank the two predecessors for their help." Then I sat in a bamboo chair.
"The warden has a good eye, and even we can see that it is awesome to be born later." Johnson Qian gave a thumb.
"Where where where that day if it weren’t for the warden to start a large array of hands and feet" Zhai old ghost said humbly.
"I wish I were a little warden in front of two seniors. May I ask your name?" Yi asked.
"Old Zhai Yong old Qian Yuan" two people said respectively.
Yi andao "forever … far away … even a pseudonym claiming to be an old woman is only forty years old. These two people are being hunted and hiding here and even dare not name."
"Zhai Lao and Qian Lao live here. I think it’s a little austere. It’s better to move to my place. At least it’s much more spacious than here." Yi has no words to find words.
"I’ve lived here for five years, and I’m used to it." Zhai Yong said with a wave.
"I know very little about Yu Zhai and Qian Lao. When I first came, the Ministry didn’t say that I didn’t know what position I was taking?" Easy to say a diversion.
"Ha ha, the old couple’s prison was inconvenient to show up for the guardian’s post, and we came out to stop the prisoner riot that day," Qian Yuan said.
"Oh, so … ha ha, I was worried that there were no powerful figures in the prison. bring up the rear now knows that Zhai Lao and Qian Lao are relieved of my heart." Easy to laugh.
Suddenly Qian Yuan’s face became serious, and his eyes were green. He glanced at Yi’s body for a long time before he said, "I see that you have been injured and deposited for a long time. How can you not take care of yourself? I’m afraid it’s going to take root."
Easy to be seen by him for a while, the gap between the realms is too big, so he quickly stabilized his mind and didn’t make a fool of himself. When he looked away, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that this was the other Ma Wei.
Before easy to open my mouth to talk, Zhai Yong said with a smile, "We have been in prison for five years, and there are many foreign money in prison every year. I’m afraid the warden is new here and I’m not familiar with the situation. Don’t grind your hands and feet, or pick some natural resources to recuperate." There is something else in the words.
Yi Xin said, "Here comes the penis." He moved his bamboo chair all over his face and said, "Thanks for Zhai Lao’s kindness. I fell ill after repeated injuries. When I was entangled in worldly affairs, I didn’t take it out. Hehe, I have to keep my hands and feet clean and do things in a down-to-earth manner so as not to waste the Ministry’s training for me."
The third volume Three flowers gather at the top Chapter 51 Keep my rules
Zhai Yong picked his snow-white eyebrows and said, "You can’t say that. You just opened the fender that day. The public is responsible for the injury. Listen to me. Pick something good to recuperate. It’s also excusable for the public to do things. Others can’t say anything. If there is any gossip, please tell me and I will help you deal with it."
Qian Yuan went on to say, "If something like this happens in this prison later, it’s not easy to solve the problem. The prisoner is not a vegetarian. If there is a big incident, the prison staff can’t do it again and again, which is not good for your career."
After a pause, he added, in the past two days, we have studied whether the staff in a prison belongs to the old couple or whether it is better to forge a powerful magic weapon for the prison so as to prevent problems before they happen. What do you say? "
These two people left one sentence after another, and a lot of truth still holds up. If they didn’t hear the conversation that day, they really meant well.
Yi looked serious and said, "The two seniors can rest assured that it was two traitors in the prison that caused this accident. After the accident, I will pay more attention to the prohibition of human body and guarantee to prevent such incidents from happening."
Qian Yuan stared at Yi Pupil’s green mountain, and some gloomy bodies exuded an overwhelming momentum. He said, "I’m not afraid of 10,000, but I’m afraid I’ll forge a magic weapon to protect the prison. Anyway, we both eat more salt than you. Look at it in all aspects. It’s bound to happen. That’s settled."
Yi had been on the alert for a long time after that, and stood up to gather ShaQi and confronted him with a rebuff: "Is it good to forge magic weapons, but I can’t be the master without the approval of the Ministry? I’d better ask for instructions."
Zhai Yong’s white-browed handstand soared to the point where he said, "What does the Ministry approve? Visitors send a lot of things every time they come back here. If you are safe in prison, you will work harder to let those people donate some foreign money, such as refining materials, so that you are good and I am good." The last sentence is a threat.
Easy in the mind that hate ah, these two old deathlessly beating around the bush is the idea of refining materials. If you don’t give words, you may make any dispute against yourself. It can’t be said that you know the secret of the two people and take it as a threat. That is pure death. These two people have yuan gods
If it is feasible for a large array to deal with two people and make them fly ash, but it is not good to explain to everyone that this time, there has just been such a big twist that two people with yuan gods have died, so this position is not going to work.
Maybe the Ministry will kick down the ladder and sell itself, and Pan Qianli is eyeing it and watching it. You can’t do this unless you have to.
I’m afraid I’ll be stiff and ask for it. It’s hard to collect places and easy to pretend. "Well, I don’t know what materials are needed to refine magic weapons?"
The two men nodded with satisfaction. One man took out a piece of folded paper and handed it to Yi. He took it and opened it, then scanned it again. I was surprised. I didn’t expect them to need so much. Now I don’t have time to think about it.
Zhai Yong smoothed his eyebrows and walked over. "If this treasure is refined, don’t worry about it."
Yi gently shook his clothes and said, "In that case, give it to the two seniors."
Qian Yuan laughed. "Good time, then we will wait for your good news."
"Farewell" is easy to hold a few punches to the two men and then turn around and walk away. When I return to my residence, I can read my mind right and dry Kun’s deputy order. After listening carefully, I can easily show my contemplation. These two old ghosts want to forge a magic weapon to hide their own breath and then go out to avoid being discovered by their enemies. What does it mean to listen to the words and be chased by people? These two people are very mysterious. What is the route? Leak the news. What news? After that, I have to observe and snoop frequently so that I can master the secrets of the two people bit by bit.
Two people need a lot of refining materials, and they can’t all benefit from it for nothing. If the right materials are used to refine two magic weapons to control the Yuan God, maybe they can control two people by increasing the array.
Now, it’s not easy to handle affairs after controlling 13 prisoners without magic weapons. Since we have got the warden’s position together, we have to search for gifts from prisoners in prison. It’s only natural to handle affairs.
Yi Shennian turned a circle in the prison and went to the door. When his face changed into an order, thirteen hands came in. After a while, people came in one after another in the room, dressed in black suits, but his head was slightly low. It was a negative emotion to look bitter, fearful, hateful and so on.

Nowadays, the times are chaotic, dragons and snakes travel, ghosts travel at night, and something may not happen. Some people can trace back to the source. He originally wanted to use the secret method of reinforcing jīng and inclining nirvana to plunder women’s cultivation, but he never thought of meeting a beautiful Uber who passed through Buddhism and Taoism.

The so-called dragon, dragon, snake, snake and three people in the same place repair each other together. It seems that the leader of this hunting suit has little difference between the two companions. After just three or five breaths, he was blown into a mass of minced meat by chaos.
And his soul was crushed by Chen Shaobai conveniently and completely annihilated.
Chen Shaobai slowly turned around and put the clothes on the women’s clothes. "The recent turmoil is that the monks who quench their gas can also ensure their own safety. You’d better stay with the same door more."
It’s worth something. With the cultivation of J and jīng, his temperament has become more and more outstanding. Now he is always a gentle and modest gentleman.
Looking at her, I couldn’t help being stupid.
"He saw me. Should I …"
Thinking about thinking about the woman’s beautiful face, a blush emerges.
The big guy who saw her in the leaning Niemen? I don’t care about that ghost!
She dressed in a hurry and was about to say something, only to find that Chen Shaobai had packed up her battle interests and flew to the distance. She hurriedly asked impatiently, "Dare to ask my daughter, Li, to be a good living reward!"
"My famous horse Feng Zi, if you have the heart to teach me how to repay me!"
Chen Shaobaitou replied, never looking back, that the figure instantly disappeared into the female cultivation field of vision.
"Hum … don’t even ask somebody else’s name …"
The nun muttered to herself to solve the problem. The glass crystal on her chest revealed the nameplate of Wanji Pavilion. She touched the bag. "Fortunately, Elder Martial Sister Yu Yao asked me to take care of things without delay."
"Horse purple? Even the younger brother of Qing Xuan still pretends to be a devil monk? Hee hee … It’s a good thing I’m hearing the photo stone. "
She stroked a piece of glittering and translucent jade, and Chen Shaobai’s figure was clearly visible.
Mi Qilin’s argument seems to have taken over. Ma Jiajia’s little tail is about to go up to the sky. "Mm-hmm, you should listen to me as soon as you do?"
"It’s important to save people if things don’t slow down!" Miqilin shook her head with a wry smile and prepared to fly.
As soon as she got up, she was stopped by a horse wearing black iron armor.
"What’s wrong with crazy? When did you think about the consequences? "
Mickey Lin blinked a bit confused.
She never pays attention to the consequences when she does things-even the great avatar dares to kill this guy. What’s wrong with that?
Now the behavior is somewhat abnormal.
Ma Feng purple expression will be the last bite of roast beef pharynx stiffly, pointing to his hands stained with blood and returning to Chen Shaobai. "He has already done it."
It’s rare to stay naturally for a handful of ancient spirits. J: ng blames Ma Jiajia for being rude to Chen Shaobai. Yu, this is a cover-up embarrassment. "Well … why didn’t you wait for us?"
It’s only for acquaintances that she’s so embarrassed to pay attention to someone else!
He choked on the girl’s cute and charming Chen Shaobai language. After a moment of silence, he raised his hand and won the battle. "We are in trouble this time."
PS, thank you, Ji Tianjun and Ji Yufei!
Chapter two hundred and eleven A promise
Chapter two hundred and eleven A promise
See a picture of three people don’t understand god se Chen Shaobai also don’t sell him to remove hand banned to show his appearance.
The palm-sized bronze Se alms bowl appeared in his hand.
The alms bowl is filled with half a bowl of gold Se butter with a faint tea fragrance. At first glance, it is solid-liquid oil residue, which is like a common thing for ordinary people to eat, but if you look closely, you can see that there are several fine symbols.
Not to mention that these inscriptions alone will consume dozens of hours of time to train the monks in the array, and the mystery and medicinal materials of the spiritual tattoo ofuda with the blood of several J and jīng are even more valuable.
"ten thousand gold!" Or Miqilin’s extensive knowledge recognized the origin of this thing at a glance when Ma’s brother and sister were stunned on the spot.
Wanjin comes from the tantric Sect of Mount Xuanshan, which can wash the body and consolidate the Yuan God. Its magical power is realized by those who are enlightened, and the spiritual wisdom of those who are enlightened is really a panacea that is hard to find.
You’re welcome to say that if Ma Fengzi can refine this thing before, he won’t be lost in the third robbery of dirty water.
If not, Chen Shaobai wouldn’t consume a grain of rejuvenation incense and barely save him.
But without this experience, the four of them would never be so close as they are now, and even some secrets that should be hidden in their hearts have been exchanged.
Chen Shaobai Zijin Hulu Miqilin Daofo Shuangxiu Ma Feng Zi Ma Jiajia’s life experience …
Except for some things that were not shared, the three of them have exchanged many secrets, and their emotional ties have gone far beyond ordinary friendship.
Fetters come from interests, but also from confidence.
Friendship with interests can’t last long, and friendship with trust can’t be guaranteed. The four just keep a delicate balance.
"It’s a big play …"
The nervous horse pulled out a roast chicken from the bag and chewed it slowly. It didn’t seem to worry at all.
But after all, this abnormal human reaction can’t be used as a reference. The performance of Michelin and his sister really shows the seriousness of the situation.
Looking at Chen Shaobai’s tiger balm Miqilin’s eyes, there is a trace of eagerness to worry about Se. "Tiger balm has a great influence on quenching gas restorers, so it is impossible for even the top ten schools of fairy magic to let it go. What’s more, it is the newly emerging small school of leaning against Nimen? ! If it’s really a small sect, it’s just that the patriarch is the only woman left on the rude cliff … "
Compared with her, Ma Jiajia has a little arrogant temper and a little weaker thinking. "No! Wanjin is the secret medicine of the wine, meat and monks in the tantric Sect of Hanging Mountain. It will never flow out! "
What is the most important thing about the rise of each sect besides the stone, secret script and mountain gate?
There is no doubt that Dan medicine!
You don’t need Dan medicine to help you practice, even the monk Qing is no exception, and the unique Dan medicine is even more precious.
In a fairy war, the strength difference between the Soul Sect, Wangui Island and Danding Sect seems to be tied for the crane tail of the top fairy clan, but after the first world war, the former two declined at the same time, while the latter retained its vitality and continued to grow.
Refining Dan medicine is what Dan Ding Sect is best at!
For example, the mysterious gate of Qing Dynasty, the valley of acacia, the crimson peach, and the yellow spring, although famous, are all unique secret medicine face signs of all schools and factions. Generally, if it were not for great changes, the base could not flow out of Chen Shaobai, and several bottles could be obtained. It is also the yellow spring that taught Gao Feng, a traitor who is not afraid of demons and swears.
It’s impossible for a few higher levels to flow out.
Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his head. "Hanging Mountain claims to be noble and decent, but after the second fairy war, it was divided into Zen secrets. The latter refined the body and acted perversely. Most of the feelings were violent and private demons also had many contacts. There are ten things that Du Tianyan spent a lot of money to help Du Sibing consolidate and repair …"
It’s a pity that Chen Shaobai didn’t say anything, but everyone looked at Ma Fengzi in a strange way and stared at him with horror and discomfort.
Isn’t the cause and effect clear?
If Ma Fengzi didn’t kill Du Sibing and Du Tianyan, would he choose to sell it at the first auction of the day?
"Everything is providence, everything is fate, and no one can escape …"
Looking at the hand-scented butter, Chen Shaobai said thoughtfully, "Crazy, you just broke through the realm of unfeeling cliff. The great avatar may come to kill you at any time. This golden charm just gives you more money to consolidate and repair."
Chen Shaobai, who fought in the world of underground purgatory and plundered wealth everywhere, has accumulated more horror than some people who have been quenched and perfected. Although precious, he is also more precious than a friendship.
Therefore, his words are well-organized, his eyes are clear, his tone is sincere, and there is no hypocrisy. Even Michelin and Ma Jiajia, who have been longing for this thing, have been persuaded by the heartstrings.
Ma Fengzi slowly raised his head and looked at him seriously. His tone was equally sincere. "After the water robbery, all impurities in the body were eliminated and reached the peak. Now I don’t really need anything. It’s you."
After what he said, both women reacted.
Chen Shaobai is now in a state of quenching gas and evil fire, and he may break through to the original solution at any time, and his mana accumulation has reached the limit, which can almost immediately trigger a water robbery. If he has a golden tiger, his chances of success in Du Jie will be much higher.
Mi Qilin looked at the same words and advised, "You can take this thing for nothing. Your strength has risen, which is good for all of us."
The two world wars are about to start, and their tragic degree is even worse than the fairy war thousands of years ago. At that time, the division of fairy roads and magic roads will no longer be so clear, and even the three demon temples that have been out all the year round will join hands with human beings to resist the invasion of purgatory.

"In addition to practicing hard and accumulating aura, we don’t deliberately do anything and deal with anything when we encounter it. The merits of Taoist cultivation have soared in the daytime and deliberately went to monasticism but fell into obsession."

"Click click!" As soon as my voice fell, three huge thunder sounded, and at the same time, three dazzling Lei Guang fell in front of us, and it was sunny immediately after Lei Guang.
"Does this blame us for killing too many people and give us a warning?" King Kong cannons are green in the face.
"No," three thunders made me feel good and my mind was clear.
"What does that mean? This LeiXian is directed at us. "King Kong cannon pointed to three lightning pits about a foot on the ground.
"You’re wrong, not for us, but for me." I stepped over the pit and turned into the avenue leading to the palace.
"What do you mean?" King Kong cannon also came up.
"This is my fault for letting the cat out of the bag." I nodded and smiled.
"Don’t you just guess? How did it become an open-air machine?" King Kong cannon asked doubtfully.
I ha ha smiled and didn’t connect with the lightning again. My previous guesses were all correct. The question department found the answer in my mind, so I was in a good mood. I will not repeat the mistakes of the previous two generations if I want to be kind and act in moderation.
When they talked, they finally found a clothing store, and they changed into a tattered blouse. As the saying goes, people change clothes by clothes and horses by saddles, and then they simply freshened up and changed their image.
We didn’t meet every door in the pedestrian street shops all the way. It seems that our arrival has had a serious impact on the daily life order of the people.
Outside the palace, thousands of pro-guards have lined up a phalanx. Outside, there are spear infantry, and inside, there is a long-distance attack on Gong Bing phalanx, leaving a three-foot passage in the left and right.
"What should I do?" King Kong cannon asked me for advice.
"Let me think." I nodded and smiled. Xiao Yanbu’s appearance is a test of my courage and IQ. If I am angry, I will surely rush in from the main entrance. At that time, these ranks will definitely attack us. It is a sea of tactics.
"Go around from other places and go directly to the palace to find the emperor," I said thoughtfully for a moment
"Good" King Kong cannon nodded in agreement.
"You tease them from the outside and I’ll go in myself." I pulled the eager King Kong cannon.
"Then you be careful. There are three helpers around him. You can’t see exactly what to fix." King Kong cannon was not assured.
"I’ll give him the things and I’ll go. Don’t worry, no one can stop me." I reached out and grabbed half of the rice cake in the gunner’s hand. This guy had previously taken two pieces and thrown away one piece. There is always a saying that I can’t go to the palace to see the emperor. I have to point my nose at him and scold him. I have to make him afraid. I can’t let him get angry with my parents and family. Even if I give him this half of the rice cake as a gift, of course, it’s a fake gift. My purpose is to tell him that the palace is big
Bypass the west side of the palace, and sure enough, I didn’t find the guards. After a moment of meditation, I swept in …
Chapter 54 Walk to the Imperial Court
Imperial palaces in the past dynasties, regardless of their size, can be divided into courtyards and courtyards. The courtyards are places where emperors deal with their daily affairs. The courtyards are places where emperors rest. On the east side of the courtyards, there lived Juntai, so generally speaking, Taitai was called the East Palace. On the west side of the courtyards, there lived concubines. Behind them were the back gardens, which were places where all the people in the palace enjoyed the scenery.
The capital of the Liang Dynasty established Jiankang Jiankang, which is today’s Nanjing city. Before the Liang Dynasty, the four dynasties of Wu, Dong Jin, Song and Qi had made their capitals. Later, Chen Dynasty was called the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, because there were four dynasties before it, so the size of the palace was quite large, and the small palaces were densely packed. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yanlong, who was in the outer court, I would have been lost.
Because I choose the route to enter from the west, the first place to pass is the place where concubines live. The Liang Dynasty also followed the system of concubines and concubines in the Han Dynasty. There were one hundred and twenty-one people in all dynasties, including the imperial concubine Jieyu. That is to say, the emperor can’t have more than one hundred and twenty-one wives, the princes can have nine wives, and the officials can have three wives, all of whom are brave. The orthodox rule has been continued, and later generations have followed this principle. In the harem, three thousand miles and three thousand fingers are not all wives, because there are a large number of handmaids and maids in the palace, and these people have no birthright.
Because there are a large number of women living in the palace, the west side of the whole palace is full of rouge gouache fragrance. The modern chemical fragrance is different. This fragrance is natural floral fragrance and body fragrance. There are thousands of perfect women in the whole palace, accounting for the vast majority. Xiao Yan is an old emperor in his seventies, and he can probably see it with his heart and effort.
At this time, it was afternoon, and a large number of concubines were basking in the sun outside Gonge, but they didn’t find me. Therefore, at this moment, I have put the popular tactic to the extreme and swept it to Xiao Yan’s court at a very fast speed.
I am so anxious to leave this harem area because those concubines remind me of Xu Zhaopei, and Xu Zhaopei will be one of them in the near future, quietly killing youth and slowly passing away in the deep palace compound.
With the distance getting closer, Xiao Yan’s breath of emperors and dragons is faintly visible, and the breath of the three monks hiding around him is gradually showing signs. Although these people have hidden the magic and practice, their methods are not as mysterious as Ziyang’s view of hidden qi, so I can still observe that there are two masters of purple gas and one master of lavender among the three.
I swept the front of the main hall of the outer court, and I stopped my body. I made a proud whistling with aura, and the court echoed.
I made a noise because I finally woke up completely. My mission is probably that all the founders of the four religions know that it is most likely that the founder of the three religions will be named after the Buddha. "It’s only three things. If he makes any mistakes this time and looks at the Taoist as if he is at home?" I’ve always wanted to intercept talented people, at the same time, I’m compassionate and cold-blooded, and I’m not the only one who singled me out. Now I finally realize that in addition to paying attention to my mind and body, it’s also very important that I am the younger brother of Ziyang, and I can see whether this person’s virtue is harmful to the king kong cannon according to the breath of returning to the earth when I was in Jiuhua Mountain. It was only when I got the key that I cracked three feet to save the real life of Huang Mei.
The art of observing Qi has a considerable defect of yin and virtue. I can kill those who have lost the world. It is also a merit to kill this person. This is also my future practice direction. Among the three purple gas masters, Xiao Yan has found two yin and virtue, one of which is harmful. I can kill the other one, and I will punish the lavender master. I will not touch him.
At this moment, I finally understand the mystery of the Tao. If I want to soar in the daytime, I must do three things. The first is to cultivate with great concentration. The second is to realize the Tao. The third is to do justice for heaven. I have been trying to reverse the dry Kun for the first two generations. I don’t know that it will never work to change the heaven by force. Modification and change are the right way.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey ….." King Kong cannon located outside the palace heard my noise and quickly echoed it, which also means he started work.
When the patrol guards in the palace heard the noise, they moved closer to the palace hall to escort them, but before they approached, three purple gas masters had jumped out of the hall.
These three purple gas masters are all from the south, which can be judged according to their delicate facial features and short stature. Liang is located in the southern natural society and is looking for an escort master.
Among them, one is tall, one is short, and two make Taoist Sword over 50 years old. The owner of lilac aura is a young monk in his thirties, holding a wrought copper stick.

In the 19th minute, Qinan was violently knocked down by Turin players in a middle dribble, and then changed to coach by Real Rinaludo. I don’t want Domenica to fall into the feet of this group of Turin people who have killed red eyes.

In the end, Naples won the game away from home, and the score of two to one made the lovers feel that it was easy to win. Only those who paid attention to this game knew how hard it was for the Rhea team to win. The score was simple, but the process of two to one was tortuous like a winding mountain road.
"I think we have been treated unfairly. Naples can take a point from here at the Olympic Stadium. I will complain to the Football Association about the referee’s wrong decision in this game. Yes, we will! ! ! !” Handsome de biasi looked a little angry. He almost growled and protested to the reporters present. His reaction after the game also made the reporters at the press conference quickly excited because it was another big news! ! !
Rhea made no excuses for de biasi’s protest. He repeatedly said that Napoli played well. In his opinion, Napoli’s performance deserved this victory, and Lavezzi scored a beautiful goal in Hamsik. There is nothing to dispute. de biasi can’t stop it if he thinks so.
After making a few polite remarks at the press conference, he left the venue with the big Cannavaro and Domenica. In de biasi’s view, Rhea’s silence became more guilty, and his condemnation at the venue became more justified.
The next day, the media comments in Turin were predictably all condemnation of Naples.
Tuttosport newspaper "Despicable" Domonica directed a "Despicable" competition.
Turin heart newspaper "the referee killed us"
Turin Weekly "Naples People Shamefully" Stole "a Victory"
The media in Turin pointed their guns at Napoli, but Rhea didn’t care about these counter-attacks against the media in Turin, which had "technical" requirements. Naturally, with the help of the media in Naples, he didn’t bother to chat with the media in Turin and de biasi. This game also made him happy and sad. The good news is that in several games at the same time, rival Juventus and Inter Milan scored 2-2, which means that Naples scored two points after two consecutive victories. The points advantage once again surpassed two consecutive teams of Juventus, thus successfully regaining the third place in the league, and chasing Rome hard behind Naples also won the game. But now it is not Naples who are in a hurry, because they are about to be "smashed" by Rome, and they are worried about Juventus. gargano’s injury is diagnosed as a hip fracture, and Ulla may be absent for a month. This is a big blow to Naples, but gargano’s delicate skills can be replaced in Naples’s frontcourt attack. Neither Brasi nor Montevino can support the frontcourt players in the attack as he did. Ura has become an indispensable part of Napoli in the past two seasons. The addition of a main player like gargano to the team’s injury list has somewhat diluted the coach’s joy of winning.
However, on the whole, this victory has also made the Napoli players and coaches have a good mood to face the coming games. After all, they are still in a good position. Domenica is still unstoppable. The new arrival in Cannavaro is still unstoppable. This "one old" and "one less" has made the Naples team stronger, and there are people who feel at ease at both ends. What else makes Rhea uneasy? Maybe the Neapolitan who can beat now has injuries! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven
After arriving in Naples, Qinan had more schedule besides training lunch as usual, that is, going to Tini, argus to help him arrange driving school to learn to drive, which made Qinan feel ashamed. It was the first time to practice driving, and he was even more nervous than playing football for the first time. He remembered that he was not so nervous when he participated in the Cuju competition on behalf of Qiyun Shechang for the first time in the Song Dynasty, and Qinan had a feeling of being at a loss personally sitting in this coach car, which he used to call "a knot in one’s heart".
But fortunately, the coach who taught him to drive was also his fans, who seemed a little "stupid" when compared with the stadium. Domenica, a coach named Vigliani "fans", was not impatient at all. He explained and demonstrated Qinan over and over again, and explained every tiny place carefully. He didn’t want to cause any accident to Domenica in his later driving career because that tiny link was not explained. If that happened, Vigliani could imagine that the fans in Naples would not let him go.
Moreover, he beat many opponents to get the best coach in this driving training center. He hasn’t taught a new student how to drive so seriously for a long time, but the arrival of Domenica aroused the enthusiasm of Vigliani department. It was his dream to be able to teach his idol to learn to drive personally, because there were many Domenica fans in this training center. Finally, he got the beautiful job by being familiar with the department head.
On the first day, Qinan didn’t do anything except follow Vigliani in the car to learn basic operating principles and traffic rules. From time to time, the staff of the training center asked him for his signature. Qinan also met their requirements one by one. At the end of the study in the afternoon, the head of the driving training center personally drove him back. He also respectfully asked Qinan how he felt about the coach’s teaching. The respectful attitude made Qinan feel very embarrassed.
Hey! ! ! ! ! It feels bad to be respected too much! ! ! Sitting in the co-pilot’s cab, Qi Nan thought that cuju was a popular entertainment activity in ancient times. It was not a profession, and it was far from being standardized and commercialized in modern society. Before the Western Han Dynasty, cuju was played by people in the so-called social strata, so that football was popularized because of the love of the aristocratic class. In Huan Kuan’s "On Salt and Iron", it was said that in the Western Han Dynasty, "your family played cuju and fought chickens" for a long time, and people were also enjoying watching it in "Cuju". The bow movement "Han" records that Emperor Wudi often held cockfights in his palace. In spite of this, the social status of those "Juke" (similar to today’s stars) who could play football at that time was still not high. Most of them relied on their attachment to earn a living, that is, the so-called "diners". When Qinan lived in the Southern Song Dynasty, the status of football artists was high, but it was only high. The social status of football artists who lived by playing football skills was almost the same as that of street performers and jugglers, but they were more popular with the people. Where can you earn millions a year like modern society? Everywhere you go, people are crowding around and attracting thousands of people’s attention. Your words and deeds are magnified by the media several times and presented to the world as standard football stars for fans who worship you as a god! ! ! What an exciting career it is in modern society! ! !
Thought of here, Qinan is a bit of an ancient cuju master. Cuju masters like him had at least ten harms in Lin ‘an city at that time, but the level was not far from each other. If the Ministry is brought to modern times to carry out one-year unified training according to modern football standards and then form a team, don’t say that Naples is now the so-called super team in the mouth of world fans. This team can also beat them all over the place to find teeth, but Qinan is also breathing wildly. It is shocking enough to cross into modern times alone. If so many people come to this world again and again, it will really be a mess.
In the next few days, Rizzinandu will go to the Naples Driving Training Center for professional driving training at regular intervals. In addition to this, it was decided a week ago that the fans’ appreciation meeting will also come soon.
Zinan didn’t expect that the achievements made by argus Tini and Xiu Xiu at the Dominica Foundation this week were so amazing. When Zinan visited the warehouse in Tini, argus in the afternoon, he was almost stunned by the scene before him. In a large warehouse that can hold thousands of cubic meters of materials, the donated materials almost accounted for half of the warehouse. According to statistics from argus Tini, these clothes can keep warm and almost equip an army of 10,000 people.
Seeing that Naples people supported his foundation so much, Qinan felt that the thank-you meeting was even more necessary.
On Thursday afternoon, Neapolitan fans gathered in San Dommonica Square. The Indomonica Appreciation Meeting will be held in this downtown square at 3: 00. Qinan will appear in the already crowded San Dommonica Square on time, and come with him. Other Neapolitan teammates, including the big Cannavaro, are all present.
The thank-you meeting was planned by Napoli Club to help Qinan, otherwise it would be impossible for Qinan to take care of such a big meeting alone.
Thank-you-meeting procedure started with Qinan’s speech. Qinan’s most sincere voice thanked those who warmly responded to his call for fans to donate their love to the Domenica Foundation. He expressed his heartfelt thanks. After the speech, he promised to sign. All fans who donated money or material love from the Domenica Foundation can get an invoice-style voucher issued by the Domenica Foundation. With this voucher, fans can come to the platform specially built by the club organizer to get the signatures of Qinan or other Neapolitan players.
In his speech just now, Qinan has already explained to Taiwanese fans that there are too many fans asking for autographs, so he can’t be alone.
Meet the demands of so many fans in a few hours, so he didn’t bother to help him finish this arduous task together. The fans in Naples also expressed their understanding for this point, because they themselves saw how many fans came to the scene. If Dominica was allowed to sign one by one, it is estimated that it would not be possible to finish it by morning, and they don’t want their idols to sign cramps because of their signatures.
After the signing ceremony, Napoli fans with certificates issued by the Domenica Foundation came in in groups of twenty in an orderly manner from the special entrance to get the signatures of Qinan and other Napoli players, and then went out from the other exit in an orderly manner, because there were twenty other Napoli players in Qinan, and one of them could get Qinan’s signature, and the other 19 could get the signatures of other Napoli players.
This autograph session, which was called "the grandest historical scene in Naples" by Naples Sports Daily the next day, lasted for six hours before it was finished. It excited the fans but almost "collapsed" the team members including Zinan in Naples.
After the signing ceremony, Hamsik’s right hand trembled in the lounge, pointing at Nan like this and saying, "Do you know Dommonica? Now, as soon as I see my own name, I feel sick. This is the day when I have lived to be so old to write. ! ! ! For the first time, I hate my name, why there are so many letters! ! !”
In fact, it’s not just Hamsik, but everyone else’s reaction is similar, even the Grand Cannavaro is no exception. Qi Nan kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous help and so on. For teammates’ on-site help, it doesn’t count. The Dominica Foundation donated different amounts of money, of which the Grand Cannavaro donated 50,000 euros at most and 10,000 euros at least.
When I got home late, argus Tini reported to Qinan the amount of donations and materials raised in the past few days. Gazinan donated 600,000 euros by himself. Together, the Domenica Foundation actually raised more than 1.5 million euros and materials worth at least 500,000 euros in just one week, which made Qinan have to sigh that the Neapolitan people have great energy, and the saying that "everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high" does have its truth.
"What are you going to do with the money and materials? Are the materials directly transported to your hometown in China by plane? " Argus Tiny asked Qina, who carried it with him to record information and data.
"I don’t know. I don’t have any experience in such a thing. Anyway, you said that you should take care of the foreign affairs of the stadium. Just do what you say." Qi Na stretched himself and replied that he was tired one afternoon today, but he felt that it was nothing to help the affected villagers in Xiu Xiu’s hometown.
"Domonica, my suggestion is that the money can’t be directly handed over to the local government in your hometown. I’m a little unconvinced about the integrity of the government in China. I heard some friends studying abroad say that there is corruption in the local government in China, and some officials even dare to embezzle the disaster relief funds. For example, some people say that the central government allocated 10 million disaster relief funds to the victims, and at least 40% of them will be exploited by the relevant departments at all levels. If that’s the case, I think we can really raise 1.5 million euros to the victims in your hometown, which is about 900,000 euros, Argus Tini spoke out her doubts.
"I don’t know about this. There should be no such daring officials, right?" Qi Nan didn’t know how to answer argus Tini’s question. In his time, the problem of Da Song was really very serious. In the year of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, such corrupt officials were everywhere. However, after modern times, he just didn’t know very well. Since he came to modern times, he has found some knowledge about modern times, and it is a little less involved in social news, so he has to answer now.
Argus’s tiny see JiNa is also a pair of dare not confirm expression then nai went on to say "ah! ! ! ! Why is my agent so miserable? I’d better go there myself on your behalf, but I want Xiu Xiu to help me get her to come back to China with me. After all, I’m not familiar with China, but you’re not worried. During those days when I stayed in Changsha, I met many Changsha media friends. I want them to help and supervise the corruption relief fund. This kind of thing should not happen. I believe that after these money and materials arrive in your hometown, your fame and hope in China will definitely reach a new height. "argus Tini" Hey "smiled. Obviously, he planned to set up the Dominica Charity Foundation this time.
"good! ! I’d like to go back with Agostini’s brother. I think I can help. After all, I know more about Xiangxi or surrounding areas in Hunan than you do. "Xiu Xiu heard this, but he went back to China with excitement, and his face turned pink and greasy.
The three men discussed it for a while, and finally decided to adopt argus Tini’s suggestion that he take Xiu Xiu back to China and bring the money and materials to China, and then hand them over to the most suitable people for distribution to the victims. 1.5 million euros, equivalent to nearly 20 million yuan, together with these materials should also help the victims a little.
Before it’s too late, the damage caused by the snowstorm in southern China is still going on, far from the end. This batch of money and goods just arrived. The next day, argus Tini took Xiu Xiu to China and flew to China with them. There were also several members of the Dominica Foundation and a cargo cabin full of goods. Will it be a smooth journey? ? ? ? ? ?
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy
Is Xiu Xiu back yet? "Friday afternoon, just after hitting the iron gate outside the residence with the key from the driving training center, I habitually shouted into the house. No one should show off the familiar small figure.
Hmm? Didn’t Xiao Ni come back? After Qi Nanmen patted his head, it suddenly occurred to me that my girl had flown back to China with argus Tini yesterday.
Look at my memory! ! ! Qinan secretly shook his head and sat on the soft sofa. Qinan remembered that she seemed to be cooking by herself tonight! ! ! ! Headache! ! ! Accustomed to life in Xiu Xiu, Xiao Ni suddenly seems to be extremely unaccustomed when she is not around. Someone once said that some things are precious only after you lose them, but at this time, Qi Na thinks it can be added that some people can make you feel precious if they haven’t lost them, such as Xiu Xiu.
Qina will be a little tired and buried in the sofa, thinking of Xiu Xiu. At this time at ordinary times, if Xiu Xiu saw Qina’s tired expression, he would have come and gently massaged and relaxed him.
Qinan lay down for a few minutes, and waited for the brain nerve to relax for an afternoon before getting up and going to the kitchen to see what he could eat. This afternoon, Vigliani had taught him to practice driving, which made Qinan nervous for the first time. Although he knew that Vigliani was around to guide and protect Qinan for an hour, he was still scared to get wet with cold sweat. After more than three hours of the course, Qinan’s nerve almost collapsed and broke the car. At that moment, Qinan felt that his legs were a little weak and he was a "monster" for driving this iron. Zena used to sit in argus Tini Ferrari before he really felt a little scared, and he thought it was quite interesting to watch these "iron guys" fly past the streets of Naples in a coquettish way. Who knew that driving by himself was not the case?
Qinan thought it was "horrible" but his coach Vigliani thought it was very interesting to watch Domenica’s lips turn pale and sweaty in his heart, and he was at a loss to manipulate all kinds of button handles familiar with the coach car. Vigliani wanted to laugh but was afraid to laugh. Only then did he know that Domenica was also a human being, and there were things he didn’t understand from the football field. He was also an ordinary man, but he felt more cordial to Domenica, the "falling man", because of this. A big boy has the unique modesty of China people. He never puts any star stands in front of ordinary fans, but he is more polite than ordinary people. So many Monica will certainly win the respect of Vigliani. Vigliani has become more careful and meticulous in teaching Qinan.
Xiu Xiu’s first dinner after his departure, Qinan simply ate a bowl of noodles and hastily dismissed his "high protest" stomach. There are two places for men, one is hell and the other is the kitchen.
There is no Xiu Xiu, but life still goes on, just as the moon still revolves around the sun and the sea still flows from west to east.
On Sunday, the 22nd round of Serie A started on time. Napoli played against visiting Palermo at home. The two teams have already played once in the season. Napoli won a small victory away from home and joined the team. Recently, the team won three consecutive victories in the league and the cup. The morale of the Rhea team was really strong, and there was no reason to lose. Sure enough, after 90 minutes, the fans left the Sao Paulo Stadium with a relaxed and happy mood. Naples won the game here with no suspense. The whole process was hearty. Naples played at home. Although he didn’t score, the three goals scored by the team had two direct assists with him, and he also participated in and planned the other goal
In the 15th minute, he played the front waist. After he got the ball in the middle, he slipped past Palermo midfielder Lee vilani, and a hidden direct plug helped Dennis get a one-on-one "PK" chance with Palermo goalkeeper Armeria. The Argentine striker didn’t wave this opportunity. He went into the penalty area and shot Napoli’s first record vigorously.
In the 37th minute of the game, Qinan received Hamsik’s ball from the right side of the penalty area. Palermo goalkeeper struggled to save the ball, but failed to hold it firmly. Marjorie easily missed it and rewrote the score by two points.
Palermo stepped up their attack after losing two goals at half-time, but instead of scoring a goal, they were caught by Naples, who left the ground for a counterattack.
In the 70th minute of the game, Qinan sent a header Marjorie to catch the ball and then crossed the restricted area to replace the injured gargano. Brasi shoveled and scored Napoli, which completely sealed the victory.
After leading by three goals, Rhea Montevino and Rinaudo changed Qinan and Grand Cannavaro.
Palermo finally got several good chances by changing the strongest points at both ends of attack and defense. Finally, in the fifteenth minute of the game, they scored a goal to save face by striker Bhutan. He slipped past Rinaudo on the edge of the restricted area in Naples and volleyed successfully.

Compared with the match between Lazio and Manchester United, the "Champions League national derby" between Guardiola Barcelona and Mourinho Real Madrid on the other side is not so attractive.

After all, Barcelona and Real Madrid are still earth teams.
Barcelona used to be high, but after playing two semi-finals with Lazio last season, it was knocked down by Lazio and returned to the ground.
However, the match between Manchester United and Lazio was given such an interesting title by the English media.
"Defend the Earth!"
Lazio is an alien team and Manchester United is the earth guard. If Manchester United can beat Lazio, it will be considered as a successful defense of the earth.
Actually, this game really deserves such a name.
Before Manchester United’s home game against Lazio, many famous football players and professionals in Europe were enthusiastic about Manchester United’s suggestions and references.
Mourinho, who has had many experience against Lazio, said in an interview that he had given Ferguson a message about how to deal with Lazio.
"… Lazio’s characteristic is that their ball is very smooth. Once Lazio is allowed to play the football, it will be very difficult for them to attack. The most important thing is that they can’t make the football run smoothly."
Mourinho told reporter that this was his advice to Ferguson.
In addition, AC Milan coach allegri also told Ferguson through the media that "physical fitness is very important, but more importantly, if physical fitness is distributed reasonably, if the physical fitness is finished at half time, the half-court team will definitely collapse …"
Juventus coach Delli, who just played against Lazio, also said, "They are very fast, which is their biggest feature and threat. We should try our best to reduce their time …"
In addition to these coaches, there are many famous football players and experts who advise Ferguson in various ways.
Naturally, all these people who help Manchester United so privately have one purpose, that is, to hope that Manchester United can beat Lazio.
So one Manchester United team combined the wisdom of other teams.
This scene is really like the ball force in Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters in the United States to jointly fight against alien invaders
Some English media have given Manchester United a new name called "Man-Earth Coalition"
Changsheng has another interpretation of this matter.
"In fact, it is the six martial arts sects that besieged Guangding."
He said this to his coaching staff
Rudy Gonzá lez and dimatteo asked at the same time, "What do you mean,’ Six Wulin sects besieged Guangding’?"
Chang Sheng just wanted to open his mouth, and suddenly he felt that it was particularly troublesome to explain. He had to start with "Eternal Dragon Slayer" first, and then he had to explain what "martial arts novel" was. Explaining "martial arts novel" naturally bypassed Jin Yong’s introduction of the wrong person and went forward, which was the cultural background of martial arts novels in China …
Changsheng thinks that he has explained all these things clearly, and it is estimated that he will have to go to several chapters, that is, naked irrigation to make up the number of words
So he waved his hand. "Simply put, a group of people with different thoughts but high-sounding voices gathered in a place called Guangding under the banner of’ doing justice for heaven’ to jointly destroy the villain."
"We are the villain?" Dimatteo asked.
Ever-victorious nodded. "Of course, we are the big villains. We are besieged by those just men. The situation is very critical, but …"
His voice turned and he laughed. "The villain will win the final victory!"
Chapter four hundred and fifty Life is to fight and then triumph.
The media are talking about the cooperation of European football Qi Xin to help Manchester United beat Lazio.
Even in the press conference before the game, there were media reporters who got up and asked questions like Chang Sheng.
He said, "Does this phenomenon mean that Lazio is very unpopular?"
Chang Sheng sneered at this. He grunted, "This can tell how much Europe is afraid of us. It has done its utmost to beat us."
He shrugged his shoulders and spread his hand. "But I don’t care whether it is Manchester United plus Real Madrid plus AC Milan plus Juventus plus other cat, dog and dog teams that play against us … If someone thinks that this can beat us, I welcome them to try because they don’t really lose to us, they won’t be in vain."
The winning performance is very domineering. At Old Trafford, his momentum makes people feel that he is the owner here.
And journalists are also surprised by Chang Sheng’s confidence.
Maybe he’s bluffing.
Many reporters think so in their hearts.
Always winning doesn’t matter what journalists think. Anyway, they are going to win the game. These journalists’ thoughts are meaningless at all.
Compared with being confident, Ferguson is very cautious even at home.
He didn’t say before the game that it was an advantage to be behind by one goal, but said, "No matter how many goals we are behind, we are behind. I don’t know what the media will think of us. The hot spot is that Lazio is our home, but the score is behind us. This game is very difficult …"
The old fox hid his minions as if he were a cute Samoyed dog …
He wants to transfer all his bets to Lazio and let the pressure go to Lazio. Before the game, he tried his best to decompress his players.
He never talks about the factors that are beneficial to him, that is, repeating the difficulties of the game over and over again.
It seems that this is not his home but an away game.
The attitude of these two head coaches at the pre-match press conference is really interesting and tight.
The visiting coach is confident, but the home coach is cautious.
At the press conference before the game, both coaches also announced their respective starting lists for this game.
Judging from the starting list, both sides are the strongest players in the best condition.
A Premier League game breaks and Manchester United’s main squad starts.
And so is Lazio.
Just look at the starting list and you can imagine how fierce the game will be.
However, Manchester United’s starting list is not quite the same as when the two sides played in the first leg.
At home, Ferguson chose a strong attack array instead of defending as he did away from home.
Obviously, Manchester United is going to attack this game at home.
This is not unexpected.
If you don’t attack after losing a goal in the first round, then Manchester United is not Manchester United. It is necessary to attack. There is no suspense.
The key is to see how Manchester United attack.

She is willing to understand!

But heaven and man who can understand her!
Ling has suffered too much during this period, and she has done more than everyone else!
She can no longer be selfish and ask for the warmth of her body!
She is Huang Yin-li, the wife of the Southern Xia Kingdom, who said,’ Go away and go back to your palace!’ Words almost instantly broke her fantasy of wanting to follow him far away.
Sure enough, she thinks too much, but the reality is too cruel!
The palace … Yes, there seems to be a place where she can go now. It’s not a palace!
But …
When Shinohara snow stumbled out of Ju ‘an Restaurant, she didn’t know that at this time, the windows of three rooms on the second floor of the restaurant were open, and each window had eyes full of pain, watching her walk into the twilight instantly.
Su Ling, covering her mouth, did not dare to make a sound at the first window on the second floor of the restaurant.
Seeing that Shinohara Snow has entered a one-person street, she turned and wanted to rush out of the door to follow in her footsteps.
But around burn old timely stopped her from moving.
"Don’t go to let her calm down! Someone protects! "
Words fall Su Ling tearful eyes dancing along the burn old line of sight, and sure enough, I saw Qi Hei, who was more than ten meters behind Shinohara Snow, following carefully.
So many days, it turns out that Qihei has always been there!
In the end, Huang Yin-li still can’t let go of Shinohara Snow. How can you let go when you love someone so deeply?
Strange things often make people!
On the other side, two windows were opened, except for Huang Yinxuan, who looked obscure and looked at Xiao Yu’s snow figure. One person left was the pale Huang Yinli.
Walking in the street, Shinohara’s steps have gradually become calm, and her eyes are dry and she can’t cry.
A person’s back looks thin and lonely.
This is where she grew up, but now walking alone makes her feel strange as never before.
The street is dark and the lanterns on both sides of the bluestone road are swaying, and the restaurant behind her is getting farther and farther with her pace.
When passing by a dim light, Xiao Xue was exhausted physically and mentally, and looked up at the twilight sky with a touch of candlelight.
"It seems that with the appearance of Huang Yinxuan, you have not escaped the injury!"
When Lou Zhan’s low voice rang through Xiao Xue’s ears, she looked back with irony and contempt, and her expression was as cold as ice. "You came to see my joke again?"
I don’t want to think about Shinohara snow, and Bai Louzhan appears in front of her again and again, not with the palace.
She always knew that when she refused to marry Lou Zhan, she must have always made him bear a grudge!
Now she feels that nothing can disturb her gradually frozen heart lake, including Lou Zhan means. It is not difficult to know the identity of Huang Yin Xuan in a short time!
Lou Zhan’s eyes drooped, then he squinted slightly, glanced at Yu Guang in the direction behind him, then converged all his expressions and said, "Grandmother, you should know that I have never hurt you!"
"So what?" Xiao Xue’s tight cheeks were a little stiff because of too many tears, so she said to Lou Zhan, "The Seven Emperors are trying to force me to marry you, but my answer is no, yes, yes!"
Maybe I thought I would get such an answer long ago, but Lou Zhan’s cheeks were not surprised at all. Instead, she smiled faintly and suddenly said, "Madam, I have a suggestion. I wonder if you would like to hear it!"
LouZhan smell breath again eyebrows glanced at behind and then close to shinohara trail "TaiNv I want to say things for your present situation may be a good choice!
I can tell you who assassinated you in the state of Qi and Chu! But before I need your position as a waitress and … "
"What else?"
Is almost consciousness shinohara snow asked 1!
For her, the person who tried to assassinate her in the state of Qi and Chu has always been a thorn in her heart!
And LouZhan since can say to the shinohara snow intuition is white what is his purpose!
Secretly thought that Shinohara’s snow was as lonely and cold as a moment of loss! It turns out that she still has it for others! Isn’t it!
"Why don’t you and I go back to the palace to discuss it in detail?"
Lou Zhan’s eyes looked at the rear more than once, but even if Shinohara’s snow heart was heavy, she also noticed something!
See Shinohara snow and some hesitation LouZhan abrupt in the previous step beside Shinohara snow suddenly dropped a word in her ear.
It is precisely because of this sentence that Shinohara Snow’s eyes are wide open and looking at Louzhan’s expression has begun to become somewhat suspicious.
"Believe me, I am not your enemy!"
After Louzhan finally uttered these words, Shinohara Snow took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. All the emotional departments disappeared.
When Shinohara’s eyes were still attached, she finally looked into the distance, which was not clear. After Ju ‘an Restaurant, she looked at Lou Zhan intently and nodded, "Go back to the palace!"
It was in Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan that they quickly disappeared in the street and soon appeared. Qi Black looked dignified and anxious. He saw the appearance of Lou Qi Huang, but he actually took away Tainv. !
This ….. How did he tell the Lord? !
No matter how anxious Qihe is to find out, everything has ended.
Because of the decision from Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan’s return to the palace in a short time, Xia Xiaoxue, the wife of the Southern Xia Dynasty, is about to marry the seven emperors of Lou Yue.
Palace courtyard Tainv Palace
After a long absence, Tainvgong seems to have been involved in the days when Shinohara Snow left.
It was when she and Lou Zhan entered the Tainv Palace together that a dusty smell in the palace made her lip corner unexpectedly cross a touch of irony.
Imperial nobles are nothing but a word from the emperor!
She used to be the most valued daughter of the mother emperor, but now it’s ironic to think that she has become a lost dog because of a man
Behind Shinohara Snow, the pace of Louzhan was steady and followed step by step, and just as two people stepped into the hall of Tainvgong, the whole hall was lit up in an instant.

The head coach said they would win the game, but they didn’t have time to celebrate the goal.

Popovich scored in the 76th minute, and now Keku scored in the 79th minute.
Give them another goal and say how much it is. There are eleven minutes left.
It’s only 14 minutes when injury stoppage time is counted.
With two goals behind, we have to fucking reverse it!
Everyone feels full of surging power and strong fighting spirit when they think about it.
Reverse the temptation and let everyone stop moving forward. They will never give up until the last second!
Kaiku came to hold the football Popovich, and the two men hugged each other and continued to run.
Then Popovich stretched out his hand to Carlos Campo next to him and motioned for him to come over.
When Campo came running, he put his arm around Campo with the other hand.
"Not bad!" He said to Campo
Carlos Campo smiled and said, "Your foot in front of the door is beautiful, big brother!" "
Popovich was very impressed by Campo’s flattery. He grabbed Campo’s hand and grabbed it on Campo’s shoulder. "Just do it well. I am very optimistic about you!"
Changsheng finally smiled when he saw this scene.
Even when the team equalized the score, he never smiled so brightly, as if the sun was shining directly on his face.
Because he knows very well that Carlos Campo has been integrated into the team, which is slowly being squeezed into a whole by him …
This is the foundation of the team’s relegation success.
Changsheng firmly believes that a United team can have combat effectiveness.
Coming to Hertha has been a mess, but now they are reuniting with one goal.
If the team can keep doing this, he will be more confident to lead them to avoid relegation.
Javier Miranda, president of Osasuna next to Flores, looked at the stadium with an incredible expression. He couldn’t believe that just three minutes ago, his team was leading by two goals. Now why did this advantage swing away?
Is Hertha lucky?
However, the two scoring methods are almost identical. Can this be solved simply by "dumb luck"?
Javier Miranda is not stupid. He knows that there is always something inevitable behind "luck"
It’s not that he doesn’t know what Hertha was like before. Hertha was still at home when the two teams played each other for half a season. Both of them were beaten back by Osasuna.
What caused all this to change like this?
He turned his eyes to the man in front of the visiting coach’s seat. He was young and terrible, but he seemed to have injected some fresh blood into Hertha’s dying team …
Francisco Flores turned his head and glanced at Vicente Moscow. He said with a smile, "It was a wonderful three minutes, wasn’t it?"
How much Moscow can smile "is really wonderful, Mr. Chairman … I really didn’t expect that we could finally take a point away from El sardar Stadium …"
I didn’t expect Flores to shake his head. "There are still more than ten minutes before the end of the game, Vicente."
With that, he turned back and looked at the stadium without saying a word.
Moscow gritted his teeth in his heart. "Don’t you think Hertha can win? This is so arrogant! We can pull two balls in three minutes, but we have to say that the opponents with luck didn’t react. Now they have been completely angered by us … At this time, we should strengthen our defense and strive to hold this point instead of pursuing any three points! "
He turned his attention to the sidelines and always won
He doesn’t believe that this young man can really lead Hertha to avoid relegation. Even if he wins a draw in the end, there are too many accidental elements in his opinion-if Osasuna’s ball was intercepted by Carlos Campo without mistakes, if Osasuna adjusted her mentality immediately after losing the first goal …
He still doesn’t like winning.
Just one point … Not decisive for relegation!
He has decided that the team will always win after demotion, and he must try his best to say that Flores should stop bossing the personnel of the team. He needs to keep pouring money into the team, and it is best not to worry about other things.
When Hertha players ran back to half-time, many people turned their attention to the coach’s seat.
They saw the young China coach comparing a gesture "V" to them, which means "victory".
"I came here to pursue victory."
The head coach’s participation in the press conference before the game reappeared in their minds.
They no longer doubt the truth of this sentence.
The head coach is really a man of his word …
They looked back.
We are here to pursue victory!
Each of them repeated it in his mind.
The referee blew the whistle again.
Three Hertha strikers, like three sharp arrows, shot into the restricted area of Osasuna.
They were so fast that the players in Osasuna didn’t react.
Then when they turned their eyes to Hertha players again, for the first time, they felt that this team on the verge of relegation was a little different from before …
Chapter 20 A good play
Miguel Angel Lotina, head coach of Osasuna, looked dignified on the sidelines.
Hertha surprised his team with two goals in three minutes.
When Osasuna was two goals ahead of Hertha, Lotina’s team had already won, and he was also considering the next game. When the club invited him to coach this season, it was plain that Osasuna was back in the first division, a team that had won the UEFA Cup semi-finals. They had been sinking in the second division for a long time.
At present, Osasuna ranks first, but this ranking is not safe. First, las palmas ranks second. Secondly, the gap between them and Villarreal, Salamanca, Lerida and levante is not very obvious.
In addition to this round of the league, there are nine rounds of the league, which is enough for a lot of things to happen.