Even the five-vein foundation can’t stop Su Mo’s knife!

Throughout the process, Su Mo’s eyes eventually fell on Guo Yishen.
This is the only six-vein foundation in the battlefield
When this man dies, the rest will collapse without a fight!
There are a few monks in the summer who have some strange movements. Su Mo glanced at it lightly and ignored the knife to continue to kill Guo Yi.
At the same time, Guo Yi also felt Su Mo’s killing heart.
Guo Yi knows in his heart that he is definitely no match for Su Mo.
But he is not without a chance to win!
The only chance is to have a female body in the middle stage of the foundation in that realm of cultivation in the camp of the Zhou Dynasty!
If this woman is in distress, this Su Mo is bound to be disturbed and exposed, and it is easy for him to sneak in and slay her on the spot.
If we can capture this woman alive, the situation will become simpler.
On this Guo Yi took a deep breath and calmed his mind’s eyes with a decision.
See who moves faster!
If Su Mo kills him first, he can talk.
However, if the female practitioner in the middle period of Tsukiji falls into their hands first, Su Mo will die and the Zhou Dynasty will be defeated!
The woman in Guo Yi’s sight is already a caged bird.
Brother Zhou around her has been attracted away, and there is a monster beast that looks like a wolf and is black all over.
"Come on!"
Guo Yi’s heart will no longer avoid pulling out a protective charm from the bag and crushing it on the spot.
At the same time, Guo Yi offered a shiny glass frame on the top of his head.
The blood quenching knife was cut head-on without any fancy and cleanliness.
Guo Yi looked dignified, and his fingertips stirred up a series of rich spiritual forces and injected them into the glass mirror.
The rapid expansion of the glass mirror is like a dazzling golden sky over Guo Yi’s head.
The blood quenching knife cuts the glass mirror and sends out a tremor, which sounds like ringing the clock of the ancient temple.
Although Guo Yi temporarily blocked this knife with the glass mirror.
But his body is still shaking violently around the protective symbol, and this power shocks and collapses on the spot!
Until now, Guo Yicai really realized that Su Mo’s knife broke out into terrorist forces!
Before Guo Yi can catch his breath, the second knife comes.
A blood mans arrival almost tore the sky above his head!
At a glance, Guo Yi noticed the ecstasy in the eyes of another battlefield scene.
Do it!
Those five monks have already made moves!
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, sumo, look back. Your sister’s horse is going to die!"
Guo Yi laughed and facial features have been distorted.
Then Guo Yixiao stopped abruptly and his heart sank.
Sue ink blood quenching knife didn’t pause.
Sue ink look calm in those deep eyes Guo Yi can’t see the slightest panic worry!
Even Su Mo didn’t look back.
How come…
What’s wrong?
Guo Yi consciously looked at another battlefield.