I just knocked on the door and said, "I don’t think you are my friend."

Mark ha ha a smile!
But she led Debbie into the room without diagnosis.
The layout of Jonas House is exactly the same as that of Mark House, and it is a pattern of two rooms and one living room.
Not long!
Sitting on the sofa with a bad face, Jonas glanced at the wine cabinet in the main room and picked and picked Mark’s face was even darker. "Damn it, isn’t there any wine in your room?"
Mark said without looking back, "Let’s get rid of the wine in my room now. I’m afraid I’ll leave the name of the director in charge of New York State as an alcoholic."
"Just come!" Jonas was angry. "Once you went to my house, two cases of Evelyn were missing from my wine cellar to buy me a wave of wine."
Mark found out that the appearance and color of a bottle were all selected by Bo and smiled slightly. "Evelyn gave it to me. You can’t blame me!" "
"Damn it, I should have taken out my shotgun!"
"But you didn’t!"
Mark laughed and took two glasses and sat down on the sofa. "It’s not a good habit for old friends to always miss the past when they meet. We should watch them first!" "
"… hehe!" Jonas laughs but not laughs!
But in ten minutes!
Drunk Jonas hooked Mark’s shoulder and took out his cell phone to order a photo. He said proudly to Mark, "Look at Evelyn and my granddaughter who was just born last year!"
Mark took a sip of the wave and looked at the photo without paying attention to the blonde next to him. The mother and daughter smiled and said, "It’s beautiful!" "
"I think so!" Jonas said!
Mark glanced at his face and turned red, just like a monkey’s ass, Jonas.
Not a sigh!
When I first met Jonas, Mark drank Jonas directly and lay on the lawn for the night.
I have made great progress for so many years.
Who knows …
Jonas’s blonde eyes are eating people. Mark and Debbie are out of the room, lying on the sofa and sleeping soundly.
"rude!" Mark turned his head and glanced at the door and left the pie mouth.
It’s even more right to let Debbie next to you directly!
Good half-day!
As she walked towards the stairway, Debbie asked curiously, "Just come to Jonas and get him drunk?"
Mark laughed and took out his mobile phone and handed it to Debbie. It seemed that he had thought of something interesting, so he said, "Guess how much I can get from Jonas with this video."
Debbie looked puzzled at the video playing inside and asked, "We didn’t see you take out your mobile phone."
Mark picked up the phone, took the first button of his shirt and threw it to Debbie. He simply said, "The latest CIA technology, the Bluetooth button camera, damaged the high-definition picture …"
With a look of shock, Debbie Mark walked straight into the elevator!
When I stepped on the stairs, Mark said, "I’m going out for a walk. People come to me and say no!"
Debbie "…"
In an hour!
Mark was generous enough to give Franklin a taxi and put away his wallet.
My eyes fell on the signboard of a restaurant across the street!
Dolome’s restaurant!
Mark couldn’t help laughing when his eyes fell on someone sitting on a bar stool and eating something!
When that hospitable taxi drive heard Mark’s destination when he first came here.
Just look frightened and full of sincerity and tell Mark never to order the unique tuna sandwich in this restaurant!
Eating it will doubt life!
Just as Mark was crossing the street, Yu Guang suddenly saw a muscle car circling around the restaurant door, and some guys were pointing at Brian in the restaurant!
Then a few people surrounded and went in!
Thought for a moment!
Mark simply lit himself a cigarette by leaning against a big tree next to him.
Meimei drew up!
When a cigarette is about to run out
A swearing sound came instantly!
A man staring at the head of a chicken coop just glanced at Brian and said, "Try a hamburger with double cheese and French fries from heaven, you faggot!" "
"I like tuna sandwich here!" Brian turned around and said directly!
"Who are you kidding?" Jiwo man quickened his pace and chased him and said, "No one likes tuna sandwich here!"
"I like it!" Brian said so!
One second!
Mark saw Brian directly given a suppressed red pickup truck by the henhouse man!
Mark can’t help but look at his eyebrows and turn around directly. Brian, a crisp left fist with a heavy swing in the henhouse, faces.
Mark didn’t applaud.
Mark couldn’t bear to close his eyes directly!