Many Taojun retreated again with horror!

Two laws of heaven and earth constantly collide, and the tall figure is like two gods roaring endlessly, almost to conan the destroyer!
This is the power of Faxiang Daojun!
Nangong Ling and others all show yearning and envy in their eyes.
It is worthwhile to master this power to practice in this life!
The killing of the two laws of heaven and earth has reached a fever pitch!
Fairy Sword Dao Jun Tian Di Fa condensed a huge sword with both hands and severely cut off an arm of the naked dharma body!
The arm burning with flame fell like a thick stone pillar, and the whole ground trembled!
The method of heaven and earth is a virtual shadow condensed by those who fix the truth.
But this arm is cut off like a substance!
Even a broken arm is enough to kill the strength of the general method!
Although the red dharma body has one arm left, it punches through the chest of the raw sword body!
This time, the fight seems to lose both sides.
But xianjian daojun looks pale.
The red dharma fist pierces the raw sword body’s chest wound, and generate produces a series of crimson flames that are dazzling!
Flame big sheng from raw sword chest generate swept from the outside!
If this kind of flame comes from the outside, the raw sword body can also be cut out with the sharp shock wave.
And now this flame comes from the sword body generate!
The immortal sword Dao Jun gave a growl, and his body trembled. The Yuan God urged him to the limit, and the magic was constantly injected into the middle of the world, and the heaven and earth method also burst into a painful roar with the flames!
"Burn it for me!"
Extreme fire Dao Jun drinks with one heart and mind.
Open your mouth and spit out a crimson hot magma before stepping forward!
The shock wave of the raw sword body is instantly extinguished by this horrible magma!
The raw sword body struggled and roared, and the eyes, ears, nose and mouth were full of flames and smoke!
The external flame will completely incinerate the raw sword body!
Seeing this scene, many Taojun were dumbfounded, and it was hard to hide the shock in their eyes.
Xianjian Daojun lost!
The first place in the contemporary law list was lost to the top five thousand years ago and entered the first place in the old age law list!
Although the red dharma body has broken an arm, the dharma body is still in flames and can still erupt into terrorist forces!
And the raw sword body has been completely burned into emptiness!
Brokeback naked body roars, burning with flame before a stride, and the huge soles of your feet step on the immortal sword Dao Jun hard!
This one carrying coercion is like crushing an ant!
Xianjian Daojun turned pale, swallowed a handful of Dan medicine, and forced Yuan Shen’s hand-kneading tactic to condense out a huge sword and stabbed it at the foot of his head!
Qiang Qiang!
The sword screeched against the sole of your foot!
Xianjian Daojun’s figure was greatly shocked.
Followed by several eyes staring at this huge sword handle was instantly burned red almost through!
Sword fracture