"It’s also that I can feel that President Su is strong after you graduate." Chen Jia can’t imagine that this is the prototype of a company that has not yet been established by a sophomore.

And all of them are still working at most.
"Sue too.
After "Chen Jia immediately plays the fine body", I asked Mr. Su to leave a place for me. "
"Good talk!" Fu can meet with the wave.
Chen Jia coughed twice at once, but Fu Ke-yu didn’t notice that she was still wandering in drawing cakes for herself.
"What is so easy to say?" As soon as Sue woke up, Fu Keyu felt that he had died in situ on the spot. I don’t know how much he heard.
This Chen Jia hinted that it was too inconspicuous.
Fu Keyu turned around. "Why are you here?"
"Buy them drinks. There is no water dispenser in the office. It’s too hot." When Sue woke up, she went upstairs to ask her if she wanted to eat ice cream. As a result, she had already left him to eat.
He stopped by Chen Jiagong convenience store to see if she was here.
It’s really cute that she’s so thoughtful.
"Su Tai!" Chen Jia also said to the mouth at a side.
Fu Keyou really wants to pull her up and beat her up.
Then Sue woke up and went to the drink cabinet and brought a lot of drinks to Chen Jia. After the settlement was completed, he handed over a bottle of strawberry raw milk.
She smiled when she saw strawberries.
"Go together?" Sue woke up and asked her
When Fu Keyou saw it, "Ah, it’s almost time. I’ve been fishing for so long."
“那是她可是我女朋友你是我男朋友 不能比”傅可遇说着已经推着他人进门去了
There’s a tune here. She just wants to lie here for a while.
When he went to work, Fu Ke met with a light hand and went to see the outsiders through the glass. Everyone of them was very busy, and Sue woke up from time to time to instruct them to modify their brains and talk to them. Everyone was busy with things in their hands.
They are all students, but they have become social beings.
Even Chen Liang, who is not very reliable, looks very reliable.
She smiled and went back to the chair, then played video to learn painting teaching. Today, the students were very satisfied with her, so she wanted to do better.
As a result, she fell asleep at the table while watching it.
When I woke up, I felt it was dark outside the window. When she got up, a man’s coat slipped from her body.
Fu Keyu picked it up and patted the ashes.
He has a key.
Is to indulge her interest
Once in a hundred years (5)
When she saw it, it was past five o’clock and immediately called Chen Jia.
"Chen Liang and I went to buy something to eat. Brother Xing asked us to stay in his company for dinner. When you get up, just wait for us. We are on our way back," Chen Jia said to her.
Sue woke up and knocked on the door and came in. "Wake up?"
"How did I fall asleep?"
"You are too tired and hard. My little princess has to support her family." Sue woke up and touched the back of her head.
Fu Keyou directly relies on the position of his head strength to let him receive it.
He is very strong, which makes her feel safe even in the future. She looks up at him and smiles.
"Stop killing dogs and come to dinner." Chen Jia knocked on the door just to see that they were bored. She was so hungry that she didn’t want to disturb them.