Jiang’s teeth are a little low.

Jiang Ya spat out one mouthful blood, and he was subjected to deduction. He turned pale and depressed.
Ginger teeth watched in horror as doing and asked, "Who are you, the unfathomable elder?" To tease and amuse me, Jiang Shang? "
No wonder Huang Tianwu’s fate can’t be calculated.
Jiang Ya finally knew the reason. It turned out to be because of the master Chen Yan. Otherwise, even if Huang Tianwu was a red-hearted Jiang Ya, he could deduce a score of 56 points.
The other side is too strong to calculate.
Chen Yan got up before putting a bag of money on the stand and turned away from his head and said, "Don’t get me wrong, Chen Yan Jiang Shang, I didn’t come here to amuse you. Thank you at last."
Huang Tianwu left behind with Ulrich.
Thank you?
Jiang Ya wondered why he should say thank you to himself.
Chen Yan saw a lot of things in Jiang Ya’s body, but the cultivation is to explain the teaching methods. From the teaching methods, Chen Yan can visit and explain some ideas, which are the most important for Chen Yan, because the idea is a saint foundation, which is called "Tao"
You should say thank you when you get something from others.
Ginger teeth, muttered to himself, "he is the heart door master doing? Really unfathomable. I didn’t expect there to be such a tough figure in Chaoge City. I have to be more careful when I act. "
Back in the yard, Chen Yan taught Huang Tianwu a set of boxing and said, "You should practice this boxing well and close it for a few days. If you don’t understand anything, remember it and I’ll explain it later."
Huang Tianwu nodded, "It’s Master."
Huang Tianwu already has a pure heart, and he is no longer worried that he will be lazy and practice martial arts. Is it Huang Tianwu’s dream to ask him to neglect?
Chen Yan went back to his room. "When I predicted it, my soul turned into an immortal level. Just these two days."
Jiang Tooth saw that explaining the "idea" touched Chen Yan greatly, and Confucian ideas absorbed some ideas, and Chen Yan’s "Tao" was finally perfected.
The soul has reached the moment of transformation.
One day later
Chen Yan’s soul has a mysterious fluctuation, which is immortal. Most people don’t notice it, but only those who are powerful can feel it.
This fluctuation comes and goes quickly, and many mighty men know that a golden fairy is born in Chaoge City, but who is it? No one found out
Chen Yan’s soul successfully reached the immortal level.
Until now, Chen Yancai has some real self-protection ability and doesn’t worry about the cannon fodder field.
Chapter 654 Wealth is not easy to enjoy.
When Di Xin came back from Loi Wo Temple, she became a little moody. Ten concubines, Di Xin, were definitely not satisfied. Zhong, a villain, took the opportunity to suggest that Su Daji, the daughter of Hou Su in Jizhou, was a beautiful woman.
Su Daji was young a few years ago, but now she is sixteen and can be included in the palace.
Di Xin immediately to the interest.
Decide to accept Princess Su Daji.
Jiang Niang learned that Di Xin wanted Su Hu’s daughter to enter the palace, and she was a little reluctant. She and Princess Jing had better come to the King Hall to discuss with King Jing.
Jiang Niang said to Jing, "Sister Jing is going to take a concubine again. What do you think we should do?"
Scene a face of calm and said, "Sister Jiang, the king’s princess is still natural. We’d better not interfere too much with the present king’s personal will … too strong to listen to others’ advice."
Di Xin even Huang Feihu, Bigan, Shang, Jing and others are not listening.
Jing and Di Xin have husband and wife names, wives and concubines.
There is no opinion on how many women Di Xin wants to accept into the palace. There is a hunch that if Su Hu’s daughter enters the palace, there will be a constant storm.
Scene heart andao "Su Hu daughter into the palace things or to discuss a let him get ready".
Jiang Ya has been worshipping the Yuan Buddha’s Gate in Kunlun Mountain since he was a child. Unfortunately, his qualifications are limited, and he has never become an immortal. Only when his hair and beard are all white did Master tell him that he did not become an immortal, but he could enjoy wealth.
After the mountain, Jiang Ya came to Chaoge City, but he can be a big official and enjoy wealth immediately. Unfortunately, Chaoge City is not easy to mix. If a good friend hadn’t taken Jiang Ya in, he wouldn’t even have a place to stay.
Profitable deduction fortune-telling
Jiang Ya is not an old master, but a living. He makes a living by explaining what he has learned, but it is very smooth until he meets Chen Yan Jiang Ya and finds that his deduction of skills is somewhat inaccurate.
Jiang Ya, a good friend, stayed at home for half a month and decided to visit Chen Yan. Although he is not a first-class sect in Chaoge City, he still has some influence. If Chen Yan is willing to help Jiang Ya, he feels that it will be much smoother for him to enter the court.
It is necessary to enjoy the wealth of people and be an official. Otherwise, how can you enjoy the wealth of people?
This is Jiang Ya’s understanding
Ginger tooth came to the right heart gate one leng didn’t expect the famous right heart gate to be a small courtyard.
It’s incredible.
Just-minded people can visit, come in and out at will, or disturb Chen Yan’s lectures to the students. Just-minded people are very different among the many sects in Chaoge City.
Jiang Ya walked into the yard and saw a middle-aged man who was sullen and said to Ulrich, "When you left my face in the yellow house, you said loudly that I could call at any time. Today I came to Ulrich."
Huang Tianwu said in the previous step, "Yu Hong Tianxian, are you really going to give up on a little thing?"
Yu Hong sneered, "You’re a junior. You don’t have the right to talk."
Sun Yan said to Huang Tianwu, "Tianwu, please retire."
Huang Tianwu went back.
Yu Hong asked, "Don’t blame me for picking your right door when you spoke."