Sending light is more and more shining, and it is a big move to wander. He is an emotional spell machine gun to cooperate with his teammates to play the harvesting rhythm.

Shi Qiangqiang is also fighting at the blue buff. He has been impatient and ready to show an epic exercise at the blue buff. He watched the eyes send light from strong to weak and finally failed, but his brain didn’t react. For a second, he was in a state of crashing.
Failed. Wait for him? The delivery failed
Shi Qiangqiang’s heart is roaring. What is this situation? I didn’t fuck myself. Why didn’t I send it there?
Tang Qinling and others found this deadly situation instantaneous and messy.
"What’s the matter with A Qiang?"
"I am strong in history, and you cancel your death."
"I went to Qiangqiang, did you slip your hand? This is a team battle, dear uncle."
Tang Qinling, Wang Qiang, and Zhou Xiong all expressed their messy feelings about this cancellation. History is strong and blushing at the moment. What is the situation?
"I definitely didn’t cancel. I don’t even have a keyboard? I see. It’s a barrel trick."
Shi Qiangqiang moved his perspective back to the circuit and just saw the barrel carrying the defensive tower, hurting and burping with a comfortable face, which made Shi Qiangqiang hate not stepping on this fat body.
"Well done" Di Qiu is relieved to see that the vagrant failed at the moment. If the vagrant can’t come, then this team battle is absolutely proper.
Go back to the front of the camera
Wandering and barrel-to-barrel brushing both sides wandered back to the tower when the blue buff was about to have a team battle, and disappeared into the barrel field of vision. This distance was definitely a strong one, and the perspective was moved to the road.
It’s not enough to stop the wandering from coming at the first time. Send this single barrel with an E skill, then decisively add a flash, and after a long displacement, finally reach the limit distance and throw a big move. The instantaneous explosion directly blows the wandering away from the original place and successfully interrupts his delivery.
In this way, Shi Qiangqiang’s wandering has caused tons of blows to his teammates. Although the wandering is not satisfactory, the team battle is still going on. The opposite side will not become soft-hearted because the wandering has not arrived, but will become worse. Zhang Hao and others are black in the face.
Jiela handed over the big move group aoe, which hurt well and hit the opposite three people. Zhang Hao looked at the situation, adjusted his position, pulled out the hook and pulled it to the opposite ad Levin.
It is important to pull Draven. He is the second tallest guy in the opposite output. At present, it is imperative for Silas to kill Draven.
Zhang Hao’s combination of boxing, pulling and hammering knocked out Draven’s half blood, which shows that the robot’s injury in the early stage is really terrible
After the Emperor eq went to the crowd, he directly made a big move to the ice and instantly framed Pan Sen, Jiela and Ice, which limited their output.
The old man of time set a bomb on the emperor in front of the emperor eq, which made Zhang Hao and others speak the heroic language of time. The bomb can be released to friendly forces. At this moment, the emperor’s head with this bomb is also weighing heavily on everyone’s mind. This is aoe skill.
Tang Qinling and others can be prepared to smash the skills of this emperor who is not meat. Let the emperor die in the power of aoe skills before considering starting work on the people behind him.
However, Diqiu’s party had a plan and didn’t worry about the emperor’s follow-up staff quickly arranging with Diqiu Zelas at this moment, and all of them were exporting his skills.
Every skill of Silas has a distance that he can’t bear to look straight at. Silas can play wave after wave of damage skills in an extremely safe place, and the hit rate is surprisingly high when he releases the pit directly at the emperor.
I’ve been to the Emperor as a tactical hero, and now it’s also powerful. This pit is simply tailor-made by Di Qiu and others, and Draven’s big move is released. I can dodge at the root of the pit and watch two big axes fly.
After the axe swept through the crowd, Draven instantly pulled back the axe and hit a wave of perfect output to the people in the pit, causing second-stage damage.
Zhang Hao watched the people in the pit constantly reduce their blood volume but their ability.
Pan Sen’s experience is a little poor. It’s very tragic to have level five. There is not a big move. Wang Qiang has to jump into Dreven and get dizzy until his teammates keep up with a big wave of skills
Draven is like a crispy skin. In the end, Draven’s body is a crispy skin. Before eating a big trick from Gera and letting the robot beat him up, the blood volume is also urgent and he will die.
However, Levin didn’t give up. After handing over a treatment, he threw a sharp axe, which hindered Zhang Hao’s pursuit and kept attacking the foremost robot.
At this time, the robot is just carrying an eye stone. How can it resist Draven’s output of several levels of A blood volume and drop more than half? But Zhang Hao still hasn’t backed down, and you won’t stop until you kill him.
There is no big move to release the skills of ice behind the robot. Ice is simply a chicken rib. Only a Q skill slows down a little, so that Dreven can’t escape the attack range of Zhang Hao and others
When the ice slows down, Dreven is finally about to die. It is at this time that his head appears. The icon that Tang Qinling and others don’t want to see is Kieran’s back-in-time icon, a skill that can revive teammates who died during the specified period. It is so precious at this moment.
Although I really want to stop, Draven has been killed by aoe, and his body will slowly come back to life in two seconds.
"Did you fight for nothing?" Wang Qiang cursed a lot of skills, but the effect was the same as not playing. But when it was urgent, there were so many complaints that it was still a team battle at the moment
It’s very anxious that the former ice is anodyne and the output hits Draven’s body.
The effect of heaven and earth were finally over. People who came out of the pit experienced two big moves, and after baptism, they all went to the opposite side of half blood. Can’t two great things be done?
Tang Qinling looked at the screen, her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and her slender fingers were rhythmic when she swam dexterously on the keyboard, and sometimes she was anxious. Her elegant combination of hand-pulling skills hit one set after another, and her two fists were hard to beat four hands. No matter how good her personal ability was, she couldn’t beat a big group.