The head coach said they would win the game, but they didn’t have time to celebrate the goal.

Popovich scored in the 76th minute, and now Keku scored in the 79th minute.
Give them another goal and say how much it is. There are eleven minutes left.
It’s only 14 minutes when injury stoppage time is counted.
With two goals behind, we have to fucking reverse it!
Everyone feels full of surging power and strong fighting spirit when they think about it.
Reverse the temptation and let everyone stop moving forward. They will never give up until the last second!
Kaiku came to hold the football Popovich, and the two men hugged each other and continued to run.
Then Popovich stretched out his hand to Carlos Campo next to him and motioned for him to come over.
When Campo came running, he put his arm around Campo with the other hand.
"Not bad!" He said to Campo
Carlos Campo smiled and said, "Your foot in front of the door is beautiful, big brother!" "
Popovich was very impressed by Campo’s flattery. He grabbed Campo’s hand and grabbed it on Campo’s shoulder. "Just do it well. I am very optimistic about you!"
Changsheng finally smiled when he saw this scene.
Even when the team equalized the score, he never smiled so brightly, as if the sun was shining directly on his face.
Because he knows very well that Carlos Campo has been integrated into the team, which is slowly being squeezed into a whole by him …
This is the foundation of the team’s relegation success.
Changsheng firmly believes that a United team can have combat effectiveness.
Coming to Hertha has been a mess, but now they are reuniting with one goal.
If the team can keep doing this, he will be more confident to lead them to avoid relegation.
Javier Miranda, president of Osasuna next to Flores, looked at the stadium with an incredible expression. He couldn’t believe that just three minutes ago, his team was leading by two goals. Now why did this advantage swing away?
Is Hertha lucky?
However, the two scoring methods are almost identical. Can this be solved simply by "dumb luck"?
Javier Miranda is not stupid. He knows that there is always something inevitable behind "luck"
It’s not that he doesn’t know what Hertha was like before. Hertha was still at home when the two teams played each other for half a season. Both of them were beaten back by Osasuna.
What caused all this to change like this?
He turned his eyes to the man in front of the visiting coach’s seat. He was young and terrible, but he seemed to have injected some fresh blood into Hertha’s dying team …
Francisco Flores turned his head and glanced at Vicente Moscow. He said with a smile, "It was a wonderful three minutes, wasn’t it?"
How much Moscow can smile "is really wonderful, Mr. Chairman … I really didn’t expect that we could finally take a point away from El sardar Stadium …"
I didn’t expect Flores to shake his head. "There are still more than ten minutes before the end of the game, Vicente."
With that, he turned back and looked at the stadium without saying a word.
Moscow gritted his teeth in his heart. "Don’t you think Hertha can win? This is so arrogant! We can pull two balls in three minutes, but we have to say that the opponents with luck didn’t react. Now they have been completely angered by us … At this time, we should strengthen our defense and strive to hold this point instead of pursuing any three points! "
He turned his attention to the sidelines and always won
He doesn’t believe that this young man can really lead Hertha to avoid relegation. Even if he wins a draw in the end, there are too many accidental elements in his opinion-if Osasuna’s ball was intercepted by Carlos Campo without mistakes, if Osasuna adjusted her mentality immediately after losing the first goal …
He still doesn’t like winning.
Just one point … Not decisive for relegation!
He has decided that the team will always win after demotion, and he must try his best to say that Flores should stop bossing the personnel of the team. He needs to keep pouring money into the team, and it is best not to worry about other things.
When Hertha players ran back to half-time, many people turned their attention to the coach’s seat.
They saw the young China coach comparing a gesture "V" to them, which means "victory".
"I came here to pursue victory."
The head coach’s participation in the press conference before the game reappeared in their minds.
They no longer doubt the truth of this sentence.
The head coach is really a man of his word …
They looked back.
We are here to pursue victory!
Each of them repeated it in his mind.
The referee blew the whistle again.
Three Hertha strikers, like three sharp arrows, shot into the restricted area of Osasuna.
They were so fast that the players in Osasuna didn’t react.
Then when they turned their eyes to Hertha players again, for the first time, they felt that this team on the verge of relegation was a little different from before …
Chapter 20 A good play
Miguel Angel Lotina, head coach of Osasuna, looked dignified on the sidelines.
Hertha surprised his team with two goals in three minutes.
When Osasuna was two goals ahead of Hertha, Lotina’s team had already won, and he was also considering the next game. When the club invited him to coach this season, it was plain that Osasuna was back in the first division, a team that had won the UEFA Cup semi-finals. They had been sinking in the second division for a long time.
At present, Osasuna ranks first, but this ranking is not safe. First, las palmas ranks second. Secondly, the gap between them and Villarreal, Salamanca, Lerida and levante is not very obvious.
In addition to this round of the league, there are nine rounds of the league, which is enough for a lot of things to happen.