However, if we say that the most gorgeous skill effect is still in the illegal meeting, the president of the illegal meeting will spend a lot of money and be dressed in gold. It is also solid, and his level can wear the highest level of equipment, and the golden staff is held high and dazzling.

Light Magician This is a profession with few flowers and few flowers. It also has another name called "Great Magician". It is said that it is the profession with the most gorgeous wisdom classification skills and the most considerable damage.
Many players, especially illegal congregation players, are looking at how many flowers there are, but they are a little confused about this injury.
"The great magician is not skilled enough to play so little," Xia said to the player next to him.
"At first glance, it’s just throwing skills around. It’s not a shame if 67 blood hurts," said another player
"Hey, how much damage can you expect from a Chinese currency player? It’s nothing but gold and jade. "
Summer ears listening to their comments, eyes staring at the family member hp hand syringe is always ready.
Three strings of injury figures emerged from the head of the haze beast. It was the three long arrows of Thunder that caused the injury. A cheer in the thunder field caused the illegal meeting to look askance.
"Ah, I forgot to add buff Thunder to you!" Xia heard a familiar sound and turned to look at it. It was a lovely girl wearing a wizard’s cloak, holding a magic wand in her hand, and there was something flashing around her. Look at the tears of the deputy chief of the family and the moon above her head.
"Thor arrival!" The moon cried out in tears, a magic wand flashed and flew to the thunder, and her hair crackled.
"Wow, will it be numb?" Xia looked sympathetically at the patriarch Lei Tong and put an "angel love" to add a handful of blood to the nearby family members.
"Eat my salted fish!" The sound of Viawood tired came again. Xia glanced at it and found that it was one of their slogans. No one attacked it with salted fish, but it really caught the attention of onlookers.
"Ah-!" Haze beast is not as cute as haze at all, but it is more advanced than haze because it can talk "Eat me pm25!" "
"poof!" Xia and many players couldn’t help laughing. Is this haze beast being sold now with Via logging? Even the members of the Viavamulet family couldn’t help saying, "Hey, Haze, are you the mascot that our family sneaked out?"
Chief Yue Ming heard the family idiot shouting this and shouted back, "What nonsense? Isn’t our family mascot a salted fish?"
Vija logging tired all qi qi show nai expression "heads of the adult this is you a bad taste ….."
The talking haze beast "pm25" fell on people’s heads like rain. Of course, it was not "rain" but "particulate matter"
"What kind of attack is this? It seems nothing?" The players watched the smoke and dust beating against the school quickly in the summer, and she felt that no matter what it was, even the dust could not be left in her body so carelessly.
"Ah, save lives! These dusts are poisonous!" The sharp girl is no longer charming and bared her teeth and ran away at the flower. The flower frowned slightly, and the player dressed like a robot behind him immediately stood in front of him.
"A generation of Tianjiao, be honest, don’t jump on the big and small!" Xia heard the robot say this, and then she didn’t have the heart to pay attention to it, because she saw that hp, the head of her family, was gradually decreasing, and their faces were all green.
"pm25…… … this name is really poisonous." Xia silently vomited a sentence to raise the "angel of the afterlife" and add blood to the family.
Pm25, a poison-releasing skill, brings persistent blood loss. In summer, "angel love" has a limited treatment range, so it is necessary to run back and forth in the family to hold their blood strips. After this wave of attacks, she has not come to breathe a sigh of relief. Seeing that the haze beast jumped up again, she shouted, "People who don’t know how to protect the environment are stupid! Let the great pm1 send you the way! "
Then, a big smoky ball was smashed from half to half like a hail.
"It’s too exaggerated to rely on this game. No matter how big pm1 is, it can’t be as big as table tennis!" Many players hold their heads to avoid the explosion of pm1, and the pressure on the haze beast is much less, and the haze skill is released, which makes the players miserable.
While avoiding pm1, Xia has to take care of the blood volume of family members. In a short time, her own blood is half. Xia Gang wants to eat a bowl of mushroom soup. Suddenly, she feels warm and sees that her hp has become%.
"Is it another nurse?" Looking around in the summer, I didn’t see similar players.
"Be careful!" A gentle woman rang behind Xia, and then pulled Xia back, and a huge pm1 landed in Xia. Just now, a small pit was blown out at the site.
Xia Yi looked back and saw a girl with big round eyes that were almost the same as the moon’s tears. Look at her head. The name and blood strips are the same family member. The name is simply called "Yingxue".
"Thank you," Xia said gratefully.
Ying Xue chuckled and shook her head gently and said, "I just worked hard for your treatment."
At this time, it seems that people in the family have just discovered that Yingxue is shouting "The big wet nurse is here, we are saved" and running around. It is normal that Xia is a little nai, maybe his treatment level is too low and he has just entered the family.
Yingxue cocked her head and sent a message on the family channel, "Thank you, Rose and other wet nurses. I’m sorry I’m late. Come on!"
In the summer, I didn’t expect Yingxue to do this specially. I felt warm in my heart. Two people smiled at each other and split up and infiltrated into the thunder field. Family members kept adding blood. The level of Yingxue was very high. In the summer, many people could not only add blood and blood skills to their members, but also free their hands to put one or two attack skills on the haze beast, which made Xia look envious.
"If I can do it like her, I will definitely earn more money," Xia thought.
Haze beast in Qi Xin together finally reached the residual blood state.
"Let’s stall the hostile family and leave the last blow to the patriarch!"
Chapter 40 Haze nightmare
"Be hostile to everyone and let the patriarch get the last blow!" Someone shouted on the family channel that before Xia could react, the members changed direction and fought against other family members, and other families were not to be outdone. Most people knew that this step would come, and strange players around them fought together.