No wonder this team can win the Triple Crown and the Champions League twice in three years.

When Ballack found out that he was a former Chelsea player, he had a record of playing against Lazio, but he didn’t know anything about this team.
It was not until he joined the team that he discovered many things that surprised him.
The more he knows, the more he feels that this team is terrible.
At the same time, I feel that in this team, I may really be able to successfully participate in the European Championship two years later …
After the game, Barak took the initiative to ask for the ball many times and was completely different from the performance in a game.
The commentator Caressa saw the difference at a glance.
"Today, Ballack is very confident … It’s amazing that he is still so confident after losing the German national team … What happened to him in this week?"
It is true that many stories have happened in this week, but it is a pity that these reporters have not paid attention to Vermelot, and their attention is on the national team competition.
So now they are surprised.
In this game, until the end, Ballack didn’t actually have a direct assist or score a goal.
However, he is something that everyone can’t ignore. Caressa kept mentioning Barak’s name in the game, because if he didn’t say Barak, there would be no explanation for the game.
In Lazio’s attack, the football passed Ballack’s foot many times.
Later, after the game, he was the player who scored the most goals in Lazio.
Although he didn’t assist and score goals, his contribution to Lazio’s attack can not be ignored.
It was his coordination in midfield that ensured Lazio’s smooth attack.
Lazio scored three goals in this game, none of which was assisted by him or initiated by him.
His performance in midfield can be seen by anyone who really knows the ropes.
Ballack’s performance in this game is much better than that in the last one!
Because he has been integrated into the tactical body of this team.
In the eyes of experts, this performance is much more meaningful than scoring a goal and assisting once.
You can’t score goals and assist in every game, but you have to integrate into the team in every game.
And Barak has done it initially.
This surprised the reporters in the commentary and media gallery.
It was more than a week ago. How did this change happen?
This is incredible!
Someone turned their attention to the coach’s seat and won.
Not only did they watch the broadcast, but they also pointed the close-up at him.
It seems that everyone wants to go together
Can Barack show such amazing changes in just over a week?
Changsheng has played for many times for a short time. When he was in Hertha, he was in a mood and let Hertha master ikiaka tactics initially, thus defeating the powerful Mallorca in the final of the King’s Cup and winning the King’s Cup.
He is capable of this.
But how he did it is not clear to everyone.
Ballack feels good. He always wins and feels good.
More than a week of special training is finally all the results.
Moreover, this is not the result of special training, but also the credit of training skills
Although training skills can’t integrate Ballack into the team’s tactical body, it can increase Ballack’s tacit understanding with the players and improve Ballack’s tactical execution ability.
All this ultimately transformed Ballack’s performance in this game.
Of course, it is not enough to rely on training skills, otherwise he will arrange training programs casually and then give the training skills directly to Barak.
The actual training skills do exist, but they need to be played on the basis of normal training. If you don’t arrange any training, the training skills will certainly increase the number of players, but the increase will be very limited.
Only with correct training can we achieve breakthrough growth.
For example, if you want to improve players’ physical fitness, you use aerobic training skills, but in actual training, you arrange tactical training subjects, so even if there are training skills, the number of teams [endurance] will increase very little.
It is necessary to cooperate with the correct training methods to receive the correct influence of training skills.
This is also a unified setting to prevent constant success and laziness. Since you are a head coach, you should have a head coach. You can beat the sky without relying on this system to train your skills.
If you don’t master what a real teaching assistant Lin should do, even if you have training skills, it doesn’t make sense. It’s not as good as a C-level coach from Europe.
All Barak’s changes have always won, so he is really proud of himself.
There are his painstaking efforts and sweat training skills, which are just icing on the cake and can’t be decisive.
Training skills will shorten Ballack’s integration into the team, which is what the winners value
Now Barak has found the right direction, and that is to accumulate experience and feelings.
Changsheng has nothing to worry about.
Although Barak hasn’t really flashed yet, he always wins. It can be said that Barak’s problem has been solved by him
Lazio beat Bologna at home 31.
Lazio won applause and cheers from the fans, and Ballack also got some cheers, but the focus of attention was still on those players who scored goals.