It is said that your team suffered a difficult game at the Bernabeu, and various unfavorable factors troubled your team at the half time, but in this case, you didn’t even think of giving up the pursuit of victory. This is the real "champion heart"! This game can help you build a team with a championship heart. Of course, before that, you have to win this seemingly invincible opponent.

The goal is to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.
Reward 1 million experience, hope 500 points of energy and 100 points of training skills [intermediate tactical training] and [competition training, attack and running intermediate]
Intermediate skills?
It’s really a reward for achievement.
Achievement rewards are better than ordinary rewards, but it also means that achievements are often difficult to accomplish.
Of course, it is difficult to complete the away game, the opponent is Real Madrid, the penalty is not awarded, and it is one goal behind … It is not generally difficult to lead the team to defeat Valencia in so many unfavorable factors.
But so what?
What’s the point of playing games without playing the highest difficulty? Abuse one brain, you score ten goals in one game, and you have no sense of accomplishment.
Changsheng pushed the locker room door, and the noise was quiet. Everyone turned to look at the head coach at the locker room door.
"It seems that you have made a decision." Changsheng said to everyone with a smile.
"That’s good. Now come out!"
The players got up and walked out of the locker room one after another.
Because winning at the door accounts for half of the passage, everyone can file out one by one
Every player will reach out and pat each other on the back or shoulder as encouragement when he passes in front of Chang Sheng.
Someone walked out with his head down and kept silent, and when someone turned to look at him, he smiled.
In this way, he sent them all to the stadium like soldiers on the battlefield.
Chapter ninety Come alive
Valencia and Real Madrid didn’t change players at half-time. Real Madrid naturally didn’t need to change players. After all, they were the leading side.
It is a little surprising that Valencia did not make a substitution.
At the half-time, many players in Valencia were in a bad state, which is obvious to all the blind players. If they want to win, they should at least change someone else.
Can always win this move.
This is hard to make people think that they will always win. Is this already resigned?
Those journalists from Madrid in the media gallery have a good face.
While Valencia journalists were indignant.
If Chang Sheng really gives up the game, they will lash out at Chang Sheng for being a coward even at the most Torra risk!
At this time, they certainly won’t remember how pessimistic they were before the game that Valencia couldn’t win Real Madrid away from home.
After half a game, Real Madrid’s home advantage and leading momentum launched a fierce attack on Valencia’s goal.
Valencia, on the other hand, remained steadfast.
I don’t see any difference from half-court.
Maybe Changsheng is really going to give up.
Real Madrid’s first offensive lasted for three minutes, with two consecutive shots but no goal.
Then the attack opportunity fell to Valencia.
Canizares didn’t directly throw the football big foot out, but took a short one and met his central defender Ayala outside the penalty area.
Real Madrid coach Bosco obviously also studied opponents specially, and he asked Real Madrid to form a forward and frontcourt oppression.
The advantage of this is that it can prevent Valencia from taking advantage of the football and sending it to the frontcourt, and force Valencia to long and high balls.
Although Ibrahimovic is 1.91 meters tall, he is not good at heading.