God’s knowledge has been quacking and screaming. Sixty-six Red-faced Snow Department drives its wings. Tianma holds a big stick and jumps at each other excitedly. Red-faced Snow has always been belligerent. If it weren’t for Xi Fangping’s control, they would have come long ago. When Xi Fangping was talking nonsense with Che Zewu, the Red-faced Snow God was already quite impatient and eager to try. This time, it’s good that Xi Fangping finally ordered them to fight. What’s the point?

This is a one-sided battle. The red-faced snow stroke not only has a considerable advantage in repairing magic weapons and degrees, but also has an advantage in quantity. It is also the help of twelve-order wings and Tianma. The true spiritual disciples have no hope to win. Those monks in the early and middle stages of Yuan Ying just fell to the ground and died when they lasted for a cup of tea. Even Che Zewu, who was also the red-faced monk at the end of Yuan Ying, only lasted for half an hour. In particular, some red-faced snow Han joined the siege of two people after killing his opponent and struggled.
It was not until there was no figure of the other monk that Xi Fangping picked up all the 33 bags that fell to the ground and stuffed them into his belt. The harvest of this battle was still so-so, and Lingshi alone got about three million yuan. These king eggs have been stationed in Feixian City for decades, and there are so many things that have been scraped from the hands of the scattered monks. It is much richer than the average true spiritual monk. It is just cheaper for Xi Fangping to clean up the battlefield, and then Xi Fangping turned around and handed it over to the former Feixian Gate by memory. Yi, the cave flew two minutes later, and Xi Fangping flew to the cave. He stopped carefully to reveal his knowledge and carefully scanned everything around him. Soon Xi Fangping found that there were four smells in the cave, one of which was at the end of Yuan Ying, and the other three were at the middle of Yuan Ying’s repair. It was quite strange in Xi Fangping’s heart that when he was away from the Cape Star, the ten of them were just monks at the beginning of Yuan Ying’s repair, and the number of people did not match. What happened? Xi Fangping didn’t dare to go in directly. He took out the thunder stick, and at the same time, the thunder tortoise shell came out and covered the whole body. Only then did he let out his breath and slowly flew to the cave.
As soon as Xi Fangping’s knowledge of the gods came out of the cave, there was a reaction. Four figures flew out of the cave and silently looked at Xi Fangping. Although they were separated for more than 150 years, the four of them didn’t change much, but they looked more vicissitudes than coming. Xi Fangping smiled and said gently, "What happened to Wan Daoyou, Xie Daoyou, an ancient friend, and Park Daoyou?"
For a while, Gu Lingyi gently asked, "Are you really our boss?
XiFangPing waved the thunder stick "what’s the matter? Aren’t you sure when you see this thunder stick? Ok, I’ll show you again
Say that finish before wearing a mask flew out from the bag, tightly affixed to the XiFangPing face sheikh they are familiar with XiFangPing back GuLingYi huan cried and even said, "yes, it’s the boss.
Sheikh, Wan Xiu and Pu Wenli all smiled. They are old monsters who have lived for one or two thousand years. Naturally, they don’t show their feelings as easily as those ordinary people. But from their faces, Xi Fangping can still see that they are happy from their hearts, which makes Xi Fangping feel a little warm.
Xi Fangping looked around and felt an ominous tone in his heart. He hesitated and asked, "Why are there only three of you and seven Taoist friends?"
Sheikh looked a dark slightly shook his head and didn’t speak. It’s always pleasant. Gu Lingyi’s eyes turned red and said softly, "The other seven Taoist friends of the boss have fallen in the battle to protect Feixian City. The whole mat-writing firm is alive and well, and there are about one thousand people together with the three of us."
Although I had already been psychologically prepared, I suddenly heard the bad news, but my heart was still fierce. I shouted with a thunder stick in my hand, and my eyes rose into thirty flames. I slammed it on a nearby hillside with a loud noise, as if the whole ground shook. A large stone several feet square was smashed and my broken head rolled from the hillside.
Xi Fangping recalled the thunder stick, raised it and shouted at the sky with bare eyes, "Really Lingmen, I, Xi Fangping, you are immortal!"
Xi Fangping’s heartache, the five thousand bodyguards of Xiji Firm, but he managed to create a fairly powerful force. Although Xi Fangping imposed a ban on the brothers, he really didn’t treat these monks as his own, but as equal friends. He took good care of those guys and those guys were loyal to themselves. It didn’t take long for such a force to be formed, so it was in the hands of the real spirit gate. If you don’t report it, I’m really sorry for those guys.
Sheikh reluctantly smiled and said, "The boss doesn’t have to be sad. In the past 150 years, there have been at least 100 million monks who died in the corner star, and it is not our memory firm. These 4,000 people have lived and died. We have seen a lot of pits, pits and ditches in the past 100 years. Since these things are inevitable, we have lived longer than ordinary people."
Wan Xiu also bowed his hand and said, "It’s been more than 50 years since Xi Daoyou was sad. Please invite Xi Daoyou into the cave. It’s only a few hundred miles away from Feixian City. It’s easy for Che Zewu and other true spiritual monks to feel when they talk outside."
XiFangPing shook his head, "Wan Daoyou had been at ease. Just now, I was late to do it. Che Zewu and other thirty-three true spiritual monks have been wiped out by me. There is no true spiritual disciple in Feixian City. We can say goodbye outside.
Wan Xiu’s face was stunned. "You mean you killed all the monks in Che Zewu’s hand?" XiFangPing nodded "yes, but I didn’t kill it. I was killed by monsters. I haven’t been so strong.
Wan Xiu’s eyes lit up and he looked at Sheikh for a while before saying, "Come on, you are such a wonderful friend."
After entering the hole, Xi Fangping actually put some tables and chairs and a set of tea sets in the hole. Xi Fangping smiled and took out some gold coins from the bag. Gu Lingyi skillfully made tea and asked, "Where have you been in the past 150 years, boss?" Do you know that we miss you? "
XiFangPing was touched in my heart and nodded slightly and said, "I can’t help it. I was trapped in the YanLong Cave and had a hard time getting through the hole."
If I hadn’t studied law before, my generation might have stayed in the dragon cave. "
Sheikh and others nodded their heads, and they always thought so. Now that they said it from Xi Fangping’s mouth, it further confirmed their previous thoughts. Gu Lingyi looked at Xi Fangping and asked, "Is the boss’s Yanlong Cave really there? What’s good in it? "
XiFangPing ha ha laugh while handing a cup of tea to four people, respectively, and said, "The law of YanLong Cave has changed naturally because of the long time, otherwise I wouldn’t have been trapped in it for so long. I have been moved for a long time, and there are not many things left."
After that, I took out four Jiuqu trees from the bag and handed them over. "This is what I found in the Yanlong Cave. One tree for each of the four of you is believed to be very helpful for your meditation."
Wan Xiu took over the Qushen and looked at it for a while, then his eyes widened. "Is this, is this the Jiuqushen in the Year of 10,000 concubines?"
The other three people shook their hands slightly when they took the Jiuqu ginseng. More than 10,000 years of herbs. How much is this worth? You can just sell hundreds of millions of lingshi in the Cape Star and crush all their four bones. You can’t get some ginseng whiskers from Jiuqu ginseng.
Xi Fangping ha ha smiled. "Yes, Wan Daoyou really knows these things are seventeen thousand years old. When Hunyuanzong retreated, everything in Yanlong Cave was stripped down. When there were no seedlings left, seventeen thousand years passed. Those seedlings had already grown up and no one had been collecting and breeding them. Therefore, the number of herbs in Yanlong Cave for more than ten thousand years was still passable. When I left Yanlong Cave, I collected all the herbs in the year. With four Daoyou, I had some time to be quiet. I don’t think it’s difficult to make small progress, especially Wan Daoyou, who is already in the late stage of Yuanying. If you take part in this nine songs, it is estimated that the success rate of advanced deification can be at least 20% to 30% higher. "
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine The situation
It’s terrible for thousands of monks to have a high success rate of 20% to 20%. This extra 20% to 30% chance that monks will lose everything is more willing than willing to fight for their lives. I didn’t expect there to be such a good thing in Yanlong Cave. No wonder Tianling sent people to find Yanlong Cave with such great efforts. I didn’t expect Xifangping to be cheaper.
As if afraid of Xi Fangping’s remorse, Wan Xiu quickly stuffed Jiuqu ginseng into his bag before he breathed a sigh of relief and gently asked, "Xi Daoyou, how did you get into Yanlong Cave?"
XiFangPing sighed, "I don’t want to. I was traveling in Xuan Bing Palace and created some troubles for the True Spirit Gate. Now the True Spirit Gate is preparing to attack Xuan Bing Palace on a large scale. I naturally won’t let it go, so I helped Xuan Bing Palace to destroy them. Hundreds of thousands of monks of the True Spirit Gate. Later, I tracked a true spirit gate army and arrived at Hongshan City, but now the Spirit Gate actually sent people to the Red Stop City.
Now that things are different, I followed Tianling to send people all the way to Yanlong Cave. After Tianling sent people to repair and hit Yanlong Cave, I killed their department and went into Yanlong Cave myself. I didn’t expect that the broken hole door would be inside on its own. "
Xi Fangping’s words are a little untrue. He can’t tell these four people that he had a thousand magic apes in the Yanlong Cave and then went back to destroy the magic star to repair himself all the way to the early stage of Yuanying. If these people know that he gave up the mat-keeping firm and took care of his own practice, there will definitely be some ideas in their hearts. Seriously, Xi Fangping still feels quite guilty about these people. If it weren’t for his own practice, the situation would not deteriorate to such a situation.
However, the four men believed that Wan Xiu frowned on Xi Fangping’s words. After a while, they said, "It’s strange that as far as I know, six deified monks were sent by Tianling to jointly crack the Dragon Cave. How did those Yuan infant monks get into the gate of the Dragon Cave?"
XiFangPing heart in a surprised, "Wan Daoyou said there are six godsworn to break the dragon cave?
Wan Xiu asked strangely, "Don’t you know? You weren’t in Yanlong Cave? "
XiFangPing leng hurriedly said, "I don’t know, I couldn’t break the door at that time, so I just hid in the corner and went to practice, so I didn’t know what was going on outside.
Wan Xiu wanted to think about it and nodded, "It’s possible that the situation was closed at that time. It’s quite normal that Xi Daoyou, a Hunyuan clan, didn’t know that the law would change after a long period of time."
Xi Fangping’s heart secretly praised this Wan Xiu, which is really refined to the extreme. He has already thought of this because he believes too much in himself, so he thinks of reasons for himself. Xi Fangping can say with a wry smile, "I didn’t know that those laws would have changed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left the gate for more than 10,000 years. I have roots myself, so I wouldn’t have to go in to find it. If it weren’t for Yan Long Cave, which is my Ganhunyuan Sect, I wouldn’t even bother to go in. Wan Daoyou have told me about my origins in Hunyuan Sect
Wan Xiu and others nodded their heads and were obviously quite satisfied with Xi Fangping’s explanation. Xi Fangping didn’t want to do more entanglement on this side, otherwise he might be noticed by them. Xi Fangping wanted to think, "What exactly was the situation of Wan Daoyou’s original battle of Feixian City?
Wan Xiuwei sighed and his eyes were blurred. Obviously, his thoughts had flown to the scene of war in those years. "Since Xi Daoyou disappeared, the five elders knew that things were not good. Therefore, instead of directly attacking Jin Guangding as previously planned, we set out to make a good plan. We carefully selected hundreds of thousands of brothers who are loyal to Feixianmen and have great potential. Let them spread around and then strengthen their defenses to buy various defense equipment to prepare for the Tianling Sect to decide the level.
I didn’t expect that the Celestial Sect didn’t come, but the whole Arcturus was in a mess. The True Spirit Gate suddenly attacked the enemy at Xuan Bing Palace for a year. At the same time, rumors about the Arcturus were circulating. All sects knew that the Celestial Sect had no way to maintain the order of the Arcturus, so they were prepared to lend the True Spirit Gate to clean the entire Arcturus to ensure that the entire Arcturus was still in the hands of the Celestial Sect. "
Xi Fangping’s eyes lit up. "The rumor is that you flew out of the fairy gate?"
Wan Xiu nodded with a wry smile. "That’s right. When we came out, the five elders recognized that it was good for Feixianmen to mess up the whole situation of Arcturus. It was that after the exhibition was over, to the surprise of the five elders, rumors came out that the whole situation of Arcturus was in chaos. The five most powerful sects joined hands and suddenly attacked all the medium-sized sects, and Bosheng suddenly fell into a bloody storm."
Xi Fangping asked strangely, "What about Xiaojin Guangding?"
Wan Xiu ha ha smiled. "Although Jin Guangding is very close to the Tianling Sect, their strength is too weak, and the Tianling Sect roots will not be taken seriously. Therefore, Jin Guangding has also suffered an attack and can’t escape the fate of extinction. Not only Jin Guangding is so fierce, but several sects near Feixianmen, including Xuan Bing Palace, Feilong Palace, Gu Qing and Niu Shan Department, were slain by five sects including Zhenlingmen.
For 150 years, the war in the Horn Star has been going on. Up to now, there are only five sects left in the whole Horn Star, and the rest have disappeared. Oh, no, it can’t be said that most sects have protected themselves like Feixianmen. Five sects have been fighting each other. However, because each sect has its own roots, it is not a threat to the five sects. The five sects have enough time and strength to slowly clean up the remnants of each faction one by one. If Xi Daoyou don’t show up, each sect will not find a leader. It is estimated that all the remnants of the sects will disappear in
Xi Fangping nodded his head. He didn’t expect that the situation of the whole Pleiades had changed so much in 150. He thought for a moment. Xi Fangping asked strangely, "As far as I know, the five sects always add up to their strength and the strength of other factions is about 60%. Even if they join hands to break each sect one by one, it is impossible to accomplish such a big thing without hundreds of years. Maybe all the sects are there waiting for the five sects to clean up?
Wan Xiu smiled bitterly. "Xi Daoyou was right. After Xuan Bing Palace and Fire Palace were destroyed, all sects felt the crisis, so many sects automatically joined forces to confront the five sects. Even we always disagreed with Jin Guangding and were forced to be with us, but no one thought that as the major sects reported good news, Seeing that the superiority was about to be regained, the Heavenly Spirit Sect suddenly dispatched them. As soon as they sent six monks from the Kikuk General Hospital, 3,000 monks in the early stage of deification, 3,000 monks in the infant stage and 2,000 monks in the Dan stage, they helped the five sects to attack us. Such a powerful force, if it weren’t for Xi Daoyou, no sect would be able to stop it. In fifty years, all sects will be destroyed, and Feixianmen is no exception.