"Don’t worry," Peony immediately said, "God has given us a lot, even if men come, we will go with them."

"Can it really work?" Tian Tang asked if Peony had crustily skin of head to say these words.
However, Peony nodded again, "Yes, it can. We believe that you also believe in the spirit market."
Tian Tang smiled. "Then I didn’t specifically order you to know a little about the city of a god in the past two days. If you can embroider, you can go to the trading market and have a look. Of course, because you are refugees and ordinary people are different, everyone can get something out of the trading market on credit before making any money. It is also a way to make money by hand and then selling it to the trading market."
The two men listened carefully and nodded repeatedly this time. If they hadn’t seen their fear with their own eyes before Tian Tang, they would probably be no different from others at the moment.
After Tian Tang, he ordered a few words to confirm that they can stay here and specially told them not to go out for the time being. Someone will send the ingredients door later.
They still listened carefully until Tian Tang left and their eyes fell on Tian Tang.
When Tian Tang disappeared, the mother and daughter looked at each other and saw the complex emotions in their eyes.
Peony is no longer lively and gently leans against peony and says, "Mom, we won’t go back, will we?"
"Yes," Peony leaned over and hugged the peony ring. "Mother promised you that even if you eat bran and swallow vegetables, you will never jump into that fire pit again. We are lucky to come to the city of gods, and our stepmother will work to support you."
Peony is close to some "mother, I will help you embroider together"
"Good" Peony said that she could no longer control her tears, but still replied "good … good … good …"
Chapter two hundred and eleven Kill two birds with one stone
"General, I won’t go to see King Guang ‘an, will I?"
Soon after Qigu’s news came back to Beijing, he got a reply letter saying that the emperor sent Guang ‘an Wang to handle the matter personally. The whole world knows that Guang ‘an Wang is his own brother. This time, the emperor sent Guang ‘an Wang and said that he paid attention to the suggestion in Qigu’s letter.
A few days after receiving the reply, they got the news that Wang Ma of Guang ‘an was about to arrive in Jinhe County and asked Qi Gu to meet him.
And Li Erzhu told Qigu that he didn’t go to see her soon after he got the news.
"No? The report has a prominent position in the DPRK. If it can be favored by the report, wouldn’t it be promoted step by step? " Qigu frowned. On the one hand, he was really puzzled, on the other hand, he was also slightly dissatisfied with Li Erzhu’s refusal.
Li Erzhu glanced at him. "The general hasn’t got Guang ‘an yet. If Wang xin pushes me out together, won’t the general be afraid that I will steal your thunder?"
"Why, you’re just …" Qigu consciously denied that he wanted to say that Li Erzhu was just a humble right-hander, but as soon as the words were spoken, he found that Li Erzhu was telling the truth. If Li Erzhu followed him to Guang’ an Wang and noticed that it must be smarter than Li Erzhu.
When I thought of this, Qigu had regretted taking the initiative to let Li Erzhu go with him. What he should do was to hide Li Erzhu, so that after Li Erzhu made all the wonderful suggestions, all the credit would fall on him before he could climb a higher position.
But it’s too late to say this now. He actually let this happen to Li Erzhu. If he doesn’t let Li Erzhu go with him at this time, he will sit down and realize his idea of monopolizing the credit.
Qi Gu frowned and began to think quickly about how to save it. For example, the credit for this incident should fall on him instead of Li Erzhu.
Li Erzhu looked at his facial expression change and secretly scolded 1 "idiot" in his heart. He knew Qigu was stupid, but he didn’t expect him to be so stupid that he really didn’t have any sense of accomplishment in the face of Qigu.
I didn’t think of "credit" before, but now I’m showing my mind in my face. Is he afraid that it’s not obvious enough to do it myself?
Li Erzhu swore in his heart but didn’t show his face. When Qigu was completely in a choice, he took the initiative to say, "The general wants the general to be able to sit in the general position, but he is afraid that I will be indispensable?"
Qigu suddenly looked up.
Li Erzhu smiled and said, "General, I’m just a counselor. No matter how strong my ability is, my fame and future can be seen at a glance. It’s good to follow Guang’ an Wang, but it’s better for the general to sit in the position of general, even if Guang’ an Wang Neng is better than General?"
Generate flashed in Qi Gu’s eyes. "What do you mean?"
"General, don’t forget that I talked to you before." Li Erzhu leaned in. "These Japanese emperors have just woken up and are wary of many people in the DPRK. Guang’ an Wang is a royal relative and his younger brother belongs to Guang’ an Wang outside many emperors. It is most likely to win the throne. Will the general emperor have no doubt about Guang’ an Wang?"
Qigu understood Li Erzhu’s words this time. "You mean that King Guang ‘an may have been suspected by the emperor that something could happen at any time?"
"Of course, that’s what I said. It’s better to follow the general than to follow the king of Guang ‘an." Li Erzhu continued to be persuasive. "The general will know that the royal family has been handed down from generation to generation since the establishment of the throne. If the general can ascend to the position of general, even if the throne is replaced, the general will still be a general, but the king of Guang ‘an may not be able to have the present status."
"You are absolutely right!" Qi Gu suddenly clapped his hands and looked at Li Erzhu’s line of sight. He raised his hand and patted Li Erzhu’s shoulder. "When the general is in the general position, he will be your chief staff. Then you and I will join hands and I am afraid that the Koreans can be enemies!"
Li Erzhu leaned down and said, "Congratulations to the general before that."
Qigu laughed and clapped his hands again and again. "If you are good, you will be sent by heaven to help me. If you have a general, you will have hello!"
Qi Gu has finished believing in Li Erzhu this time. After all, at present, the status of Guang ‘an King is obviously higher than that of him. Li Erzhu can do it. His failure to go to Guang ‘an King means that Li Erzhu is absolutely loyal and Li Erzhu really wants him to be a general.
Before Li Erzhu went back to Qigu, he changed to the second best house here and gave him a sabre to express his letter to Li Erzhu.
The status of the young man also followed Li Erzhu’s rising tide.
When he was sitting in the room, his eyes almost overflowed with surprise, so he couldn’t help asking in a low voice, "My Lord, does General Qi really trust you so much?"
Li Erzhu smiled. "I told him to see Guang ‘an Wang himself, and I followed him to make Guang ‘an Wang notice that I affected his future."
The young man once again expressed surprise. "Adults don’t go to see Guang ‘an King? Wouldn’t it be easier to implement our plan if we could get Guang ‘an Wang xin? "
Li Erzhu glanced at him and leaned back with his legs crossed. "What am I going to see King Guang ‘an? Anyway, Qi Gu is in front of me. I can talk to King Guang ‘an. Besides, I’m afraid King Guang ‘an himself will be hard to protect himself. It’s better to follow King Guang ‘an to see the emperor. Now you will know that qualified generals in the imperial court are the most scarce."
"Adult English" young man immediately said
"English wool" Li Erzhu vomited, "Qigu can’t even figure this out. No wonder the emperor wants to put him in Jinhe County. It is estimated that this guy has no other advantage except loyalty. Whenever he is a little clever, the emperor will never miss him."