Pretty girl, throw a big curly wavy hair. Don’t be too charming. Ready, crisp and sweet voice floats out with a set of high-end audio equipment.

"Welcome all League of Legends players to join us. The League of Legends Internet Cafe League Ningxi Provincial Competition will be held in Xishan Digital Plaza. First of all, I would like to thank the Digital Plaza for its strong support."
After the announcement, the live advertisement of the sponsor of the competition has been finished, and then the contestants will enter the stadium. Sixteen teams from 16 cities will appear one by one. They are all elites in their respective cities, and the first and second place in each city are eligible to participate in the provincial competition.
That is to say, whoever comes here does not represent the highest level in their respective cities.
"Now, let’s welcome all the participating teams to play". As the pretty girl introduces a team and slowly walks out of the behind-the-scenes lounge, because there are too many people, 16 teams are 90 people, one platform is not good, one city is a city, one city is a city, and the teams are introduced here.
I have to say that the ceremony of Digital Plaza was very formal, and with the style of competition, everyone present felt a grand feeling.
"Face-to-face appearance will be our two elite teams in Xishan City. Let’s warmly welcome the entrance."
"Wow" there was a lot of noise, and finally the audience in Xishan finally came to the interest.
"Look at it, it’s a passerby team. This shape is as good as mine. Is he really handsome?"
"It’s not bad to have a cow behind you."
"You don’t know that passers-by abused the cattle in the last Internet cafe competition, right? The best in Xishan is the passerby team." The audience is also angry and supportive of their favorite team, but after all, they still support their own city
It’s very different to watch a crowd of people overlooking the stage. A sense of pride arises spontaneously. Erhong excitedly said, "God, there are too many people here."
"Be normal, don’t be a disgrace." Gao Chengfeng looked at Erhong and couldn’t help but feel funny. This ya is really never seen a big scene. It’s really troublesome to be nervous for a while.
Looking at Erhong is really a little nervous. Zhang Hao said, "Brother Erhong inhales, inhales and relaxes."
"Wipe want to suffocate me." Do as Erhong tried for half a day and finally found out what was wrong. He was fooled by Zhang Hao.
"I’m not watching you nervous, are I?" Zhang Hao instead of being serious at the moment, let Erhong look on.
"Come on, stop that now" is what Gao Chengfeng does best here. It is very competent to lead the team like a big brother more often.
After the booth, the two teams randomly found a place to wait for the lottery ceremony. The most tragic thing is that a city team meets. Of course, this situation is not to admit that it is unlucky if you don’t draw it.
Wang Yi, the captain of the passers-by team, took the initiative to come over and show his kindness to the Niuren team. It is only natural that Gao Chengfeng became a spokesperson. During the conversation with the passers-by team, he learned that the most threatening team came from Nanchong team, Tiandi Internet Cafe and Nanchong bully. These two teams were the first and second in the provincial competition, and there were big Internet cafes behind them. It can be said that the strength was not underestimated.
In his speech, Wang Yi looked at Zhang Hao from time to time. He was very interested in this wild game. The performance of the Internet cafe league was the brightest in the Tauren team. I don’t know what the strength is like when the Tauren team sent a rookie to the field in the last world war. I really didn’t understand their meaning.
Fortunately, the venue was large enough to accommodate enough spectators, and the exhibitors were also smiling. Soon, many visitors came and ordered a lot of keyboard, mouse and other equipment to take away after the game.
"Now, please send a representative of each team to hold the lottery ceremony. Please come to Taiwan as soon as possible. If you don’t come, the team official will draw the lottery instead of him. When the time comes, we can’t beat us."
The witty words of the pretty girl also made the audience laugh. The atmosphere was very relaxed and harmonious. Fortunately, there were no representatives from the 16 teams who didn’t come, and they were all waiting for the draw.
Gao Chengfeng went to the lottery box and reached in. After groping for a long time, he finally made up his mind to take out a piece of paper.
"Please call" Gao Chengfeng showed the note according to the referee’s sign and saw a number clearly displayed on the big screen.
Before that, a team had already drawn the number Gao Chengfeng and was relieved. If it wasn’t for the passers-by team, it would have fought with its brother team and had to be scolded by the people of Xishan for being bloody.
"Good luck, you." After the lottery ceremony, Wang Yi, the captain of the passerby team, came over and looked at Gao Chengfeng with a smile and continued, " Maoyun’s team strength is not very strong, and your opponent is easy to play."
"How do you know?" Erhong was puzzled by how the passerby had something to do here.
"We studied it in advance. Hey, hey, it’s always easy to fight. Trust me."
Looking at walking away, Wang Yi Erhong was still a little uneasy and said, "Will he confuse us and let us relax our vigilance and let others abuse him?"
"It shouldn’t be said that it’s no good to do so. It’s all a city that doesn’t make sense." Zhang Hao analyzed that passers-by didn’t have a suitable reason to pit a city brother team. Erhong was worried that it was redundant
"That’s good, that’s good." It seems that Erhong is still a little nervous.
Passers-by draw number one, which means they will play well on the spot in the first round, and they will get high popularity if they suspect Xishanmen.
"Dear players, thank you for your support. All the vendors will discount it. Individual vendors will also offer 50% discount. Digital Plaza will be specially sponsored. Thank you."
Taiwan’s pretty girl once again appeared in a black dress to set off her figure, and it was not boring to publicize it. Then, the pretty girl appeared in a platform to sell peripherals such as keyboards and mice. There is no doubt that this booth was full of popularity in an instant.
Erhong looked at the pretty girl’s full popularity and disdained, "What a bunch of guys who haven’t seen the world. Let’s go and buy a mouse for you."
The short word "your sister" Zhang Hao expressed her feelings.
The exhibitors have already smiled when they came in this competition. The flowers on this booth are too valuable. Usually, the general sales volume has reached its peak this time. This month, the income is too much to look at.
The organizer is very good at grasping it, which can not only let the incoming people have enough time to browse the business, but also not slow down. When grasping the links layer by layer, they can relax and show the style of the competition.
Finally, the first round of the game started. Passerby team played against a famous terrapin team from Maoyun. I have to say that this team really dared to pretend to be a terrapin. I really don’t know whether it was influenced by the non-mainstream or born with a temperament of killing Matt. Coincidentally, the opponent of Niuren team was also from Maoyun.
Although he was a famous terrapin, he played well when he joined hands. At first, the passers-by team did not gain much advantage. Even when the output of the passers-by team was weak, the audience was nervous. This is a game of bo1 system. Once you lose, you really lose.
No matter how far you come, you lose, and no one cares where you go. Every team must put 200% into the battle to ensure their victory.
Fortunately, the passers-by team was finally superior and deadlocked for a long time. After a wave of dragons ambushed, they successfully attacked the team that came to investigate the terrapin team, directly killing each other and then chasing the highland all the way to complete the group destruction and slowly dismantle the tower.
In the end, the terrapin team angrily pressed the surrender button and left the scene with warm cheers to the passers-by team.
"Wow, thanks to the passers-by team and the Maoyun team. We gave a wonderful game and congratulated the passers-by team for winning the game. You are great. You are the proud refueling passers-by of Xishan."
It seems that the beautiful girl is hosting this event with passion, and the atmosphere at the scene is getting higher and higher.
It’s a good thing that passers-by are easier than promotion, but the tauren team is naturally under pressure. If their brother team succeeds in promoting to the tauren team, if it fails, Xishan will definitely focus on passers-by, and the tauren team will definitely be interested
Gao Chengfeng’s purpose in this competition is to make his father, who despises League of Legends and despises competition, realize that competition is also an attitude and a life, and he is extremely eager to win.
The war continues to burn again, and finally the fourth round of the game, the Tauren, is coming. At this moment, the audience is cheering again. It is also a Xishan team, and many people have seen the strength of the Tauren team in the Internet cafe league before, and they have great expectations.
"I’m telling you, my dragon turtle is playing wild learning with the cattle team."
"Yes, yes, it’s amazing. My squatting person also learned well from him."
"It’s nice to say that you have been killed after spending ten minutes in prison."
Zhang Hao’s "apprentices" are exchanging ideas, but Zhang Hao doesn’t know. If he knows that there are such "apprentices", he must first decide whether to beat their own hands to play wild, which will be so cute.
Chapter 46 Don’t understand array don’t understand skills
"Beat them," Wang Yi encouraged as he passed the passers-by team.
"Hui" Gao Chengfeng politely responded to Wang Yi and then continued to lead the team to the stage.