She is willing to understand!

But heaven and man who can understand her!
Ling has suffered too much during this period, and she has done more than everyone else!
She can no longer be selfish and ask for the warmth of her body!
She is Huang Yin-li, the wife of the Southern Xia Kingdom, who said,’ Go away and go back to your palace!’ Words almost instantly broke her fantasy of wanting to follow him far away.
Sure enough, she thinks too much, but the reality is too cruel!
The palace … Yes, there seems to be a place where she can go now. It’s not a palace!
But …
When Shinohara snow stumbled out of Ju ‘an Restaurant, she didn’t know that at this time, the windows of three rooms on the second floor of the restaurant were open, and each window had eyes full of pain, watching her walk into the twilight instantly.
Su Ling, covering her mouth, did not dare to make a sound at the first window on the second floor of the restaurant.
Seeing that Shinohara Snow has entered a one-person street, she turned and wanted to rush out of the door to follow in her footsteps.
But around burn old timely stopped her from moving.
"Don’t go to let her calm down! Someone protects! "
Words fall Su Ling tearful eyes dancing along the burn old line of sight, and sure enough, I saw Qi Hei, who was more than ten meters behind Shinohara Snow, following carefully.
So many days, it turns out that Qihei has always been there!
In the end, Huang Yin-li still can’t let go of Shinohara Snow. How can you let go when you love someone so deeply?
Strange things often make people!
On the other side, two windows were opened, except for Huang Yinxuan, who looked obscure and looked at Xiao Yu’s snow figure. One person left was the pale Huang Yinli.
Walking in the street, Shinohara’s steps have gradually become calm, and her eyes are dry and she can’t cry.
A person’s back looks thin and lonely.
This is where she grew up, but now walking alone makes her feel strange as never before.
The street is dark and the lanterns on both sides of the bluestone road are swaying, and the restaurant behind her is getting farther and farther with her pace.
When passing by a dim light, Xiao Xue was exhausted physically and mentally, and looked up at the twilight sky with a touch of candlelight.
"It seems that with the appearance of Huang Yinxuan, you have not escaped the injury!"
When Lou Zhan’s low voice rang through Xiao Xue’s ears, she looked back with irony and contempt, and her expression was as cold as ice. "You came to see my joke again?"
I don’t want to think about Shinohara snow, and Bai Louzhan appears in front of her again and again, not with the palace.
She always knew that when she refused to marry Lou Zhan, she must have always made him bear a grudge!
Now she feels that nothing can disturb her gradually frozen heart lake, including Lou Zhan means. It is not difficult to know the identity of Huang Yin Xuan in a short time!
Lou Zhan’s eyes drooped, then he squinted slightly, glanced at Yu Guang in the direction behind him, then converged all his expressions and said, "Grandmother, you should know that I have never hurt you!"
"So what?" Xiao Xue’s tight cheeks were a little stiff because of too many tears, so she said to Lou Zhan, "The Seven Emperors are trying to force me to marry you, but my answer is no, yes, yes!"
Maybe I thought I would get such an answer long ago, but Lou Zhan’s cheeks were not surprised at all. Instead, she smiled faintly and suddenly said, "Madam, I have a suggestion. I wonder if you would like to hear it!"
LouZhan smell breath again eyebrows glanced at behind and then close to shinohara trail "TaiNv I want to say things for your present situation may be a good choice!
I can tell you who assassinated you in the state of Qi and Chu! But before I need your position as a waitress and … "
"What else?"
Is almost consciousness shinohara snow asked 1!
For her, the person who tried to assassinate her in the state of Qi and Chu has always been a thorn in her heart!
And LouZhan since can say to the shinohara snow intuition is white what is his purpose!
Secretly thought that Shinohara’s snow was as lonely and cold as a moment of loss! It turns out that she still has it for others! Isn’t it!
"Why don’t you and I go back to the palace to discuss it in detail?"
Lou Zhan’s eyes looked at the rear more than once, but even if Shinohara’s snow heart was heavy, she also noticed something!
See Shinohara snow and some hesitation LouZhan abrupt in the previous step beside Shinohara snow suddenly dropped a word in her ear.
It is precisely because of this sentence that Shinohara Snow’s eyes are wide open and looking at Louzhan’s expression has begun to become somewhat suspicious.
"Believe me, I am not your enemy!"
After Louzhan finally uttered these words, Shinohara Snow took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. All the emotional departments disappeared.
When Shinohara’s eyes were still attached, she finally looked into the distance, which was not clear. After Ju ‘an Restaurant, she looked at Lou Zhan intently and nodded, "Go back to the palace!"
It was in Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan that they quickly disappeared in the street and soon appeared. Qi Black looked dignified and anxious. He saw the appearance of Lou Qi Huang, but he actually took away Tainv. !
This ….. How did he tell the Lord? !
No matter how anxious Qihe is to find out, everything has ended.
Because of the decision from Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan’s return to the palace in a short time, Xia Xiaoxue, the wife of the Southern Xia Dynasty, is about to marry the seven emperors of Lou Yue.
Palace courtyard Tainv Palace
After a long absence, Tainvgong seems to have been involved in the days when Shinohara Snow left.
It was when she and Lou Zhan entered the Tainv Palace together that a dusty smell in the palace made her lip corner unexpectedly cross a touch of irony.
Imperial nobles are nothing but a word from the emperor!
She used to be the most valued daughter of the mother emperor, but now it’s ironic to think that she has become a lost dog because of a man
Behind Shinohara Snow, the pace of Louzhan was steady and followed step by step, and just as two people stepped into the hall of Tainvgong, the whole hall was lit up in an instant.