"Luckily! I got a math test of 39 for such a long time, and I was still the last one. It scared me a lot … "

In fact, a few days ago, when Muyang learned about the strength of several people in the original team, he even got Wang Yan’s exam results. At that time, he was amused and looked forward to seeing that Wang Yan’s math score was 3, so he was particularly impressed by this score …
It will rot in the stomach, but who knows that Wang Yan’s goods are all right? This mouth is naturally made to accommodate others and let everyone know that you are happy …
Chapter 7 lose all three games!
Wang Yan knows that it’s not a good crop to graze Yang. When he can sit and sulk, he can turn a deaf ear to the laughter of this shameful group of pages around him.
Just now, Wang Yan talked about Zhang Shaotian’s words with the whole liberal arts class. People in the liberal arts class were unhappy with him. However, Mu Yang’s words were aimed at Wang Yan. One person didn’t ridicule the science class, so the people in the science class were not very happy in their hearts, but they all shrugged their shoulders.
Liu Xintong’s rosy little face is smiling and has no scruples about the image of a lady.
Mo Tianyuan glanced at the crowd and didn’t see Xiao Yuying’s heart relieved. "Look, that kid didn’t know that today’s game was so good that he distracted me here."
"All right! Now say that grades can have an egg! Does the score test make you run farther? "
Wang Yan testily waved his hand to stop the ridicule of everyone next to him. "Let’s not dawdle. It is important to hurry up and play."
A few days ago, I learned the exact strength of Zhang Shaotian’s several people. Wang Yan once went to Class Five to find Shi Fei. As a result, Shi Fei said, "You are no match."
Lie in the trough! You can’t do it yourself, so you say that others are no match?
However, since Wang Yan, who wants something from others, is unhappy with this answer as white as white, but he also choked back his anger. Finally, the general result of the competition between Shi Fei and Genesis Team was mastered in his hands.
Among the information he learned, Zhang Shaotian and Mu Yang Xia Qiu were all suspicious because they all ran so far away from Class Four in front of Shi Fei, and that little Mo Tianyuan won without running far at that time, and he didn’t know his real strength.
After getting this result, Wang Yan was really surprised. It’s a little scary to know that there are so many people in a team who can run ten thousand meters …
But everyone in senior two already knows about this competition. Now, even if it’s not better than that, it’s difficult to ride a tiger. If you lose the competition, you can’t lose momentum!
But what if you are abused by Zhang Shaotian again? I ran to Class 3 and went back in anger, which made Wang Yan feel ashamed. If I lost to Zhang Shaotian again this time, I would really vomit blood. How can I pick up the soap together twice in a row?
According to the information obtained, it is estimated that Zhang Shaotian is the strongest herding sheep and summer and autumn, followed by Class Four.
Wang Yan had a dispute in his heart at this time.
"Let Zhang Shaotian and Mu Yang, who should be the strongest in the game, sum up the square of the week and Lu Yadong in our team. Let Zhu Jian and Xia Qiu be a group. Finally, I will deal with that Mo Tianyuan, so that even if we lose in the first two games and win in the last two games, we can get the score back. Then we still have hope of winning."
According to the previous rules, the game adopts the point system, with 1 point in the first three games and 2 points in the last game.
Knowing that Zhang Shaotian and Mu Yang can run to 10,000 meters, Wang Yan has no hope for Zhou Square and Lu Yadong, praying that they can lose well and don’t lose too much face to the team.
In summer and autumn, although he also ran to 10,000 meters in this competition, Zhu Jian also has the strength to play a good word! There is still a great hope of winning in the end if we can stabilize on the track
And in the end, Mo Tianyuan, who competes with himself, seems to Wang Yan to want to win him. That’s a word. It’s nothing!
In fact, Wang Yan is still a little selfish about this arrangement. Even if the three of them lost the first three games, they will try their best to win one in the last game, so the failure is not their own responsibility. If you want to blame them, blame them!
From this point of view, no matter how you say it, you won’t lose much …
"Yes, just a few of us can’t wait! Let me see if you have made any progress since you lost in our class last time! " Zhang Shaotian said at this moment
Wang Yan also don’t angry shrugged his shoulders face hung a smile "day elder brother sex is still so hurry! Yadong, go and run with Brother Tian! "
Sitting not far behind Wang Yan Luyadong face one leng stupefied tunnel "? Me? "
"Nonsense! It’s up to you. "Wang Yan’s face showed a little impatience.
Seeing that the game is coming, the atmosphere in the meeting room is high and everyone is following the input.
"Come on!"
"Brother Tian abused him to death!"
Luyadong reluctantly went, but there was no way to let Wang Yan be the captain. Perhaps his arrangement was meaningful …
Zhang Shaotian, the body party, was also surprised to see a face of unwilling obese boys and looked at the side cheerfully Wang Yan and left the pie mouth, saying, "No guts."
Wang Yan to the in the mind also looking forward to Luyadong and his drought-striken fields can take a Wang Xiangyun to win a game, but when his drought-stricken face came out from Mu Yang, he completely broke the idea. These two expectations were not delivered, so it was not surprisingly unreliable.
"Zhu Jian, you should be careful in this game. If you lose, we won’t have a chance." Wang Yan looked solemn
With the first two victories, the Genesis team has already got two points. If the third game wins again, there will be no suspense in this game.
"Don’t worry, I’ll try my best." Zhu Jian said in a very uncomfortable way.
You, the smallest and strongest person, chose the weakest person to be inferior to the three of us, but you let us take the lead! Even if you lose in the end, you have to take the main responsibility for this failure!
Zhu Jian, who is sitting in the competition seat, looks a lot more serious. If you lose this game, you will really lose!
The first two victories made everyone in the liberal arts class in the meeting room feel high. From time to time, the slogan "Liberal arts class must win" came out from the side and Zhu Jian was upset.
Opponent Xia Qiu heard that he also has the strength of 10,000 meters … I’m afraid this game is still not very easy …
Looked at the front screen projection Zhu Jian point this game sprint.
"If you can make it to the other side, just hang up first."
However, the idea in my heart is beautiful, but the reality is that when Zhu Jian strained a nerve and finally fell into a fault more than a thousand meters later, the handsome and elegant boy next to him still didn’t hang up. Look at the screen in front of him, and his performance has already left him far behind …
Lose every game in three games!
Chapter 79 Let’s have another game!
"I wipe! Still lost! ?” Wang Yan got up from his chair
Now there are three points in the hands of the Genesis team, even if Wang Yan miraculously pulls back one in the last game, it will not change the foregone conclusion that the game will fail!
"Ha ha! I said that our liberal arts class will definitely win, as I expected! "
"That must be the last game of our liberal arts soldier Ma Zhuang. I have long thought of it!"
"The Creation Team is really amazing!"
The discussion around the liberal arts class made Wang Yan’s face gradually gloomy, but he lost the game with the Creation Team!
"Wang bro, your performance didn’t surprise me …" Zhang Shaotian said lazily.
Mo Tianyuan’s faces are covered with smiles. This game may be a little difficult, but who knows that Wang Yanpai’s order seems to be based on their strength from weak to strong. These three people in front are Zhu Jian, who ran more than a thousand meters and could see something, but finally lost to the summer and autumn near 10,000 meters.
Wang Yan, who should be the strongest in their team, is no longer necessary …
At this time, dozens of people from the science class seem to lack interest, and some people have already walked out.
I’m going to see the abuse of liberal arts classes, but this Wang Yan is too disappointing! It’s good to win even one of the three games, but now I finally won a grand slam!
Zhu Jian Zhou Square, three people sitting on one side with their heads down, dare not look straight into the disappointed eyes of the science class.
Wang Yan’s heart turned sharply. "These guys have nothing. It’s too lame. Now the failure of the game has caused me to lose face here. Now I can win the last game and make my face look better …"
Thinking of this, he looks very righteous and tunnel, "It’s true that you won this game, but we still have a game that I want to get my own victory at last!"
Wang Yan’s words are not only exported by Mo Tianyuan, but also by several people, even those students who are going out in science classes have stopped at this time.
Although the score of the fourth game is 2 points, it doesn’t change the situation. It’s actually unnecessary for Wang Yan to say this at this time …
Everyone knows that it is good that the Creation Team has won now, but this Wang Yan is said to have a real strength of 10,000 meters. If he is determined to give this last game, the only Mo Tianyuan left in the Creation Team will not be able to outrun him.
"This guy seems to want his own strength to make the final result of the war sound better."
If Mo Tianyuan didn’t win him in the last game, wouldn’t it make everyone in the liberal arts class feel happy in the end?
"hey! Do you want to die? "