And one level higher than Zhai Ling is one to one. The life of a wicked person can be exchanged for a fruit, but one type of fruit.

Two fruits are born in the upper two grades, and one type of fruit is also one to one.
And so on
But once it is lower than Zhai Lingxiu’s wicked, it is possible to give birth to a fruit unless Zhai Ling kills a hundred wicked people.
For example, the former Zhai Ling’s ability to kill vipers was six levels higher than that of Zhai Ling. It should have produced six fruits of the same type, but in fact it produced two fruits of different types.
On the one hand, it was because the crystal evolved into Maha at that time and absorbed that essence.
On the other hand, it is because for the Maha smallpox treasure tree, the number of other types of fruits will be halved.
The viper brought the divine fruit and the soul fruit to Zhai Ling, because six of the two fruits dropped three, but the essence needed for the production of one fruit was absorbed by Maha, leaving two.
But now only three of the wicked people killed by Zhai Ling tonight have reached the base of the building.
Two wicked people in the first floor of the construction period brought a divine fruit to Zhai Ling.
Ximenlie’s strength reached the fourth floor of the foundation period, which brought Zhai Ling two fruits, one divine fruit and the other soul fruit, but that soul fruit only produced a thumb-sized fruit seed.
Zhai Ling put his hand in Ximenlie’s hand, which brought a message to the soul.
"The unformed essence of the soul fruit is not enough. Please pick it up immediately after simulating the existing environment warning, or it will dissipate automatically after ten minutes."
"According to the restriction mentioned above, Ximenlie brought me two kinds of fruits. Because they are two types of fruits, the theory should be one point five fruits. That can also be said that this soul fruit will be introduced as unformed." It is a pity that Zhai Ling looked at the precious tree and showed that little white spot.
Then Zhai Ling looked at the four fruits he got yesterday and reached over at the same time.
"It will take 94 hours for the divine fruit (immature) (two) to mature, and increase the strength of ten cows to warn that the harvest will automatically disappear before it is ripe."
"Well, these four fruits need less than four days, and it takes five days to get the fruit today, which means that it takes five days for the baby tree to give birth to a fruit at this stage." Zhai Ling secretly murmured that many laws of the baby tree also need Zhai Ling’s own understanding, and the information left for him is not over.
On this side, Zhai Ling immersed himself in Maha, while on the other side, at the moment, the whole [Magic Capital] geosphere was all nervous.
More than a dozen powerful leaders meet in one place | Bank.
"Who knows what it is to help the old and strong?" Black axe gang Wang let go of the big cigarette rod and asked several people around him.
"Yes, what happened in the end? It wasn’t someone who wanted to touch us, was it?" Shan Qing gang Wang is a tall and thin man, and his eyes always flash a little bit. At this moment, he seems to be anxious to chime in.
"Old you say you are not close to Ximenlie? Do you know what scene? " Suddenly a stout middle-aged man on one side of the west corner said to a black man on the other side
Immediately surrounded by an echo have looked at the black strong man.
"Put your mother shit! When will you get along with Ximenlie? Don’t give the old gossiping. Be careful to turn against people. You also know that I’m really going crazy. None of you want to be better. "Black Trinity said when he heard someone say that he and Ximenlie were good."
This is an extraordinary period. Who knows if those people who help the Qing Dynasty will aim at what they are doing? They quickly deny it, but they also look at some people who want to pick a fight with awe.
"All right, let’s cut the crap. I asked everyone to come tonight just to hope that everyone wouldn’t be in a mess, and there was something to announce at the same time." An old man with a bridled eyebrow scanned his eyes and everyone said faintly.
"Yes, yes, Lord Kuiye", the connection between Lord Kuiye and [Imperial Capital] Tianlibong, also makes people respect Lord Kuiye very much.
"The sea told us the information we got." Master Kui looked at a young man beside him and said lightly.
"It’s Kui Ye". The young man nodded and went to the folder in his hand. He looked around calmly and then said.
"According to the intelligence, Zhou Jia ‘anshan sent Zhou Jinggan to Xianxu Pavilion at 3: 20 in the afternoon and found Ximenlie. Then Zhou Jinggan followed Ximenlie to Ziluojin Mansion at about 5: 10, and never went out again. However, in 30 minutes, there were 20 killers in the Qingxu gang. At 9: 40 in the evening, it was clear that the virtual killers appeared to clear the road and recover the road, and Ximenlie let these killers do is to assassinate three people."
"Bullshit! Send a killer is not the assassination is flirting "suddenly, black three sneer at a appear very impatient.
However, the young people around Kuiye said lightly, "The targets of these killers are only three new students in the dusty courtyard. At about 10: 10, the whole assassination department ended. Twenty killers in Ximenlie were killed, but the three students went to Madison Hospital."
"Psst-"Suddenly everyone gasped, especially the black throat seemed to choke something and made a "ho ho" sound.
Twenty elite killers went to assassinate three freshmen and the army was wiped out? !
Rao is the common killing bosses, and it is also a chilling feeling.
Are the backgrounds of the three freshmen sky-high? !
The young man ignored everyone’s surprise and said calmly, "And this villa of Zhoujia gentleman Zhou Hai was assassinated half an hour later and was seriously injured and unconscious. The villa was also in ruins. At that time, Anshan and a group of Zhoujia elite guards were on the scene, but only Anshan came with Zhouhai. It was also five minutes later that the Qing Xu gang was completely destroyed. Well, the latest news is that Zhoujia Zhou Xuanhai has been involved in this matter, but we have not investigated the killers and the specific attack process of Zhoujia gentleman, and we are also investigating the background of those three freshmen."
After the young man reported the information, he quietly closed the folder and returned to Kuiye.
And the station was silent …
54, encounter (for collection and recommendation)
The news just now is really too shocking.