So luky is also a little worried, and needs to confirm whether there is anyone here in Blue buff, and mantis is also nearby, because he must be nearby when it comes to refreshing buff.

"Oh, L Casadin seems to be preparing for gank when he is on his way, and the emperor is also heading in the same direction. It seems that the road has been suppressed for too long, which has caused L note." The black live broadcast situation.
Doudou said, "Yes, and the buff will be refreshed at this time. If Casadin and Huang return from work, they will probably attack our blue buff."
"Well, this route selection is very reasonable. When there is no wave, there is a great chance. I wonder if the lpl team can notice it."
"they’re ss. pay attention to buff road."
Luky hurried to the road and woke up in a hurry, facing Zhang Hao and Yan Liang.
It seems a little late to be informed that Panson and Jinks quickly retreated, but Cassadine and Huang both raided from behind the tower through displacement.
And behind Nami is directly the big move to stay in front of the guys.
"Hold on, I’m coming."
Seeing Cassadine and Huang appear, luky said in a dark voice, it’s not good. The guy opposite really got to the road.
"Howl, howl"
A bright light is lit up, which is the emergency support of Dao Mei in the fierce battle of Lu Dao Mei Road, and Rambo is also the two sides of the road. A melee of 5v5 will be exhibited here.
Cheer again for more than 12 minutes. After just over 10 seconds, a 5v5 team battle suddenly broke out, which is also fascinating.
Nami’s big move trapped Persson and Jinks. Fortunately, Yan Liang is experienced and placed a row of bombs on the opposite ad and auxiliary road, which slightly slowed their progress.
It is this little gap that makes Nami control fail to take the opportunity to free Zhang Hao from the huge wave effect at the first time. The first time, he received the W-skill holy shield attack to prevent the emperor from attacking Jinkesi.
When there are no waves in my spare time, Jinx flashes and escapes to the tower, otherwise it will be cool if I am provoked by the emperor eq a little slower.
"Ah, it’s a little awkward. Fortunately, it’s not a murder case." Adzuki breathed a sigh of relief, and Jinksy was lucky to escape perfectly.
However, Zhang Haoke is not so lucky. Pan Sen saved Jinkesi, and there is no extra ability to provoke the subsequent arrival from the royalist eq. Nami controls and decisively surrenders Pan Sen to be bounced by a bubble to make L a fat meal.
"Zhang Hao, you hang in there. We’ve got a horse."
Luky is a little anxious. He has reached the road now, and the consumption of Jinkesi has already made Quinn in a bad state. At this moment, the sudden attack of Zhang Hao immediately made Quinn panic.
A set of explosions easily took away and refreshed the skills at the same time, but there was a little trouble when trying to jump away. Rambo’s deceleration effect hung on the mantis, and then the enemy swarmed to harvest the mantis
"Ah, this is a fierce team battle. At present, it is a balance of power between the two sides, but the situation is slightly more passive."
"They lost ad and fielding, while lpl lost an auxiliary and fielding pair, and the core output is still there."
"Take buff and get the blue first."
Yan Liang is directing the ball girl. There is a defensive tower across the road at the moment. I dare not expect anything. After all, the defensive tower is still very deterrent after only 12 minutes.
"It seems that the ball girl is going to get the blue, but L seems to know the ball girl’s movements."
Adzuki looked at the situation and was not optimistic. At the moment, Nami, Casadin and Rambo are all going to Blue buff.
That is to say, they have an idea about this buff
"Now both sides are not playing wild."
Black look at the situation is also white. It seems that the opposite side is going to die with lpl. After all, without the interference of wild disciplinary skills, the buff competition will be more intense.
Chapter 416 Recall the past and suddenly look back
"Be careful not to rush."
There are a few people awake in Yan Liang, and now the main force of lpl is still there. There is no need to spell out a life-and-death situation, and lad has been killed. This is good news, which is more beneficial to lpl and also takes the initiative in the battle.
It should be L to worry at this time.
"Both sides are testing each other’s situation, and it can be said that it is explosive to see who can seize the opportunity." Adzuki eyes looked at the screen motionless for fear of missing a little detail.
"Now it’s 3v3 with ad, single and wild lpl. I think it’s a battle force, so don’t be too cautious."
Black also looks at the screen and is definitely 100% supportive of his national team and has a strong sense of honor for lpl Black.
The two teams are constantly testing and approaching skills, harassing and the smell of gunpowder is getting stronger and stronger. Several people’s status has been adjusted, and the big move D has been completed. At the same time, the health and mana are quietly recovering. Everything is looking for opportunities in the war.
"Be careful. Keep moving. Code him."
Yan Liang continued to command, and now Rambo took the lead in making a big move. When this letter was sent to the road before leaving, there was no good chance to make a big move. Now Rambo is also making a move in this narrow terrain.
"Lying in the trough is awesome."
"Sharp and big move"
"Giving strength is doing"
The barrage flew out of the screen and commented on Rambo in real time. This big move was very strong. It was just right for the battlefield division. Dao Mei and Jinks Syndra behind him were separated, and Casadin cut in and went straight to Dao Mei.
Rambo followed by Q skills arson feast, so lpl had to choose to retreat first.