"Not good!"

Chai Tianrong was suddenly frightened, and when the tunnel was not good, he quickly stepped back and made a decision. The People’s Congress shouted, "Withdraw quickly!"
Now two of the ten tigers have died. Although the large array can continue to spread, it is much less powerful, so it will definitely not be the other opponent. This plan has to be withdrawn first!
Retreat to the black fog as soon as you enter here!
Those weapons are very strange, which can make a person’s strength soar after inhalation. Although I know that this situation definitely has a very big sequela, it is very likely that people who inhale the fog will die before long, but now there are still ten tigers left to absorb the fog.
You have to absorb the fog to fight with each other.
Chang Sheng saw Chai Tianrong with a brave and ten tigers left, and ran to catch up with him immediately.
Look, if you can’t beat yourself, you want to run. There is no such thing. None of them want to run today!
Often with a sledgehammer, he quickly chased after the last ten tigers and hit them with a hammer.
Without the help of appearance, ten tigers were smashed by a hammer and their brains split and died instantly.
Chai Tianrong ran frantically in front of the ten tigers, and Chang Sheng behind him attacked them while chasing them.
Finally, when Chai Tianrong and the others ran to the black fog station, there were only six tigers left in the heroic ten tigers.
"Quickly absorbed the fog and killed him!"
Chai Tianrong shouted that there are still six tigers left to form a remnant array, but if they absorb the fog and get stronger quickly, they can still fight each other, but he can’t absorb the fog. For example, they should keep a person awake normally.
Otherwise, in the end, kill each other. Who will take the treasure to Ying Wuhou?
Six people heard Chai Tianrong’s words without hesitation and quickly withdrew from the soldiers who had been wrapped around their bodies.
Instantly thick black fog drifted away.
"Depend! I thought these guys were trying to run! After a long time, I turned out to be here to suck black fog! "
Chang Sheng chased after the six people from the rear and saw that their faces changed greatly. This black fog is really strange. It turns out that there are congenital people who have absorbed the black fog and those who practice it have gone against the sky.
These six people have absorbed the black fog and how can they go against the sky!
It’s so-called if it’s normal to go against the sky, but the problem is that these six people are all brave and one of the ten tigers is not a genius.
Six geniuses go against the sky, and they can also be deployed, and there is a super genius behind them to practice! This is in big trouble! We can’t let them just suck the black fog!
Chang Sheng instantly killed the past and hit one person with a heavy hammer while absorbing the black fog.
As the sledgehammer fell, suddenly thick black fog came from nearby and wrapped the sledgehammer.
"poop-poop …"
Chang Sheng hit the black fog with a hammer and felt that his hammer was like hitting cotton, and the person who absorbed the black fog was even more unscathed with the fog package!
"Depend! This abnormal fog is not allowed to attack when others absorb it! " Changsheng dark scold a show feel the realm of six people rising rapidly.
"Practice gas layer … nine layers … ten layers … half a step against the sky!"
In a moment, six people’s black fog suddenly disappeared, and six people turned to Changsheng with scarlet eyes at the same time.
"Cloth remnant knife array killed him!"
Before Chai Tianrong’s mouth, one of the six people suddenly fell with his words, and six people quickly dispersed around Changsheng to see that their bodies were as fast as ghosts. Obviously, their strength was many times higher than before!
Six tigers shouted at the same time that one or six people attacked Changsheng from six different directions at the same time. Cold knife awns emerged from their long knives, which was different from the former silver knife awns. At this time, their knife awns turned deep black.
Knife mans throughput, it seems, are still devouring everything around.
In a moment, six knife lights flashed from six different directions at an amazing speed.
Chang Sheng’s heart is frightened by six knife mans attacking from different places. It is impossible for him to avoid it. At most, he can avoid one or two of several knife mans!
But for myself, there seems to be little difference between one or two heels. Anyway, my body is strong enough and I have a broken limb to regenerate! At the beginning, the rebirth of the broken limb would have made the transformation of the ancient monty successful. Now the rebirth of the broken limb can have been achieved as long as the head is not smashed like a strong man, so he will never die!
In this case, what are you avoiding?
Changsheng will fuel the body’s soldiers to the extreme, and a more condensed soldier’s gas will pour out from Changsheng. It seems that even the surrounding black fog has retreated!
"Crazy Devil Strikes Five!"
Chang Sheng raised his hammer and smashed it with a tiger directly opposite him. Although the Mad Devil’s Five Strikes is a martial art in the Mad Devil’s Stick Technique, now holding it is a heavy weapon like a hammer and a stick, and its style is somewhat similar.
At that time, the scream blared from the hole, and the cold strong breeze suddenly blew, and the black fog rolled to the other side. The hammer in Changsheng’s hand evaded the other side and drew a huge black virtual shadow with a knife!
The black hammer fell to the ground and shook the earth!
At this moment, the whole cave shook, and a huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground, but everything was one!
Just as Chang Sheng’s first hammer fell at the same time, six black knife mans cut off and cut off.
"Poof …"
Two knife mans crossed the sharp knife mans from Changsheng’s chest and directly tore his chest muscles to reveal a white bone.
A sharp knife went straight through Chang Sheng’s leg.
Almost instantly, six knives and awns crossed Chang Sheng’s thighs, chest, abdomen and arms from different parts …
Chang Sheng ignored his attack and fought back the pain, waving the sledgehammer in his hand crazily.
One hammer falls, the second hammer and the third hammer start one after another. Each hammer is faster than the previous one, and each hammer is heavier than the previous one!