Nalan Yin Ying also knows the characteristics of the grass mud horse. At first, riding on the back of Situhao’s magic grass mud horse still felt more surprised. However, the more she went forward, the more she felt that something was wrong, the hotter and hotter her body became, the heavier her face became, and the blush became more and more intense. After more than ten days, Situhao’s husband and wife’s life had made her know this knowledge very well. After walking forward for less than two miles, Cheng Nalan Yin Ying could not bear it.

Hao, come back to me quickly. I really want Nalan Yin to jump from the back of the grass mud horse and gasped and shouted.
Situhao almost didn’t refuse to such a request. He immediately turned himself back. He immediately turned himself back. Instantly Nalan Yin couldn’t resist his impulse and directly slammed Situhao to the ground. Chapter 7 was exhausted and 1 was more.
This time, Nalan’s marriage has been completely aroused by the special smell of grass mud horse. Compared with Situhao, she is even more urgent. She directly took the initiative after pressing Situhao to the ground.
She pulled out Situhao’s pants as quickly as possible, and then took off her pants, so Xiao Hao directly found her sister and arranged herself. Sitting in Situhao’s body, rubbing her chest with her hands, the body was constantly crazy, which made Situhao crazy, and the two young people went crazy in the jungle.
Mom is worthy of the name of the grass mud horse beast. How long did it take? The peculiar smell of the grass mud horse body made this Xiao Ni completely crazy. I don’t know how many times I am more comfortable than I am stimulating her. It seems that if I meet my favorite beauty, I will directly turn into a grass mud horse beast and stay around her for a while, even if I am indifferent, I am afraid I will become a slut, so the release of my own human impulses will become more thorough.
Situhao thought while enjoying the violent impact of Nalan’s marriage on himself.
And at this time, he also abandoned his desire for another kind of power of grass mud horse beast.
There is also a kind of god beast called Crazy Grass Mud Horse, which is a sixth-order god beast. This kind of god beast does not have strong attack power, and his body is still full of the same breath as Grass Mud Horse, but relatively speaking, Crazy Grass Mud Horse has a stronger breath than Grass Mud Horse and can stimulate biological impulses.
However, this kind of god beast is too strange, even if the willpower is strong, people can’t defend against the breath they breathe, but they can stimulate biological impulses in an instant. Some Weiduofu are extremely disdainful of crazy grass mud horses, and finally they have gathered powerful forces to extinct them, and finally they have become extinct in the fairy land.
What would be the situation if Stuart could turn into this kind of god beast? Thinking about it can make Stuart excited.
Compared with saying that if many martial arts are besieging him, he Li’s impulse will turn into crazy grass mud, and Ma Wu’s impulse will be instantly stimulated to besiege him. There is a uniform match between men and women in Wudang, and the most violent impulse may be released from each other. However, if there is a mismatch between men and women, I am afraid that men will be gay on the spot. If there are many women, they may be grinding bean curd on the spot.
Situhao thought of this, and he couldn’t help but see an evil smile on his face.
Ah, Hao, um, what do you think, huh?
He see SiTuHao face dew than evil smile while SiTuHao body crazy movement and gasped and asked.
No, it’s nothing, honey. Don’t stop
Nalan Yin Ying was attacked by the special smell of grass mud horse. At this time, she was completely immersed in the wonderful feeling. Although she was crazy, she looked very dissolute, but she didn’t feel half tired. Instead, she moved more and more, and her spirit moved more and more. The mental stimulation was more and more cool.
Situhao so quietly lying on the ground, his eyes blurred to see that he was crazy about Nalan’s marriage. This kind of unearned comfort made him completely sink.
This fierce battle lasted for fifty minutes, and it ended with the bursting of Situhao.
Na Lan’s crazy sprint in marriage was rewarded instantly, and she realized that she had worked hard to lie down on Situhao’s body in a fragrant sweat.
Smelling the smell of Nalan’s sweet sweat, Xiao Hao actually grew up magically again. Situ Hao looked at Nalan’s softness in his arms and said, Dear, do you want me to come again?
The grass-mud horse was too strong to stab. Nalan Yin Lan was exhausted at this time, but she was budding in Situ Haoyi’s heart and immediately promised him.
In the light response, due to the expectation in my heart, Situhao sprinted to Nalan, and his eyes were blurred because he was lying on his side, so he looked at Situhao full of expectations.
Situhao, who could stand such stimulation, flung himself on Nalan’s face and suffered a violent impact.
This war lasted for more than an hour before it ended. Even though Situ Hao was wearing a special physique, he was exhausted and lying on his side beside Nalan Yin.
Too much sex is not a good thing.
So they lay down in the jungle. Situhao recovered quickly, but Nalan’s recovery was much slower. She lay down for four or five hours before she got up and got dressed.
At this time, the sun will set in half an hour at most, and the two of them couldn’t help smiling at each other.
Two people wry smile at one another that meaning is quite obvious is that they want to go this jungle again, it is impossible for ten days and a half months.
Do you want to stay here or get this dense forest quickly?
I’m not staying here these days, eating those game. I’m tired of it. It’s your fault that we delayed another day.
SiTuHao slightly one leng bad asked with a smile because of Hao how do you say this?
Well, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid we would have eaten delicious food outside by now.
But I remember you tackled me first.
If you don’t agree, won’t it be all right
If I don’t agree, I’m afraid I’ll be eaten by you
It’s your fault that you’re not good. Xiao Hao always grows up.
Situhao heard that Xiao Ni actually pushed the blame to Xiao Hao, and I couldn’t help itching again. Xiao Ni, don’t stimulate me with words, otherwise I will try again.
Come on, come on, I’m afraid of you. I still have backache. It’s my fault. It’s my fault, right?
Hey, hey, actually, I hope you are often bad and often wrong, so that my little Hao will be happy.
Go to hell.
Let’s go. I’ll get you out of here now. Do you want me to continue to turn into a grass mud horse and a beast to carry you?