"Your Sect’s natural acting power is really amazing, and I haven’t seen any keys today," I love to say.

"There is nothing wonderful about mastering people’s hearts back to back," Lin Chong said. "This world seems to be a battle between terrans and aquatic animals, but the real point is that whoever can unite with the majority will win this war."
"It’s not difficult to win, but it’s rare to find the root fruit that conforms to the fortune of the root fruit and helps to manifest it in the process of winning. This is what we monty don’t understand." Love can’t help but feel that she said softly, "Even if I participated in this battle, it would be powerless to let me reproduce this process in other circles."
"This is the wisdom behind me," Lin Chong said seriously. "Every decision you see is a personal decision that I am not old."
"Humility is a gift, but excessive humility is actually a traitor." I love to catch a glimpse of Lin Chong. "I’d rather have your clan form a Covenant … before the engagement? Why don’t you think about it again? "
"I am a staunch celibate" Lin Chong flatly denied.
"Oh ~ Don’t be too busy to refuse, maybe you will change your mind later ~ My dowry can be very rich." I love to chuckle and step up barefoot with that handle antivir into the world like a landscape, rain and ink swamp.
Lin Chong looked at her back and thought that her rich dowry was a hundred times less than other world coordinates, and she couldn’t help but swallow her mouth and spit. It was really a bit exciting.
The more you look, the more you can see. There are already two boundaries, the Shenzhou boundary and the Kai boundary, but both are uneasy.
There is a falling Jin Xian in the void of Shenzhou boundary. Once he enters the boundary, it is very likely that Shenzhou boundary will be broken. Of course, the furnace keeper will also fall off the roots and fruit, and even die.
Jin Xian’s respect for entering the world is like a pot of water pouring into an oil pan, which will fry the water and boil it not deep enough, so everyone will enter the world when both sides lose.
For example, at the moment, there is a big black Buddha hanging in the fog.
The Kai Jie crisis is even closer, and it is like a BUG hidden in the history, and it has led a bloody world to smash Kai Jie.
After judging that after upgrading the boundary, the firmness of the boundary should be greater than that of the ordinary dust boundary, and the extreme love should not be crazy enough to bombard the boundary with the Moloton Roots boundary, but … there are two or three bugs that are not cleared up, and the boundary will eventually be uneasy.
And the misty world
The misty world is even less likely to be owned by Yue Luotian.
The battle between Monty, Dragon and Kunlun for the misty world may become an eternal battlefield.
For example, dealing with the fog is really a big problem.
Lin Chong sighed lightly.
Another five years.
Through the calendar for 13 years
Five years ago, God loved it so much that he could see that the roots of Heaven would unite the Terran. Five years later, this sign was already visible to all.
First of all, the Terran adherents appeared the first nine-robbery true fairy queen, and the fate of heaven and earth gathered all kinds of ancient achievements due to strange opportunities, or they were able to keep coming out with excellent qualifications.
Because the immortal Sect of Kunlun didn’t bring it into the world, it just didn’t put the Kunlun root method into the fog world, which is normal. After all, it is afraid of revealing the only fruit force.
The realm of the adherents rises by rediscovering the ancestral legacy.
More and more titles of Great Sages have joined the coalition camp, and ancient Great Sages from all over the world have mushroomed to make the coalition powerful.
You can even fight positional warfare with the aquarium for a big city.
However, although the Shui people have ruled this world for tens of thousands of years, there are also many strong people left in the misty world. With the emergency of the situation, some ancient ancestors of the Shui people have been awakened, and the Coalition forces have constantly seen what the ancestors of the Millennium shrimp and the 10,000-year-old turtle are.
The two sides are escalating the scale of the war just like revealing the cards to each other.
But on the whole, Lin Chong is still in control. If the aquarium commanders knew that two gods had entered the world to fight for the ownership of this world, they might have long thought of mutual destruction, instead of always thinking that they had a chance to win, but they fell off the chain at the crucial moment.
Honestly, this state is the most terrible.
Like a frog boiled to death by warm water, you are ripe before you know it.
It’s probably the first time I’ve stayed out of it like this, and I’m comfortable with it. She’s been hanging out with the Coalition forces all day
In particular, the girl who trained her Lin Chong to pick up was called the girl after the rain.
I am eleven years old after the rain.
Lin Chong and his great love grew up around him since childhood, probably because of the care of two gods and the beauty of heaven and earth. Their love is not only extremely beautiful, but also outstanding in bone quality. After ten years of practicing the ancestral legacy, they have achieved the position of scattered immortals, which is a first-class talent in the Coalition forces
Proud as a sorghum flower at ordinary times.
But Lin Chong and Ji Ai are very fond of coquetry.
"Brother! Sister! "
Lin Chong is writing a one-step work plan for the immortals transferred from 74 to Kunlun at the moment, and he loves it very much, while watching the scene of tea holding a lamp and adding fragrance, which is quite loving and like a fairy couple.
It sounded like a bell outside and then rushed in after the rain.
Eleven-year-old misty world is considered to be an adult. The best thing is that her skin is white, which is like a cold jade. Her long hair is tied into a high ponytail, and her four swings are full of youth.
"After a light rain ~" loves to hug her in her arms after the rain and bury her head in her chest after the rain.
"Come back" Lin looked up and smiled, but he kept writing.
"Brother ~ is writing a work plan again?" After the rain, I leaned over and looked as white as jade, with a wonderful and attractive fragrance of blue pattern. Lin Chong always suspected that this breath loved Monty very much.
"Well," Lin Chong nodded and continued to write. He didn’t shy away from it, and he couldn’t understand it after the rain because Lin Chong was a simplified Chinese character.
Knowing that this’ brother’ is indifferent and impatient after the rain doesn’t mean that he is excited to say, "I’ll tell you good news!"
Two people look at the rain.
"I joined the Coalition’ first’!" Proud expression after rain
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Three clans collegiate bench