"Yu Xiang, you promised that it would never be difficult for us again!" Gan Lin is retreating to the middle avenue.

"Don’t worry, I’ll never be difficult again, and I won’t tell anyone about this."
Once again, they got a positive answer. Rocky and Gan Lin turned and walked away, then disappeared from the back of the canyon.
"In that case, you three will die here!"
Yu Xiang’s words were finished, and ten people behind him turned out to be hands flashing a piece of operator paper to course at the corner of their eyes.
All the runes of the mysterious green Se entered their eyes, and everyone’s eyes were bright and a lot of divine light was faint!
"Two of you can do your best to protect yourself and you can fight back to me." Xiao asked Shen, saying that although the sound was not imposing, it soared in the words, adding a lot of heroism to that speech!
"Bitter! !”
Yu Xiang suddenly became cold and then waved a hand forward, and a red Se symbol was sacrificed by him to turn into a blazing flame, and Xiao Wen, Yan Ning and Ouyang Yue were drowned in it!
At the same time, the ten people behind Yu Xiang also started work at the same time!
"Yu Xiang! ! !”
Suddenly there was a binge drinking in the flame, and then Xiao Wen rushed out of the flame with a clear door, which startled Yu Xiang.
Yu Xiang is too close to Xiao Wen. At this time, their numbers are dominant. Naturally, he won’t foolishly ask Xiao Wen’s one-on-one to rise immediately.
However, at this moment, a clear door suddenly disappeared, and Xiao asked his right hand to hold a purple thing directly in a wave of his hand.
Yuxiang want to also don’t want to is a defensive symbol offering a moment then see his head suddenly appeared a purple black Se hammer shadow hammer face with a foot Fiona Fang directly smashed up at him!
After amplification, the fairy instrument is not aura, but it lacks texture. However, the purple-black hammer on Yu Xiang’s head is just the opposite. It has a heavy aura and a solid feeling. It seems that it is not a few small pieces of fairy mineral refining, but it is made of ten thousand kilograms of steel!
The hammer face instantly hit the Yuxiang defense mask. At that moment, Yuxiang’s heart was stunned and consciously took out the second defense symbol.
In an instant, seeing the purple-black hammer face is like pressing on the bubble and pressing the defensive cover without any effort, almost reaching the head of Yuxiang!
The second defensive symbol in Yu Xiang’s hand has another mask top, but the purple-black hammer still presses the second defensive mask without any force!
At this time, the hammer face has reached the head of Yuxiang, and Yuxiang has been unable to finish anything. He can successfully lift his left arm and block it on his head!
I really don’t know how powerful the hammer surface is, but it directly broke Yu Xiang’s arm and pressed Yu Xiang to the ground!
They were flying at a height of three or four feet, and when they saw it, they were about to be hit by a sledgehammer. Suddenly, the green light lit up at Yu Xiang’s feet and spread rapidly.
Earth escape symbol!
But the green light has just spread to Yuxiang’s knee position, and the hammer has been smashed to the ground!
"boom! ! !”
The sledgehammer disappeared, and the door reappeared. Xiao Wen blocked all attacks.
Look at a deep pit in Fiona Fang, where Yu Xiang’s legs are immersed in earth and stone, and part of it has become a meat pie! ! !
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Die
It’s shocking that Xiao Wen smashed Yu Xiang with a hammer, but it’s strange that Yu Xiang is too arrogant, and how amazing the Ziji Sect is. It’s so close to Xiao Wen that Yu Xiang is dead, but there are ten people left, but the attack is even more fierce!
Then listen to "choke, choke, bang, bang" like rain behind a clear door. Xiao Wen has been shaken to the left and right and will soon lose his balance!
At the moment, the ten men turned out to be the root. Ning and Ouyang Yue poured out all the attacks to Xiao Q!
Green frost sword again stable also has brought two people at this time head Xiao Wen even block all attack green frost sword is really some don’t stay up.
"Get ready to pick up the sword!"
Xiao Wen said quickly, and then he followed those impacts to make the blue frost sword fall back a few feet. After that, he actually jumped out of the blue frost sword with a clear door and said, "Stay away!"
Nan Yunqing didn’t drag her feet at all, so she flew away. Xiao asked that because she jumped forward, she still blocked all the attacks.
"Pa" to a ring Xiao asked is already fell to the ground feet black smoke at first, his whole person "sou" to a shot to the right side of the cliff! The vanishing speed is faster than the green frost sword. Now Xiao Wen doesn’t have to take Nan Yunqing with him, which is twice as fast?
It is this kind of speed change that disrupts the attack rhythm of Bai Mo and others. Ten of them are not J: ng to cooperate with this person and block the line of sight of that person. That person blocks the angle of this person’s pushing, and the formation is chaotic.
When Xiao Wen heard that the impact of Qingmen was rapidly decreasing, there was nothing left, and then he suddenly closed it one by one. When Qingmen saw the battlefield situation, he did not hesitate to run to the cliff.
The cliff on the left side of the canyon where they are located is almost vertical, so it is impossible to climb, but there is a little slope on the right side. Although the slope is not too big, the ability of the shadow boots to run on the surface is no problem!
"Sou" to a ring Xiao Wen has just ran off the cliff speed didn’t slow much!
Until Xiao Wen ran a few steps on the cliff, Bai Mo and other talents finally adjusted their attack methods and bombarded Xiao Wen again!