For her, it is really a small expense to hire someone to build a road and then pay her salary, but for the people in Shenshen Town, a stable job will make them more willing to stay in Shenshen Town and will therefore be willing to abide by the rules of Shenshen Town.

Wu Xiujie once again lost in thought.
Chapter two hundred and nine Need to upgrade
Seeing that Wu Xiujie was thinking, Tian Tang spoke again, "There is also one of the most important reasons why Shenzhen is different. I can ensure that even if Shenzhen is suddenly exposed one day, it will not lead to accidents for the people."
Needless to say, Tian Tang is confident enough about the protection ability of the gods’ town security zone. What’s more, besides the security zone, she still has the number of wall repairs in her hand.
Of course, because every war is now in the era of cold weapons, the active weapons of both sides, that is, long-range weapons of swords, spears and halberds, are mainly trebuchets and sharp arrows, which are much less lethal than those hot weapons in her memory. She can ensure that all the people in Shenzhen can live a stable life.
Wu Xiujie looked up and said, "I have long heard that the Shen Zhen’ an District is strange. Is this really the case?"
Tian Tang smiled at him. "Why don’t you try attacking me? But before to make it clear to Wu, the consequences of attacking me may be much more serious than Wu’s imagination. "
The cage in Shenshen Town looks ordinary, but if you want to see Li Erzhu and cheat people go to the cage, you will know that it must be uncomfortable to stay in that cage.
At the beginning, Wei Liang wanted to control that she was trapped in the cage, but until now, the person who started in Yangnan County was still unable to come out in the cage.
Thought of here, Tian Tang’s face showed an awkward look. During this period, she has been busy dealing with the affairs of Linchun Mansion. She completely forgot that there are people in the town of gods.
At the beginning, Li Erzhu couldn’t bear to stay in the cage for a few days. Now those people seem to have been trapped for a while and I don’t know what happened now.
Shi Xiong gave her a quick look.
Tian Tang leaned over a little and talked to him in a low voice. "Stone’s adult had heard that his hands were still in the cage."
"All the time?" Shi Xiongwei froze and saw Tian Tang nod and look a little weird.
He heard about the cage from Li Erzhu more than once and knew that it was not pleasant to be in the cage. However, it is said that Li Erzhu was released after three days in the cage, and Wei Liangcai made more trouble, but Tian Tang’s intervention was not long.
Therefore, they don’t know much about how long the cage can hold people.
I didn’t expect those people who were forgotten by them to be forgotten until now.
Wu Xiujie didn’t understand the situation, but he couldn’t wait to know about the safe area. After careful thinking, he quickly chose "God has offended adults"
Tian Tang also looked at him and nodded his head to prepare for it.
Wu Xiujie nodded gravely and suddenly raised my hand and clenched my fist and rushed straight to Tian Tang’s face.
Tian Tang knew he wouldn’t get hurt or closed his eyes.
She didn’t open her eyes until Wu Xiujie’s boxing wind swept away and gradually recovered, and she saw Wu Xiujie at a glance.
Take the game of life to the ancient section 174
"No effect?" Wu Xiujie looked down at himself.
Tian Tang thought for a moment and quickly came to the conclusion that "it should be the safe area that decided that Wu’s adult wouldn’t hurt us, so it didn’t trigger the safe area protection"
"That is to say, you must have a hurting mind to trigger protection?" Shi Xiong sat on the side, and after he came to this theory, he had a new understanding of Shenshen Town.
"Yes," Tian Tang nodded and looked at Wu Xiujie. "Master Wu might as well try not to stop?"
"But if I hurt you …?" Wu Xiujie was hesitant.
"Don’t try how do you know? And I’m sure Wu Daren can’t hurt me, "Tian Tang said seriously." Try it. Wu Daren has tried it himself to confirm the safety zone. "
Wu Xiujie hesitated again and could not help but look at Shi Xiong’s eyes and ask Shi Xiong’s opinion.
Several of them are well aware that Wu Xiujie’s hesitation is not only because of the security zone, but also because of his future choice.
Wu Xiujie is a member of the imperial court, so it’s good to get back together in Shenzhen, but it’s not easy for him to make a decision. He needs something to help him settle down and let him stay here completely.
For example, an area
Shi Xiong naturally knows Wu Xiujie’s idea. If Wu Xiujie can also be completely in Shenzhen, it is not only a big boost for him, but also a big boost for Shenzhen’s powerful forces.
And it is also very clear that Wu Xiujie’s temper, if he makes a choice, he will never betray again if he does not have the same problems as the court in Shenshen Town and can ensure the people to live and work in peace and contentment.
In the final analysis, whether he or Wu Xiujie betrayed the court, the main reason is that the court can’t give the people a good life, but no matter how good the life of the court people is, even if the town of God is no better, they will not be with the town of God.
This matter is said to be small because the people have to make a choice for their sake, and it is said to be "collaboration with the enemy and treason" since ancient times, no matter which generation it is, it is a capital crime to punish the nine families
Shi Xiong nodded when Wu Xiujie made eye contact.
Wu Xiujie was determined to hand over to Tian Tang, "God made adults really offend this time."
Tian Tang nodded instantly and Wu Xiujie made a surprise hand.
Even Tian Tang can easily feel the difference before this time from Wu Xiujie’s boxing style.
If there was no comparison, she might recognize that Wu Xiujie had already made efforts before. After all, that boxing style did have a certain impact on her face.
But before the contrast, the force was collected.
Tian Tang didn’t close her eyes again this time and watched Wu Xiujie’s fist get closer and closer, which became more and more obvious in her pupil.
Seeing that his fist was about to hit Wu Xiujie, he suddenly disappeared from his place.