As soon as the ethereal fairy came into this cave, he felt the breath of Song Changgeng. When he flew in, he knew that he had come here, so he twisted his beard and waited there. Sure enough, after a few breaths, he saw a brilliant golden light flying in the middle, showing that Song Changgeng was floating in the middle. Song Changgeng just handed over and smiled. "I didn’t think that Brother was the first guest to meet him. Brother, don’t blame me."

The ethereal fairy smiled faintly. "Teacher younger brother is welcome. I didn’t know what I came here in a hurry until I listened to the master’s news. The main thing is to help teacher younger brother do something to meet a guest. When the master wanted me to be your reincarnation protector, he didn’t want teacher younger brother to find another way to get out of trouble. So I can do you a little favor here. In addition, I brought several other senior brothers and sisters an introductory gift.
I’ll give you your wedding gift when they personally arrive. These introductory gifts are for you. Teacher younger brother is not as thin as us old guys and has spread such a big thing that we can’t lose our face. This time, several students have made great efforts to invite friends from all walks of life and invite celestial students to the next meeting. "
As he spoke, he took out six dried Kun bags suspended in the middle, each of which was finely made and had complicated patterns. Although each bag was inches long, it was much wider than the dried Kun bags. Song Changgeng bowed and thanked him respectfully when he saw it. He knew that this was the intention of intercepting students. No matter what calculations he had before, he really regarded him as a student now.
At this time, the ethereal fairy pointed to one of them and drew a Kirin bag. "All six of us were practicing in the era of the universe, and we barely came when we sealed the gods. It was very United. After thousands of years of sealing the gods, the master has been confiscating your brother. You are the first one of us brothers and sisters to prepare introductory gifts for you. You can prepare this bag for you.
When the teacher elder sister knew that your brother was numerous, she collected many materials from her magic weapon’ cornucopia’ for several years, which was enough for you to refine the magic weapon for Wan Di. There are materials and medicinal materials in this bag, as well as various jade books. Please read it slowly. "
Song Chang Gung thanked him for taking the bag and putting it in the sleeve. His splendid clouds and beads changed out. The clothes were covered outside the armor. The wide robe and big sleeves fluttered like a fairy. You can’t see anything when you put something on them. Song Chang Gung is also a pick of Jin Xian. This spell can also be cast simply, but it can still be hidden simply.
The ethereal fairy smiled and ordered the other two bags. "I once told you that the two brothers, Sleeping Yunxian and Lingfengxian, always don’t like fighting, but like to study those strange machine puppets. They all prepared a lot of machine puppets for you. These things have nothing to do with you, but your cousins can."
Brother Wo Yunxian is good at making all kinds of biological forms. The puppet house has prepared thousands for you. This bag is all freely changeable in size. The materials are carefully selected and refined through various processes. It’s very good. You can sit in it and walk instead of walking. It can also help fight and have good defense. These are all ordinary. It’s best to make a wedding and send it to you personally.
Brother Ling Fengxian is good at making flying boats and palaces. This time, he specially prepared 3,000 boats for you. I told you what I saw here. He heard that your brother is a simple boat, and he felt embarrassed and specially added 2,000 more boats to you. These boats can fly, enter the ground and have a magic weapon for attack and defense on the sea. It is very good.
There are ten palaces and caves. I heard that you, Ziyun Palace, have been completely destroyed. Destroy it. These ten palaces and caves are many times better than Ziyun Palace. Do you want Ziyun Palace? The master often says that the two of them are not doing their jobs and put all their energy into this aspect. Now it is Jin Xian, but doing things is really good. "
Song Chang Gung didn’t look at it, but put two bags in the sleeve, but Zi Xuanfeng looked at Song Chang Gung with flashing eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. "What’s not a knowledge here?" When I see it, I’ll give it to you. Do whatever you have to do. Just talk to your teacher. No, wait on you.
Chapter seven hundred Make friends
After listening to the master’s words, Zi Xuanfeng turned red and quickly bowed to the two of them and went back. He also knew that the master couldn’t be so dull to look at them in front of the ethereal immortal, but the master definitely didn’t want to give them to his younger brother, so that the strength of the door would be greatly improved and the master’s wishes could be better fulfilled. I don’t know what the master’s wishes are. Form an alliance?
See ZiXuanFeng ethereal fairy point after leaving one of the remaining three bags, "Hehe, you also know that my personal number’ ethereal fairy’ is a feather-like Taoism, which means I like to walk around a lot, but when it comes to being able to take out my hand, there is nothing good to seal the gods. I escaped from the Wanxian Array and got a congenital spiritual treasure when I was recovering. It’s not bad. I hope you don’t abandon my humble teacher younger brother.
Ha ha! The one with the golden bird bag is that my brother has his own life and the accompanying magic weapon, and other magic weapons are also taken advantage of. We practitioners are not the more magic weapons, the better, but we should specialize in a few powerful ones. After all, although our life is long, our energy is limited. It is very boring to sacrifice more magic weapons every time, and sometimes it is just right to increase training.
This innate treasure of mine is called Vientiane Map, which is a powerful thing with a balanced attack and defense. I like to study array methods. Brother Kuzhu Xian said that this thing is very suitable for array, so we joined forces to change this magic weapon and add something. There are also ten sets of array maps given to you by Brother Kuzhu Xian in the bag, all of which are very powerful. It is a rare magic weapon that can be formed the day after tomorrow.
Of course, that’s temporary power, and it’s not very complete. If you find the combination, you can make an array according to the array layout, and the most wonderful thing is that each array has different power, but you can stack multiple arrays, and the power will increase by more than seven times. Even the master admires his wonderful idea and has specially helped him improve it, but these medium arrays can be stacked up to six times, and it won’t be possible if there are more. "
Song Chang Gung’s eyes lit up. He was just hesitating about what kind of array to arrange the light. The ethereal fairy sent the array. It is most important to arrange it simply. These arrays can be superimposed and matched with the magic weapon of "Fairy Mountain" in the center of the cave. The whole cave must be fixed. If it is not too strong, there should be no big problem.
After seeing Song Chang Gung’s thanks, the ethereal fairy put away the bag and pointed to the last two bags. "Thousand feather fairy teacher younger brother likes swords and prepared thousands of good swords and two sets of sword arrays for you. That’s because he pondered the evolution of the whole fairy sword array, Wan Xian array and Zhou Tianxing fighting array. One set is very powerful. It is suitable for one person to join the sword, and one is suitable for many people.
The other bag is a gift from three generations of brothers in the door. You have everything in it. Sometimes you search for it yourself. Brother, this time you are a pioneer. One is to send something for you. The other is to see if there is anything you can do. No master has specially asked me to come back. He said that your affairs are complicated. He is busy looking for someone to discuss and deal with other saints. Let me help. "
Song Chang Gung thanked me again, put away the two bags and laughed. "Brother’s coming has scared the younger brother. How dare you work? But I’ll let you stay like this. I’m sure you don’t like it. Why don’t you find a mountain here to help me sort out the reception door?" I don’t know what they like or my brother knows best. "
The ethereal fairy smiled and nodded his head, just to make a gesture. This little teacher younger brother is already a master of the same order with himself, and he can’t help much. This is good, so he nodded his head. "So brother went to look for it first! If the younger brother remembers anything that needs to be done by the elder brother, just say hello. I’m here to help. Don’t mention it to me. "
Song Chang Gung nodded his head and saluted him. Just after watching him fly away, he was about to go back to the center to control the palace. He saw not far from the place where the cards were delivered. A light flashed until his brothers came.
Before he left, he saw the light disappear. A hearty voice laughed. "Brother Song came here for your prestige. Hehe, you let me and your sister-in-law wait for the first seven days!" As you talk, you will see that God camel Hugh came out in a big red cassock, followed by the stunning Han Xian and the girl riding a gourd, followed by two female apprentices Han Xian.
Song Chang-geng couldn’t help rejoicing at the sight of it, and hurried to welcome the past. The husband and wife were different from each other. They really liked the little girl Jade Butterfly and didn’t mean anything. God Yu made these treasures willing to give them away. When they fell to the South Pole, they were the only ones who were willing to bring their brothers to find friends. Later, Song Chang-geng came to send him the Black Knife Gorge in Beihai, but he didn’t want a series of things to delay.
As soon as I saw them coming, I knew that they really came to help a few people meet. Naturally, there was a burst of greetings and excitement. Song Changgeng asked and realized that it was their husband and wife who came to Beihai after sensing their words. They didn’t want to be in the light, so they followed. Everyone said a conversation. Song Changgeng simply told them about himself and let them know the general situation.
Song Chang Gung didn’t talk to them politely. After the conversation, they asked their husband and wife to help them find a place to arrange the reception of the VIP peak palace in the light. At this time, Gan Biwu’s three daughters and several younger brothers flew to Song Chang Gung to introduce them to everyone, and then they took out all their exquisite jade que, so that Gan Lvqing would also take herself out and be responsible for arranging visitors in the whole cave.
Then, after a few words, I said goodbye to everyone and went to the central fairy mountain. As we all know, there was not much time to decorate. Although it was said that there was a month or so, there were too many things. The basis was to start all over again, and the original things might not fit in. After a few commonplaces, I went to do my own thing and left Zixuanfeng to receive it here.
Soon after they left, they saw the light flashing, and then Xu Feiniang led a man and a woman and two 23-year-old children out. When Zixuanfeng saw it, he went to salute quickly. When Xu Feiniang saw it, he laughed. "Why are you alone here? What are the others busy with?" I was in a hurry to bring the reincarnation of Elder Yin and Elder Red, but I didn’t catch you to the master! "
ZiXuanFeng know that a man and a woman two 23-year-old children is the door Yin Su Tang and sincere metempsychosis dare not neglect not to say that their identity is there, although the strength is lost, but it is still a master of YuanYing. After the ceremony, he didn’t say with smile, "My master was just here with the ethereal immortal who came first, and said that he had a conversation with the elder couple of B Xiu and then went to Xianshan."
If it’s not urgent, the three elders should help first. The master is busy arranging the defense array here for a short time, and the younger brothers are not mobilized now. I also contacted the elder martial sister just now. She said that because the elder martial sister Zhaoren and the emperor’s brother are coming, she is helping to arrange the other side, so it’s better to help me direct the master to do things. "
All three of them nodded their heads. Xu Fei Niang was most concerned about these younger brothers. It can be said that these younger brothers trained in Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea. She paid more energy than Song Chang-geng, which was equal to half of their teachers, especially after Stuart Ping and Lian Gongyao defected. She devoted all her spirit to this place and was familiar with it. It was natural and convenient for them to command.
Just as their commanders were sending them over one after another, my brothers were doing all kinds of things, suddenly the whole light suddenly shone brightly, and Xu Feiniang and others looked at it for a few minutes and knew that it was because the aura of the array was changing dramatically, which led to different astronomical phenomena. She called her brothers to continue to do things while feeling dark.
At the beginning, I didn’t want to associate with Song Chang Gung because I had a number of foreign AIDS. He had such a potential to show up to this extent. Although his wish to revitalize Wutai became weaker and weaker, the idea of revitalizing Worry Gate became stronger and stronger.
This is because these younger brothers are excellent and trained by themselves. Song Changgeng is so strong and restrained. Those messy Wutaishan brothers let them get together and conspire against each other. It is better to be here sincerely and watch the younger brothers grow stronger in the door. I sincerely respect myself and have fun.
In fact, she gradually turned to her heart, and several other elders felt it, but he didn’t have time to care more about them. After all, there were too many things to talk to them this time. But the ethereal fairy sent the array, and he was busy arranging it. He also saw Xu Fei Niang and them through the shadow array method in the control palace in the center of Xianshan.
However, the arrangement of the array is not distracting. Just now, the ethereal fairy simply said a few words about what can be the most superimposed array, but Song Changgeng realized that it is difficult to do it. In fact, these arrays are not very powerful. The fairy level can fight and destroy, but the wonder is that they can be superimposed. When three arrays are superimposed, it will take a fairy to fight. After six stacks, it will be treated by a fairy.
It’s a pity for Song Changgeng that these ten figures are medium-sized. I don’t know that the advanced and top figures are as powerful as six figures. After the central console defends the whole light environment, Song Changgeng takes out the ethereal fairy and sends it to the innate treasure’ Vientiane Figure’ to study it. Although it is a simple study, he can’t help but be overjoyed that the ethereal fairy sent such a gift.
Song Chang-geng saw that the modified array of this innate treasure’ Vientiane Map’ should belong to the top array. Unfortunately, I wonder if there is one that can be superimposed with it at the same level. I wonder if it is powerful. He sighed that he would put this array into his right chest, and then study it carefully after the "magic tripod" was medium.
After looking at the remaining four arrays, Song Chang-geng put them away, and then sent the ethereal fairy to other bags for a simple look. He put away all the materials sent by the Virgin Mary, and brother Ling Fengxian sent ten palaces to the abode of fairies and immortals to put them away, and checked out 100 of the 3,000 planes and ships and treasured them himself. The rest are now for my brother.
In the three generations of brothers’ gifts, Song Chang-geng now turns out that one-third of them are thousands of gold rings. If you look closely, it turns out to be defense, one-third of them are some Dan medicine, and the other one-third is all kinds of ordinary materials. It seems to the master that people have calculated it. Song Chang-geng just thought about it. Since he is United, he can’t send things separately, but return them together, taking into account his own unity.
Chapter seven hundred and nine Alliance plan
After reading it briefly, he saw that there was no big problem, so he came out of the central palace and arranged such a kung fu. It took him more than a day to fix the array law and then cooperate with the whole cave. It was not easy for him to have a little insight. No wonder Master Tongtian said that this is not the right way. After all, it is too much trouble to arrange it, but it is not convenient to make it inconvenient to fight the enemy.
He didn’t go out and went directly to the palace group in the middle of Xianshan Mountain, and then greeted everyone in the cave to discuss things. At the same time, his brothers also came to the party. Soon after his voice fell behind, all kinds of dodging lights in the whole cave were flying directly to the palace group in the middle of Xianshan Mountain, but all the original life in the light world lurked and dared not show up.
Song Chang-geng chose a particularly spacious hall to receive everyone. The hall is about ten feet high, 100 feet deep and 300 feet wide. There is also a 300-square square outside. Song Chang-geng called his brothers to wait in the square, while others with status entered the hall. After everyone arrived one after another, Song Chang-geng invited them to sit down, and introduced them to the ethereal fairy.
The ethereal fairy didn’t dial him. He smiled and said a few words to these fairy people. Because Song Chang Gung got together, we naturally wanted to give our host a face. In fact, now we are all closer to Song Chang Gung. Outside the ethereal fairy, we are the husband and wife, and then the elders in the door, including several others who came back from everywhere. Now all the twelve elders in the worried door have arrived.
After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Song Chang-geng told us about the whole thing now, so that everyone could have a clear understanding, and then we should arrange the key things. Others also said that there was nothing in their opinions, and it was a process to increase or decrease. After all, he was the most familiar with the ethereal immortals.
While husband and wife B receive visitors from all walks of life, sisters Xu Feiniang and Qin Qingyi and Qin Gui are responsible for receiving guests from all walks of life, and couples Bin Longxuan, Narcissus, Yin Sutang and Chicheng are responsible for receiving individual guests from all walks of life. Three sisters Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan are helping Zi Xuanfeng and Changping to arrange their food and shelter problems, and Zi Xuanfeng and Changping respectively lead their outside brothers to help with the reception.
Gan Biwu, Qin Ziling and Qin Han Calyx are the main people in charge of logistics this time. They don’t come forward to get anything they need. After briefly saying something, the ethereal fairy will go back to Song Changgeng to stop it. He laughed. "Brother, I just want to distribute it to my brothers. How can I not see it?"
Say hello to purple Xuanfeng and Changping to bring something to the ethereal fairy, let them take it separately, and then take out the magic weapon hidden in the original door, so that two people can be responsible for distributing a princess Changping and simply look at it, and then say to Song Changgeng, "Shifu, look at these flying swords with the same quality and style, which is also a magic weapon. It is better to have a hand than Jin Dandi."
The magic weapon of the golden ring defense is also the same. Add the door to the sky, the water is concise, and the splendid cloud clothes are given to Jin Dandi. The machines and beasts are also assigned to Jin Dandi one by one, and there is nothing else. Jin Dandi has his own dry bag, and all the materials of Dan medicine are collected in the door. Those machines and boats are in the charge of the original Thunder Corps brother. "
Purple XuanFeng also nodded a little excited tunnel "in those who don’t knot Dan Di also wear uniform distribution magic weapon, etc. It is a door to make a medium magic weapon to let them be in charge of chores, or should they have the original deacon brother and Jin Dan Di Lord? They should be able to protect themselves by adding their original spirit beasts and magic weapons."
Song Chang Gung nodded and asked them to be responsible for distributing the rest to Qin Ziling’s collection. Gan Biwu was responsible for recording Qin Han’s calyx, collecting tea, fruits and other things. It was a little personal thing.
Then, I watched my brothers receive the distribution according to their positions, and the ethereal fairy could not help but smile. Many of these brothers are well-qualified and are the backbone of three generations of interception. In the future, they will rely on them to teach, and the couple who repaired B are also eager to consider whether to speed up the construction of their own sects.
When these chores are finished, all the younger brothers get something back. Song Chang Gung suddenly primly said, "You should know that I asked the Middle-earth monks to come to discuss the establishment of the’ Chinese Friar Alliance’ seven days ago, regardless of the factions of good and evil or scattered practice, right? Now that the trivial matters have been handled, I will talk about this matter. My wedding ceremony is a guide. This is the main thing I have to do. "
Before the others could speak, the ethereal fairy plugged in and said, "Brother, things are complicated. You have too many things now, so it’s better to suppress the karma entanglement and now you are in charge of other people’s affairs. Isn’t that good?"
Song Chang-geng wry smile way "this also can’t help things, this idea is that I want to do our practitioners practice at first, that is, my mind is tied up, and I can read smoothly before I can enter the avenue. This idea is too heavy to let it be completed, and I’m afraid it will be bad for the future. I got my mother’s merit of supporting heaven, which should be able to support this karma, and it’s not for me to do it, but for others to do it."
The conversation between the two people silenced everyone else. This topic is too high for them, especially Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan. They are Song Changgeng’s sisters, but their skill is the youngest and lightest here. It is because they have become the elders with Song Changgeng that they are qualified to sit here and listen to everyone talk about others.
The ethereal fairy nodded his head and understood what he meant. It is normal for him to say this. If the idea is not smooth, it will always be very troublesome for the post-cultivation in his mind. Maybe he will be possessed, but he doesn’t know what Song Changgeng is going to do, so he said, "Since the younger brother thinks so, I won’t advise what to say. Just tell us what the younger brother is going to do."
Song Chang Gung nodded and said, "It’s rare for senior brother to understand what I mean. In fact, this is very simple. I came forward to advocate the establishment of an’ Huaxia Friar Alliance’ to organize the principle of seeking common ground with Chinese people, including Buddhism, Taoism, demons and demons. The purpose is’ not to interfere in all things!’ We are a loose alliance.
I mean, unite everyone so as to minimize the consumption of fighting. When you think about it, you also feel that when I told the sky and the place, those who resisted me and fought against the three forces. Do you all feel that they are powerful? Although I defeated them, the last one hid himself, and I also detected their origin in that state.
However, it is not easy to defeat them. Although there are many monks in Middle-earth, it will become more and more difficult in the future as people’s aura disappears. If we don’t huddle together at this time, we will find ways to fight all the forces in the sky and master all the residual spiritual treasures. It is not good for us and China to estimate that all the traditions will disappear after hundreds of years.
So I’ve always wanted to unite everyone. In fact, the so-called good and evil doesn’t matter to me. Although evil factions like sex and practice at the same time is a method of harming others and benefiting themselves, since they are here, they have a reason. Since heaven allows them to be in front of us, they are not qualified to tell us what to do. Because of their different ideas, the two factions of good and evil have been fighting for thousands of years.
After I set up the alliance, I let Zi Xuanfeng lead my brother to be the basic force of the alliance, and let other sects and Yuan Ying form a Presbyterian church to distribute materials to mediate disputes, and at the same time, to fight against external forces. Only by combining everyone’s strength can we protect the Chinese monk in the last few hundred years. What do you think? "