After a while, this guy came out panting. "All right, let’s go."

"You change clothes, what’s wrong with you? Wear camouflage?" This guy came out wearing a training camouflage
"I don’t have casual clothes in winter …"
It seems that King Kong Gun Day is not as good as I expected. I won’t smoke for five dollars when I come back from my hometown. Besides a casual suit in summer, I also have training and camouflage.
"Ok, make do with it. Take off your epaulettes." I told him as I walked, "Don’t talk when you go. Look at my eyes."
"All right, listen to you." King Kong cannon nodded his head as he unloaded his epaulettes.
When I got there, I said that the BMW had stopped there and saw the two of us coming over. A young man came to the door. I saw that it was the man who sent the mobile phone into the private room that night. It seems that it should be the driver of Yang Zong.
"Yang Zong asked me to pick you up …" The young man came up to me with a smile and held out his hand to shake hands. I wanted to listen to the driver’s meaning. Yang Zong even didn’t expect King Kong cannon to go here. How embarrassing it would be if he didn’t have a seat.
Thinking about the car, the car turned three times and two times, which made me dizzy. Only then did the driver stop at the door of a hotel and the car helped us to open the door. This hotel is more luxurious and magnificent than the one we went to last time. Four huge gilded neon lights are particularly dazzling. I have heard that it is the only five-star foreign-related hotel in this city.
Accompanied by the driver, Yang Zong was already waiting for us in the hall. Yang Zong was in a red face and in a good state of mind. He greeted me warmly. After a greeting, General Yang led us into the ladder. Behind me and King Kong Gun Yang Zong, I looked at the left and right of King Kong Gun. Finally, I furtively pointed to Yang Zong’s head and showed me that I looked up. Yang Zong’s bald head actually grew a lot of fine hair.
The ladder stopped on the sixteenth floor, pushed the door and entered a private room. I saw a big revolving wine table, and there was already a 60-year-old man with a big belly. There was no such thing as the beautiful figure named Li. It was estimated that it was not convenient to go out when she was pregnant. I secretly guessed.
Seeing us come in, the old man got up politely and looked at me and King Kong Gun with an expression on his face.
I turned to Yang with inquiring eyes.
"Let me introduce you first. This is Mr. Wang." Yang always pointed to the old man.
"These are the two superfine product I told you about." Yang Zong pointed to me and King Kong Gun again. "By the way, little brother, I still don’t know your names?" Yang Zongshun then asked 1.
"My name is Niu Jingang!" King Kong Gun or King Kong Gun spell practice can’t change his IQ. As soon as people ask questions, the horse comes to the bamboo tube to pour beans.
I looked at the king kong cannon and turned around and said with a smile, "My name is Yu. Call me less than good."
The host and the guest were in place with the same set of strange dishes. I couldn’t even name the only one who knew a kind of vermicelli to make soup. Later, I found that I had mistaken him for shark’s fin.
Today, the banquet was not as good as it was once. Both King Kong Bao and I were in the mood to eat, and the big-bellied old man made a long face all night as if we owed him a lot of money, but strangely, Yang Zong seemed to be very respectful to the old man.
The king kong cannon touched me gently. "There is a dark blue gas next to the old man’s life. What is that?" Although King Kong Gun has been practicing the method, he doesn’t know how to live and learn. It’s a habit to ask me if he doesn’t know how to live.
I took the cup and pretended to drink water. "That’s auxiliary gas!"
King Kong Bao also wanted to ask questions. My eyes stopped him. The so-called auxiliary gas is the popular bureaucratic gas. If I am not mistaken, this unremarkable old man should be a big official.
As far as I’m concerned, Yang Zong took the lead when I asked Yang Zong if he could help arrange a job at King Kong Gun. "I’m not an outsider. I have something I want to ask you for help. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and you can help me without taking the liberty." Yang Zong laughed.
Because I want something from others, although my heart is very impatient, I still said, "Yang Zong, what is it? You say first, I’ll see if I can help you. Don’t take it personally if I can’t. "
"Well, a distant cousin of mine got a strange disease some time ago. She is usually like a good person, but she always goes out alone at night."
"If a woman runs out in the middle of the night, she is ill and needs beating." I muttered to myself, "Where is she going?" I asked, if this bitch runs to hotels, hotels and dance halls, no one can cure this disease.
"I ran to a primary school at the foot of Qinglong Mountain for the first time without my family looking for it everywhere. It was not easy to find it there. Later, when no one was there, I went to the primary school to find it." Yang Zong stopped drinking.
Hearing Qinglong Mountain, I couldn’t help looking at King Kong Gun. "What did she do there?" King kong cannon could not help but ask 1.
"That primary school was abandoned more than ten years ago. She went and did nothing but sit at the door of a classroom."
"Will she come back with you after finding her?" I want to get the details straight.
Yang Zong didn’t speak this time and turned to look at the pot-bellied old man.
"When others get close to her, they make great efforts. It is surprising that she didn’t come back until her father went." After a night of silence, Wang Lao-tou coughed, which made me more convinced of my observation.
Speaking of which, I already know in my heart. I smoked and stared at the old man for a long time. I turned to General Yang and said, "Yang Zong people don’t doubt people. Since you want to ask me for help, you shouldn’t hide something from me." I didn’t "please" but "beg" in my heart.
"Little brother, what am I hiding from you?" Yang Zong also gave me a careless eye.
"The woman you mentioned is not your cousin," I said, getting up rudely and pointing to Wang Laotou, "but your daughter."
As soon as I said this, I was immediately stunned.
….. For a long time or if you head first mouth "brother, don’t be angry, sit and listen to me first"
Oh, my god, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. If you don’t talk, my legs will be numb, so I’ll sit back in the cushioned chair.
"Little brother, why do you say that?" Wang looked into my eyes and asked questions. Generally speaking, both sides will look at each other’s lips politely during social conversation. It is very impolite to look into each other’s eyes. Wang’s gaze makes me feel very unhappy.
"You go first, don’t you?" I didn’t answer his question, but I asked, "No matter how important you are, what do I care about? The fact is that you want something from me, and I know the situation very well."