Friar’s flesh and blood contaminated by this colorful glow will instantly condense into crystals, just like ice.

A light touch will blow it to pieces!
Most horoscopes will break on the spot if they are shrouded in colorful glow.
It’s hard to be lucky to be extremely clever!
Weigh that divine light proves the pow of this ancient vision!
Great power and mighty ghosts and gods change things!
Normally, even pure blood fierce beasts can’t resist the glass divine war!
But Su Mo’s cultivation is the secret code of the Wild Lich King.
This is the root that Butterfly Moon left for him in the future and the cornerstone for him to step into the field!
It is precisely because of this demon code that Su Mo was able to push many Tianjiao war seals across the Ren Huang Temple and finally entered the Ren Huang Temple.
Su Mo has just condensed out Dan, but the secret place of the Wild Lich King has already been revealed.
These seven ancient great demons are surrounded by crimson demon spirit, and they are surging and rolling with great intensity.
There is a contact and collision between the demon spirit and the glazed divine light.
Hey, hey!
There was a penetrating noise in the center of the battlefield.
Two completely different forces are eroding each other!
Spread in the virtual, waves of terrorist forces fluctuate.
TaBaFeng, Mu Shuang and others look big and hurriedly pull back.
There are some monks who can’t dodge, and they are burst by these two forces, and the flesh bursts on the spot and disappears!
The center of the battlefield is in a forbidden area because of the struggle between two ubers!
The roar of the seven ancient great demons was deafening.
A little closer to the monk was directly stunned on the spot.
There’s a ferocious roll, and there’s a monstrous seven ancient monsters, with their jaws open and their teeth dripping with sticky saliva, devouring the past towards Xiya!
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Qicai Xiaguang generate
Xiya’s body is like glass, and the body is transparent. Being in the sun is like the scorching sun!
The glowing rays are as sharp as a sword.
Ten thousand swords penetrate many monsters and cut the seven ancient monsters black and blue!
Su Mo was surrounded by a lot of weak spirits.
After all, the struggle between the two ubers is that Xiya has occupied the wind!
Anyway, Xiya is then dzogchen.
Su Mo is Dan Chucheng.
The first real person in the northern region felt this subtle change in the situation, and Xi Yagen would not miss such an opportunity.
Xiya drinks a lot, and the momentum is even stronger. The hands of the glazed gods slowly condense to form a crystal clear long knife!
"Give me a chop!"
Accompanied by Xiya’s fierce drinking of coloured glaze, the long knife cut Su Mo’s front, and there was a surge of need to directly chop the head of the wild ox demon king!
There’s a point in the darkness.
"Cut again!"
Xi ya drinks heavily and is imposing.
Stone bear lich king’s body was directly cut into two pieces and dissipated.
There is a gloom again.