"I didn’t mean that." I quickly explained that King Kong Gun was in a rage at the moment and I shouldn’t have stimulated him.

King Kong Gun gave me a bad look and turned around and walked into the card. I frowned and hesitated for a moment, but I decided to follow him. Although King Kong Gun could observe the breath of the red macaque, he had to go through a period of time when he was extremely vulnerable to attack. I can’t let him be in danger.
"Xiao Jiu, I’ll go and see him." Mu Zhuifeng naturally doesn’t trust reckless King Kong cannons.
"I’d better go. You and Ye Aofeng wait outside. It will teleport spells. It doesn’t necessarily come out from the door. When we come out, we will speak first." I stretched out my hand and grabbed Mu Zhuifeng and turned to go in.
When I entered the card, I found that the King Kong cannon was rushing across the mountain peak. He was the first to enter the card. At this moment, I should have found the location of the red macaque.
Running Reiki quickly followed the King Kong cannon to the pool opposite the mountain peak and found that the two bottles of white wine at the pool had disappeared. There was still a little fresh blood left in the place where the white wine was previously placed, which means that the red macaque headed for the white wine.
This scene makes me angry and anxious. It obviously scorns and teases us. It means eating human brains and drinking white wine. What is urgent is that it is good at teleportation and change. If we do this, it will kill us one by one sooner or later.
When King Kong Bao saw me coming in, his face suddenly showed signs of unhappiness, so he ignored me. Instead, he shouted loudly and let the monkey come out and fight with him.
"Are you crazy enough?" I watched the king kong cannon.
"Just now, if it weren’t for my flash, they would have killed me. Isn’t it right to kill the two mercenaries? What did you say when I quarreled with Ye Aofeng? " King Kong cannon hysterically shouted at me.
The words of King Kong Gun immediately made me say that it was his subconscious reaction to kill those two mercenaries who shot at him earlier. When Ye Aofeng satirized him, I didn’t say anything to help him, and I also blamed him for such an excessive move.
"We need him at the moment" I shook my head and sighed.
"Have you forgotten what you said in Li Zicheng’s tomb?" King Kong Cannon twitched his face. "Look at his tone of voice and tone of voice all the way. Let’s go out and kill him. I’ll die if I’ve lived enough anyway. I won’t break into this tomb."
"What the fuck is wrong with me?" I reached out angrily and grabbed the hair of King Kong cannon and pressed his head into the pool. At the moment, I feel aggrieved and dying. It’s you, King Kong, not me. Who am I fighting to the death?
King Kong Gun never thought that I would make a hasty move, and thump, thump, thump and choke two pools. When I saw it, I was afraid that this sunny pool had not been seen for thousands of years, and I quickly pulled him out.
After I dragged the King Kong cannon out, it was not angry but frightened and confused. After looking at me for a moment, it actually reached out and grabbed my hair.
"What do you want?" I glared at the king kong cannon. This guy dared to fight back after a long time.
"Not you look at the water there is something …"
Chapter 5 is costly
"What is it?" I frowned and asked
"Three dragons!" The king kong cannon was frightened.
"Don’t bullshit the horse to find the location of the red macaque." I’m dissatisfied with the fact that this pool is the size of a house and the water depth is less than one meter, not to mention three dragons, but none of them can curl up.
"Look at that," said King Kong Bao, reaching out to pull my hair.
"You want to get back at me?" I’m even more angry. At this time, the situation is quite critical. King Kong Gun is still in the mood to do this.
At this time, two screams came again at the door. I quickly skimmed the king kong cannon and swept it to the door. Sooner or later, these mercenaries would have to die at the hands of this red monkey.
After the scream, there was an urgent gun. Don’t ask, don’t know, everyone has fought back, but the counterattack has not achieved the effect, because I have seen two weak ghosts appear on the left side of the Kari peak, which means that the macaque has killed two mercenaries and escaped back safely.
With two ghosts as reference objects, I immediately turned around to track the head, and the ghost will dissipate quickly after leaving the body, so when I swept near, I was able to judge the specific position of the macaque according to the ghost, but I was glad that although the ghost dissipated, I clearly saw two drops of blood. The head was suspended three feet from the ground, and the two heads were separated by about two feet, so I judged that the macaque should hold the two heads with both hands at this moment.
When the golden opportunity came, I quickly took out my pistol and fired at the center of the two skulls. I chose the position where the two skulls were one foot away. The gun was to hit the macaque’s chest and abdomen as much as possible, and it was very unlikely to hit the macaque’s head. If I could hit its chest and abdomen, it would have achieved the expected goal.
After three shots, the screech came, and at the same time, the macaques with two heads landing disappeared.
"What’s up?" King Kong cannon followed me, turned around and turned my back.
"I hit it." I turned around and said that although I didn’t see its blood, I heard its sound. The red macaque was angry and called for pain. From this, I can be sure that my previous attack has achieved certain results, but I am also more worried about the red macaque’s revenge. If I hurt it, it will definitely take crazy revenge on me, but it will also make it go out to kill those mercenaries who have been frightened.
"Old in the water, there are really three little dragons. They look like small fish on the surface of the water. You can see dragons when you put your head into the water." King Kong Bao shouted at me with an extremely anxious face, saying that he really hoped I could believe him.
"Be careful, it’s around us." I didn’t pick up the words of King Kong cannon and turned to warn him. Although I couldn’t observe the breath of the red macaque, my keen intuition could feel a strong chill around me, which means that the red macaque is hiding around me at the moment and waiting for an opportunity.
"Believe me when you are older!" The king kong cannon kept biting the urgent question.
"I believe you, please find out its location quickly." When I said to King Kong Gun, I was convinced that King Kong Gun was telling the truth at this moment, because this Kari peak came from a pool on the top of a lonely peak in a deep valley, and there should be no swimming fish. Besides, even if there were fish, it would be impossible to live in a dark environment for more than 2,000 years. But I am determined that the first thing to do now is to try my best to kill this red macaque beside the spy.
After watching it for a while, the King Kong cannon suddenly screamed, "Be careful and go out again!"
"Go to the pool!" I didn’t wait for the King Kong cannon to shout, so I jumped at the water pool and swept over. The red macaque came and went to take pictures. Will we go to Shimen for rescue or not? Besides, I doubt that this move is to take us for a walk as a dog, so that we can get tired and wait for an opportunity. Its main goal should be that everything I do is to expose my flaws, so I just don’t take it seriously.
Besides, I was swept away by the water pool because of the king kong cannon. If there are really three little dragons in my water pool, it is natural for the red macaque to guard it here. I will destroy the water pool and rescue Zhao by besieging the state of Wei, forcing it to turn around and stop it.
In the process of forward-grazing, I used the magic trick of resisting air continuously to prevent the red macaque from finding my action track. After several times of flicker, the killer finally came to the pool. At this moment, there was no gun and a tragic cry outside the card. Mu Zhuifeng shouted "Evil animals are presumptuous!" It can be confirmed that the macaque is playing a trick on me. Its target is no longer the harassment of those mercenaries outside, but it distracts my mind so that it can seek revenge.
Backward, quickly draw out the sword, rotate and wave, and make sure that the red macaque is not in front of me. Immediately, the sword is put into the sheath, and the right hand is stretched forward to move the mountain. The waterbending technique is quickly applied to remove the water part in the pool. Who knows, only after the agent finds out that the pool in the pool is far more shallow than it looks, the mountain-moving tactic has removed one half of the pool.
With the decrease of the pool, the situation of the pool changed immediately. The pool that seemed plain before was no longer the scene that the rocks at the bottom of the pool disappeared, but it was replaced by a large piece of green jade. In the previous swimming, several small fish had become three and a half feet long golden baby dragons with four claws on their bellies, but it turned out to be three golden dragon larvae that had not yet reached the five claws.
At this moment, I finally understand what’s going on with this card. The location of the Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum is positive. The isolated solitary peak in this valley does not mean that the mountains border on each other, which makes the aura condense but not leak around. The mountain peak breeds a large area of aura, jade and leisure jade, which is the essence of the land. The rain of the solitary peak is the blood of heaven, and the nourishment of earthworm makes the jade pond pregnant with three golden dragon larvae. This red macaque is waiting for the three golden dragon larvae to be swallowed when the five claws are together, which should rob a golden dragon.
"What are you going to do?" King kong gun swept up and asked.
"These are three golden dragons with five claws, but they died when they were young!" I frown and say
"What’s wrong with dying?" The king kong gun detective grabbed a golden dragon and threw it into the gravel by the pool.
As I said, Jinlong was very fragile in his childhood. Without Yuchi, the root water quickly withered and shriveled into shape.
"Old four, go out and help." Just then, Mu Zhuifeng rushed from a distance and shouted at me.
"Monkeys have become Ye Ao’s style, and I can distinguish them." Mu Zhuifeng said anxiously to us.
"His mama" king kong cannon curses a turn and sweeps away at the card.
"Sister Liu, look at the golden dragon with five claws." I reached out and caught another baby dragon. These golden dragon seedlings have done nothing to us human monks before killing them with five claws.
"Old in this is the golden dragon with five claws?" Mu Zhuifeng flicker quickly moved over.
Mu Zhuifeng’s words instantly made me frown, so the king kong cannon called me Mu Zhuifeng, which has always made Xiao Jiu the nickname to call me. How could she call me Lao Yu?
Mu Zhuifeng swept to me from the opposite side of the pool. In an instant, I quickly thought about three things. First, I carefully observed her clothes and breath, and found that although her breath was abnormal, her left abdomen faintly revealed a trace of focus and illness. In addition, she held in her left hand three swords of Yu Shen and a quiet spirit, so I quickly determined that this mu Zhuifeng was false. Second, she called me by mistake, and her abdomen was sick. Third, the quiet spirit was the last one of the three swords of Yu Shen, which was unusual and did not drive it away. It’s her habit to make the dagger think of the previous sentence "Evil animals are licentious" when she makes the ghost shine. I can be sure that this red macaque robbed her weapon outside to trick me.
After confirming that this pursuit of the wind is a change of the red macaque, I considered the second thing, that is, it is very difficult to carry out the plan, because it knows that the King Kong cannon will find its plot when it returns to Shimen, so it must do it at once, and its most likely way is to stab me with this ghost. If I want to take the opportunity to fight back, I must make the right method and grasp the right time. The pistol is the first choice. There is no doubt, but I must grasp the gun time early, and it will make the teleport method escape late again. The dagger will stab me, and it’s hard to grasp this opportunity. Finally, I made a decision. When it gets close, I grabbed it with my left hand, and then the gun asked me to catch it, so it would make teleport die.
The last thing I consider is to plan the consequences. At this moment, my left hand came by with a dagger, and it happened to face me face to face. I am usually used to the right hand gun being able to grasp its right hand with my left hand after face to face, which led to a very serious situation, that is, both of us are armed, and the other hand is free, which may lead to the consequences of both sides. Even so, I decided to take a chance, because this red macaque teleportation is really hard to prevent. If I miss this opportunity, I will never have such a good opportunity again.
After what happened, I expected the change of the red macaque to chase the wind and immediately stabbed the dagger into my abdomen. At the same time, I reached out my left hand and grabbed its right arm and right hand, quickly pulled out my waist pistol and pulled the trigger at its head.
Some things can be expected, but some things are beyond my control. The red macaque needs a prick, and I need to grab my hand, pull out my gun and shoot. When I left, I missed the opportunity. I didn’t expect that the bullet was delayed for half a second after pulling the trigger. At this time, the ghost had been plunged into my right abdomen, and then the bullet smashed its head completely, splashing its brains and blood all over my face.
Abdominal pain didn’t confuse my mind, but it became very clear. At this moment, I remembered that the bullet would be delayed and have an explosion effect because the fourth bullet in my magazine was an ivory bullet unloaded from a Meizhu pistol, which she used to deal with Ye Aofeng.
Chapter 59 Blood escort
"Old in the pursuit of the wind is false." At this time, the super loud voice of King Kong cannon came from outside Shimen.
I didn’t answer the king kong cannon, but quickly loosened the red macaque’s left arm, gritted its teeth, pulled out the abdominal dagger, cut the clothes and bandaged the wound.