She used to teach the "purple dragon king" what the world has never seen? Chen Yan’s martial arts are high, but not enough to make her fear.

"Well, then come on." Jinhua’s mother-in-law drank a cane like Chen Yangong again.
Chen Yan shook his head and said, "You’re not as strong as me. Let’s see if your crutches can touch my clothes. I’ll lose if you can touch me."
Chen Yan put his feet behind his hands and easily avoided the attack of Jinhua’s mother-in-law again and again
Mother-in-law Jinhua’s attack is not fierce. Every time she waves her crutches, she can be thunderous and fast. Zhang Ji and Yin Li can’t see clearly.
Mother-in-law Jinhua’s martial arts is slightly stronger than that of the extermination teacher.
It’s a pity that the attack of Jinhua’s mother-in-law is fierce and fast, but she can hit the shadow of Chen Yanliu.
Hu Qingniu saw that Ulrich occupied the wind, and suddenly he breathed a sigh of relief. Ulrich would not die today.
Yin Li grabbed Zhang Ji’s eyes with both hands and stared at Jinhua’s mother-in-law and Yan Yan.
The speed of the two people’s movement exceeded the visual limit of ordinary people. After staring for a while, they felt that their eyes were shining and their minds were swollen and they wanted to vomit.
Zhang Ji said, "Mr. Chen’s martial arts are unfathomable, and my great-great master and mother-in-law Jin Hua are definitely no match for Mr. Chen."
Yin from cold hum a "nonsense mother-in-law is the best. You said that Mr. Chen was beaten by her mother-in-law and didn’t fight back. You see he didn’t dare to fight her."
Yin Li is a little importune.
But isn’t it their specialty that girls importune?
Zhang Ji stopped talking.
Jinhua’s mother-in-law became more and more shocked.
Chen Yan’s martial arts training is stronger than he thought, and it is simply unfathomable.
"Chen Yan seems to be a teenager at a young age, but how does he practice martial arts?" Golden flower mother-in-law heart andao "Wudang Zhang Zhenren may also be at this level".
Mother-in-law Jinhua doesn’t say martial arts about enemies in the Jianghu, but at least she is squeezed into a handful of people at the top of the pyramid. She feels that there are only a few experts who can beat herself in the Jianghu except Zhang Sanfeng.
Even Yang Xiao, the strongest teacher now, is not afraid of her.
But today, from nowhere, a young man can crush himself with strength and lightness skill.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Wulin of Central Plains is terrible.
Ulrich said calmly while avoiding the attack of Golden Flower’s mother-in-law. "Does Golden Flower’s mother-in-law have any worse tricks? Come on, you can’t beat me like this. Of course, if you give up, we’ll stop. "
Jinhua’s mother-in-law drank a crutch like Sun Wu’s golden cudgel, and violently split it at Ulrich.
At the same time, three golden flower darts flew out of her sleeve.
Ulrich smiled confidently, tiptoed lightly on the ground, and his body flew backwards. He seemed to be pulled back by a mysterious force, and the speed was neither too fast nor too slow, just keeping a five-inch distance from the golden flower dart.
But it is this five-inch distance that makes Jinhua’s mother-in-law feel like a golden dart, which can’t hurt Yan Yan more.
Chen Yancai stopped until the strength of the golden flower dart ran out and the dart fell to the ground.
Chen Yanhua rushed at Jinhua’s mother-in-law with a ghosting image.
He stopped again, ten feet away from her mother-in-law.
"hidden weapons, the golden flower mother-in-law weapon, you have realized that you can show your fists and feet. I am very much looking forward to your fists and feet?" Chen Yanxiao said
Golden Flower’s mother-in-law took the weapon and hidden weapons’s sneak attack didn’t hurt Yan Yan. Even his skirts couldn’t touch it. Losing the weapon with his bare hands was even less than Yan Yan’s opponent.
Mother-in-law Jinhua sighed and said, "My wife is not your opponent. If you want to kill her, you will be inferior to others."
Chen Yanxiao said, "Golden Flower Mother-in-law, if you give up, you will be my maid from now on."
Golden Flower’s mother-in-law sneered, "I didn’t say I wanted to be your maid. Your martial arts are unfathomable. You can beat me and kill me, but it is impossible to bend me. I don’t always say a word."
Sun Yan said, "Mother Jinhua, your strength, speed and posture are not my opponents. What else do you have? I think you should be right. "
Jinhua’s mother-in-law shook her head and said, "Don’t just say whatever you want."
Ulrich smiled and said, "Golden Flower Mother-in-law, it’s a bit unreasonable for you to lose."? Your personality really opened my eyes. "
Golden flower mother-in-law cold hum a glance with disdain no longer speak.