Huashan Xiaohe Bieyuan

When Sun Zhongshou heard that Yan Li and Liu Fangliang were coming, he said, "I didn’t expect these two to come. I’d better meet them myself. I can’t lose our’ Shan Zong’ statecraft."
Sun Zhongshou and Darren E. Scott and others set up the "Shan Zong" in order to avenge Yuan Chonghuan’s wrongs, but the actual leaders were Sun Zhongshou and Darren E. Scott in Shan Zong and Yuan Chengzhi.
Sun Zhongshou asked Wang Yue after leaving Yuan Chengzhi, "Uncle Wang, Yan Li and Liu Fangliang are really so good?"
Although Yuan Chengzhi’s martial arts are high, his vision is not high. He is a little nervous when he hears Yan Li and Liu Fangliang’s position. After all, they are senior officials in the army of King Chuang, and they are even more popular in front of King Chuang Li Zicheng.
Wang Yue took a look at Yuan Chengzhi and took a sip of tea. In his heart, he still had a high skill in making tea. He felt that making tea by himself didn’t taste right.
"What’s so great about it?" Wang Yue smiled. "Yan Li still has a little culture. He is a scholar. I am not very clear about Liu Fangliang. Chengzhi, Yan Li and Liu Fangliang should come here this time to find you. You should take the initiative not to be sold and help the people."
Yuan Chengzhi is the younger generation of Wang Yue, and Yuan Chonghuan has saved Wang Yue’s life. Wang Yue feels that he should wake up at this time.
Sun Zhong Shou came in with two young people.
Wang Yue, the young man in the robe of the scribes, guessed that it should be Yan Li and the other one was Liu Fangliang.
"young master"
Sun Zhongshou said, "These two are Yan Li’s strategist and General Liu Fangliang, and this is our young master Yuan Chengzhi."
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang fuels.
"Yan Li met Shan Zong Shaozhu"
"Liu Fangliang met Shan Zong Shaozhu"
Yuan Chengzhi also said happily, "Yuan Chengzhi has seen Li Junshi and General Liu, but Cheng Zhi admires them."
Wang Yue shook his head secretly. Yuan Chengzhi is still too immature. Just now, I told him that Yan Li and Liu Fangliang are nothing, but now I am still so excited to see these two people.
Darren E. Scott asked, "I don’t know if you two have any insights this time."
Yan Li fuels, saying, "Did you dare to know for a long time that the seclusion and cultivation of Huashan, the young master of Shan Zong, was caused by Master Mu’s refusal to let us bother you?"
Yuan Chengzhi laughed. "It’s very kind of you, Li Junshi."
Yan Li took out a pair of couplets and said, "You laughed at the rough writing and ink."
Playing couplets, Yan Li read, "Huanglong has not smashed Wu Mu, and Han Zuo is waiting for Zhuge Xing to fall."
Wang Yue secretly nodded not to say that couplet is a good word. This Yan Li is not the kui who has won a jury, and he is also very good at flattering. No wonder he can get along well in the Li Zicheng army
Sure enough, Yuan Chengzhi and others were very excited to see this couplet.
Sun Zhongshou said happily, "Well, this is to compare our DuShi to Yue Fei and Zhuge Liang."
Yan Li laughed. "Yuan Dushi is the most admired person. He can compete with Mu Zhuge, but the treacherous court official of the bad king Wu was in power. This made Yuan Dushi wronged and killed Emperor Chongzhen. This is a self-destruction of the Great Wall. I have always wanted to go to Yuan Dushi’s grave to worship, but I failed to do so. I wrote this couplet and gave it to the young master. It is also a long-cherished wish."
Yuan Chengzhi took the elegiac couplet and thanked him, "Li Junshi, you are really my father’s bosom friend."
Wang Yue sighed and said, "Okay, okay, let’s get down to business. Don’t be so sour. It’s all nonsense."
In the clause, Wang Yue was sitting alone, but everyone else got up to meet Yan Li and Liu Fangliang.
Yan Li now noticed Wang Yue sitting behind Yuan Chengzhi.
"I wonder who this is?" Yan Li doubt way
Yuan Chengzhi laughed. "Oh, this is my uncle Wang Yue."
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang exclaimed "Ah".
This young man is the king who wants to recruit "imperial doctors"?
Wang Yue’s reputation as an "imperial doctor" shocked the world, but not many people have seen Wang Yue. It is easy for Wang Yue to go out to treat those landlords and rich people.
The average person’s consciousness is that the imperial doctors are all sage like type and white-haired. Wang Yue, a teenager, and the "imperial doctor" are too out of touch.
Now Yan Li and Liu Fangliang saw Wang Yue’s natural surprise ratio.
"seen the imperial doctor"
Yan Li and Liu Fangliang quickly salute fuels.
Wang Yue waved his hand and said, "Don’t bother offering imperial doctors? You flatter me too much. I just know some medical skills. Hehe, sit down and don’t do it. "
Although Wang Yue is an "imperial doctor", he still knows how to be modest.
Everyone sat down and Yan Li said, "You should know that the army of King Chuang is now defeated by the army in Shaanxi area, and tens of thousands of them will be wiped out cleanly. King Chuang will soon head east for the capital. Wouldn’t it be even more powerful if you could get help from Shan Zong? You can’t worry about big things. "
Yan Li also said to Wang Yue, "I hope that the imperial doctor can go to Shaanxi to treat the king and the army. Yan Li is grateful."
When Yuan Chengzhi heard that King Chuang was injured, he was anxious and said, "Uncle Wang, you promised."
"Huh?" Wang Yue stared at Yuan Chengzhi.
"Li Junshi, I Wang Yue, who is not from Shan Zong, is not qualified to ask you." Wang Yue looked at Yan Li and said faintly, "But after all, my Wang Yue’s life was saved by Inspector Yuan, and now I am an uncle in Yuan Chengzhi. Can I ask you a few questions?"
Yan Li nods "imperial doctor, please".
Wang Yue asked with a smile, "Shan Zong can help King Chuang take the capital, and when the time comes, you will be God. When you go overseas, Jin Dalai will look after the Central Plains, and you will be like the enemy?"
"Rebellion throughout the ages is all in the name of saving the people from heaven and saving the people from heaven. So is Chen Sheng and Wu Guang. So is the opening angle."