Caratu "…"

Chapter 92 Edge in this mountain
One word
I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain.
The success of the protoss is also due to the love and failure of the cosmic source.
What is the cosmic source?
If the universe is compared to a program, then the source of the universe is the core code of the program. It is okay to say that he is unconscious, but it is also right to say that he is conscious.
Cosmic Source fell asleep after getting rid of Nemesis, so he is now in a state of consciousness.
There is a unique planet in every universe.
This is the earth.
Otherwise, there are so many species living in a broken ball, why not explode?
What didn’t the universe notice?
This is also a good question.
It has been said before that the earth is in the backcountry of the universe. As the saying goes, birds don’t shit when they fly over.
At least before today, not many cosmic creatures paid much attention to this remote and broken ball, especially this ball is still in the nine realms of Odin Shenting.
So what day did the protoss not pay attention?
The cosmic source is the key. Generally speaking, it is because the earth is influenced by the cosmic source consciousness that it is also noticed by the celestial protoss law, and what is it called? Because of the repulsion of the same kind, the protoss will unconsciously filter to this planet
This is also the main reason why the God of Mao Language has not deduced a hair for thousands of years.
Mark stopped at the door of the Chinese restaurant.
After a while
Mark turned to Caratu, the judge, and said, "By the way, your dog is very naughty. There’s no reason for you to stop the underworld from destroying them. It’s better to go back to the underworld, don’t you think?"
Caratu expression finally had a change.
Mark laughed. "It’s a pity that you showed up in 423. The universe is busy observing whether that person has the ability to overthrow the underworld. Do you dare to come back now?"
Mark glanced at Caratu’s face expression and directly asked himself and shook his head. "No, you can’t choose between Hyperion and the pioneers, but look at the expression. You have already made a decision. Hyperion is obviously more valuable than the pioneers, but you protoss seem to have forgotten one thing. I am a high god. What is the eternal remnant of the universe? A god? No, even a god doesn’t rely on such a thing. You want me to overthrow me in the underworld? You protoss is more live more down in the past. "
Mark finished with a sarcastic expression on his face.
Don’t say you’re not a god. Even if you are a god, there are hundreds of different ways to rub and abuse each other during Max’s reign.
A mere god is not a remnant?
I just think too much.
Just then.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Debbie looked at the flashing alarm and tried to come this way. Groups of police cars and armored vehicles
"Boss" Debbie looks at Mark.
Mark smiled and looked behind Caratu and said, "Someone has come to see you. I hope you are worried here. Oh, by the way, judge, the gods didn’t judge that the planet was going to be destroyed, so you can’t go back."
Caratu didn’t speak but quietly looked out of the window.
One second
The gate of the Chinese restaurant was hit, and two rows of soldiers and deputy armed men filed in.
Ross came in with a smile on his face.