Chapter one thousand seven hundred and thirty Protoss invasion

Su Mo and Long Huang ran all the way towards the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor to kill the past.
The two emperors of the Ghost Witch originally galloped in one direction, but when they fled to the northern border, the two emperors split into two directions and fled separately!
The ghost witch emperor’s eyes flashed with malice and madness and galloped all the way towards Zhongzhou witch habitat.
At the same time, the ghost witch emperor pulled out a symbol from the bag and tore it directly!
It’s done. He has no choice.
We must inform the witch family to prepare to sacrifice the last card of the witch family!
And the shadow emperor did not flee to his ancestral land.
He hesitated a little, but turned around and ran away towards the Kunlun market in the west!
Shadow Emperor’s idea is simple.
If he fled to the ancestral land, he will inevitably lead the wild arms to those Luo Cha families who will keep their ancestors then!
And he chose to flee to Kunlun market to fight for his life with wild weapons!
There is an avatar forbidden zone in Kunlun market. If you die, you will die together!
Su Mo saw that the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor were divided into two directions. He hesitated a little and decided to let Long Huang go after the ghost witch emperor.
The direction of the ghost witch emperor is obviously the ancestral land of the witch family.
The ghost witch emperor returned to his ancestral land and didn’t know what else to do and kill him.
Wuzu specializes in Yuanshen.
However, the dragon and phoenix have a blazing ball of light to protect the witch clan, and it is difficult to do any harm to the dragon and phoenix!
Violet is relatively weak in this respect.
On the other hand, the two identities are also divided into their own pursuit of the ghost witch emperor and the shadow emperor
Su Mo releases all the mysterious methods of escaping, flying behind him, taking a long walk, and the explosion speed of the golden wind and thunder temple reaches its extreme, and the whole person becomes an inch of instant Wan Li!
But even so, he managed to shorten the distance between the emperor and the shadow.
There is a violent vibration in the extreme west!
The whole Kunlun Ruins generate has a series of blazing golden lights that seem to break the sky!
This force fluctuated more and more violently and spread to the whole wild continent, four domains, three seas and one continent, all of which were induced!
The three oceans set off heavy waves!
Killing and fighting in the northern border, all kinds of creatures are also surprised and indecisive.
There are some strong protoss looking thoughtfully at the golden light in the far west.
Some protoss emperors seem to have thought of something, and their eyes are full of excitement!
Su Mo stopped and looked at the extreme west and looked dignified.
There was an accident!
If what he expected is good, the movement from the west should come from that colorful cave!
Protoss invasion!
I didn’t expect the protoss to invade the wild mainland with this critical head!
Normally, the Kunlun market has an avatar forbidden area, even if the protoss invades the most, that is, it is a threat to Sumo today.