Yuan Zong shocked, "Julu Hou Zhaomu colluded with the horse thief to seize Choi? He Shibi is a valuable treasure. Can you change fifteen cities? Isn’t Zhao Mu afraid that the prince of Zhao will destroy him? "

Xiang Shaolong was very interested in Choi, and said, "If only I could meet this Choi."
What Shan Rou thinks is how much can Choi and Choi sell?
Chen Yan said, "If you want to see Choi, there will be a chance that these horse thieves will die soon. Is Choi and Choi worthy of being a horse thief?" It’s sad that the horse thieves robbed Choi and defiled Mei-yu and they didn’t know it when death came. "
After Chen Yan’s state of mind reached enlightenment, his wisdom increased greatly. He couldn’t tell fortune, but at the first sight of the horse thief, he knew that the man had a bad face and would not live for three days.
Enough mood and virtue. "Avatar" comes naturally.
Now, if Chen Yan goes to tell others’ fortune, it is one hundred times more accurate than what "linen fortune teller" is.
Chapter 373 Test the actual situation Wu Jia beauty battle
The next afternoon, Liu found Chen Yan and they asked them to attend the celebration.
Xiang Shaolong asked, "Is there any happy event in your cottage?"
Six o ha ha a smile and said, "We robbed the Wu caravan and made a windfall. Of course, it was a big happy event. Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Chen. You’d better hurry over. Later, the beauty of the Wu family will also have a celebration dinner."
A windfall is not rich.
The horse thieves robbed the goods of the Wu family and made a windfall, which was a heavy loss for the Wu family, but it was a happy event for the horse thieves.
To make matters worse, they tied up the beauty Wu Tingfang.
As the saying goes, people are happy when they are happy.
Ah Liu’s face has always been red, but they all don’t know that the flank will die soon.
Know that in a sense, tasting is not a kind of happiness
Chen Yanxiao said, "You go first, we will come soon."
Six o nodded. "Well, Mr. Chen, you must hurry up."
After Liu left,
Yuan Zong just said, "The horse thief must be uneasy and kind to invite us to dinner."
Chen Yan can guess what the horse thief wants to do. He said, "They want to test me, the first strong man in Zhao. If I can subdue them, we will be Ann. If I am the first strong man in Zhao, I won’t be able to fight a fight."
Yuan Zong said anxiously, "Brother Chen, are you sure?"
Yuan Zong is a master of kendo, and his martial arts and swordsmanship are stronger than Yanping’s. Unfortunately, he is lucky to be alive after being seriously injured and poisoned.
Now Yuan Zong can’t even beat a strong man.
Ulrich is inscrutable, but his injury is heavier than Yuan Zong’s and his poisoning is deeper than Yuan Zong’s. Even if he is in a high mood, how much fighting power can he have?
It’s a little lethal for a good and gentle swordsman to fly a sword, but her sword wound is equally worrying. If you shoot again, the wound will definitely crack and you’ll be in trouble.
Xiang Shaolong knows some fighting skills. Is he a master? His fighting power comes from that pistol with five bullets.
Four people are trapped in a den of thieves. Yuan Zong is really worried
Chen Yanxiao said, "I can’t fight with people, but it’s no problem to shine."
Yuan Zong said, "That’s good, but Chen Xiong, you should be careful."
Wu Tingfang was brought out after the celebration dinner. She was covered with hair, pale and frightened in her eyes.
Horse head to Chen Yanjing drank a glass of wine and laughed. "Mr. Chen, you are the first strong man in Zhao, can you shine?" Let’s have a look. Let’s see the first strong demeanor of Zhao. If Mr. Chen is willing to show a martial arts beauty, it is you, otherwise she will be sent to my room tonight. "
Chen Yanxiao said, "This beauty is Miss Wujiabao? Aren’t you afraid of Wu’s revenge? If the Wu caravan is robbed, it will be robbed, but if it hurts the daughter of the Wubao master, it will be in great trouble. "
Six o said, "What are we afraid of? After this, we will leave Zhao … "
Before he finished his words, the horse thief shouted, "Shut up, Six."
Six o was startled and suddenly kept silent. He saw the murderous look in his eyes.
Of course, Wu Tingfang has heard of Chen Yan’s name.
Her heart is in despair, and the strongest in Zhao is mixed with horse thieves. Where can there be any hope for her life?
Chen Yan drank a glass of wine and got up and said, "If I don’t shine today, I can’t even say it."
Good soft hesitated to return the flying sword in his hand to Yan Yan.
Arihiko shook his head and walked into the middle of the hall without a sword.
"Sword and eye, we’d better stop with our bare hands." Arihiko looked around and pointed to the horse thieves and said, "You are all together."
The horse thief laughed. "Mr. Chen is really courageous and has the style of the first strong man in Zhao, so we can be welcome, brothers!"
Six o took the horse thief department in the hall and rushed to Ulrich.
Xiang Shaolong anxiously asked, "Can Mr. Chen, a good and gentle girl from Yuan Zong, cope with her serious injury?"
Shan Rou shook the hilt, and when Chen Yanyou was in danger, she would make moves.
Yuan Zong’s expression is relatively calm and said, "I believe that Chen Xiong has a coping style, otherwise he won’t be so confident. We will just watch."
It’s not impossible to defeat these horse thieves without killing Chen Yan.
Chen Yan decided that Tai Ji Chuan should meet the enemy.
Tai Ji Chuan is a passive fist to defend the enemy and can defeat the opponent with the least strength.
When the first horse thief rushed to the front and punched Chen Yan
Sun Yan gently patted the biceps brachii of the horse thief’s arm to make him feel weak, and then conveniently threw the horse thief’s body into the middle and flew several meters away with strong inertia.
The horse thief fell to the ground and was stunned.
Chen Yanwan took advantage of the trend and used the power of the horse thief. He himself made little effort to leverage the principle to throw the horse thief out.
But others don’t know. They all think Chen Yan’s martial arts are amazing.
Xiang Shaolong was shocked. "Is it really Tai Ji Chuan?"
Then, if the horse thieves were thrown out when they attacked Yan Yan crazily, those who attacked the horse thieves tentatively would be fine. After all, Yan Yan borrowed their strength.
Of course, if you are weak, you will be fine. If you are strong, you will fall harder.
Chen Yan’s body and physical strength are much better than when he played Yanping, and he is different from ordinary people.
Chen Yan’s toxin is excreted every day, and his body also recovers and becomes stronger every day.
The realm of harmony between man and nature has enabled Chen Yan to reach the pinnacle of environmental transportation and control. The siege of hundreds of horse thieves just did not touch Chen Yan’s skirts
Another horse thief was thrown and knocked unconscious.