Mark immediately laughed. "I’m not cheap enough for the FBI. Whoever likes to grab a piece of broken meat will grab us and stay out of it."

Director Moore of the alien flying saucer research group over there was suddenly anxious.
Mark glanced at it and said, "Either you tell me something now, or you can shut up."
Director Moore quickly said, "Director, this case should be our alien UFO research group."
Mark didn’t refute, but said, "Yes, but the problem is that when the army comes, you should at least give me some confidence and don’t embarrass me then."
Director Moore directly stood on the right path. "Chief, we are professionals in alien flying saucers. Five research agents from my group will be here soon."
Mark smiled.
quite a while
Mark looked at the armored car coming in from the park entrance and immediately said to Jack, "If Director Moore can win it, just harden the steel. If Director Moore doesn’t give force, just evacuate."
Jack nodded "yes"
Mark nodded directly at Debbie and walked outside the park.
Coming from the armored car, Ross has a strange expression and looks at the outside. Mark is thoughtful.
"We need to know"
"Protest …"
"We’re going in."
Outside central park, people are surging.
After Mark walked out of the park, Debbie asked curiously, "Boss, we really don’t care?"
Mark smiled. "What’s with the shell?"
Debbie blinked.
Mark immediately looked at the corner of a Chinese restaurant three blocks away from Central Park.
in ten minutes
Mark’s car came out of the co-pilot with a melancholy face, and Debbie was also worried, watching the crowd walking towards Central Park one after another.
Debbie said, "Look at these people. Are they that crazy?"
Mark pointed to the woman holding the "Take me away" sign and said, "This is a typical good day. I plan to be a slave in an alien."
Debbie smiled.
After Mark finished, he pushed the door of the Chinese restaurant very calmly.
come/burst into view
A handsome man who looks like Hollywood star Keanu has a calm face and sits straight in the corner seat of the Chinese restaurant.
A cup of tea in front of the man is still warm.
Mark looked at the man.
The man also looked up at Mark.
Four eyes relative
quite a while
Mark said to Debbie, "Stay at the door and don’t let a bunch of idiots outside come in."
Debbie looked at the man a few more times and then nodded.
Mark immediately goes to the man.
The man got up from his seat