In my mind, I silently reviewed the information of blue-eyed girls. The more I feel bitter in my mouth, the more I feel that the immortal commander-in-chief led hundreds of people to fight the war. It was very difficult to give birth to a little prestige and pride, and it was polished in front of two Tianjiao girls.

The Tao is one foot high and the devil is ten feet high!
Such an old sentence flashed in Chen Shaobai’s mind, and he suddenly gave birth to a world with great emotion. If he didn’t meet these immortal genies, I’m afraid he would be immersed in the glory of the head of the sword edge.
Slay Zhiyuan’ s brilliance is not something to boast about now.
Chen Shaobai’s body is baggy and holding a sword at will, but God J and jīng is very capable of breaking out at any time.
Seeing the leisurely performance of two girls, Chen Shaobai vaguely felt that perhaps tonight’s strangulation of Qing Xuan’s younger brother was an end rather than an end, which revealed the tip of the iceberg.
At present, the two men are not hard to fish in troubled waters without making Y and N Yang chaos clock take the opportunity to escape.
"Is refined oneself condition variation pseudo mana could be so pure Yang? People are also very spiritual … just can be used to refine spiritual gold resin as the highest day silver resin bursts of eyes. "
After Chen Shaobai swept away for a moment, Ma Jiajia held out her pink small tongue and licked her fingers. Naturally, she leaned out her little hand as if she had developed the habit of being the only one, and everything could be used at will to make things available to her if she wanted them.
I’m the only one, and the secular princess and princess are dwarfed in front of her.
As soon as Ma Jiajia made a move to Chen Shaobai, he felt a great fear coming over the whole body. After being locked up, the gas was viscous like a liquid, and he was ready to seek a chance with the Royal Seven Sword.
At this time, a moon flower was beheaded to lock the blue-eyed girl’s mana and destroy it. Chen Shaobai also got away with it.
"How horrible! This kind of absolute suppression … Their physical powers definitely exceed a hundred! "
Hundreds of millions of pores in the whole body are sweating, saying that flowing out of Chen Shaobai is still concerned.
If you want to accumulate a little more than a hundred mana, you can try to condense your life, and the sword pill will impact the quenching realm. Avatars can use magic weapons and occult arts at will, and they are not afraid of loss. One by one, they can be called true fairies on land.
Ma Jiajia blew the palm of her hand, which was blue with Y Ρ n cold, and her eyes were reddish as if she had been bullied. "If you don’t give it to me now and wait for my brother to come back, you will help me grab him!"
Hearing this, Guan Yue’s arch eyebrows rose slightly, and then he smiled. "The theory that the mad man killed the heartless cliff palm is the right way, and everyone wants to get the reward and take his magic treasure."
"Qing Xuanmen Stuart Yutang, Jin Yuanmen Fang Tangjing are sending people to kill him. How can he take care of himself now? This human body mana masculine is better than the practice of Yao Yang Shen Ji in Hehuan Valley, which makes the mana variation saints even better. It is just suitable for me to use it as a furnace tripod to reconcile the extreme Y and N mana to break through the quenching boundary. It is a cause and effect to give up him now. When I break through to the quenching boundary, I will naturally take care of you. "
"If you don’t get him, the perfection of Jia ‘er plough array will not necessarily solve Gao Feng’s traitor and he won’t get the Blue Sky Fairy Spring. It’s not good!"
The official moon jade refers to holding the hair. "I can help you solve him after getting the news of Gao Fengyue."
After hearing this, Ma Jiajia broke her fingers and calculated it carefully. After a while, she waved her pink fist and moistened her blue eyes. "My brother said that you have saved enough mana for a long time. What you can’t break through is that the cultivation method is flawed and needs Yang mana to reconcile. Now it’s even more terrible to save and compress. If you want to break through the shackles of life, you can quickly reach the advanced realm of quenching gas … So be it!"
"Officer elder sister waiting for you to break through to help jia son get rid of those annoying guys oh …"
Say five flying shura encouraged fascia general meat wings half a breath less than gold chariot disappeared in the field of vision.
Chen Shaobai’s heart sank gradually.
Officer months ago, the performance seemed to be loose. In fact, God J: ng has always been in his body, and now Ma Jiajia has left … even less.
By reciting Yuan World completely, he naturally knows that being regarded as a cauldron is not that men and women can kiss and tell, but that they are forced to draw all their mana and won’t leave him any source. Then Chen Shaobai will become a complete mortal, and there is no chance to break through the shackles and achieve magical powers in his life.
"After taking your mana, I will not treat you badly. Find a mortal country and let you be a prince of happiness, luxurious and luxurious, and enjoy a happy life like a cloud."
The official month’s expression is not awkward, but Se is sweet, waxy, soft, greasy, gentle and moving. Personally, it’s hard to accept it, but Chen Shaobai faintly feels that something is wrong. Suddenly, he bites the tip of his tongue, and a red-hot and sharp sting abruptly wakes himself up.
"Give me your yuan y and n, and I won’t treat you badly. Find a mortal country so that you can be a princess of peace and enjoy the rest of your life?"
Chen Shaobai turned the other side’s words around and retorted.
Which cultivator is willing to give up his own foundation? Neither he nor the girl in front of him will be willing to give up!
"You don’t want to?"
"If you want my mana source, come and get it yourself!"
Chen Shaobai deliberately showed some unruly and wanted to arouse each other’s anger, but secretly concentrated his mind on the gray Se bell-shaped pattern in the middle of the chest Tan.
"As you wish"
The official month’s expression was calm, but Chen Shaobai’s attitude of not eating stones made her angry and blue Se lotus skirt. In the middle, she gently turned her side, and the silver dumpling turned into a dragon, roaring and roaring with a deep power to Chen Shaobai.
Sudden rise of wind pressure
As far as the wind blows from the front, it almost beats Chen Shaobai. If it weren’t for his brainwave, the swordsmanship controls the flying sword behind him, I’m afraid it would have been directly on the ground.
The silver dragon roared and the waves were like a bomb. Chen Shaobai was dizzy, but the brilliance in his eyes gradually gathered.
Unyielding, determined and stubborn
The footsteps are deeply crushed into the earth like golden Se tongs, and Chen Shaobai does not retreat, but steps into the meteor with both feet, catching the moon with both hands, tearing the emptiness like a golden scale, and all kinds of postures gather in one furnace and exert their strength to the fullest.
The young silver dragon is about to collide
Chen Shaobai’s eyes were full of fighting spirit and licked the reflection of the silver dragon in the pupil.
"Come on!" ——————————————ps PS Thanks to Wan Xiaobai Kuxuan for exceptional, and thanks to the dummy for eating the evaluation ticket of Huanglian!
Chapter one hundred and nine Seize the moon!
Chapter one hundred and nine Seize the moon!
The huge wind pressure before the silver Se dragon pounces makes people breathless. If it is really hit to pieces, it must be the best result. The most reasonable field is the death of a dead body.
For this, Chen Shaobai knows very well that he doesn’t want to be shattered, dismembered and rebuilt, and he doesn’t want to be a dead body, and he wants to be stunned. While he is merging his learned posture, the speed of the furnace step is soaring to the extreme, dragging out a string of long ghosting in the wet land, which disturbs the silver dragon’s locking while controlling the swordsmanship, and at the same time controlling the seven swords to converge into the simplest, most direct and most lethal word sword array to attack and kill the past in front.
"Yellow teach outside the door standard sword is not a magic weapon, not a suit magic weapon can also be used to control at the same time? Either this person can break through the shackles of refining himself and concentrate on seven things, or he has won the ancient fairy power. "
Guan Yue’s eyes are several times higher than those of the Qing Xuanmen. At a glance, he saw that Chen Shaobai was driving seven swords at the same time, but he inferred something that was not the same.
"No matter if you catch him, you will know."
Seven handles flying sword silver moon sword, the silver dragon collided with the original god, blocking and killing the Buddha, and all the way was invincible. Blackwater flying sword met the silver dragon flying sword, but it didn’t leave any suspense and was immediately washed into dust.
A little blood spilled from the corners of the mouth. Chen Shaobai’s eyes showed a kind of emotion called "caught off guard"
Guan Yue was very satisfied because things developed exactly as she imagined.
Jade hand gently spins the silver Se, and black dragon winds around Chen Shaobai in order to capture him alive in good condition and seize the mana source.
Silver moon Jian almost overwhelmed Chen Shaobai with gas strength. He seemed to be in a hurry, and his mind was not even sacrificed again with the seven swords.
"It is also a wonderful opportunity for mana to be so pure, but it is a pity that he has too little experience, and he is too flustered to become a climate."
Shaking his head, Guan Yue gently flicked his finger to silver moon sword, and then in Sinochem, a streamer of silver belt completely wrapped Chen Shaobai up and waited for her mind to move easily.
"Sun is imprisoned! Coercion, impact and bondage! How wonderful is this silver moon sword? "
Feeling that the original body was lively and mana was instantly locked, Chen Shaobai’s eyes finally showed real horror, Se, but his plan was not hindered at all. His mind kept full mana at all times and he poured it into the Y and N Yang chaos clock in Tan Zhong acupoint on his chest.
After the input method was applied, the gray Se Jason Chung pattern immediately came to life, and all the traces of the sun were concentrated and poured into the streamer silver belt, and the silver moon sword was pulled into the clock face pattern!