"You you are monkey Jade Emperor positions? !” Feng Dance saw Qi Jun’s evil spirit in front of her eyes, and then the random expression of one leng changed constantly. The dark color changed randomly from a slight one leng to a full face of excitement, and she was unconsciously hoarse and choked, saying that tears had filled her eyes in an instant.

"Qitian Jade Emperor?" For this Qi Jun evil spirit, such a fashionable name, Ye Guchen left the pie mouth, but it didn’t say much silly. All of them can see that this Qi Jun evil spirit and the phoenix dance of the elders in front of it are known and obviously not common to say such a thing.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect you to know me. My demon race suffered heavy losses in the first world war. Your uncles and grandfathers all died in the war. It is rare to leave you such a little guy to support a large phoenix clan, but friendship belongs to friendship. Xiaofeng was also my granddaughter’s generation, but now you are also a master of Jade Emperor, but it is impossible to take away the five-color divine tower from my master! Xiao Feng Dance If you are still going to share the feelings of the year, then this matter will stop. Besides, give me the essence of Cheng Feng plus one or nine times of rebirth of the phoenix. " Qi Jun was there, and his mouth showed his eternal smile. He randomly asked the phoenix dance in front of him in a low voice
Feng Dance’s facial expression changed several times in a flash, and finally she looked at Ye Guchen at random and looked at Qi Jun’s evil expression a little pale. In her eyes, she flashed a hint of decisive and random sinking, saying, "Qi Tian Jade Emperor, you are always my demon clan veteran, and my Phoenix clan was also in your command. In principle, I shouldn’t object to your love for the Phoenix clan. If it is your words, I won’t give it to others, but it is not a problem." Nine times, I was reborn as a Phoenix. Although there are not many Phoenix people, there are hundreds of them. It is also a pity that you always want to make them beheaded. However, this five-color pagoda is a demon treasure, and even if you are old, you can’t give it to outsiders. I don’t know what happened and I don’t comment much. This is your old freedom. We also interfere, but this matter involves my demon treasure, the five-color pagoda, but I can’t ignore it. We are all demon days. I absolutely forbid the Buddha treasure to fall into the hands of outsiders, even if you are kind to me and to the Phoenix clan, I will fight you out by thunder, even if I end up being beheaded. If I win, I will definitely bring this five-color pagoda into the Phoenix clan, and I will give it to it when the demon clan genius rises, and then I will commit suicide. If I lose my Phoenix clan, even if it is smashed to pieces, I will never let this treasure fall into the hands of other races! "
Hearing this, Qi Junsha’s facial expression changed and looked at Feng Dance in front of him. He stared at each other for a long time. After seeing each other’s unyielding look at himself, his random expression changed and he laughed wildly. He looked at Feng Dance in front of him and said, "Well, it was Feng Dance after so many years, but it didn’t change at all. I like it! I admire you! I didn’t read it wrong at the beginning. You know that the interests of the demon race are important. Haha, but you have to promise me that the one in front of me is not only my master, but also your master. In the future, the whole demon race will be the commander-in-chief of the whole celestial world. This is my old master, Wan Yao Tian Zun Kong Xuan. No one will change it! "
"Is it really Kong Xuan?" Feng Dance is deeply suspicious of this, although she believes that Qi Jun will not deceive herself, but the recipient Kong Xuan will make a human heir and command the demon race. After all, this is a bit too strange, and it is no wonder that Feng Dance doesn’t believe it.
"Isn’t this also can have false? Phoenix dance takes orders! I’m ordering you to gather up the Phoenix clan and warrant the Phoenix clan experts from all over the country to quickly return to the defense of Baifengshan and let you bring the best phoenix eye essence and be reborn for one or nine times to practice for my master! " (a change of tone, a change of tone) Qi Jun said in a high voice here, but at this time, he didn’t know in his hand that there was a strange long banner printed with the sacred beasts of the four directions in his hand.
Seeing such a scene, I am still hesitating here. Feng Dance’s face suddenly becomes more dignified and kneeling on the ground without any hesitation, shouting "Feng Dance takes orders!"
Say that finish turned to leave this time just meet with two elders of the Phoenix clan who came head-on. When meeting these two elders, Feng Danchen said, "The Monkey Jade Emperor reappeared the gathering of demons and found out that you two quickly found the phoenix reborn from the fire for 19 times, and the best phoenix essence!"
When the two elders heard this, their faces became furious and they took a random look. Feng Dance knelt down at the door and bowed to the ground three times before hurriedly leaving. Such a scene made Ye Guchen stand there with a puzzled face and looked at Qi Junsha. He said, "What the hell is going on?"
"No, actually, it’s very simple. It’s not because of my appearance that they are like this, but because this gathering demon banner in my hand will show such piety. It’s my demon clan relic. If this five-color shekinah tower is the strongest magic weapon of my demon clan, it’s my demon clan’s top relic. It’s my demon clan’s symbol that I was the most powerful demon goddess at the beginning of my demon clan’s birth. Part of it was condensed into this gathering demon clan relic. The clan will feel something. All the demon clan masters in the celestial world can feel and absolutely follow the demon banners. This has been a warning from their ancestors from the depths of their souls. It is absolutely impossible to violate the demon clan’s tradition of regarding this demon banner as a handle. In those days, the demon clan was able to unify the messy chapter because it had the demon banners, and this demon banner was like a decree in the hands of an emperor, which was even stronger than that. It was necessary for the demon clan to wave the sky and obey. If you are bound, you must keep calling the demon clan. Once you turn around, the demon clan will be frightened out of their wits. Unless you become a master of the Buddha, you can get rid of the influence of the demon clan. Otherwise, there is absolutely no exception. Maybe the old master gave this to me in times of crisis, just for fear that one day someone else was not a demon clan, but the demon clan department would give it to me. I didn’t expect it, but I took it seriously. Hehe, but then again, Xiaofeng Dance did a good job. I appreciated it when she faced the five-color pagoda, but it was rare.At Ye Guchen, Qi Jun smiled and explained this story at random.
"People are Jade Emperor, and you still have an unlimited future, making you seem to be great. Aren’t you actually a Jade Emperor?" Ye guchen nodded his head at this, but he couldn’t help but think so when he saw the smelly fart behind Qi Jun evil spirit.
Ye Guchen’s expression, Qi Jun, looks at it in his eyes, but he smiled at Ye Guchen at random and explained, "The master may not know that Feng Longer and I wouldn’t still have that point of repair if our strength was not limited by magic weapons. You should be able to reach the level of Buddha and lift the seal. The two of us can be detached immediately and break through into the Buddha’s class at one stroke. Feng Longer and I are confident enough to say this. The master should not think about my affairs. You should still think about how to improve your strength. After all, my demon-gathering banner just came out, although it didn’t shake, but the experts in the demon clan will feel something. I’m afraid it won’t be long before this hundred Fengshan will be full of excitement. If there is still so much water, it will be hard to make those people bend. You know, if you want to dominate the demon clan like a cloud, you must first lower them and want to lower them. Even this demon-gathering banner will not work. After all, the most important thing in this demon clan is strength two.
"Dominate the divine world? Squeeze the demon family? Qi Jun, is it your idea to fight like a child? Now I want to improve my strength and upgrade myself to this level of Buddha, but I have never thought that you are trying to dominate the gods and suppress the demon race. How does it feel wrong? " Leaf solitary Chen not silly to listen to the qi jun evil spirit words face changed a random said
"This is natural, but don’t forget that once you become a Buddha, you will be taboo by this holy road. Then you can’t deal with the holy road. You must face the holy road and you want to deal with the holy road. All the superior forces must be in harmony with all the forces in the divine world. Otherwise, there is absolutely no chance of winning. It is necessary to be worse. If you want to improve your strength and have no certain forces, it is impossible to get up quickly. Let’s not say that it is just a soul realm. This problem is enough to give you a headache. In order to improve your strength quickly, it is necessary to have a large number of magical stones and treasures, and there are a large number of people. This is inseparable. I just wanted to help you shake this gathering demon, call the heavenly demon clan to let you fold them. Of course, before that, you have to have certain strength, but at least you have to look at it. The god class is too low. The root is that cannon fodder, gods and kings are not enough. You still don’t want to improve your strength. "Qi Jun has his reasons for this. Although he made Ye Guchen feel a little wrong on the phone, he said.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Poly Yao Zan moving clouds.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Poly Yao Zan moving clouds.
The essence of the phoenix phoenix is the treasure of the younger generation. The essence of every phoenix killed in battle is extremely rare. It is even harder to find the phoenix reborn after nine times. It is not easy for the phoenix clan to defeat them. There are many experts in the divine world, but few people can turn the phoenix at the same level into a state of rebirth after nine times of life and death, and even fewer people can still be reborn from the fire. However, if it is not completed, it will be reborn by leaps and bounds. However, it can be done. One step in this Phoenix clan is really not weak. The Phoenix clan has millions of people, but it can reach the realm of nine times of rebirth, but there are hundreds of people, all of whom are masters. These people are the backbone of the Phoenix clan. Theoretically, it is more precious than this Cheng essence.
If someone else wants it, the Phoenix clan will not even give it up if it is killed, but the Phoenix clan will never object to the best cheng essence when it comes out of the Qi Jun evil spirit, and the strongest one in the phoenix reborn from the fire for nine times voluntarily came out, which became a necessity for Ye Guchen’s cultivation. Of course, Ye Guchen’s cultivation does not refine the whole phoenix body, but it requires the other party’s Jingxue and the most important top feather. Although the consequences of doing so will not kill each other, it will inevitably make each other. After all, the top feather of the phoenix is the location of the elite gate of the phoenix clan, and the damage to it can be imagined. Generally, the master of the phoenix clan will not agree even if he is dead, but this time, Qi Jun is holding such an order of gathering demons, but no one dares to oppose it.
When the phoenix’s top feather was taken and the other party’s JingXie was absorbed, Ye Guchen was once again closed in the Phoenix clan. When Ye Guchen was closed, the five-color divine tower controlled the monkey Jade Emperor and the Qi Jun evil spirit was served in the hall by the Phoenix clan. Although Ye Guchen was closed, it had no effect on the five-color divine tower, but it was able to control the five-color divine tower flying in the five-color divine tower. This Qi Jun evil spirit quietly looked around the room at the moment. The hall is already full of demon tribes, and experts from all walks of life have conjured up human figures and sat in this hall in succession. Although these people have changed their human figures, they all maintain their own racial characteristics. Some have spikes on their backs, horns on their foreheads, some have colorful feathers on their heads, and some have tails. There are all kinds of strange things.
"You all know me? I haven’t seen many words in the wrong novel network for many years ~ "Qi Jun evil spirit appeared in this five-color divine tower, and immediately took one look at it. The masters of all ethnic groups slowly said that there was a smile at the corner of their mouth. Many people here are acquaintances. Although most of them were not young players in this time, they have gradually grown up. Now they have become the leaders of all parties and all races, while most of the older demon masters died in the war. Otherwise, the demon race wouldn’t be in such decline. You should know that in those days, the demon deity was divided with the Terran star deity, and the star deity was in charge of the six major races. But this demon deity had a demon race, which was able to oppose the star deity. It can be seen that the demon race was at its peak at that time, but during the first world war against this holy road, the elite of all ethnic groups fell in succession, and almost all the demon race masters died before they ended up in the present field. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this.
"See Monkey Jade Emperor!" Around those experts from all ethnic groups knelt on the ground and said to Qi Jun Shagao at random. These people’s eyes were full of reverence, but they didn’t grow up when they were in this Qi Jun Shaqi. At that time, Qi Jun Shaqi was their idol, and they naturally showed due respect for Qi Jun Shaqi. Obviously, now their strength is actually on a par with Qi Jun Shaqi, but no one feels wrong and refuses to kneel and salute this Qi Jun Shaqi.
"Ha ha you all remember me? Haha, that’s good, everyone. In that case, I won’t talk nonsense. When my old master, Lord Kong Xuan, died, he asked me to take away the multi-demon banner and the five-color divine tower to select people. Now my old master has come to this sacred world, which is in this hundred scenic mountains. I heard that the demon family has never been United for so many years, but it doesn’t matter because all this is over. Now listen to me, the demon family! Gather together a hundred Fengshan! Build my demon city, gather my demon army and rebuild my demon empire! " Qi Jun evil spirit smiled, and the random expression became more serious than before. He shouted at the demon clan masters around him, and the demon banners appeared again in his hand.
Around here, hundreds of miles away, the demon leaders knelt on the ground one after another, and then this gathering of demon banners suddenly became bigger and randomly floated to this half. At the top of this hundred Fengshan, it became bigger and bigger, and finally changed the size of a towering mountain. On this day, a blue light flashed, which changed the color of the surrounding days, and the Qi Jun evil spirit roared randomly all over the day. "Now listen to me, demon family! Gather together a hundred Fengshan! Build my demon city, gather my demon army and rebuild my demon empire! "
In a word, the restriction was penetrated, accompanied by the air flow all over the whole celestial world in an instant, and this sound wave shocked the whole celestial world. However, other races were shocked by this sound like thunder. All the demon races were like thunder, and the whole soul trembled. First, one by one, they bowed to the central Baifengshan position at random.
Whether it’s a higher demon race or a lower demon race, and even those demon races that have been captured kneel down in the direction of Baifengshan, such a scene shocked everyone, and many celestial forces instantly panicked, and their expressions became very ugly. If it weren’t for stupidity, we all know that once all demon races gather in Baifengshan in this relatively peaceful period, the consequences can be imagined. Even if it has been relatively calm for tens of billions of years, the celestial world will once again set off a bloody storm.
"wooshing wooshing ~" tens of thousands of demon tribes turned green one by one and went straight to baifengshan in the distance, while those tribes lived in groups. The demon tribes packed their bags and migrated in large numbers. Millions of demon tribes came in the direction of baifengshan. The imperial forces of demon tribes from all over the country did not come, but they also ruled out the envoys. Jade Emperor also personally came to worship baifengshan and explained why a large number of demon tribes gathered in this direction.
But as far as Ye Guchen knows, the whole celestial world has panicked, and some remote areas are to be said. But this is around the central Baifengshan exhibition. Jade Emperor experts from all ethnic groups have gathered together. Terran Angels, Titan, Ghost, Blood, five races and more than a dozen Jade Emperor experts have gathered together to sit in this angel castle to discuss this matter.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to come here today, and you must know the reason. This hundred mountains don’t know how a mysterious figure suddenly appeared. This person is not small. In a word, the whole demon race has been driven up. You know, the demon race is full of people, and even the whole celestial world can be a long time. Over the years, their departments have not separated from each other, although there are demon territories living there, but it is just a part of the demon race, and it has not been a mountain for a long time. Threats, but this time, the demon race gathered in Baifengshan to build a demon empire. I’m afraid it’s the first to bear the brunt. The demon race is powerful. If we fight alone, we’re afraid it’s not an opponent. You know, all other races in Baifengshan Fiona Fang have been cleaned up by the demon race. If they are allowed to gather in various places, it’s absolutely impossible for this demon race to accept them. When the time comes, it’s bound to expand to the outside world, and I’m afraid it’s the first to bear the brunt. What do you think about this? " The head of the angel family, an ancient archangel with 20 wings in Jade Emperor, sat in this central white chair and looked around at the master of all ethnic groups, Lang said.
A word made people around them frown. For this, they knew that they were able to come here, and they were already mentally prepared to face the powerful demon race. They were either United or passively beaten. Obviously, the strength of one person is not the whole opponent of the huge demon race. They need to unite, but the question is how to unite? Can we unite? After all, there are contradictions among people here, and they belong to different races, but they are not harmonious with each other. It is really not easy to unite them.
"There are soldiers to have means to resist him. The demon race will not expand outward. If you dare to expand to me, we will destroy them! Let them know that I am not easy to mess with! " A titan, cover with golden light, sat there and shouted, and there was a trace of tyrannical murderous look in his eyes when he said this.
It’s no surprise to the people around him that he said this. The Titan has always been so aggressive and bloodthirsty and cruel, with simple mind and strength. Although its fighting capacity is the first of all ethnic groups, it’s a pity that its head has never been so bright. It won’t surprise the people around it if they say this, but they will never follow blindly because the other party said this. That’s not what a wise person should do.
"This joint? Hehe, I don’t think it’s necessary for the demon race to gather troops. I don’t know how long it will take. Even if they gather successfully, I think they will be fine to attack. The demon race we are gathering now are all some small tribes scattered outside, and none of them are really powerful. Jade Emperor’s masters didn’t go to me. I think these calls are just for small tribes. You see who really moved the major forces of this demon race? I think it’s just an empty show. It’s really going to become a climate. Hum, if we don’t start work, other demon forces won’t let them be better than this demon family. Although the Buddha doesn’t care much about clan things on weekdays, it is said that it’s very autocratic and overbearing. Although I don’t know who it is, I dare to say such a big word. I think it will definitely cause dissatisfaction with the demon family. Do we still have to do things for his old man’s house to start work? I don’t think it will be fine if we go back to defend our own territory without a good alliance. "One of the Jade Emperor masters said lazily that he didn’t care about this. This Terran Jade Emperor had conflicts with all the ethnic groups around him. It’s not good if he didn’t want to jointly defend himself with them. Other people don’t care. Besides, the Terran is powerful and there is a Buddha behind him. He is naturally not afraid of others looking for trouble. In his view, it is death.
For this Terran Jade Emperor master’s speech, several other Terran Jade Emperor masters nodded in succession. On this issue, they are less consistent. The strength of the foreign Terran is now very strong. Although there is still struggle in the Ministry, it is less external than strong. No one dares to really caress this Terran tiger beard.
"People don’t commit crimes against me, I don’t commit crimes against me, and that’s the dogma of the ghost family." The ghost family simply threw out such a sentence. This is the case with the ghost family master. Generally, if you don’t invade their territory, they don’t care about outsiders’ lives or deaths, but those who dare to enter the ghost family territory will be hit by the ghost family thunder.
In a word, people around here shut up and don’t go to see this ghost clan Jade Emperor. In the end, everyone focused on this blood clan master. After all, now there are blood clan masters who haven’t discovered this alliance. It seems that it is definitely impossible for the Terran master to quit the ghost clan master to protect himself. Now the most powerful force has withdrawn from the two remaining ones. If they promise, then there may be a chance to form an alliance. If they all quit, then the alliance will definitely be impossible.
However, most people are not optimistic about the blood clan master’s answer. The reason is very simple. This has been a law for many years. Blood clan and angel clan are sworn enemies. It is simply difficult to write about the hatred between the two clans. Basically, the blood clan is opposed to the angel clan, and the angel clan is opposed to things. Even this time, the blood clan will support it.
Sure enough, after hearing this, sitting there, the extremely bloody Jade Emperor level master looked at each other and sneered at each other one after another. The lazy one in one of them lifted his eyelids and said randomly, "? Alliance? Alliance with your angels? Are you mistaken? How can the noble blood clan ally with the stupid angels? Even if there is only one soldier left in the blood clan battle, it will not ally with the angel clan, and we don’t think that the demon clan will be on our hands. You should know that in this central region, the scattered demon clan has been the most cruel in recent years, or your angel clan has visited Baifengshan for a long time. If it weren’t for the fact that Baifengshan Phoenix lives in groups and has a three-phoenix clan elder, a Jade Emperor master and two gods, even if it is now destroyed by you, it might be that Baifengshan gathers the demon clan first to move, that is, you angel clan will move with us. You make things yourself or solve it yourself. My blood clan will never interfere. "
After saying this, I actually got up and left. Others looked at each other. In the end, I also got away from knowing that Baifengshan has a special geographical position. At least half of the people in this celestial race, Jade Emperor, are connected with this Baifengshan neighborhood. People here are all masters of these sites, Jade Emperor. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been invited, but now it seems that it has little effect.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Dark gods
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Dark gods
"pa ~ damn a bunch of shortsighted guys!" See the masters of all ethnic groups sitting here after leaving, leaving three angels Jade Emperor masters and two Titan Jade Emperor masters, among whom the angel master who just spoke first suddenly struck table and said with cold anger.
His words resonated with two angels, Jade Emperor, but it obviously made two titans, Jade Emperor, uncomfortable. He glanced at several angels in front of him, Jade Emperor, and one of the titans, Jade Emperor, got up and said coldly, "We’re leaving the alliance now that others don’t approve of me."
"Well ~ demon race dare to pounce on me, Titan race can resist the alliance or forget it." Say that finish and ignore a few blue angels, Jade Emperor turned around and left here with his companions and walked straight towards the door.
More than a dozen Jade Emperor alliances have been destroyed before they were established, which can be said to have alleviated a lot of trouble for Ye Guchen, but it is a pity that there is no trouble here for the time being, and the alliance has not been successful, while the Buddha is silent and does not interfere in this matter, but the demon family department is not so stable
Despite this gathering of demon banners, it is not a problem if you want to master the demon race, but it is not so easy to change it to Ye Guchen. After all, Ye Guchen’s identity is there with a demon Buddha and a distant brother. It should be good, but the problem is that if Ye Guchen is a demon race, everything is not a problem, but it happened that Ye Guchen belongs to Terran, which is a bit troublesome. It is definitely not that simple. This demon master even won’t promise this matter.
Although nowadays, demon masters are constantly entering the range of this hundred scenic mountains, Ye Guchen has not been able to imagine now. Once Ye Guchen comes out and is known as a terran, even trouble will follow. You know, even if there is a gathering of demons, there have always been more unruly people in the demon family. It took a lot of effort to reduce the demon family in Kong Xuan, not to mention Ye Guchen’s inability to repair human beings. This is definitely not a simple matter.
But at the moment, Ye Guchen naturally made a breakthrough in the meditation in the lost Baifengshan. After entering the level of the king of gods, Ye Guchen got a large number of sacred stones from the Qi Jun evil spirit of the five-color divine tower, which is being closed for meditation.
You know, it only takes more than ten years for Ye Gu-chen to absorb an extremely magical stone, and the absorption speed is even faster after entering the King of God class. The high level of Ye Gu-chen’s soul has also broken through to the seventh level of the Heavenly Demon Soul Training Solution, and the soul cultivation is comparable to the peak of the King of God. Ye Gu-chen can spare no scruples to absorb the energy in this magical stone and then replenish it into his body. After entering the King of God, it takes more than a year to absorb an extremely magical stone. This speed is several times faster than that of ordinary Jade Emperor, and Ye Gu-chen’s cultivation is rising every day
However, this kind of repair is still not enough to face the difficulties that may be faced soon. Those experts who want to suppress the demon race should not even think about it if there is no Jade Emperor peak repair, but Ye Guchen knows nothing about it.