In the 19th minute, Qinan was violently knocked down by Turin players in a middle dribble, and then changed to coach by Real Rinaludo. I don’t want Domenica to fall into the feet of this group of Turin people who have killed red eyes.

In the end, Naples won the game away from home, and the score of two to one made the lovers feel that it was easy to win. Only those who paid attention to this game knew how hard it was for the Rhea team to win. The score was simple, but the process of two to one was tortuous like a winding mountain road.
"I think we have been treated unfairly. Naples can take a point from here at the Olympic Stadium. I will complain to the Football Association about the referee’s wrong decision in this game. Yes, we will! ! ! !” Handsome de biasi looked a little angry. He almost growled and protested to the reporters present. His reaction after the game also made the reporters at the press conference quickly excited because it was another big news! ! !
Rhea made no excuses for de biasi’s protest. He repeatedly said that Napoli played well. In his opinion, Napoli’s performance deserved this victory, and Lavezzi scored a beautiful goal in Hamsik. There is nothing to dispute. de biasi can’t stop it if he thinks so.
After making a few polite remarks at the press conference, he left the venue with the big Cannavaro and Domenica. In de biasi’s view, Rhea’s silence became more guilty, and his condemnation at the venue became more justified.
The next day, the media comments in Turin were predictably all condemnation of Naples.
Tuttosport newspaper "Despicable" Domonica directed a "Despicable" competition.
Turin heart newspaper "the referee killed us"
Turin Weekly "Naples People Shamefully" Stole "a Victory"
The media in Turin pointed their guns at Napoli, but Rhea didn’t care about these counter-attacks against the media in Turin, which had "technical" requirements. Naturally, with the help of the media in Naples, he didn’t bother to chat with the media in Turin and de biasi. This game also made him happy and sad. The good news is that in several games at the same time, rival Juventus and Inter Milan scored 2-2, which means that Naples scored two points after two consecutive victories. The points advantage once again surpassed two consecutive teams of Juventus, thus successfully regaining the third place in the league, and chasing Rome hard behind Naples also won the game. But now it is not Naples who are in a hurry, because they are about to be "smashed" by Rome, and they are worried about Juventus. gargano’s injury is diagnosed as a hip fracture, and Ulla may be absent for a month. This is a big blow to Naples, but gargano’s delicate skills can be replaced in Naples’s frontcourt attack. Neither Brasi nor Montevino can support the frontcourt players in the attack as he did. Ura has become an indispensable part of Napoli in the past two seasons. The addition of a main player like gargano to the team’s injury list has somewhat diluted the coach’s joy of winning.
However, on the whole, this victory has also made the Napoli players and coaches have a good mood to face the coming games. After all, they are still in a good position. Domenica is still unstoppable. The new arrival in Cannavaro is still unstoppable. This "one old" and "one less" has made the Naples team stronger, and there are people who feel at ease at both ends. What else makes Rhea uneasy? Maybe the Neapolitan who can beat now has injuries! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven
After arriving in Naples, Qinan had more schedule besides training lunch as usual, that is, going to Tini, argus to help him arrange driving school to learn to drive, which made Qinan feel ashamed. It was the first time to practice driving, and he was even more nervous than playing football for the first time. He remembered that he was not so nervous when he participated in the Cuju competition on behalf of Qiyun Shechang for the first time in the Song Dynasty, and Qinan had a feeling of being at a loss personally sitting in this coach car, which he used to call "a knot in one’s heart".
But fortunately, the coach who taught him to drive was also his fans, who seemed a little "stupid" when compared with the stadium. Domenica, a coach named Vigliani "fans", was not impatient at all. He explained and demonstrated Qinan over and over again, and explained every tiny place carefully. He didn’t want to cause any accident to Domenica in his later driving career because that tiny link was not explained. If that happened, Vigliani could imagine that the fans in Naples would not let him go.
Moreover, he beat many opponents to get the best coach in this driving training center. He hasn’t taught a new student how to drive so seriously for a long time, but the arrival of Domenica aroused the enthusiasm of Vigliani department. It was his dream to be able to teach his idol to learn to drive personally, because there were many Domenica fans in this training center. Finally, he got the beautiful job by being familiar with the department head.
On the first day, Qinan didn’t do anything except follow Vigliani in the car to learn basic operating principles and traffic rules. From time to time, the staff of the training center asked him for his signature. Qinan also met their requirements one by one. At the end of the study in the afternoon, the head of the driving training center personally drove him back. He also respectfully asked Qinan how he felt about the coach’s teaching. The respectful attitude made Qinan feel very embarrassed.
Hey! ! ! ! ! It feels bad to be respected too much! ! ! Sitting in the co-pilot’s cab, Qi Nan thought that cuju was a popular entertainment activity in ancient times. It was not a profession, and it was far from being standardized and commercialized in modern society. Before the Western Han Dynasty, cuju was played by people in the so-called social strata, so that football was popularized because of the love of the aristocratic class. In Huan Kuan’s "On Salt and Iron", it was said that in the Western Han Dynasty, "your family played cuju and fought chickens" for a long time, and people were also enjoying watching it in "Cuju". The bow movement "Han" records that Emperor Wudi often held cockfights in his palace. In spite of this, the social status of those "Juke" (similar to today’s stars) who could play football at that time was still not high. Most of them relied on their attachment to earn a living, that is, the so-called "diners". When Qinan lived in the Southern Song Dynasty, the status of football artists was high, but it was only high. The social status of football artists who lived by playing football skills was almost the same as that of street performers and jugglers, but they were more popular with the people. Where can you earn millions a year like modern society? Everywhere you go, people are crowding around and attracting thousands of people’s attention. Your words and deeds are magnified by the media several times and presented to the world as standard football stars for fans who worship you as a god! ! ! What an exciting career it is in modern society! ! !
Thought of here, Qinan is a bit of an ancient cuju master. Cuju masters like him had at least ten harms in Lin ‘an city at that time, but the level was not far from each other. If the Ministry is brought to modern times to carry out one-year unified training according to modern football standards and then form a team, don’t say that Naples is now the so-called super team in the mouth of world fans. This team can also beat them all over the place to find teeth, but Qinan is also breathing wildly. It is shocking enough to cross into modern times alone. If so many people come to this world again and again, it will really be a mess.
In the next few days, Rizzinandu will go to the Naples Driving Training Center for professional driving training at regular intervals. In addition to this, it was decided a week ago that the fans’ appreciation meeting will also come soon.
Zinan didn’t expect that the achievements made by argus Tini and Xiu Xiu at the Dominica Foundation this week were so amazing. When Zinan visited the warehouse in Tini, argus in the afternoon, he was almost stunned by the scene before him. In a large warehouse that can hold thousands of cubic meters of materials, the donated materials almost accounted for half of the warehouse. According to statistics from argus Tini, these clothes can keep warm and almost equip an army of 10,000 people.
Seeing that Naples people supported his foundation so much, Qinan felt that the thank-you meeting was even more necessary.
On Thursday afternoon, Neapolitan fans gathered in San Dommonica Square. The Indomonica Appreciation Meeting will be held in this downtown square at 3: 00. Qinan will appear in the already crowded San Dommonica Square on time, and come with him. Other Neapolitan teammates, including the big Cannavaro, are all present.
The thank-you meeting was planned by Napoli Club to help Qinan, otherwise it would be impossible for Qinan to take care of such a big meeting alone.
Thank-you-meeting procedure started with Qinan’s speech. Qinan’s most sincere voice thanked those who warmly responded to his call for fans to donate their love to the Domenica Foundation. He expressed his heartfelt thanks. After the speech, he promised to sign. All fans who donated money or material love from the Domenica Foundation can get an invoice-style voucher issued by the Domenica Foundation. With this voucher, fans can come to the platform specially built by the club organizer to get the signatures of Qinan or other Neapolitan players.
In his speech just now, Qinan has already explained to Taiwanese fans that there are too many fans asking for autographs, so he can’t be alone.
Meet the demands of so many fans in a few hours, so he didn’t bother to help him finish this arduous task together. The fans in Naples also expressed their understanding for this point, because they themselves saw how many fans came to the scene. If Dominica was allowed to sign one by one, it is estimated that it would not be possible to finish it by morning, and they don’t want their idols to sign cramps because of their signatures.
After the signing ceremony, Napoli fans with certificates issued by the Domenica Foundation came in in groups of twenty in an orderly manner from the special entrance to get the signatures of Qinan and other Napoli players, and then went out from the other exit in an orderly manner, because there were twenty other Napoli players in Qinan, and one of them could get Qinan’s signature, and the other 19 could get the signatures of other Napoli players.
This autograph session, which was called "the grandest historical scene in Naples" by Naples Sports Daily the next day, lasted for six hours before it was finished. It excited the fans but almost "collapsed" the team members including Zinan in Naples.
After the signing ceremony, Hamsik’s right hand trembled in the lounge, pointing at Nan like this and saying, "Do you know Dommonica? Now, as soon as I see my own name, I feel sick. This is the day when I have lived to be so old to write. ! ! ! For the first time, I hate my name, why there are so many letters! ! !”
In fact, it’s not just Hamsik, but everyone else’s reaction is similar, even the Grand Cannavaro is no exception. Qi Nan kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous help and so on. For teammates’ on-site help, it doesn’t count. The Dominica Foundation donated different amounts of money, of which the Grand Cannavaro donated 50,000 euros at most and 10,000 euros at least.
When I got home late, argus Tini reported to Qinan the amount of donations and materials raised in the past few days. Gazinan donated 600,000 euros by himself. Together, the Domenica Foundation actually raised more than 1.5 million euros and materials worth at least 500,000 euros in just one week, which made Qinan have to sigh that the Neapolitan people have great energy, and the saying that "everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high" does have its truth.
"What are you going to do with the money and materials? Are the materials directly transported to your hometown in China by plane? " Argus Tiny asked Qina, who carried it with him to record information and data.
"I don’t know. I don’t have any experience in such a thing. Anyway, you said that you should take care of the foreign affairs of the stadium. Just do what you say." Qi Na stretched himself and replied that he was tired one afternoon today, but he felt that it was nothing to help the affected villagers in Xiu Xiu’s hometown.
"Domonica, my suggestion is that the money can’t be directly handed over to the local government in your hometown. I’m a little unconvinced about the integrity of the government in China. I heard some friends studying abroad say that there is corruption in the local government in China, and some officials even dare to embezzle the disaster relief funds. For example, some people say that the central government allocated 10 million disaster relief funds to the victims, and at least 40% of them will be exploited by the relevant departments at all levels. If that’s the case, I think we can really raise 1.5 million euros to the victims in your hometown, which is about 900,000 euros, Argus Tini spoke out her doubts.
"I don’t know about this. There should be no such daring officials, right?" Qi Nan didn’t know how to answer argus Tini’s question. In his time, the problem of Da Song was really very serious. In the year of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, such corrupt officials were everywhere. However, after modern times, he just didn’t know very well. Since he came to modern times, he has found some knowledge about modern times, and it is a little less involved in social news, so he has to answer now.
Argus’s tiny see JiNa is also a pair of dare not confirm expression then nai went on to say "ah! ! ! ! Why is my agent so miserable? I’d better go there myself on your behalf, but I want Xiu Xiu to help me get her to come back to China with me. After all, I’m not familiar with China, but you’re not worried. During those days when I stayed in Changsha, I met many Changsha media friends. I want them to help and supervise the corruption relief fund. This kind of thing should not happen. I believe that after these money and materials arrive in your hometown, your fame and hope in China will definitely reach a new height. "argus Tini" Hey "smiled. Obviously, he planned to set up the Dominica Charity Foundation this time.
"good! ! I’d like to go back with Agostini’s brother. I think I can help. After all, I know more about Xiangxi or surrounding areas in Hunan than you do. "Xiu Xiu heard this, but he went back to China with excitement, and his face turned pink and greasy.
The three men discussed it for a while, and finally decided to adopt argus Tini’s suggestion that he take Xiu Xiu back to China and bring the money and materials to China, and then hand them over to the most suitable people for distribution to the victims. 1.5 million euros, equivalent to nearly 20 million yuan, together with these materials should also help the victims a little.
Before it’s too late, the damage caused by the snowstorm in southern China is still going on, far from the end. This batch of money and goods just arrived. The next day, argus Tini took Xiu Xiu to China and flew to China with them. There were also several members of the Dominica Foundation and a cargo cabin full of goods. Will it be a smooth journey? ? ? ? ? ?
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and seventy
Is Xiu Xiu back yet? "Friday afternoon, just after hitting the iron gate outside the residence with the key from the driving training center, I habitually shouted into the house. No one should show off the familiar small figure.
Hmm? Didn’t Xiao Ni come back? After Qi Nanmen patted his head, it suddenly occurred to me that my girl had flown back to China with argus Tini yesterday.
Look at my memory! ! ! Qinan secretly shook his head and sat on the soft sofa. Qinan remembered that she seemed to be cooking by herself tonight! ! ! ! Headache! ! ! Accustomed to life in Xiu Xiu, Xiao Ni suddenly seems to be extremely unaccustomed when she is not around. Someone once said that some things are precious only after you lose them, but at this time, Qi Na thinks it can be added that some people can make you feel precious if they haven’t lost them, such as Xiu Xiu.
Qina will be a little tired and buried in the sofa, thinking of Xiu Xiu. At this time at ordinary times, if Xiu Xiu saw Qina’s tired expression, he would have come and gently massaged and relaxed him.
Qinan lay down for a few minutes, and waited for the brain nerve to relax for an afternoon before getting up and going to the kitchen to see what he could eat. This afternoon, Vigliani had taught him to practice driving, which made Qinan nervous for the first time. Although he knew that Vigliani was around to guide and protect Qinan for an hour, he was still scared to get wet with cold sweat. After more than three hours of the course, Qinan’s nerve almost collapsed and broke the car. At that moment, Qinan felt that his legs were a little weak and he was a "monster" for driving this iron. Zena used to sit in argus Tini Ferrari before he really felt a little scared, and he thought it was quite interesting to watch these "iron guys" fly past the streets of Naples in a coquettish way. Who knew that driving by himself was not the case?
Qinan thought it was "horrible" but his coach Vigliani thought it was very interesting to watch Domenica’s lips turn pale and sweaty in his heart, and he was at a loss to manipulate all kinds of button handles familiar with the coach car. Vigliani wanted to laugh but was afraid to laugh. Only then did he know that Domenica was also a human being, and there were things he didn’t understand from the football field. He was also an ordinary man, but he felt more cordial to Domenica, the "falling man", because of this. A big boy has the unique modesty of China people. He never puts any star stands in front of ordinary fans, but he is more polite than ordinary people. So many Monica will certainly win the respect of Vigliani. Vigliani has become more careful and meticulous in teaching Qinan.
Xiu Xiu’s first dinner after his departure, Qinan simply ate a bowl of noodles and hastily dismissed his "high protest" stomach. There are two places for men, one is hell and the other is the kitchen.
There is no Xiu Xiu, but life still goes on, just as the moon still revolves around the sun and the sea still flows from west to east.
On Sunday, the 22nd round of Serie A started on time. Napoli played against visiting Palermo at home. The two teams have already played once in the season. Napoli won a small victory away from home and joined the team. Recently, the team won three consecutive victories in the league and the cup. The morale of the Rhea team was really strong, and there was no reason to lose. Sure enough, after 90 minutes, the fans left the Sao Paulo Stadium with a relaxed and happy mood. Naples won the game here with no suspense. The whole process was hearty. Naples played at home. Although he didn’t score, the three goals scored by the team had two direct assists with him, and he also participated in and planned the other goal
In the 15th minute, he played the front waist. After he got the ball in the middle, he slipped past Palermo midfielder Lee vilani, and a hidden direct plug helped Dennis get a one-on-one "PK" chance with Palermo goalkeeper Armeria. The Argentine striker didn’t wave this opportunity. He went into the penalty area and shot Napoli’s first record vigorously.
In the 37th minute of the game, Qinan received Hamsik’s ball from the right side of the penalty area. Palermo goalkeeper struggled to save the ball, but failed to hold it firmly. Marjorie easily missed it and rewrote the score by two points.
Palermo stepped up their attack after losing two goals at half-time, but instead of scoring a goal, they were caught by Naples, who left the ground for a counterattack.
In the 70th minute of the game, Qinan sent a header Marjorie to catch the ball and then crossed the restricted area to replace the injured gargano. Brasi shoveled and scored Napoli, which completely sealed the victory.
After leading by three goals, Rhea Montevino and Rinaudo changed Qinan and Grand Cannavaro.
Palermo finally got several good chances by changing the strongest points at both ends of attack and defense. Finally, in the fifteenth minute of the game, they scored a goal to save face by striker Bhutan. He slipped past Rinaudo on the edge of the restricted area in Naples and volleyed successfully.