Four people look at these three characters in vain. When I first came here, the strength of Huangfu Zhantian has just reached the level of waiting for God, but he has reached the level of being able to slay the Yuan soul honour person. It’s really much transformed.

"Well, let’s meet an old friend of mine first and let him take us there!" Huangfu Zhantian wryly said that at this critical moment, he actually got lost again. Zangluo did take him there, but he forgot where it was.
"hmm!" Inflammation of the sunrise is no other reaction very simply nodded his head.
See the inflammation of the sunrise reaction suspection.i Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and then with the three of them came to the border skid against the ┦せ curtain >.
"Zang old man, I’m coming!" Huangfu Zhantian shouted at the refined pharmacist union, but after shouting, Huangfu Zhantian discovered that something was wrong because no one spoke to him. Huangfu Zhantian felt someone in the face, but no one answered himself.
"Let’s go in and have a look!" Said any suspection.i war days and fly directly.
"Zang old man, what are you doing?" Huangfu Zhantian pushed Zangluo to refine Dan medicine for one room and then shouted, but after shouting, Huangfu Zhantian found that many people were looking at him, and it seemed that something was wrong with the atmosphere.
Xiaotian, is that you? Zangluo in the crowd quickly came out and saw Huangfu Zhantian, and he suddenly burst into tears. Section 1717: Lu Jun’s life and death
"Zang old man, don’t come to this one. What can I do if I cry my clothes dirty? Come on, don’t cry, I’m here! " After seeing his old friend, Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes suddenly turned reddish. I’m afraid he wouldn’t be familiar with the situation here so quickly if he hadn’t come to this Shenyuan mainland. Maybe he would have been killed a long time ago. He is very grateful to Zangluo.
"Xiaotian, I’m fine. Please wait for me outside first. I’ll find you later!" Zangluo immediately laughed after wiping away tears.
Hearing Zangluo’s words and then seeing Zangluo’s smile hides something strange, and how can there be so many people in this pharmacy? All these show that something is wrong.
"Ha-ha, old Zang, I just came here and I haven’t caught my breath yet. It’s a bit unkind of you to kick me out. Forget it. Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a drink today. Let’s have a few drinks with some monkeys." Huangfu Zhantian didn’t show it directly, but grabbed Zangluo’s shoulder and pulled him toward the outside, ignoring the people inside.
"Hum ZangLuo where are you going? If you want to leave, you can put the environment on the skid, and you can teach me how to stew the hole, Peng Ao, knock on the neon, bake the wine, and let the badger go with the falcon.
"Pa …!"
Even the people in the pharmacy felt flowers at the moment, and then the man who spoke directly vomited blood and flew out, hitting the back wall and being hit in a fog.
"What are you? I didn’t see the young master. I’m in a good mood. I came here to find something unlucky and reckless! " Any suspection.i war days dumped cutting way
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone realized that it was the young man who slapped the former speaker and flew out. Their field was also not a layman. They were all afraid of the situation. They were thieves of phenol, Xin, Che, Song Zheng, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω, Ω
"How fast!"
"Yes, but this boy is going to be miserable!"
Xiaotian!’ Zangluo didn’t expect any suspection.i Zhantian to be so aggressive and worried.
"No, it’s just a fly, so it’s good to fly it off directly and keep it!" Any suspection.i zhantian said with a smile
"Hum pavilion good tone? I don’t know who Ge is. I cann’t believe you dare to come and take care of our situation, and I’ll teach you a lesson.
"It’s another fly. Get out of here. You are lucky today, young master. You are in a good mood today. If you bother the young master again, the young master won’t mind letting you all see the creator!" Any suspection.i war day hum a way
"Hum, Mou Yanfeng, a learned pavilion!" Mou Yanfeng’s face became extremely ugly after hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words.
"Since you want to die yourself, the young master will become you!" Any suspection.i war day shape that is a slap fan in the past that MouYan peak root didn’t respond to the front of the man was generally directly flew out and fell to the ground cheek swollen like a pig.
"Is there anyone who wants to learn the master’s brilliant idea now?" Any suspection.i Zhantian squinted at those people and then took it back.
And those people were frightened by the thunderous action of Huangfu Zhantian. When no one dared to say, although the strength of these two people sent burn, deepen, steal, admire Qin, die, admire the words, and kiss each other, it was true that they played the role of the overseas Chinese to visit the corridor.
"Since there is no, then get out!" Any suspection.i war cold way
Hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, all these people fled towards the outside, and they dare not guarantee that this young man will beat them up.
"You two come back here and take these two pieces of garbage away. Don’t pollute here!" Any suspection.i war days a wave of his hand directly to the two people to catch back and then cold way
The two men were caught by suspection.i Zhantian, and immediately after they came back, their courage broke. After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, they dared not put a fart and directly carried the two men away.
And refined pharmacist union people immediately got excited when they saw these people being driven away [
"Zang old man can tell me what’s going on now!" Wait until these people are left after refined pharmacist trade union HuangFuZhanTian face to ease up and then asked ZangLuo.
"Xiaotian I …!" Zangluo some difficult way
"Zang old man, do you take me as a friend? When I was in trouble, you didn’t say anything to help me. Now you are in trouble. How can I not help you? Tell me what’s going on? " Huangfu Zhantian was in a hurry when he saw Zangluo faltering. He could see that Zangluo didn’t want to get involved in the fight, but he was not afraid at all.
"Just say what Xiaotian can do for you!" Inflammation of the sunrise to see suspection.i war days to tube this thing, although the in the mind very anxious to fly to Qin Si side now, but he didn’t stop the gentleman dispensable things, he still won’t go against it.
Hear any suspection.i Zhantian words and then see come in with any suspection.i Zhantian Yan Xi and twin Xiao Yan and Sunny Zangluo took a deep breath and told the story again.
It turns out that these people are trapped in the world, but the refined pharmacists’ union has not been with these people until recently, when those people obviously couldn’t resist forcing the refined pharmacists’ union to let Zang Luo hand over the post of president of the refined pharmacists’ union.
"Liu Junsheng? Doesn’t he care if he is a Lord? " Any suspection.i war days after hearing the anger immediately came immediately nu asked.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Zangluo’s face suddenly became ugly, and then it was a little difficult to say, "Old Miss, he was killed by those people. It was because those transvestites attacked our pharmacist trade union that they were killed by these people. Section 1718: Revenge.
"what!" Hear zanglo suspection.i war celestial body suddenly burst into a powerful murder face expression became ferocious, grabbed zanglo arm and asked.
"It’s Lao Lu. He was killed by those animals!" After Zangluo finished speaking, two lines of tears flowed out again, but the hatred in his eyes was more intense.
"Yeah, it was a tiger not a mountain monkey called overlord. Now everything dares to scamper! Old Zang took me to meet them, and I’ll see what they did that dared to kill my friend Huangfu Zhantian! " Huangfu Zhantian gritted his teeth and said that he tried hard not to let his tears flow out, but they still could not stop flowing. Liu Junsheng, like Zangluo, is a teacher and friend in Huangfu Zhantian. He will never allow someone to hurt his friend and still live well.
"Xiaotian, don’t be impulsive. There are several strong gods among those people. There are also strong gods in dzogchen. I also want to take revenge on Miss Lao, but I can’t watch you get hurt! This matter is absolutely impossible! " Zangluo immediately showed a firm look in his eyes after hearing Huangfu Zhantian words and then shook his head and said