It was not long before many brothers returned to their original places and found out that the blast furnace was ready.

"Danfeng is more formal!" With a wave of his hand, Hefa boy waved his hand.
A series of spiritual fires rose in the hall.
Tsukiji Dan Sumo has not been refined.
But he is no stranger to this dozen Lingcao plants.
These Lingcao orders are the main spiritual materials for refining his Dan medicine.
Su Mo didn’t try so hard to pick up the memory of a Lingcao eye closure in front of him.
Sumo recalled the flame temperature needed to refine this Lingcao plant when refining those pills, and recalled every detail in the refining process.
The failure of refining a plant of Lingcao once means that the failure of Danfeng’s artistry should not be careless!
Just then, a brother next to him exclaimed and looked annoyed at a mass of ashes in his palm.
He failed to refine the first Lingcao.
The temperature is too high, and the Lingcao will instantly turn into ashes.
With a sigh, this brother put away the blast furnace and left the hall.
Then two younger brothers quit after failing to refine.
Several people were eliminated on the first herbal medicine trial.
Actually, it’s not that these younger brothers are not strong enough to make an alchemist. It’s hard to be nervous when they see a herb. What’s more, it’s that Danfeng’s artistic mentality is out of balance, which leads to mistakes.
In a short time, most of my brothers refined the first Lingcao and put the refined essence into the blast furnace.
The first herb must be the most familiar, and it went well.
"What did Sumo do? Did he fall asleep?"
"I don’t think he knows how to pretend to understand this hard support."
See Su Mo delayed refining Lingcao some sarcasm in the crowd.
It was not until his brother refined the second Lingcao that Su Mo opened his eyes and released Linghuo, putting Lingcao on the surface and refining it.
Soon Su Mo refined a pinch of powder and put it in an alchemy furnace, then picked up the second Lingcao and continued to meditate and recall.
After a long time, Su Mo opened his eyes again and refined a second herb.
The second herb refining eliminated several younger brothers.
Compared with Su Mo, Feng Haoyu and Huo Xiu’s refining is very slow, but there is no mistake. Every time the herbal essence is refined, it exudes a fresh fragrance.
With the passage of time, more and more younger brothers have been eliminated.
When Su Mo finished refining more than a dozen Lingcao plants, there were only more than a dozen brothers left in the original 200.
The third step of alchemy fusion
The proportion of Lingcao essence can’t have even the slightest deviation, otherwise the alchemy will fail.
This test is the rigor and carefulness of the refiner.
After fusion, it is secondary refining.
This time, the flame can be increased
Su Mo and Feng Haoyu’s three-level spiritual fire will play a great role.
It is worth noting that it is extremely rare for Huo Xiuyuan to cultivate a secondary spiritual fire.
Feng Haoyu finished the fourth step first, followed by Huo Xiuyuan.
Because the second step consumes too much, Su Mo is the slowest among many younger brothers.
Step five, Ning Dan!
This step will show that the quality of Dan medicine is high!
The original wind Hao Yu and Huo Xiuyuan occasionally pay attention to the progress and situation of Su Mo, but both of them dare not be distracted by Ning Dan.
Outside the main hall, there is also a crow.
They held their breath and looked at two people who were setting Dan.
A crunchy sound
A younger brother, Ning Dan, failed, and the Dan medicine burst, with a depressed face and unwilling to leave the alchemy hall.
Then a few crunchy in the hall.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
How many younger brothers Ning Dan failed? There are fewer and fewer people in the hall.
A younger brother scorns one.
"Ha ha!"
The man laughed. He was about to put away the elixir to check the fineness, but there was a black smoke coming from the hole of the blast furnace, emitting a pungent smell.
Crane hair boy shook his head.
This black smoke shows that this Tsukiji Dan is different from the poison Dan.
Just then HuoXiuYuan suddenly light drink.
Then a white smoke wafted from the blast furnace, emitting a faint fragrance.
A Dan medicine flies out of the blast furnace and a Dan pattern is clearly visible.
"It’s Tsukidan!"
"Brother Huo was so powerful that he succeeded in refining!"
Huo Xiuyuan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Feng Haoyu.