"In those days, those people not only wanted to hurt my unborn child, but also spread rumors that the child was the life king. I endured all kinds of grievances and thought that it would be good to wait until you came back, but it was hard to get you back from the sidelines, but you turned a blind eye to me and asked me to send soup to my child at the end of my life."

Speaking of being forced to drink soup that day, Mu Huan was a little shaky, and tears welled up in her eyes. It was always painful in her heart, and every time she thought about it, she was so painful that she could breathe.
"Huanhuan sorry!" Looking at the tears while telling MuHuan thyme devoted to the heat, I really want to stretch out my hand and hold her in my arms, but he can’t do it at the moment, even if he helps her wipe her tears, he can’t do it for the first time in his life, and he feels so capable.
"Without you, you have always been good to me. How can I be sorry for what I have suffered so much?" Mu Huan smiled bitterly with tears. "To protect me, you went to ask the celestial spirit mouse to be bitten. Yes, you found me and arranged for you to secretly protect me. You went to Shenglong Snow Mountain to defeat the three great beasts and catch the ice-filled snow silkworm regardless of personal safety, so that I would never be controlled by others from now on, but I would be happy with these?"
"I am an ordinary woman, and I never want much. I just want a man to accompany a woman. I hope my man can always accompany me and share all his happiness, sadness, dullness, difficulties and dangers with me. If I are two people, I will face it together."
"I don’t want to hide behind who wants me to sacrifice. If I am well, it is your life for me not to let it be! Let me live alone for a long time, it is better to let me accompany you through the storm together, even if life is short and we have struggled together. "
"Huan Huan I was wrong …" Hundred miles devoted to the heat made me white. How did those so-called Muhuanhao hurt her heart? When Mr. Jiu’s identity approached her, she also said that she was not rich and prosperous, and she was accompanied by each other day and night, which is why she would especially like Zhuang’s time.
"Yes, you’re wrong. You’re wrong. It’s really outrageous. When you remove my body from the poison, you get bitten by the poison. Knowing that you have much time, you design your future life. You think Daming is good for me and can spoil me, and you are bent on pushing me to him."
"Even if I can enjoy the splendor in the future, you will secretly contribute to the revenge plan to let him have high power to better protect me and Woo-jung, but have you ever considered me when you do all this? I also have a heart! I gave you my heart a long time ago. Do you mean take it back? Love whoever you say you love? "
"You approached me dressed as Mr. Jiu, and I always had a strange sense of familiarity and trust in you, but you were afraid that I loved you, so you cruelly told me that you were going home to serve your mother’s family, and the consummation of your wife and concubine was completely broken. I think you know that I am grateful for Daming’s friendship, but you always want to say in front of me that he hinted that I should be with him."
"Don’t you forget that there is no reason to love or not to love the root? It is the deepest resonance and feeling in my heart. I don’t feel this way about Daming, but I have to force myself to accept him. Is this fair to him? He may have been very interested before he got me, but now that he has ascended the throne, there are countless women who are eager to enter his harem. One day, he will accept the harem and face such a lukewarm second-hand goods as me who please him in every way. Will he still cherish it? Will you and I make these plans really make me happy? "
Muhuan didn’t cry or scream at the top of her lungs, but she cried and said that she was wronged. But every sentence in her ear was like a sharp knife poking him in the heart and accusing him of hurting her in the name of arguing that all this was her love!
"Huanhuan is all my fault, but I’m confused. I never care about your feelings. I just do what I want. Can you give me another chance?" Thyme devoted to the heat gently gasped and took a sip. Some chapped lips were begging.
"Not everything can be done all over again. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s missed, and you and I can’t go back." Muhuan shook his head with a straight face. "We’ve already had a lot of things and a lot of things. Many people shouldn’t have gone back from the day you pushed me to Daming!"
"Don’t haun haun we still can be the same as before, isn’t it? I know you care about me, but I love you more than ever! Forgive me, is it because I am too conceited, and I hurt you, so let me make it up to you? " A hundred miles away, I feel pain in my heart, and my eyes are fixed on Muhuan’s face. "Give me a chance. I will love you more than ever!"
"It’s too late for a hundred miles. I-I’m already in love …"
"Huanhuan, you really don’t want me?" Muhuan’s words were like a heavy punch, and the pain in his heart was about to burst. He lowered his eyes and didn’t want to let himself feel distressed and exposed.
"I really don’t love you anymore. You Khmer have so many eyes and ears. Didn’t they tell you that I had already slept with Daming?" Muhuan didn’t look at thyme when she said this. She didn’t know that it would hurt him, but now she wants to leave, so she doesn’t say anything.
At that time, Su Yiming was paralyzed, cold Kunyang and her roommate hid in her room to refine Dan medicine. It seems to outsiders that it is suspected that two people have long been husband and wife, and they must know that this smell is due to the help of fire Xuan and Nini, and naturally they don’t know what they did in the room at that time.
"Huan chun you must say so? !” Thyme devoted to the heat felt torn in his heart. It’s not that he never thought that Muhuan might have Su Yiming in his heart. Even a little bit is bad for him, but if this girl has already shared a room with Su Yiming, he really doesn’t believe it.
At the beginning, the news from Khmer was silent for a long time, but he knew that Huanhuan’s love in her heart had always been her only one, Mr. Jiu, but it was still herself, wasn’t it? And Huan Huan is not such a casual woman. He knows very well that she will live in the same room with Su Yiming. There must be a special reason.
"Even if you are with him, it’s my own fault. I want you to come back to me and give me a chance." Li Mo Xu’s eyes are full of pain at this time. "What if it is true? I don’t mind! I don’t love anyone but you, and I love others. I want you to give me a chance to make it up to you and You Rong. "
"You don’t mind? But I mind that I’m dirty … "Muhuan was not unmoved, but she still couldn’t get past the hurdle in her heart.
"Don’t you talk nonsense! No matter what happens to you, you are the only woman I love in this world. I will never push you from now on! " Thyme devoted to the heat, saying that he tried his best to drag her to Muhuan and was pulled into his arms in a sign. This wound just hit his chest and he hissed with pain.
"That’s enough thyme devoted to hot! We are no longer possible! " MuHuan suddenly got up and pushed the thyme devoted to the heat "you are not bad? !”
"Anyway, you are leaving me. What am I going to do with my life?" Bai Li Mo Xu put Mu Huan’s eyes slightly closed with a look of despair. "Anyway, I have no strength and people are disabled, and I can’t keep you. Does it add to your difficulties?"
A hundred miles away, I coughed, curled my head unconsciously, and burst out with a lot of cold sweat. He leaned slightly to prevent Muhuan from seeing his face and despair. "Go, I am a broken body. Can I give you happiness?"
"Take care of yourself!" Muhuan leng together to turn round and then walk out of a few steps, and felt something was wrong. He rushed to the front of the bed and pulled the hundred miles away from the hot body. When he saw the blood oozing down his mouth, he still had tears in his eyes.
"Mo Xu, what happened to you?" Muhuan immediately in the mind a sluggish voice trembling face instantly turned white.
"I’m fine. Go!" Li Mo Xu kept his eyes closed. "If you don’t leave, your father and mother will wake up and you won’t leave Xiaowu. They won’t stop you."
"What’s the matter with you? Is it a hair injury? I’ll find Daming! "
"No! You go with Su Yiming and leave me alone! " A hundred miles away, Xu said, and a line of clear tears slipped out of the corner of his eye, but his face suddenly turned blue and gray, and the whole person looked bad
"Mo hot where are you uncomfortable Chapter four hundred and sixty and good!
Muhuan was so scared that he broke into a cold sweat, hugged his shoulders and shook them gently, but he gasped and couldn’t say a word anymore.
"Mo Xu, don’t scare me. I’m not angry with you anymore. Open your eyes, okay? !” Muhuan panicked as soon as he got there.
In fact, she was just talking nonsense to vent her feelings. Although she has grievances, she is still more moved. How many people can do this man after she has done so much and so deeply loved him? It’s those injuries, those cheating that make her feel bad and uncomfortable.
At the moment, I looked at Bai Li Mo Xu’s face and said nothing. Mu Huan held Bai Li Mo Xu’s tears as soon as she came out. She trembled and reached out to try him. She was scared to death. "Mo Xu, look at me. Don’t ignore me. I won’t say that again to annoy you. I won’t leave you. Please answer me!"
Mo Xu, I can’t live without you, you know? What’s the point of my life without you?
Mo Xu, please don’t abandon me in this life. I can never love anyone except you. No matter how good others are to me, I will be moved. Only when you show up in any capacity, I will be moved by you.