As a result, he pushed several times but found that the coffin lid didn’t move at all. Duan De pondered and observed it with a smile. "It’s quite naughty. It’s all my brothers who have come all the way. How can I finally set a ban on being original?"

However, Duan De was not lost in his heart, because he saw that this ban was very simple, and he could break it. He could perfectly break this force by leaving two bronze coffins together.
As a result, we Duan Daochang’s two bronze coffins were transported from the center, and we grasped the coffin lid one by one, and our hearts were filled with lofty sentiments.
History has never been so strong, and the two emperors have never had such emperors as Lu Chen and Ye Fan, who have reigned for more than 100 thousand years. They are suspected to be the most dazzling in the ages.
And this will be a historic moment. He is in the middle of the coffin of Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi, and both coffins should be opened at the same time!
At this moment, he is not fighting alone. All "archaeologists" have been attached to his soul through the ages. Duan De feels that he is carrying on a historical mission and the ultimate dream of hundreds of millions of "archaeologists".
A new history will be opened in front of the coffins of Emperor Tiandi and Emperor Wudi.
"get up!"
Duan De was in a state of extreme excitement when he drank it.
Next is to witness the miracle moment!
As the two coffin lids slowly tilt to Kai Duan De’s eyes, the light is getting more and more prosperous, and I am coming!
The rumbling sound of the covers of two coffins in the dim underground palace made the ceremony feel better and lit a circle of long lights in the main tomb again.
Those candlelight flickered in the tremor, and Duan De’s center felt radiant!
Where there is light, there will be shadows, and two long shadows will come out through the gap in the coffin, according to Duan De’s feet and his body shape.
When the coffin lid rose to a certain level, Duan De first saw the floating virtual regicide and the mother gas tripod, which made him excited.
But as the coffin continued to rise, his excited expression gradually distorted and transformed into another frightened expression
Those two shadows meet somewhere else. Judging from the shape of the shadows, they are two sitting people!
Duan De intuitive scalp pins and needles, he tried to stop immediately put the coffin lid, only to find that his hand was stuck with the general root method to recover.
He watched the coffin lid tilt up and the candlelight in the tomb lit up the pale faces of two people.
Two green men with pale pupils slowly turned their heads and gave a burst of musculoskeletal distortion. In the quiet tomb, they were particularly infiltrated, and they looked at Duan De in the central area at the same time.
Duan De screamed, "All brothers are brothers. My younger brother is here to visit old friends. Think about it quickly. You knew being original before your death!"
"Don’t be impulsive. Being original is really not to rob a tomb!"
Duan De repeatedly exclaimed and rattled in fright. It was that he had just put a small piece of fairy gold on his sleeve …
Duan De is blue in the face. "It’s a chance to measure his grandmother’s Buddha today. Who knows the biggest person in history?"
He looked at the two familiar faces. At this time, Ye Fan and Liu Chen were pale with a strange smile. Ye Fan also twisted his head to a strange arc and looked at Duan De straight.
Duan De’s legs shook with fear. "It’s strange to be original!"
At this time, Lu Chen feels that Ye Fan has played a little too much. Don’t really force Duan De to work hard. It will ruin his life so that he can’t start again in this life.
So he gave Duan De a friendly smile and wanted Duan De not to be nervous and ready to tell Duan De that this was a joke between him and Ye Fan.
But when Duan De saw Liu Chenxiao, his hair was blown up and he was ready to fight hard!
Chapter one thousand two hundred and seventy-three Wang Bo my son Wang Teng!
"Stop being fat!"
Ye Fan exclaimed and Liu Chen at the same time to suppress Duan De body that ready to explode force to suppress.
If Duan De mobilizes the strength of past lives, then this world can’t be clean and heavy, and sleeping for more than ten thousand years will fall short.
A powerful storm broke out in the tomb, and Lu Chen and Ye Fan immediately stopped Duan De.