Shen Menglu, a red veil, looks like a lotus, looks like a star, winks at her, smiles at her lips, and smiles at her. All kinds of bad thoughts along the way have not affected her mood. Today, she is still the bride who attracts the attention of the people. She is a bride who is elegant and graceful.

Li cheng! Send the bride and groom into the bridal chamber! Since then, the husband and wife have never left each other!
As Mrs. Ji is full of praise, Zhu Yinzhen, the crowd, like a spotlight, focuses on the eyes and reaches out to Shen Menglu with deep affection. "Love princess, please come this way!"
The bridal chamber? Shen Menglu’s mind leapt unexpectedly to thank the old lady for teaching her a mind-blowing plan. Shen Menglu lowered her head slightly and put her hands in Zhu Yinzhen’s palm awkwardly. If you can see Shen Menglu’s face at the moment, you will see that her hot cheeks are full of hongxia, as magnificent as roses in full bloom.
"Make trouble in the bridal chamber!" Young ministers and their families were inexplicably excited and booed, followed by a rush to Yuemeng Palace.
In order to please Princess Xin Mu, King Mu did not hesitate to turn his pure heart temple into Yuemeng Palace, which is a governor of the whole world, which makes the world full of curiosity about this Yuemeng Palace. Another well-known thing is that this Yuemeng Palace can’t even step into the palace for a bunch of ladies, which makes this Yuemeng Palace even more mysterious. Everyone naturally won’t miss this opportunity, and there is also a chance to make new people. Everyone is even more reluctant to miss this excitement.
In an instant, most of the people from the original gathering hall shouted away, leaving the emperor queen and some highly respected ministers, Zhu Yinzhe, Zhu Yinxi, several princes and princesses.
"Today is the old four big day, and a few of you brothers are also going to help add happiness! Don’t stand on ceremony. "De Zong glanced at several sons and waved his hand to signal them not to be stiff.
Prince Zhu Yinxi of Los Angeles is only in her early twenties, and Princess Luo is only ten years old. It is precisely because they love the lively age that they pulled Prince Zhu Yinyou and his wife to Yuemeng Palace. It is not unreasonable that their brothers are not as noisy as their wedding day.
Zhu Yin’s pleat is still motionless, still looking calmly in place, and the captain around Queen Ji has no intention of showing off.
Dezong glanced at them and raised his eyebrows. "Why don’t the toffee and the second child go?"
Wei Lao gave a blessing to Dezong and politely said, "I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to go back to my father’s ancestral hall and go in alone."
Dezong frowned. Zhu Yinqi left the palace to rest under the pretext of physical discomfort, but as a result, there was a wedding road all over his body. What is the reason? Dezong did not know that Zhu Yinqi was so stubborn about Shen Menglu that Dezong was also annoyed by all kinds of nai.
Dezong took a deep look at Weida. This toffee is not a blunt person. Zhu Yinqi is not ignorant of Shen Menglu’s mind. It is impossible for her to be so patient. It is called Dezong’s pity for this eldest daughter-in-law.
"Whether you are a quiet person, stay here with your mother!" Dezong secretly blamed Zhu Yinqi for not knowing the limits. Although it is a good thing that he stumbled into Zhu Yinzhen’s solution by mistake, it is not right for Dezong to openly leave Wei Da alone. His eyes fell to the prime minister Wei Chihan and Zhu Xiaoting, who were never forced to sit and drink tea.
So quiet? Zhu Pingting paused for tea. When did her lively eldest daughter actually talk to Hao Jing? She was a lively and flamboyant woman. After several years as a toffee, she became a quail instead of being domineering!
Zhu Pingting gave Wei Chengou an unhappy look and was very dissatisfied with her cowardly concession. Zhu Yinqi openly let her stand alone for Shen Menglu. If Wei Chengou had some brains, he should take this opportunity to cry in front of her Weichihan in Dezong, or let her stand up for her daughter with confidence.
When Wei Shen received Zhu Pingting’s reproachful eyes, he turned his head and humbly replied to Dezong, "Yes, my son is obedient!"
Zhu Yiting’s eyes are heavy. It’s really a dead wood!
Zhu Yin’s deep eyes fell on the thin silhouette of Wei Da. After a few years of not seeing Tai Fei, she became more and more calm and dignified, and her forbearance grew more and more. In those years, she was enthusiastic, flamboyant, energetic, handsome and unrestrained, and she became more and more different.
Zhu Yinzhe’s mind can’t help but see what it looked like when he first met Wei Daiyu. That year, Wei Daiyu was fifteen years old. For the first time, a toffee candidate entered the palace carelessly. Zhu Yiting got lost and got lost in the bustling imperial garden. Instead of a trace of panic, Wei Daiyu played happily in the imperial garden.
On the orders of Queen Ji, I came out to look for the captain, Zhu Yinpleat. I saw an elf jumping among the flowers like a hundred flowers fairy. She was as crisp as a silver bell and smiled and rippled among the flowers.
On that day, Wei Da was dressed in a pale pink palace skirt embroidered with a pale blue butterfly with wings flying, and covered with a layer of white gauze. With her graceful jumping skirt, the gauze flew and floated, which made people have the illusion that it would disappear with the wind and become immortal.
Wei’s dark hair is as silky as silk, and more than half of it is simply tied up with ribbons. The hair floats at will, and the waist is slim and waisty. It is even more lovely to win. Wei’s suspicion is also a beauty. If the shoulders are cut into a waist, the eyebrows are as beautiful as jade and the muscles are as white as snow.
The beauty’s butterfly-flapping is particularly enchanting. Zhu Yin’s pleat just looked at it for a moment. He mistakenly thought that his daughter had fallen from fairyland to a fairy, so she was so smart and graceful that she didn’t return to her senses until the accompanying guards called him. She called a "Miss Wei!"
Hearing the sound of Zhu Yin’s pleats, the captain let go of the butterfly in a panic and turned his head. Zhu Yin’s pleats looked at each other.
Wei’s tactfully moving eyes are as bright as glass, and their bright eyes are as hazy as morning dew.
After more than ten years, Zhu Yinzhe still clearly remembers the beautiful girl like Zhu Yinzhe, who caught a glimpse of her, and deserves to be cared for by the best man in the world.
But now I can’t help laughing at this delicate but dim-eyed female Zhu Yin pleat.
In those days, Zhu Yinqi’s phrase "I don’t like the palace" doomed Wei Yi to be a happy person.
However, when Wei Lao was so confident and full of women, she once said to Zhu Yinqi with such high spirits that "Taidian will one day be a person who will give up your mind!"
In those days, Wei Da faced Zhu Yinqi, who deeply loved Ji Wenhua, with such great fear and courage, and dared Ji Wenhua to compete for high position and have such bursting confidence that he could win Zhu Yinqi’s heart.
Wei Wei almost did it! If it weren’t for the child who died unexpectedly … Zhu Yin’s eyes were dark and stupefied, looking at the captain.
In those days, I had a deep affection for Zhu Yinqi’s childhood friends. Ji Wenhua, a young captain, dared to go forward. Now, in the face of a mere Shen Menglu, she has made a concession to ask for this. It is hard to imagine how hard it has been for her to live these years.
Dezong didn’t even respond to Zhu Yin’s call until his father-in-law Ann quietly pulled him a handful of Zhu Yin’s pleats. "It’s my father!"
"Old two, you are rare all the year round, and old four are glad that you are busy with the brothers." It is reasonable for Wei Wei not to make trouble in the bridal chamber, but why can Zhu Yin’s pleats not join in the fun? Zhu Yinzhen should be active and enthusiastic when he is newly married and happy as a brother.
Zhu Yin folds her lips and smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. "My father’s four siblings are afraid they won’t be happy to see my son and minister join in the fun."