"In addition to practicing hard and accumulating aura, we don’t deliberately do anything and deal with anything when we encounter it. The merits of Taoist cultivation have soared in the daytime and deliberately went to monasticism but fell into obsession."

"Click click!" As soon as my voice fell, three huge thunder sounded, and at the same time, three dazzling Lei Guang fell in front of us, and it was sunny immediately after Lei Guang.
"Does this blame us for killing too many people and give us a warning?" King Kong cannons are green in the face.
"No," three thunders made me feel good and my mind was clear.
"What does that mean? This LeiXian is directed at us. "King Kong cannon pointed to three lightning pits about a foot on the ground.
"You’re wrong, not for us, but for me." I stepped over the pit and turned into the avenue leading to the palace.
"What do you mean?" King Kong cannon also came up.
"This is my fault for letting the cat out of the bag." I nodded and smiled.
"Don’t you just guess? How did it become an open-air machine?" King Kong cannon asked doubtfully.
I ha ha smiled and didn’t connect with the lightning again. My previous guesses were all correct. The question department found the answer in my mind, so I was in a good mood. I will not repeat the mistakes of the previous two generations if I want to be kind and act in moderation.
When they talked, they finally found a clothing store, and they changed into a tattered blouse. As the saying goes, people change clothes by clothes and horses by saddles, and then they simply freshened up and changed their image.
We didn’t meet every door in the pedestrian street shops all the way. It seems that our arrival has had a serious impact on the daily life order of the people.
Outside the palace, thousands of pro-guards have lined up a phalanx. Outside, there are spear infantry, and inside, there is a long-distance attack on Gong Bing phalanx, leaving a three-foot passage in the left and right.
"What should I do?" King Kong cannon asked me for advice.
"Let me think." I nodded and smiled. Xiao Yanbu’s appearance is a test of my courage and IQ. If I am angry, I will surely rush in from the main entrance. At that time, these ranks will definitely attack us. It is a sea of tactics.
"Go around from other places and go directly to the palace to find the emperor," I said thoughtfully for a moment
"Good" King Kong cannon nodded in agreement.
"You tease them from the outside and I’ll go in myself." I pulled the eager King Kong cannon.
"Then you be careful. There are three helpers around him. You can’t see exactly what to fix." King Kong cannon was not assured.
"I’ll give him the things and I’ll go. Don’t worry, no one can stop me." I reached out and grabbed half of the rice cake in the gunner’s hand. This guy had previously taken two pieces and thrown away one piece. There is always a saying that I can’t go to the palace to see the emperor. I have to point my nose at him and scold him. I have to make him afraid. I can’t let him get angry with my parents and family. Even if I give him this half of the rice cake as a gift, of course, it’s a fake gift. My purpose is to tell him that the palace is big
Bypass the west side of the palace, and sure enough, I didn’t find the guards. After a moment of meditation, I swept in …
Chapter 54 Walk to the Imperial Court
Imperial palaces in the past dynasties, regardless of their size, can be divided into courtyards and courtyards. The courtyards are places where emperors deal with their daily affairs. The courtyards are places where emperors rest. On the east side of the courtyards, there lived Juntai, so generally speaking, Taitai was called the East Palace. On the west side of the courtyards, there lived concubines. Behind them were the back gardens, which were places where all the people in the palace enjoyed the scenery.
The capital of the Liang Dynasty established Jiankang Jiankang, which is today’s Nanjing city. Before the Liang Dynasty, the four dynasties of Wu, Dong Jin, Song and Qi had made their capitals. Later, Chen Dynasty was called the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, because there were four dynasties before it, so the size of the palace was quite large, and the small palaces were densely packed. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yanlong, who was in the outer court, I would have been lost.
Because I choose the route to enter from the west, the first place to pass is the place where concubines live. The Liang Dynasty also followed the system of concubines and concubines in the Han Dynasty. There were one hundred and twenty-one people in all dynasties, including the imperial concubine Jieyu. That is to say, the emperor can’t have more than one hundred and twenty-one wives, the princes can have nine wives, and the officials can have three wives, all of whom are brave. The orthodox rule has been continued, and later generations have followed this principle. In the harem, three thousand miles and three thousand fingers are not all wives, because there are a large number of handmaids and maids in the palace, and these people have no birthright.
Because there are a large number of women living in the palace, the west side of the whole palace is full of rouge gouache fragrance. The modern chemical fragrance is different. This fragrance is natural floral fragrance and body fragrance. There are thousands of perfect women in the whole palace, accounting for the vast majority. Xiao Yan is an old emperor in his seventies, and he can probably see it with his heart and effort.
At this time, it was afternoon, and a large number of concubines were basking in the sun outside Gonge, but they didn’t find me. Therefore, at this moment, I have put the popular tactic to the extreme and swept it to Xiao Yan’s court at a very fast speed.
I am so anxious to leave this harem area because those concubines remind me of Xu Zhaopei, and Xu Zhaopei will be one of them in the near future, quietly killing youth and slowly passing away in the deep palace compound.
With the distance getting closer, Xiao Yan’s breath of emperors and dragons is faintly visible, and the breath of the three monks hiding around him is gradually showing signs. Although these people have hidden the magic and practice, their methods are not as mysterious as Ziyang’s view of hidden qi, so I can still observe that there are two masters of purple gas and one master of lavender among the three.
I swept the front of the main hall of the outer court, and I stopped my body. I made a proud whistling with aura, and the court echoed.
I made a noise because I finally woke up completely. My mission is probably that all the founders of the four religions know that it is most likely that the founder of the three religions will be named after the Buddha. "It’s only three things. If he makes any mistakes this time and looks at the Taoist as if he is at home?" I’ve always wanted to intercept talented people, at the same time, I’m compassionate and cold-blooded, and I’m not the only one who singled me out. Now I finally realize that in addition to paying attention to my mind and body, it’s also very important that I am the younger brother of Ziyang, and I can see whether this person’s virtue is harmful to the king kong cannon according to the breath of returning to the earth when I was in Jiuhua Mountain. It was only when I got the key that I cracked three feet to save the real life of Huang Mei.
The art of observing Qi has a considerable defect of yin and virtue. I can kill those who have lost the world. It is also a merit to kill this person. This is also my future practice direction. Among the three purple gas masters, Xiao Yan has found two yin and virtue, one of which is harmful. I can kill the other one, and I will punish the lavender master. I will not touch him.
At this moment, I finally understand the mystery of the Tao. If I want to soar in the daytime, I must do three things. The first is to cultivate with great concentration. The second is to realize the Tao. The third is to do justice for heaven. I have been trying to reverse the dry Kun for the first two generations. I don’t know that it will never work to change the heaven by force. Modification and change are the right way.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey ….." King Kong cannon located outside the palace heard my noise and quickly echoed it, which also means he started work.
When the patrol guards in the palace heard the noise, they moved closer to the palace hall to escort them, but before they approached, three purple gas masters had jumped out of the hall.
These three purple gas masters are all from the south, which can be judged according to their delicate facial features and short stature. Liang is located in the southern natural society and is looking for an escort master.
Among them, one is tall, one is short, and two make Taoist Sword over 50 years old. The owner of lilac aura is a young monk in his thirties, holding a wrought copper stick.