Nowadays, the times are chaotic, dragons and snakes travel, ghosts travel at night, and something may not happen. Some people can trace back to the source. He originally wanted to use the secret method of reinforcing jīng and inclining nirvana to plunder women’s cultivation, but he never thought of meeting a beautiful Uber who passed through Buddhism and Taoism.

The so-called dragon, dragon, snake, snake and three people in the same place repair each other together. It seems that the leader of this hunting suit has little difference between the two companions. After just three or five breaths, he was blown into a mass of minced meat by chaos.
And his soul was crushed by Chen Shaobai conveniently and completely annihilated.
Chen Shaobai slowly turned around and put the clothes on the women’s clothes. "The recent turmoil is that the monks who quench their gas can also ensure their own safety. You’d better stay with the same door more."
It’s worth something. With the cultivation of J and jīng, his temperament has become more and more outstanding. Now he is always a gentle and modest gentleman.
Looking at her, I couldn’t help being stupid.
"He saw me. Should I …"
Thinking about thinking about the woman’s beautiful face, a blush emerges.
The big guy who saw her in the leaning Niemen? I don’t care about that ghost!
She dressed in a hurry and was about to say something, only to find that Chen Shaobai had packed up her battle interests and flew to the distance. She hurriedly asked impatiently, "Dare to ask my daughter, Li, to be a good living reward!"
"My famous horse Feng Zi, if you have the heart to teach me how to repay me!"
Chen Shaobaitou replied, never looking back, that the figure instantly disappeared into the female cultivation field of vision.
"Hum … don’t even ask somebody else’s name …"
The nun muttered to herself to solve the problem. The glass crystal on her chest revealed the nameplate of Wanji Pavilion. She touched the bag. "Fortunately, Elder Martial Sister Yu Yao asked me to take care of things without delay."
"Horse purple? Even the younger brother of Qing Xuan still pretends to be a devil monk? Hee hee … It’s a good thing I’m hearing the photo stone. "
She stroked a piece of glittering and translucent jade, and Chen Shaobai’s figure was clearly visible.
Mi Qilin’s argument seems to have taken over. Ma Jiajia’s little tail is about to go up to the sky. "Mm-hmm, you should listen to me as soon as you do?"
"It’s important to save people if things don’t slow down!" Miqilin shook her head with a wry smile and prepared to fly.
As soon as she got up, she was stopped by a horse wearing black iron armor.
"What’s wrong with crazy? When did you think about the consequences? "
Mickey Lin blinked a bit confused.
She never pays attention to the consequences when she does things-even the great avatar dares to kill this guy. What’s wrong with that?
Now the behavior is somewhat abnormal.
Ma Feng purple expression will be the last bite of roast beef pharynx stiffly, pointing to his hands stained with blood and returning to Chen Shaobai. "He has already done it."
It’s rare to stay naturally for a handful of ancient spirits. J: ng blames Ma Jiajia for being rude to Chen Shaobai. Yu, this is a cover-up embarrassment. "Well … why didn’t you wait for us?"
It’s only for acquaintances that she’s so embarrassed to pay attention to someone else!
He choked on the girl’s cute and charming Chen Shaobai language. After a moment of silence, he raised his hand and won the battle. "We are in trouble this time."
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Chapter two hundred and eleven A promise
Chapter two hundred and eleven A promise
See a picture of three people don’t understand god se Chen Shaobai also don’t sell him to remove hand banned to show his appearance.
The palm-sized bronze Se alms bowl appeared in his hand.
The alms bowl is filled with half a bowl of gold Se butter with a faint tea fragrance. At first glance, it is solid-liquid oil residue, which is like a common thing for ordinary people to eat, but if you look closely, you can see that there are several fine symbols.
Not to mention that these inscriptions alone will consume dozens of hours of time to train the monks in the array, and the mystery and medicinal materials of the spiritual tattoo ofuda with the blood of several J and jīng are even more valuable.
"ten thousand gold!" Or Miqilin’s extensive knowledge recognized the origin of this thing at a glance when Ma’s brother and sister were stunned on the spot.
Wanjin comes from the tantric Sect of Mount Xuanshan, which can wash the body and consolidate the Yuan God. Its magical power is realized by those who are enlightened, and the spiritual wisdom of those who are enlightened is really a panacea that is hard to find.
You’re welcome to say that if Ma Fengzi can refine this thing before, he won’t be lost in the third robbery of dirty water.
If not, Chen Shaobai wouldn’t consume a grain of rejuvenation incense and barely save him.
But without this experience, the four of them would never be so close as they are now, and even some secrets that should be hidden in their hearts have been exchanged.
Chen Shaobai Zijin Hulu Miqilin Daofo Shuangxiu Ma Feng Zi Ma Jiajia’s life experience …
Except for some things that were not shared, the three of them have exchanged many secrets, and their emotional ties have gone far beyond ordinary friendship.
Fetters come from interests, but also from confidence.
Friendship with interests can’t last long, and friendship with trust can’t be guaranteed. The four just keep a delicate balance.
"It’s a big play …"
The nervous horse pulled out a roast chicken from the bag and chewed it slowly. It didn’t seem to worry at all.
But after all, this abnormal human reaction can’t be used as a reference. The performance of Michelin and his sister really shows the seriousness of the situation.
Looking at Chen Shaobai’s tiger balm Miqilin’s eyes, there is a trace of eagerness to worry about Se. "Tiger balm has a great influence on quenching gas restorers, so it is impossible for even the top ten schools of fairy magic to let it go. What’s more, it is the newly emerging small school of leaning against Nimen? ! If it’s really a small sect, it’s just that the patriarch is the only woman left on the rude cliff … "
Compared with her, Ma Jiajia has a little arrogant temper and a little weaker thinking. "No! Wanjin is the secret medicine of the wine, meat and monks in the tantric Sect of Hanging Mountain. It will never flow out! "
What is the most important thing about the rise of each sect besides the stone, secret script and mountain gate?
There is no doubt that Dan medicine!
You don’t need Dan medicine to help you practice, even the monk Qing is no exception, and the unique Dan medicine is even more precious.
In a fairy war, the strength difference between the Soul Sect, Wangui Island and Danding Sect seems to be tied for the crane tail of the top fairy clan, but after the first world war, the former two declined at the same time, while the latter retained its vitality and continued to grow.
Refining Dan medicine is what Dan Ding Sect is best at!
For example, the mysterious gate of Qing Dynasty, the valley of acacia, the crimson peach, and the yellow spring, although famous, are all unique secret medicine face signs of all schools and factions. Generally, if it were not for great changes, the base could not flow out of Chen Shaobai, and several bottles could be obtained. It is also the yellow spring that taught Gao Feng, a traitor who is not afraid of demons and swears.
It’s impossible for a few higher levels to flow out.
Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his head. "Hanging Mountain claims to be noble and decent, but after the second fairy war, it was divided into Zen secrets. The latter refined the body and acted perversely. Most of the feelings were violent and private demons also had many contacts. There are ten things that Du Tianyan spent a lot of money to help Du Sibing consolidate and repair …"
It’s a pity that Chen Shaobai didn’t say anything, but everyone looked at Ma Fengzi in a strange way and stared at him with horror and discomfort.
Isn’t the cause and effect clear?
If Ma Fengzi didn’t kill Du Sibing and Du Tianyan, would he choose to sell it at the first auction of the day?
"Everything is providence, everything is fate, and no one can escape …"
Looking at the hand-scented butter, Chen Shaobai said thoughtfully, "Crazy, you just broke through the realm of unfeeling cliff. The great avatar may come to kill you at any time. This golden charm just gives you more money to consolidate and repair."
Chen Shaobai, who fought in the world of underground purgatory and plundered wealth everywhere, has accumulated more horror than some people who have been quenched and perfected. Although precious, he is also more precious than a friendship.
Therefore, his words are well-organized, his eyes are clear, his tone is sincere, and there is no hypocrisy. Even Michelin and Ma Jiajia, who have been longing for this thing, have been persuaded by the heartstrings.
Ma Fengzi slowly raised his head and looked at him seriously. His tone was equally sincere. "After the water robbery, all impurities in the body were eliminated and reached the peak. Now I don’t really need anything. It’s you."
After what he said, both women reacted.
Chen Shaobai is now in a state of quenching gas and evil fire, and he may break through to the original solution at any time, and his mana accumulation has reached the limit, which can almost immediately trigger a water robbery. If he has a golden tiger, his chances of success in Du Jie will be much higher.
Mi Qilin looked at the same words and advised, "You can take this thing for nothing. Your strength has risen, which is good for all of us."
The two world wars are about to start, and their tragic degree is even worse than the fairy war thousands of years ago. At that time, the division of fairy roads and magic roads will no longer be so clear, and even the three demon temples that have been out all the year round will join hands with human beings to resist the invasion of purgatory.