The two giant dumplings roared, and the blue flames and blood-red flames on their bodies rolled and burned, and the black scales on the black giant dumplings shone brightly.

Xiao …
Once again, a roaring golden Dapeng bird dodged the ordinary golden cudgel attack and flew back to the giant dumpling side to form a glyph.
"Ten soul body again? Good strength seems to be a quick victory. "
Cloth ordinary hastily turned his head to take a look at the mysterious fire essence regional direction. He also felt that the strength of longge could not be underestimated. The horse swung the golden cudgel and slapped the two giant dumplings.
It’s better to hit the ordinary golden hoop with one stick, and hit two giant dumplings in the middle. The body gave a violent tremor accompanied by a buzz.
Ho ho!
After the two giant dumplings were hit, they landed at a high speed to make a plaintive sound throughout the fire furnace, like a king of beasts growling.
Bu Pingfan, regardless of the golden Dapeng bird, swung the golden hoop and swooped down to pursue the giant dumpling.
"One more stick. These two black bugs are probably going to fall apart."
In the ordinary mind, it can also detect some movements outside, and of course it knows that ten soul bodies are approaching.
"good!" Cloth ordinary should be a close to the giant dumpling.
Seeing the giant dumpling slamming the ground fire essence, the blood-red flame stirred up on the surface of the earth, and the vast fire soared like a missile explosion, forming several light beams layered on top of each other to form a blood-red mushroom cloud.
The surface of giant dumplings is dim. After all, they are not real objects, but they are transformed by a sacred order and a sacred instrument, and their forms will disappear at any time.
The golden Dapeng bird swoops down from the soul of Bu Pingfan, and its sharp beak is aimed at Bu Pingfan, so it will be carried through.
"get out!" A layer of milky white filaments emerged from the body of Bu Pingfan’s soul and quickly formed into an arrow feather, which suddenly shot out from his soul.
The first breast silk of Tibetan red flame technique can condense milky white filaments into various shapes of attack instruments. This time, Bu Pingfan can condense an arrow feather from these milky white filaments, which is suspected to be caused by his mastery of this profound meaning.
"get out! Hey! "
The gluttonous roar of the king of beasts has the power to evolve all the swimming fire spirits in the area of fire spirits, and the fire beasts are crawling and shivering.
This roar is even more frightening than when the giant dumpling appeared. The golden Dapeng bird was absent for a moment, and the arrow feather condensed from the ordinary soul of the cloth was close to the golden Dapeng bird.
The golden Dapeng bird’s absence has been condensed by milky white filaments, and the arrow feathers have penetrated into the body and flown out.
Xiao …
A roaring golden Dapeng bird is transformed into a yellowed symbol again. The dim light falls into the underground fire area and floats high. Finally, it is burnt into dust in the blood-red flame.
Cloth ordinary never turned to look at the golden Dapeng bird. He released his mind and could clearly feel everything behind him. He looked at the two black giant dumplings on the surface of the terrestrial fire.
Ho ho!
The giant dumpling also made a wail and growl, and they all heard the beast roar from the ordinary body, squirming and swishing, leaping from the fire of the underground fire.
"Boy! I can’t believe it’s really like a real giant dumpling? " Cloth ordinary sigh feeling all this is too unreal, even two giant dumplings condensed from the power of hallows have such power to make him sigh.
He swung his thousand-meter-long golden cudgel in both hands and swooped down angrily to the avalanche.
"Goodbye!" Bu Pingfan’s words are still unfinished.
Poof! Boom …
The golden cudgel struck the giant dumpling and gave a buzz, which lifted the flame around it and finally the black giant dumpling exploded at the same time.
The fierce quiver of the fire-refined area is like a gas field pressing directly and suddenly splashing a large number of black flames, like two rounds of dark and blazing sun exploding at the same time, splashing a tsunami and landslide-like black flames.
These black flames spread rapidly, covering a quarter of the underground fire area.
At the same time, when two giant dumplings exploded, a 10,000-meter-high fire was set off near them, and the explosion reached the virtual top.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Handsome level soul body
Cloth ordinary saw horse soul body periphery conveying milky white filaments into an optical net to block the black flame that generate came out when the giant dumpling exploded.
"Finished? This golden hoop is really awesome! Not the kui is the ultimate multiplier of ten thousand people … "
He quickly put the milky white filaments that formed the golden hoop into the soul body, and finally compressed and condensed his heart position.
"These filaments can’t be condensed without great effort …"
The first heavy milk silk of Tibetan red flame can be tempered a little in the whole world. This milky white filament is very difficult to be plain.
Earlier, when he was on the tenth floor of the salt cave, I didn’t know how this filament automatically formed. Who knows that all this was done by gluttony and secretly giving him the tempered ivory filament part to form a heart-like ivory light mass embedded in the heart position.
Shake! As if the sky were to fall, the turmoil stunned the soul bodies at the junction of Xuan Huo Jing and Di Huo Jing.
The strong explosion of giant dumpling has blackened this area, and the bottom of their eyelids has directly turned into a dark sea of fire. How can they not be surprised?
This group of souls are surprised, inexplicable and extremely horrified. At the same time, they are also very ordinary. They are constantly flying to the central area of Xuan Huo Jing.
"Get out!" White fever sets a leading example, and it goes at full speed to the central area of Xuan Huo Jing.
"Calm down! Don’t panic! " From behind this group of souls came a soothing sound, such as muffled thunder, which was deafening and brought them some comfort.
"Is the order will level soul body he is to deliver us? ….. "All the soul bodies have turned back to watch earlier. They all know that there is a soul body behind them, and the strength of the soul body will gallop here.
Nowadays, after less than a few breaths, the soul body of this order will appear behind them to surprise them.
There are a few souls who know who issued this muffled thunder.
"Brother Lung has arrived" The snake Fan Niu’s eyes are bare.
"He came unexpectedly fast to this point …" The old man named Red 8 in the dark spirit temple group looked back and saw the instantaneous extinguishing of the square flame, which generally forced the strong momentum of the surging black flame to be weakened and eliminated.
"This is? He actually suppressed these flames? " Red, surprised his brother longge equal order difference two equal order didn’t expect each other to have this amazing power?
Except for a few top-level soul bodies, his soul body was suddenly shocked by this sudden Tathagata scene.